Active Health Services Chiropractic Wellness Center

Active Health Services Chiropractic Wellness Center


Dear Family and friends, our office hours have changed, starting Monday August 2nd, 2021 we will see you:
Monday to Thursday 7:30 am -4:00 pm.
Every other Saturday AM by appointment only.
Have a great weekend!!
Monday to Thursday 7:30am-4:00pm
To you dear ones, you have had faced upon great obstacles and overcome them!! Congratulations to your new life chapter :)
Our office will be closed in observance of Memorial Day!
Saturday 5/22/21 AM by appointment :)
Our office is closed this Saturday May 8th, 2021.

Dr. Williams is a licensed Chiropractor for 29 years. His goal is to find the problem and fix it.

Operating as usual

Photos from Active Health Services Chiropractic Wellness Center's post 01/13/2022

Photos from Active Health Services Chiropractic Wellness Center's post

Active Health Services Chiropractic Wellness Center updated their business hours. 08/02/2021

Active Health Services Chiropractic Wellness Center updated their business hours.

Active Health Services Chiropractic Wellness Center updated their business hours.


Dear Family and friends, our office hours have changed, starting Monday August 2nd, 2021 we will see you:
Monday to Thursday 7:30 am -4:00 pm.
Every other Saturday AM by appointment only.
Have a great weekend!!


Monday to Thursday 7:30am-4:00pm

Fascia Magnified 25x (Subtitled) 06/07/2021

Fascia Magnified 25x (Subtitled)

Fascia Magnified 25x (Subtitled) What used to be "intuited" can now be seen. In vivo living fascial tissue is now viewable. It IS fiber optics baby! Used by permission of Jean-Cleaude Gui...

PBS Special Aging Backwards 2 Connective Tissue Revealed with Miranda Esmonde-White | Essentrics 06/04/2021

PBS Special Aging Backwards 2 Connective Tissue Revealed with Miranda Esmonde-White | Essentrics

PBS Special Aging Backwards 2 Connective Tissue Revealed with Miranda Esmonde-White | Essentrics Discover the amazing power of your connective tissue to stop rapid aging, give you phenomenal strength, shape your body, help in the maintenance of healthy o...



FOREVER PAINLESS TRAILER This is "FOREVER PAINLESS TRAILER" by Essentrics on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


To you dear ones, you have had faced upon great obstacles and overcome them!! Congratulations to your new life chapter :)


Our office will be closed in observance of Memorial Day!


Saturday 5/22/21 AM by appointment :)


Our office is closed this Saturday May 8th, 2021.


Due to covid, our building is now requiring EVERYONE to sign in at reception. For any questions or concerns please contact us. Thank you for your cooperation!


• improved mental clarity, prevent cognitive illness, reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, boost mental focus and clarity
• help regulate heart disease, diabetes, reduce wrinkles and skin issues, and speed up wound healing
• repair and restore the gut and improve food intolerance
• produce more natural energy and protect your cells from oxidative stress
• reduce lactic acid, increase metabolism, and support weight loss

Stay tuned to learn more about how to acquire these life changing benefits! Boy, do we have something new and amazing to offer YOU at ACTIVE HEALTH SERVICES!


We are open this Saturday from 8am till 11pm. Reserve your appointment soon!


Proven Life-Changing Stress Reducer

Imagine the stress of a parent who loses sight of their child at a huge event with thousands of people. An immediate stress overrides all other body functions in a matter of seconds in order to deal with the physical and emotional response of that moment. The same stress chemicals that course through the body when losing track of a child would be found in a person being chased by a bear.

Stress responses prove very powerful and align perfectly with the situation at hand. Hormone responses and the ensuing change in bodily function intend to alter physiology for a short burst of time. Stress exerts similar influence on the body regardless of whether a person endures a physical, chemical, or mental affliction. All forms of stress produce a chemical release in specific areas of the body that alter health and function. The body returns to normal function if stress hormones release and dissipate in short bursts of less than one minute. Chronic disease symptoms begin occurring when stress response persists for a long period of time.

More and more research shows the relationship between stress hormones and overall body function. Every person afflicted by chronic disease shows increased amounts of stress hormones. Conditions and diseases including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancer, auto-immunity, autism, ADHD, asthma, allergies, heart disease, digestive disorders, hormone imbalances, and sleeping disorders all possess increased amounts of stress hormones and inflammation.

The structure and function of the spine and posture represents one of the most well documented causes and solutions to the presence of increased stress hormones. An intimate and significant relationship exists between the spine and the autonomic nervous system. Deviations in healthy posture and spine position trigger stress in the autonomic nervous system. The nervous system subsequently places the body and brain in a state of stress.

Many medical professionals respond to these stress fueled conditions by prescribing drugs to mask the symptoms. These drugs never truly address the cause of hormonal stress and most medical professionals remain unaware of how beneficial spinal care can be for patients who desire optimal health without the risks of drugs and surgery. Hippocrates earned a reputation as the father of modern medicine nearly 2500 years ago and recommended that health professionals “ look well to the spine, for it is the requisite to many diseases” Research conducted thousands of years later in 2014 proved a direct link between a spinal adjustment and the reduction of stress hormones. Chiropractic care reduces unwanted stress built up in the spine and nervous system.

Nearly half of all Americans claim they feel more stressed than they did five years ago. The use of stress reducing drugs continues to climb yet people claim to be more stressed than ever.
Drugs do not address the cause of stress and evidence proves the need for Chiropractic care as the solution for balancing hormones and restoring proper function. Chiropractic adjustments reduce stress in infants, children, adults, and the elderly. Proper spinal health promotes optimal potential in every individual. Chiropractic works!!




We are open tomorrow!
Set up your appointment soon.


If you haven't had a chiropractic adjustment you're in for a treat! Just read the benefits you'll reap below!

Schedule your appointment today!


Attention expecting parents! Did you know....


Instead of seeing organic food as an expense, look at it as an investment in your family's health.


The body heals from the inside out and from the top down. A healthy spine is key to a healthy life.


“The Truth About Bottled Water!”

This just in from Men’s Health Magazine: Imagine you have just been given a choice: You must drink from one of two containers. One container is a cup from your own kitchen, and it contains a product that has passed strict state, federal and local guidelines for cleanliness and quality. Oh, and it is free. The second container comes from a manufacturing plant somewhere, and its contents—while seemingly identical to your first choice—have not been subjected to the same strict national and local standards. It costs approximately four times more than gasoline. These products both look and taste nearly identical.

Which do you choose?

If you chose beverage A, congratulations: You just saved yourself a whole lot of money, and, perhaps, even contaminants, too. But if you picked beverage B, then you will be spending hundreds of unnecessary dollars on bottled water this year. Sure, bottled water is convenient, trendy, and may well be just as pure as what comes out of your tap. But it is hardly a smart investment for your pocketbook, your body, or our planet.

You may be drinking tap water.

Case in point: Dasani, a Coca-Cola product. Despite its exotic-sounding name, Dasani is simply purified tap water that has had minerals added back in. For example, if your Dasani water was bottled at the Coca-Cola Bottling Company in Philadelphia, you are drinking Philly tap water. But it is not the only brand of water that relies on city pipes to provide its product. About 25 percent of all bottled water is taken from municipal water sources, including Pepsi’s Aquafina.

Bottled water is not always pure.

Scan the labels of the leading brands and you see variations on the words “pure” and “natural” and “pristine” repeatedly. And when a Cornell University MARKETING class studied consumer perceptions of bottled water, they found that people thought it was cleaner, with less bacteria. But that may not actually be true.
For example, in a 4-year review that included the testing of 1,000 bottles of water, the Natural Resources Defense Council—one the country’s most ardent environmental crusaders—found that “about 22 percent of the brands we tested contained, in at least one sample, chemical contaminants at levels ABOVE strict state health limits.”

It is not clear where the plastic container ends and the drink begins. Turns out, when certain plastics are heated at a high temperature, chemicals from the plastics may leach into container’s contents. So, there has been a flurry of speculation recently as to whether the amounts of these chemicals are harmful, and whether this is even a concern when it comes to water bottles—which are not likely to be placed in boiling water or even a microwave. While the jury is still out on realistic health ramifications, it seems that, yes, small amounts of chemicals from PET water bottles such as antimony—a semi-metal that is thought to be toxic in large doses—can accumulate the longer bottled water is stored in a hot environment. Which, of course, is probably a good reason to avoid storing bottled water in your garage for six months—or better yet, to just reach for tap instead.

Our country’s high demand for oil is not just due to long commutes. Most water bottles are composed of a plastic called polyethylene terepthalate (PET). Now, to make PET, you need crude oil. Specifically, 17 million barrels of oil are used in the production of PET water bottles ever year, estimate University of Louisville scientists. No wonder the per ounce cost of bottled water rivals that of gasoline. What is more, 86 percent of 30 billion PET water bottles sold annually are tossed in the trash, instead of being recycled, according to data from the Container Recycling Institute. That is a lot of waste—waste that will outlive you, your children, and your children’s children. You see, PET bottles take 400 to 1000 years to degrade.

Which begs the question: If our current rate of consumption continues, where will we put all this discarded plastic?


Chiropractic adjustments can help reduce tensions in your muscles and decrease pain. When was your last adjustment?


We will be open this Saturday, 1/9/2021, from 8am till 11am.


From newborn to 100, all ages can benefit from chiropractic care! Begin 2021 on the right path.


Slip & Fall Accidents During This Holiday Season

Whether you’re celebrating a snowy holiday or visiting a colder area, it’s important to be careful during this chilly season. Slip and fall accidents happen to people of all ages, it doesn’t matter how physically fit you are! Whether you slip on some ice, trip on a rug, or miss a stair, you should seek chiropractic treatment right away. Many long-term afflictions stem from this sort of personal injury. Your neck and back are at risk! Reach out to your local chiropractic office as soon as possible.

Injured Areas After a Slip and Fall Accident:

When you suffer a slip and fall accident, the commonly injured areas are your back and neck. This is because you often land in these areas, causing your spine to shift out-of-place. You should call our office immediately. Your chiropractor has experience treating a variety of conditions, including lower/upper back and cervical impairments! Here are a few other personal injuries that we care for:
1. Strains and sprains; 2. Whiplash ; 3. Disc Herniation; 4. Bruised ribs
5. Numbness, tingling or pins-and-needles sensations in a body part; 6. Hurt ligaments

These injuries generate a lot of pain and discomfort. Before seeking out over-the-counter or prescription medication, schedule a consultation. We offer holistic and natural treatments that get the job done!

Chiropractic Treatment for Your Injuries:

There’s no need to worry before your appointment. It’s recommended that you write any questions or concerns beforehand, along with a list of your symptoms. This guarantees all your apprehensions are addressed. The appointment starts with a brief history of your injury. You should also provide any relevant medical information, like any other back or spinal conditions. The hurt area, most likely the spine and neck, is then evaluated. In many cases, a spinal disc has moved out-of-place. This pinches and irritates the nerves, creating back spasms and major discomfort. The first step is to realign the spine. Using either their hands or a small tool, your chiropractor moves the disc back into place. It is a quick and painless process! From there, we decide on other techniques to aid your recovery. The severity of the injury determines the treatment. Treatment ranges from things like therapeutic exercise to weekly chiropractic maintenance.

Schedule Your Appointment Today: Don’t hesitate to call after a slip and fall accident. The long-term effects of a personal injury are often overlooked by other medical practitioners. That isn’t the case with chiropractic care. We assist you through your recovery without reliance on drugs. An appointment now saves you from pain and discomfort down the road.


Misalignment of the spine can lead to chronic neck and back pain. Fortunately, these can be managed by chiropractic adjustments! Start 2021 on the right foot and start caring for your spine just like you do for your teeth!


Wishing everyone Happy Holidays!❄️💓

Active Health Services Chiropractic Wellness Center now takes appointments on their Page. 12/18/2020

Active Health Services Chiropractic Wellness Center now takes appointments on their Page.

Active Health Services Chiropractic Wellness Center now takes appointments on their Page.


Get Fit While You Sit

The body is made to move, using every muscle it possesses. Long periods of inactivity and sedentary lifestyle can cause loss of muscle tone, impacting every function of the body. Whether it is at work or hanging out at home, here are a few ways to “get fit while you sit”.

•Benefits: Improves circulation, improves mental alertness, reduces muscle tension, reduces anxiety, stress, and fatigue.
•How to stretch: Breathe slowly, focus on muscles and joints being stretched, relax, feel the stretch and tune into your body!
•How NOT to stretch: holding your breath, bouncing, feeling pain, rushing your stretch, not being focused on your body and the muscles being stretched.

The Antidote for Sitting
•Walk, walk, walk. Walk during coffee breaks, lunch breaks, conference calls, meetings, and park farther away from the office instead of trying to get as close as possible. Take a 5-minute walk whenever you can.
•Move as many parts of your body as possible- swing your arms, arch your back, bounce your legs, wiggle your toes- anything helps.
•Try using an exercise ball as your chair at the desk. Sitting on an exercise ball is one of the best ways to strengthen your abdominals and back to increase stability. Make sure to choose the proper ball for your height and body weight.

Escape Stress
•When stressed, act the opposite of how you are feeling. You may feel the urge to act negatively, but this only brings more stress to the situation. Try to act positively to relieve your stress.
•Take life one step at a time. Focus on the activity you are currently working on, and do not let your mind dwell on previous problems or future challenges.
•Breathe deeply. Try placing one hand on your stomach and the other on your chest. Take a deep breath through your nose and out slowly through your mouth.
•When you breathe in, the hand on your stomach should rise, while the hand on your chest should move very little.
•Lighten Up! When was the last time your worried about something that never took place? Ninety percent of the things we tend to WORRY about we have no control over, so why worry about them?

You Are What You Eat
•Take control of your body and health by making the right food choices.
•The Good Guys: Foods that provide enormous energy and help support your mental alertness. Fresh vegetables/greens, fruits, beans, fish, nuts/seeds and as many whole foods as possible. Stop feeling tired and rundown after lunch by fueling your body with what it needs!
•The Bad Guys: Foods high in saturated fat, trans fatty acids and cholesterol. Animal products, fried/fast food, refined sugars/sodas, cookies, crackers, granola bars, chips, and baked goods.
•Drink plenty of water! Increasing your water intake will facilitate the elimination of toxins and keep your body functioning at its peak performance.

“Ever experience neck, back, or joint pain, and had no way to eliminate your pain? I would love, absolutely adore, hearing you describe in detail the pain you have had in the past and did not know you CAN eliminate it!”





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