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What is one of the sports that you think people can return to doing after knee replacement? Watch this video and find out. God is good!

[03/04/15]   Did you know that you can get rotator cuff tear injury if you improperly lift heavy weights? In addition, falling on your shoulder or using your arm to break your fall can cause this injury. Athletes prone to this injury include baseball pitchers, swimmers and tennis and football players.

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[03/02/15]   Did you know that pregnancy may contribute to the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome? In addition to pregnancy, diabetes, arthritis, obesity and hypothyroidism can contribute to this condition. Persons who had fractures and other prior injuries relating to the wrist may also develop this condition.

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[02/28/15]   Have you ever had an aching feeling in your wrist? Carpal tunnel syndrome, caused by pressure on the median nerve, is a condition characterized by a tingling sensation accompanied by weakness and numbness in the finger, hand, thumb and in some cases forearm.

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[02/26/15]   To treat bursitis, simply apply an ice pack over the affected area. In addition, avoid doing things that may cause or further aggravate the condition. If the condition is characterized by redness or warmth, there could be some infection, which may require medical attention.

[02/25/15]   Be direct; usually one can accomplish more that way.

[02/24/15]   Bursitis is a musculoskeletal condition characterized by an inflammation of the bursa?a small sac that cushions the area where the tissue, bone, ligament and tendon rub against each other. Repeated pressure on this area may produce pain, swelling and redness.

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[02/22/15]   The common symptoms of tendon injury include pain and tenderness over the affected area. It may also be accompanied by decreased strength and movement with regard to the injured muscle, tendon or its surrounding tissues. Home treatment for tendon injuries includes putting an ice pack over the area, taking pain meds and plenty of rest.

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[02/20/15]   Did you know that twisting your joints consistently can cause tendon injuries? In addition, rapid joint movements as in sports can trigger this condition. Though tendons are tough connective fibers of our body, these tissues may succumb to wear-and-tear over time, making them vulnerable to injury.

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[02/18/15]   The common symptoms of muscle strain include pain and tenderness over the affected area. There may also be some swelling and bruising. Limited muscle movement is also common among patients experiencing muscle strain. In serious cases, deformities or bulges may manifest, too.

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[02/16/15]   Symptoms of skier's thumb may include pain at the thumb's base, particularly in the space between the index finger and the thumb. Pain may also be accompanied by swelling and tenderness. The patient may also experience diminished ability to grasp objects using the thumb and index finger.

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[02/14/15]   Do you know what skier's thumb is? The term was originally coined back in 1955 when Scottish gamekeepers injured their thumbs when they twisted the neck of hares. Back then, it was called gamekeeper's thumb, but due to the increasing popularity of downhill skiing, it was replaced with the contemporary term, to which injury most skiers are prone.

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[02/12/15]   Did you know that being overweight or bow-legged can contribute to getting jumper's knee? While this injury is sport-specific to jumping athletes like basketball players, the risk of getting jumper's knee increases with greater body weight due to pressure on the tendons in the knee. Having an increased angle in the knees such as being bow-legged may also contribute to this condition.

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[02/10/15]   Most athletes who engage in jumping sports like basketball or volleyball are exposed to a condition known as jumper's knee. This condition is likely due to the repetitive stress brought about by frequent jumping on the patellar or quadriceps tendon.

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[02/08/15]   One of the common attributes of a broken shoulder is pain. It may also be accompanied by swelling or bruising around the affected area. One may not be able to lift the arm. If one does, each movement of the arm may cause an increase in pain. In severe cases, the shoulder may appear deformed.

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[02/06/15]   Did you know that related injuries to the chest and lungs may result from having broken shoulder blades? Direct trauma arising from motor vehicle accidents may result in broken shoulder blades. In addition, breaking one's fall with an outstretched arm may produce the same result. The same is true if direct force is used, such as from a baseball bat.

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[02/04/15]   If you have thrown a punch at an immovable object, you're most likely to get boxer's fracture on your punching hand. Symptoms of this condition may include pain as you move your hand or fingers. If a metacarpal bone is broken, there may be swelling or discoloration. It may also be accompanied by misalignment or deformity of the affected finger.

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[02/02/15]   Did you know that each of our fingers is attached to the wrist by our metacarpal bones? If you close your hand into a fist, you'll see your knuckles, which are the heads of the metacarpal bones for each finger. The first one to break when punching a hard or immovable object is the smallest of them all?the metacarpal bone of the little finger.

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[01/31/15]   Because boxers are less likely to get this injury, doctors call it ''brawler's fracture'' since less trained brawlers are more likely to injure and damage the bones that make up their knuckles. There is a science to throwing a punch. With training, boxers can throw a punch with less risk of hurting their hand or knuckles.

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What is one of the sports that you think people can return to doing after knee replacement? Watch this video and find ou...




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