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OK I moved to Texas from Tampa FL and needed a Chiropractor so consulted my previous Dr who gave me a list and I chose Dr Jason and I am so Happy I did . His demeanor assured me that he would be good for me .as I have a lot going on . I am up lifted every time I see him . His staff is great to . A good place to go when yr body is not right .
Highly recommend Revolution Chiropractic for any back or neck issues. Dr Jason and Dr Shea are very compassionate and gentle. I have been going to them for a few years now. First to cure my problems and now to prevent any issues from coming up. Their treatment has been very effective for me - they are practically family!
Come on out and celebrate Revolution Chiropractic's birthday! Awesome place!
Revolution Chiropractic 972-599-7064 is a Principled Chiropractic office serving North Dallas, Plano, Frisco, and surrounding communities.
Come join us at the 6th Annual Plano Family Expo on June 6th at the Plano Convention Center!!
Despite living a healthy lifestyle, I had a stroke in June 2017. I was not surprised that the MDs diagnosed me with a deficiency of blood pressure medication rather than finding out what caused the stroke. I told the neurologist about my poor sleep, and she referred me to a sleep study. It turned out that I have both obstructive and central sleep apnea. They got me started on C-PAP therapy.

A couple of months later, I met Drs. Jason and Shea at the Wellness Expo. They scheduled me for an exam, which got to the root of the problem. The X-ray showed I was starting to get bone spurs in my neck. Finally, there was an explanation for the high blood pressure!

I signed up for the most aggressive treatment plan they had. Right away, I could feel a difference. The adjustments helped “wake up” the side affected by the stroke. The later X-ray showed a big improvement.

If I had simply done what the MDs wanted me to do, I wouldn’t be here to tell about it. Breathing and sleeping problems were just a couple of horrendous side effects listed for the blood pressure medication. I didn’t want to end up like my dad, who was taking over 50 prescriptions before they did him in.

At the age of 58, I take NO medications for anything. Since I get good sleep now due to chiropractic adjustments and C-PAP therapy, my body has been doing a lot of repair work that wasn’t getting done before. My blood pressure now is always low in the morning.
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We are a Principled Chiropractic office serving the North Dallas, Plano, Frisco, and surrounding communities.

Operating as usual


Ok Mark! Everyone listen to Mark. He’s CLEARLY talking about not putting off your adjustments!!!!


How many adjustments does sister 👧 need for her ‘warm up’ adjustment? … There’s really no way to tell! 🤷

Why would kids get adjusted anyway?! Glad you asked!! A few things we’ve heard from parents about their kiddos while being under consistent chiropractic care:

💥 Better reports from school teachers
💥 Better focus/attention
💥 Improved digestion
💥 Improvement with headaches/aches/growing pains
💥 Improved motor skills
💥 Better sleep
💥 Less medication needed for allergies/asthma
💥 Etc…

Call ☎️ or text 📱for more info or to schedule 🗓 your appointment today!!!


Morning routines are important. Helps set the stage/tone for the rest of the day!!!

What are you currently reading?


10 out of 10 vampires disagree. 🧛🏼‍♂️


Small reflexes can tell us a lot about possible brain imbalances. Brain imbalances can lead to disfunction and disfunction to symptoms. Symptoms then often get confused as ‘normal’ or ‘genetic’.

This reflex being tested is the spinal galant reflex. It begins in the womb and is present at birth but should go away between 3-9 months after birth.

I’d the reflex is still present (hip flexion/rotation when the low back is stroked) it could mean there is a brain imbalance issue.

Possible symptoms that a kiddo (or, possibly even possible with an adult) may struggle with could be…

😬 Fidgeting
😬 Bed wetting
😬 Poor concentration
😬 Poor short-term memory
😬 Poor handwriting
😬 Difficulty articulating thoughts on paper
😬 Hip rotation to one side when walking

Brain-balancing exercises help better connect the left and right brain. Specific chiropractic adjustments help better connect the brain with the body.

Contact our office for more details or to schedule an appointment

PS. Saturday, June 4th from 10-12 we will be offering COMPLIMENTARY neuro testing for current AND non-patients. Contact our office to schedule 🗓


LOVE sharing the excitement of milestones!!! 💯 appreciate creating relationships with parents, families and the kiddos!!!


Summer is coming so maybe no one would wonder if you bought 64 watermelons in Texas with this heat already….🍉 x 64 = 🤔


What you might see any given day at Revolution Chiropractic

Babies 👶
Mom and Dad 👨‍👩‍👦
Pregnant momma🤰
Grandpa and Grandma 👴👵

Families. Relationships. A team that genuinely cares. Fun. Education. Oh, we also provide some of the best and most specific chiropractic care you’ll find!

Improving the nervous system helps the body function better AND feel better!!!


To all you moms👩‍👧out there, we wanted you to hear it from us… we see you 👀 and we think you’re ROCKING💥this thing called motherhood! We are so grateful we get to serve you as you train your children 👧👦 up!


Had a good caption, forgot what it was… 🤔

Revolution Chiropractic: May 2022 Newsletter 05/04/2022

Revolution Chiropractic: May 2022 Newsletter

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Revolution Chiropractic: May 2022 Newsletter


Is there a better greeting you could get walking into the room?! I think not.


💥 💥


Thank you Lord, for another day!

They’re all good days to be thankful

Revolution Chiropractor | Revolution Chiropractic is located on Preston Road just south of George Bush Highway. 04/26/2022

Revolution Chiropractor | Revolution Chiropractic is located on Preston Road just south of George Bush Highway.

Mom: Dr. Jason says you need more tummy time.

Baby: MOM!!!! Take a pic. Not getting enough ‘tummy time,’ my booty. What do you call THIS, Dr. J?!!!!

A lot of people don’t know that proper tummy time where baby 👶 can lift their head and keep it off the ground helps…

💪Brain form more connections
💪Brain form stronger connections
💪Improves postural muscles for the future
💪Improves eyesight
💪Form curvature of the neck

Did you know that in a recent study of over 1,500 newborns examined within 5 days of birth found 90% suffered some sort of effects from birth trauma?!

What are some signs that your kiddo may have suffered some sort of neck and/or cranial strain?

😬Head tilts to one side
😬Difficulty turning head to one side
😬Difficulty settling down or sleeping soundly

Give us a call ☎️ or text 📱 for more info or to schedule an appointment!!

Revolution Chiropractor | Revolution Chiropractic is located on Preston Road just south of George Bush Highway. Welcome to Your Favorite North Dallas Resource for Excellent Chiropractic care. We provide gentle and specific chiropractic care for our community to help families reach their health goals. Call NowSchedule Appointment Our Services Family Chiropractic At Revolution Chiropractic, we believe in health...


🚨GREAT IDEA ALERT! 🚨 Looking for an amazing business idea? 🥳 Look no further….🌮 >🍦


Why would women seek out Chiropractic care during pregnancy 🤰?!

A lot of people don’t know the importance of chiropractic care during all stages of pregnancy 🤱🏻

Chiropractic has been shown to help with:
💡Low Back Pain
💡Round Ligament Pain
💡Pubic Pain
💡Hip Pain (due to relaxin)
💡Better Baby Position
💡Headaches and Neck Pain
💡Decreased Labor Pain
💡Decreased labor time
💡Decreased overall stress on momma (helps baby brain formation in the womb)

Just a few reasons people seek out Chiropractic care before and during pregnancy! With a very GENTLE and very SPECIFIC technique we can help mom have a more enjoyable pregnancy!!! 🤰

Call ☎️ or text 📱 for more details, if pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant. We’d love to help!!!


Todays gonna be a GOOD DAY!!

You know it’s a Good Day when your Chiropractor wears a Superman shirt and adjusts a patient wearing a Superman shirt!!!


Surely there’s an app for that…parallel parking is the worst. 🚗


Easter Basket Contest!!!

Find out who the winners are for our Easter Basket Challenge!!!


Thankful. Blessed.


So…what had happened was….😬 don’t let your spine be the warning label of your life…come in for an adjustment, bruh.


Without a clear connection, these wires 🪢 have a difficult time relaying proper information back and forth from the brain 🧠 to the body 💪

Imagine if the wires on your television 📺 had a difficult time relaying info from the power source (outlet) to the screen. Or, if the wires on your iPhone 📱 had a difficult time getting communication from the outlet!!!!

Our bodies need clear communication from the brain 🧠 to all other parts (and, vice versa) in order to grow, respond, and heal appropriately and efficiently. Guess what chiropractic can help with?!!!!


Healthy kiddos

Healthy babies 👶 —> Healthy adults 👩 👨

We believe that if the brain and nervous system control the entire body then we should check the brain and nervous system.

Gentle, specific adjustments (force of checking the ripeness of an avocado 🥑) can help correct obstructions in baby’s nervous system that may be leading to other symptoms.

What are some of the most common symptoms that mom and dad have reported improvement with?!?!

🙌🏼 Digestion (it’s not ok for baby to have a dirty diaper only 1x a week)
🙌🏼 Sleep
🙌🏼 Ear aches/infections
🙌🏼 Reaching for objects with both hands
🙌🏼 Crawling
🙌🏼 Lifting head
🙌🏼 Eye tracking
🙌🏼 Rolling to both sides
🙌🏼 Latching issues

SO SO SO important to check for and correct obstructions in baby’s and kiddo’s nervous systems to allow their bodies to reach their full God-given potential!

Call ☎️ or text 📱 972.599.7064 to schedule!



Can I get an AMEN 🙏🏼?!?!?!


Even superheroes need their adjustments!!!

Nothing like the superhero 🦸‍♀️ moms reporting
💥Better sleep
💥Better digestion
💥Better eating
💥Better movement

Healthy kids —> Healthy adults

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Happy April Fool’s Day from Revolution Chiropractic founders, Drs. Jason & Shea.

Fun fact: April 1st is a special day in their house…their wedding anniversary!

Happy anniversary, Drs. Kramer! We’re so glad you found each other and founded Revolution Chiropractic!


Cause… Correction.


Sounds like a good day to me!!!


Revolution Chiropractic 972-599-7064

Most people don’t know exactly HOW CRUCIAL 💥it is for baby to crawl🚼, crawl properly and crawl in a timely manner ⏳. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Crawling may be THE MOST IMPORTANT milestone for NEURO-DEVELOPMENT. Your kiddo 👶 being ‘advanced’ because they skip crawling is not a real thing. Unfortunately, your kiddo not crawling can definitely be a brain imbalance thing.

Crawling …
🤯 Improves connection between left and right brain 🧠 (which decreases neuro problems later)
🤯 Helps form frontal lobe of brain (cognitive skills, problem solving, memory, judgement, etc)
🤯 Helps develop vision
🤯 Improves and helps form POSTURAL MUSCLES
🤯 Increases number of connection/synapses in brain
🤯 Help nerves wire and fire together

About 80% of the brain will form in the first 2 years of life. Crawling allows for so much more stimulation and formation during that time.

Why would a group of people eliminate crawling as a MILEstone (not, suggestion-stone)?!!!!
**Interesting side note-> Merck and Johnson and Johnson are large donors to American Academy of Pediatrics 🤔

Please. Please. Please. Make sure your kiddo 👶 crawls. Contact us for help.

*Nerd fact*🤓
Our cells need 3 things to survive
1- Oxygen
2- Glucose (nutrition)
3- Stimulation (movement, CHIROPRACTIC)

Call ☎️ or text 📱to schedule an appointment for more info.

@suzen.108 @sheppardmeg

Revolution Chiropractic 972-599-7064 We are a Principled Chiropractic office serving the North Dallas, Plano, Frisco, and surrounding communities.

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Watch this reel by revolution_chiropractic_dallas on Instagram

Outdoor adjustments!!!!

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Sounds like a good day…


Christmas come early on adjustment days!!!!


It’s just a job… they said.

They forgot to mention this part ❤️


Make. Yo. Appointments. We’re back in full swing🥊 (see what I did there?!) after a relaxing week off to recharge. for the whole fam coming in hot!!!

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Todays gonna be a GOOD DAY!!
Easter Basket Contest!!!
Healthy kiddos
Teach em young…





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