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For 15 years, Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas by Dr. Wesley Anne Brady has been one of the le Dr. Brady and her all female staff work to provide the highest standard of care and provide a safe space for all women to share personal desires and concerns regarding s*xual health and well being.

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As Dr. Brady says it best, "they are sisters, not twins!" 👯

All v***as are perfect! What matters, is that you feel comfortable and confident in your body! 🌟

As our bodies go through puberty, our breast and other parts of our body develop, and so do the l***a minora or the "inner lips" 🙌

Often, the size and shape of the l***a develop differently! This is completely normal and very common!

For some women, this does not bother them at all. But for the women that do want a change, we are here for you!

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Get 20% off ALL PACKAGES with the purchase of a 💫 PARTNERS CARD 💫

Partners Card's are on sale now through the link in our Bio and select Women's Wellness Institute of Dallas as your retailer! Read below for more information on partners card! 🙌

October 28 - November 6

⭐ Partners Card is the signature fundraiser for The Family Place, the largest family violence agency in Texas, and a premier charity shopping & dining event in DFW. Now in its 30th year, Partners Card has raised over $20 million to help break the cycle of family violence in our community. ❤️

⭐ 100% of your Partners Card purchase goes directly to supporting survivors of family violence and the services of The Family Place.

⭐ Your $75 Partners Card pays for 1 night of safety for a victim of family violence at The Family Place shelters


Did you know estrogen does a lot more than just make you moody? 🥴

Estrogen plays a key role in s*xual and reproductive development in women 🚺

If you think you might be struggling with a hormone imbalance, give us a call and we can help! ☎️

*xualhealth *xualwellness


What we love to hear! ⭐ Wanting to read more patient reviews? Check out Realself.com to see our patients testimonials and experiences at the Women's Wellness Institute of Dallas 💛

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Lets talk about VAGINOPLASTY 💉

Vaginoplastys are one of the most common surgeries performed at The Women's Wellness Institute of Dallas. Dr. Brady has performed over 800 vaginoplasty surgeries and that number continues to quickly grow 📈

Vaginoplasty is a common and effective surgery that decreases the diameter of the va**na ⭐ When the diameter of the va**nal canal and opening have increased, women may experience a feeling of looseness, a gaping va**nal opening, their partner slips out during in*******se, tampons do not stay in place, ect.

All of these can be fixed with a vaginoplasty! 👏

Call the office today at (214)442-0055 or send us a DM and we can give you more information! 💋📲

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Photos from Women's Wellness Institute of Dallas with Dr. Wesley Brady's post 10/10/2022

SkinCeuticals Special 🎉 Read below for details!


This is a limited time offer so grab yours early!

🌟We offer 3 different Vitamin C serums: C E Ferulic, Phloretin CF and Silymarin CF
🌟 Vitamin C is essential to your skincare routine
🌟 Using the H.A Intensifier or Phyto A+ Brightening Treatment is the perfect combo
🌟 Call the office today to get yours or we can have it shipped directly to your home

H.A Intensifier benefits:
💧Amplifies skin’s hyaluronic acid levels by 30%
💧Reduces the look of crow’s feet, nasol***al folds and marionette lines for smoother, firmer skin
💧Delivers long lasting hydration to visibly improve skin’s texture
💧Can be used as home care after dermal fillers

Phyto A+ Brightening Treatment benefits:
💧Brightens, while reducing post-blemish marks by 20%
💧Smooths, while improving rough skin texture by 19%
💧Clarifies, while reducing pore-clogging surface oil by 28%
💧Oil- & Silicone-Free
💧Suitable for sensitive skin


Nothing ages you quicker than the sun! and maybe kids.. 😉

Just kidding.. but on a serious note! You NEED to be wearing a sunscreen, everyday. Even when you are not going to be laying out in the sun!

Most of the time, we don't realize how much damage sun exposure is doing to our skin because it happens over time.

One of our FAV sunscreen products is the Daily Brightening UV Defense Sunscreen by Skin Ceuticals and heres why:

- Reduces visible discoloration by 24%
- Brightens skin’s radiance by 24%
- Immediately hydrates skin by 57%
- Broad spectrum protection against UVA/UVB rays

Photos from Women's Wellness Institute of Dallas with Dr. Wesley Brady's post 10/06/2022

Interested in Intimate Lightening! ⭐ Check out these FAQ's

What questions do you have for us? Let us know in the comments!



Have you been doing those kegels? If not, you better start! 🙌

Everyone should be doing kegels! 😍Especially women who have gone through childbirth.

Kegels are essential for making the pelvic floor muscles stronger and helping control urinary incontinence! 💪


In today's day and age, the media has played a huge role in what we think an or**sm should look like. But the truth is that or**sms don't have to be a huge and intense moment, they can be completely different and that is okay! 🌟

Or***ms come in all shapes and sizes - some are short and sweet while others can be powerful and intense! Remember, s*x is a journey - not a destination! ❤️

If you are struggling with libido and or**sms, call us!


Did you know fall is actually the best time to start laser hair removal treatments? 🍁

Most people assume you should do laser hair removal during the summer because that's when you show off your skin the most....well, not exactly! Here's why:🤯

- Laser hair removal typically takes about 6 sessions to see full results. Sessions are usually spaced 4-6 weeks apart, depending on the area. So, by doing laser hair removal in the fall or winter, you allow more time to complete your treatments! That way when summer comes around next time, you are done with treatments and ready to show off your results! 🌞
- Also, during the fall and winter, our skin is less exposed to direct sunlight! Patients should always avoid sun exposure on the areas they are treating to decrease the risk of a burn🕶️

Call our office or send us a DM so we can get you started on your laser hair removal treatments today! 😍


The cl****is is like the tip of an iceberg - it's way bigger than what meets the eye! 🧊

Many people still believe that the cl****is is just a small pea-sized collection of nerve endings that are tucked underneath the cl****al hood

Contrary to belief though, your cl****is is actually about an inch long and is way more than just the visible tip that stick out under the cl****al hood! 👏

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Another 5 star Friday 🙌😍 Reading your reviews makes us so happy! We love being able to help our clients feel more confident in their bodies! ⭐

**nalrejuvination ***aplasty


Labiaplasty...minus the surgery part 👀

👉Aviva is the perfect option for women who want a l***aplasty but want to skip surgery, going under the knife and stitches. Aviva consists of a small handpiece that emits radiofrequency energy into the l***a and around the va**na to stimulate collagen and shrink the size of the l***a

👉Most women will experience mild tenderness after their Aviva procedure. They may also find their va**nal area is red, swollen or may experience bruising in the area.
These discomforts should fade within 1-3 days, and patients should be able to return to their normal schedule nearly immediately.

Call the office or send us a DM to see if you would be a good candidate and learn more! 💋

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TruSculpt vs CoolSculpting - which is best for you? ❄️🔥

We see tons of patients that are looking to get rid of unwanted fat cells! 🙌A lot of the time, when doing research on which procedure is best, patients will get stuck on whether they should do one or the other - so what is the difference? 🤔

- Uses heat technology to destroy fat cells
- Helps tighten skin after fat cells are gone
- Treatment times typically only takes about 15-30 minutes depending on the area
- Patients usually only need a single treatment
- The treatment is very comfortable with little downtime. Most patients describe it as feeling like a hot stone massage

- Freezes away fat cells, unlike TruSculpt which heats
- Does not help with tightening skin
- Treatment times can take much longer depending on the area
- Patients will usually need to undergo at least 2-3 treatments for desired results
- Patients often complain that the treatment is painful, causes tenderness to the touch, extremely cold and often results in a tingling or numbness of the skin that can last for quite some time following treatment

Call our office today to find out more or send us a DM! 📲

***aplasty ***aplasty

Our Story

Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas with Dr. Wesley Anne Brady strives to provide the highest level of care for the whole woman, providing both surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic va**nal rejuvenation and s*xual enhancement.

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