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Trying to be a new Patient but the email you have listed on website, is kicking back emails. I called and was told that was the only email I can send information. I find it hard to believe that there is not another email I can send my New Patient Paperwork. Can someone please help!!!
African Americans are twice as likely to develop Alzheimer's disease and other Dementia's than Whites and less likely to receive a diagnosis. Join me and my colleagues TONIGHT as we discuss having important conversations about Dementia diagnosis and long term care planning. Register today at alznct.news/DCFWJUL26
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Please read - my experience may not be your own, there are a lot of happy customers of theirs. I present this to you for your consideration.



William Anthony Hays, MD
License: R3857
2801 Lemmon Ave #400
Dallas, TX 75204


Uptown Physicians Group
2801 Lemmon Ave #400
Dallas, TX 75204

My name is John Pantaleo, and I was a patient at Uptown Physicians Group and Dr. William Hays. I had become a patient on 08/20/2019, for routine medical care. In the past year, I have been in the office only 3 times once on 08/20/2019 and then the last visit on 09/24/2020 @ 8:45 am.

On their website, they have a statement


“Comprehensive LGBTQ Care

LGBTQ patients should have healthcare providers with whom they feel comfortable sharing all aspects of their life. Our physicians are active in the community, serving on various boards (Resource Center Dallas, Diffa) and are sponsors of various events throughout the year (Black Tie Dinner and Toast to Life).”

During my visit on 09/24/2020, Dr. Hays had a female assistant come in, this was something new and I was not prepared to have this. I asked the Dr. if I could talk to him without the 3rd person in the room and he said no, he said that they were there to document the visit. I physically could not share some of the information that was needed, that I wanted to share. This was not a choice I could not talk about. The assistant left the room for something I again asked if I could talk to him about somethings without her in the room, and he again said no. He said that she was going to be in the room, that she has been in the room during re**al exams. There was no attempt to try and make me feel more comfortable or work with me to find a way to make it work. What I got was a Dr who was acting like HOW DARE I QUESTION THE DR.

He started to ask about a recent Er visit and asked about symptoms I may have been having. I could not speak, I could not talk about what he was asking, I said to him I can’t. He got angry and said you need to find another provider. Scribbled something on top of the paperwork and left. I did get a flu shot!

In order for you to understand why medical care is such a challenge for me I will share history with you, a history that he did not even try to find out, did not try to find out why there might be a problem. Just tossed me out.

I was born in Newark, Nj in 1966 and I was the youngest of 9 children, my Mother gave the 4 youngest up for adoption. I was given up when I was 2 and adopted by the Pantaleo family when I was 4. We move to Fl when I was 6 shortly after the move my adopted parents decided they did not want me anymore, and in the ’70s in Fl the only way to get rid of a child that you adopted was if you could not care for them my mother was a nurse and my father was an accountant so money and the ability to provide for I was not a problem. So they admitted me to South Florida State Hospital – saying that I had emotional needs they could not provide.

Over the course of the 3 years I was in the hospital I was s*xually abused, loaned out to the community for s*x and abuse. I was abused by the staff and caregivers on a very regular basis. We would be lined up for a physical check to see if we had scars or marks from our visits with whom even then loaned us out to. One of the younger boys went into the exam room, as I waited outside, I heard the sounds of saws being used and screams on the other side of the door, at this time I was 8 years old. A short while later a dark trash bag was brought out with what I could see was darker spots here and there inside the bag even at 8 years old I knew that was blood and the body of the boy. I remember standing outside the office with the boy who was younger than I, we were both naked. He looked and asked me to help him, and all I thought I could not help me, how can I help him?

I spent my life in and out of group homes and hospitals till I turned 18. I have been working for years to be a good person, to try and get past all of this, I am now 53 and I think I have done well. I do still have challenges and dealing with medical situations is one of them. I do not think asking for privacy when talking to my Dr. warranted how I was treated.

When I search for a Dr. do just that I search. I look for a male, I look for someone around my age so that if I have to explain what happened they might understand what “State Hospital Care” was like in the ’70s and might be sensitive to my experience. Older Dr.’s also may share my view of my generation of medical care. (Provide more privacy, protect my modesty and protect me)

So, there are a few things here that I want you to think about, walking into your Dr and a new policy is he has an assistant. This practice caters to the LGBTQ community who may already have emotional baggage. Did he try to find out why? Did he even ask? Did he even care? No, he did not he tossed me out like trash.

I am going to ask you for a few things, I do not know if there is a HIPPA violation here but there is a patient bill of rights violation. I ask that you look that you list my complaint, if this is the first one then maybe it will help the next guy, if there are more than one then maybe there is a pattern of behavior. Please

On 10.05.2020 I was notified that Uptowns Physicians Group would no longer be treating me. They tossed me out like so much trash for asking for privacy. Incidentally, the ER visit resulted in a Digestive consult and an Endoscopy and Colonoscopy which has shown Non-Alcoholic Cirrhosis of the Liver, Esophageal varices and I do not have a primary because they tossed me out.

Please guide me in the right direction to make sure that this behavior has been is recorded for others in the event they experience challenges. Their behavior is alarming, how easy it was for them to throw me out, to dismiss my fears and concerns. They did not even try to work with me just go away. The only thing missing was a saw and a trash bag.

List of office appointments from their portal – no way is there too much contact or was I a needy patient as I only saw them 3 times in office.

· Thu 9/24/20 at 8:45am (JOHN PANTALEO - Checked In - 30 min. with Dr. William Hays)

· Fri 8/21/20 at 2:00pm (JOHN PANTALEO - Extended UPG Appointment - 30 min.

· Thu 8/13/20 at 1:30pm (JOHN PANTALEO - Telemedicine Brief - 15 min. with Ismail Boodhwani, NP)

· Tue 3/24/20 at 2:00pm (JOHN PANTALEO - Routine UPG Appointment - 15 min.

· Thu 3/12/20 at 8:15am (JOHN PANTALEO - Routine UPG Appointment - 15 min.

· Mon 11/25/19 at 10:30am (JOHN PANTALEO - Extended UPG Appointment - 30 min

· Fri 9/20/19 at 8:45am (JOHN PANTALEO - Extended UPG Appointment - 30 min. with Dr. William Hays)

· Tue 8/20/19 at 10:45am (JOHN PANTALEO - New 60 UPG Appointment - 60 min. with Dr. William Hays)

Uptown Physicians Group
2801 Lemmon Avenue
Suite 400
Dallas, TX 75204

Dr. Hays,
Please see the attached communications with the following entities.

State of Texas Medical Board
333 Guadalupe
Tower 3, Suite 610
Austin, TX 78701

The Associated Press
200 Liberty St.
New York, NY 10281

4805 Amon Carter Blvd,
Fort Worth, TX 76155

606 Young St,
Dallas, TX 75202

901 Main St,
Dallas, TX 75202

Rep. Kenny Marchant
United States Congress
9901 E. Valley Ranch Pkwy., STE 2060
Irving, TX 75063

I believe that since Upton Physicians Group represents itself to the LGBTQ community, and that the LGBTQ community does rely on your services there should be more sensitivity to the needs and challenges when dealing with patients in that community. This is not to say that all LGBTQ people have special needs to accommodate them medically, but studies show that there is a history of abuse and neglect in many aspects of their life. Seeing a Dr. for some can be a very emotional thing can present some anxiety and since this is a possibility when you present yourself and or your group as sensitive to the gay community.


"Comprehensive LGBTQ Care

LGBTQ patients should have healthcare providers with whom they feel comfortable sharing all aspects of their life. Our physicians are active in the community, serving on various boards (Resource Center Dallas, Diffa) and are sponsors of various events throughout the year (Black Tie Dinner and Toast To Life)."

The above is from your own website – my experience was far from comfortable. Rather than work with me to make the situation more comfortable your one and only response when I asked about a 3rd person in the room was. She is going to be in here, she is here when I do re**al exams if you have a problem you should find another provider. The tone and attitude I got were how dare I question it, not one of a “ have healthcare providers with whom they feel comfortable sharing all aspects of their life” I spoke to your office manager that day and she said that she would help me find a provider in your office that might make me more comfortable.

What I have come to understand sir is that you are a bully, my experience was that of how dare I question the Dr. What I had hoped was that you would have sat with me and worked with me on finding a solution, even if it meant finding another office altogether. Dr. It was not a choice for me. I honestly, due to my past experiences as a child with Dr’s share the information you were asking, or talk to you about some of the things I needed to talk to you about with a female in the room.

How cavalier you were with my modesty my fears and concerns meant nothing to you, the patient bill of rights meant nothing to you. It says that I have a right to participate in my treatment and care. I tried to share with you my concerns and I was shut down, not even given a chance to talk about it to find a solution.

My husband who is also a patient, saw you right before I did, and he too could not talk openly. He did not have the bravery or comfort to even talk to you about it, he simply did not get the care he came to you for and paid for, incidentally, the assistant did not call in 3 of the prescriptions that you agreed to he sent a portal message asking that they be filled and only 2 of the 3 were filled. So, the need for a documentation assistant is not working as he still has not gotten all the meds you ordered.

I am not sure if there are any legal violations here and frankly, that is not the point of my letters to the above entities. I want the world to know how you treated me, how your group lures the LGBTQ community in with a pledge of “COMFORT” on your website. When you Sir tossed my care, worries, concerns, and ME out like trash.

I will be posting my experience in as many places as I can, I do not want the next guy to go thru what I went thru.


John L. Pantaleo

Medical practice, Dallas, TX

Operating as usual

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The new office is open! We are just past the big American flag on 75!

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Dallas, TX

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