Coker Rehabilitation Services

Coker Rehabilitation Services


OTs or PTs. What does MCP width mean on this hand brace? And I imagine wrist to finger length is done on the inside of the hand with the tallest finger, correct?
if any "administrators" happen to get in the system today, I need a note (reassessment 30 day) reopened that is missing the frequency.
So agency needs 2 notes edited for dates on goals. (not weeks but actual date requests) God recert changed but todays regular visit note still has the 6 weeks etc on it. I went to the box on pt record that has "edit goals" and also updated these as they wanted them. Still todays note is still showing the weeks on the note. Can't edit goals on regular visit. Ideas?? #toomuchto dowithoutsoftwarethatdoesnotdoitright #wastedtimewhensomanyothersarejustasdue

Coker Rehab is a contract therapy company providing PT, OT, ST & social work to home health agencies & schools in NE and central Texas. Coker Rehab is owned by a PT and an OT, John and Ashley Coker.

We are known for our excellent clinicians, ethics, reliability, timeliness of documentation, and easy to work with office staff.

[09/03/21]   Any PTs in Corsicana, Athens, Kaufman, Terrell, or Forney that want to do some adult home health evals or even treatments prn or full time?

[08/19/21]   Managed Medicare and Medicare policies will only allow you to receive 4-8 physical therapy visits per month if you need PT in the home. Can you imagine having a stroke, joint replacement, COVID, or a fracture repair and only being allowed to have PT once per week?!?! This is insane. More and more patients are hiring us for private pay to get the therapy they need in addition to what Medicare covers. Let us know if we can help!

[08/12/21]   Do any COTAs know an OT who can eval patients for us in Navarro county (Corsicana area) and Ellis County (Ennis area) ?

[07/21/21]   Can any COTAs cover these areas in Dallas for prn adult home health?

30 east, 80 east, Uptown, downtown, gus thommasson, 78, Ferguson area

[07/17/21]   We are offering in home private pay exercise sessions now that are perfect for that geriatric relative who needs to stay in shape for a better and longer quality of life.

Carolyn Robinson Obituary - Canton, TX 06/07/2021

Carolyn Robinson Obituary - Canton, TX

One of our speech therapists diagnosed with ALS gained her angel wings. She lived with such grace and was an inspiration to many. She was also a wonderful therapist who helped many people in the Canton area.

Carolyn Robinson Obituary - Canton, TX Celebrate the life of Carolyn Robinson, leave a kind word or memory and get funeral service information care of Eubank Funeral Home.


Might be the best new thing for distal leg injuries since the knee scooter for the right situation.

Might be the best new thing for distal leg injuries since the knee scooter for the right situation.

Photos from Coker Rehabilitation Services's post 03/02/2021

Physicians at Texas Neurology in Dallas are recommending patients with neurological autoimmune disorders such as multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis, or chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy receive the Covid vaccine.


My cousin slipped on her icy steps Thursday and fractured her tibia. Reminder to use caution outdoors.

My cousin slipped on her icy steps Thursday and fractured her tibia. Reminder to use caution outdoors.

‘Rescue Mode': Off-Duty Medic Injured in I-35W Crash Helps Other Victims 02/13/2021

‘Rescue Mode': Off-Duty Medic Injured in I-35W Crash Helps Other Victims

It was hard to watch that video of the Fed Ex truck slam into the FJ Cruiser. Well the driver of the FJ, Trey McDaniel, walked away! He was a medstar paramedic and started helping others. What a story!

‘Rescue Mode': Off-Duty Medic Injured in I-35W Crash Helps Other Victims A MedStar paramedic who was heading to work Thursday to begin his shift became a victim of the massive crash on Interstate 35W and despite his own injuries switched into “rescue mode” before his fellow first responders realized he wasn’t on duty and needed help himself.

What Is Black Ice And Why Is It So Dangerous? | The Weather Channel - Articles from The Weather Channel | 02/13/2021

What Is Black Ice And Why Is It So Dangerous? | The Weather Channel - Articles from The Weather Channel |

What Is Black Ice And Why Is It So Dangerous? | The Weather Channel - Articles from The Weather Channel | Be sure to read this before venturing out onto icy roads at night. - Articles from The Weather Channel |


Black Ice Explainer

[02/12/21]   Just a reminder to be extremely careful on walkways, steps and ramps with the ice.

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The CDC issued new guidance this week saying that doubling up on masks could reduce the chance of getting infected with COVID-19 by up to 95%, based on lab tests.

The key is wearing the right combination of masks -- a disposable surgical mask with a cloth mask over it or a cloth mask with multiple layers of fabric -- and having a tight fit to keep virus particles out, the CDC says.

The CDC urges people to use a mask with a nose wire, the bendable metal strip that helps a mask fit more snugly. Additionally, it recommends wearing a mask fitter or brace over the masks to ensure a better fit along the edges. Two recent studies show that mask fitters can increase a wearer’s protection against aerosols the size of COVID-19 particles by at least 90%, the CDC says.

Also be sure to knot the ear loops correctly, utilizing the "knot and tuck" method. That's when you make knots in the ear loops and then tuck the excess fabric in for a tighter fitting mask. In experiments, the CDC found that an unknotted medical mask worn alone blocked only 42% of particles and a cloth mask blocked 44.3% of particles from a simulated cough.

The CDC says that when wearing two masks, the second mask should push the edges of the inner mask against your face. It also says wearing a cloth mask with multiple layers of fabric is an acceptable way of achieving the layered effect of wearing two masks.

[02/11/21]   Just trying to educate the public: from my friend who is a hospitalist/internal medicine doctor at Parkland confirming what I have been telling people. This is on the CDC website as well.

Even if a person tests positive for COVID, the person is no longer contagious if at least 10 days has passed and they have had an improvement in symptoms with no fever in the last 24 hours or if the patient was intubated or immunocompromised (i.e., lupus, RA, cancer, pregnant woman) then they are no longer contagious after 20 days. Tests can stay positive for two months or more, but the patient is not contagious if enough time has passed.

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Rest easy Dr. Kent Rogers. You will be missed!

[01/30/21]   Wear a mask.
Wash your hands.
Stay 6 feet away.
Praying for the family of Dr Kent Rogers, a Corsicana legend.

[01/09/21]   We have started a new OASIS data entry service for home health clinicians. As you know, the demands of getting the OASIS data entered is very high and very stressful and time consuming for the clinician. It often causes sleep deprivation and burnout causing frequent employee turnover. The cost is $30 per OASIS data entry. It requires the clinician to fill out three paper forms (one form is the medication list) and get it back to my data entry person ASAP. The data will be entered and ready for the clinician to review, make changes and submit by the next morning most often by 8 AM. This service can be used by individual clinicians or agencies. I have been using this service I created personally for 2-3 months now, and it has changed my stress level immensely and improved my work productivity significantly. Let me know if you are interested.


Taking it back to 9th grade biology - messenger RNA.

mRNA vaccines are a new type of vaccine to protect against infectious diseases. COVID-19 mRNA vaccines give instructions for our cells to make a piece of what is called the “spike protein.” The spike protein is found on the surface of the virus that causes COVID-19.

COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are given in the upper arm muscle. Once the instructions (mRNA) are inside the muscle cells, the cells use them to make the protein piece. After the protein piece is made, the cell breaks down the instructions and gets rid of them.

Next, the cell displays the protein piece on its surface. Our immune systems recognize that the protein doesn’t belong there and begin building an immune response and making antibodies, like what happens in natural infection against COVID-19.

At the end of the process, our bodies have learned how to protect against future infection. The benefit of mRNA vaccines, like all vaccines, is those vaccinated gain this protection without ever having to risk the serious consequences of getting sick with COVID-19.


[11/11/20]   If you have a loved one with dementia, Alzheimer's, or Parkinson's, Medicare will pay for a program called maintenance therapy which allows physical therapy approximately one time per week in the home to help keep the patient from getting worse physically. Let us know if you are interested in this program.

[10/20/20]   Coker Rehab moved into 500 Place in Corsicana at 500 W 3rd Ave in 2003. Community National Bank purchased the building from James Chapman a year or two ago and needs the office for their growth. We have to be out by 12-31. We will be looking for 300-500 square foot of space in Corsicana. If you can help us out finding a new place shoot me an email at
[email protected].

I’m also considering if we truly need an office space since customers do not come into our office. We technically are a call center. Are there any ways I’m not thinking of to eliminate background noise (dogs and children) in the homes of employees working from home? And how do you solve the problem of intraoffice communication and having one office phone number that would roll to an employee’s cell phone.

[09/30/20]   Colby and Ortman report that from 2014 to 2060, the population of U.S. adult residents age 65 years and older is projected to more than double in size, from 46 million to 98 million. As a percentage of the total population, those of age ≥65 years is projected to increase from 14.4% in 2014 to 23.5% in 2060. The authors state that the biggest increase in growth in this age group is expected to occur in the decade from 2020 to 2030, because of the aging of the Baby Boom generation. (Baby Boomers began turning 65 in 2011; by 2030 all of them will be 65 years of age or older.) The subset of those age 85 or more is projected to nearly triple during that time frame, to reach approximately 8.9 million by 2030. This oldest group is currently the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. population.

[07/08/20]   Need to hire prn PTs in Dallas, Ellis, and Collin County for evaluations, start of care OASIS admissions, treatments, and DCs for adult home health.

[06/06/20]   We need to hire a part time PT to do evals, re-evals and DC's in Ennis, Palmer, Ferris, Italy, and Waxahachie - adult home health.


Happy Nurses Day to all our nursing friends! We appreciate you all. 05/01/2020

'It was more than a race': 19-year-old from Plano has shattered expectations his whole life He stands 4'2" tall, but when it comes to character Ricardo Benitez is a giant.


[04/30/20]   We are needing another option for an OT to see patients in Corsicana and Navarro County (Dawson, Blooming Grove, Frost, Mildred) for evals, reveals, and DCs. If you work with anyone at a SNF who might be interested, please ask them and let us know. Thanks!


One Blue Pearl



[04/01/20]   We are covering PT and OT in Greenville now.



We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Upper Leg Strengthening Exercises with no machines (Quadriceps, Hamstrings & Glutes)
Basic Standing Leg Strengthening Exercises - this is a video you can watch and perform the exercises with the instructor...
Standing Balance Exercises
Gaze Stabilization Exercises for Vertigo
Shoulder tubing exercises
Shoulder wand or cane exercises
Scapular clock exercises
Things our patients make
Come along for the ride at Coker Rehab!
Spring has sprung! Be active!
Brandt Daroff exercises for benign paroxysmal positional vertigo
Foam Roller Stretches




4347 W Northwest Hwy Suite 130 PMB 111
Dallas, TX
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