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Renewed Spirit Steve Reedy: MA, LPC, RMT, NMT, RYT200. There comes a time in our life when we find ourselves needing help.

It could be mental, physical, spiritual, or a combination of the three. I've studied several healing modalities including Neuromuscular Therapy, psychotherapy, Reiki, stone therapy, and yoga to help my clients bring themselves back to a state of balance. As a neuromuscular therapist I have helped people overcome muscle/skeletal imbalances caused by mental and physical harm. As a counselor I have w

Renewed Spirit • Reiki & Other Therapies In Dallas 11/03/2022

Renewed Spirit • Reiki & Other Therapies In Dallas

My dear friend is in Dallas, and offering a 12 week, 24 hour, FREE therapy group for Anger Management—which is great since no one can seem to find a therapist with free time in their schedule. She is absoutly amazing, and I have witnessed the effectivness of the type of therapy she uses. If you, or anyone you know would like to attend, please check out the link... and please share it for others.

Renewed Spirit • Reiki & Other Therapies In Dallas Renewed Spirit: information on Dallas, Reiki, neuromuscular therapy, Thai massage, counseling, and forms of holistic and alternative healing services.


Doodles, Glixies, And A Giant Thumpin

A full reading of "Doodles. Glixies, & A Giant Thumpin" from "Tales From Bombast's Bookshelf. For ages 7 & up. Themes: Diversity / Accepting Differences / Empathy.

Author Steve Michael Reedy reads, “Doodles, Glixies, & A Giant Thumpin,” one of six stories from his book, “Tales From Bombasts Bookshelf.” Ages 7 & Up Theme...


Monkey Mind Tales Book Launch (Second half)

Here is a link to the "Tales From Bombast's Bookshelf" Book launch (2nd half) which has the reading of "James And The Clock Of Torsion Springs"

This portion of the "Tales From Bombast's Bookshelf" has the author reading "James And The Clock Of Torsion Springs," from his second book, "More Tales For Y...


Monkey Mind Tales Book Launch (first half)

Here is a link to the "Tales From Bombast's Bookshelf" Book launch (1st half) which has "Doogle's Poem" and "An Answer For The Tendlebees"

The first half of the "Tales From Bombast's Bookshelf" book launch. The book was launched with a live Webinar on 05/16/2020. Due to uploading issues, the pre... 05/16/2020

Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting now

Book Launch Webinar Link: (See you at 5:45) Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars across mobile, desktop, and room systems. Zoom Rooms is the original software-based conference room solution used around the world in board, confer...


There is still time to pass it on, invite a friend, and sign up for the drawings. (NOTE: The event has changed to a Webinar, making it safe for children to attend) 05/10/2020

Monkey Mind Tales - Virtual Launch of "Tales From Bombast's Bookshelf"

One week left to RSVP :-) The book launch for Tales From Bombast's Bookshelf had to be canceled. Because of this I have decided to host a virtual book launch.

04/28/2020 04/26/2020

Monkey Mind Tales ® Book Series - For Your Older Child & Inner Child

For kids AND ADULTS stuck at home:
Plus I'm having drawings, giveaways, and a virtual book launch. Sign up for more information: Monkey Mind Tales® is an award winning children's book series that uses fairytales and fables to explore the puzzling world of humans. 03/14/2020

Renewed Spirit Blog • Essays & Thoughts For The Mind

I also updated my Renewed Spirit site, and added a blog section.... so sign up ;-) Reiki Dallas blogs and journals that look at Reiki, bodywork, yoga, counseling, philosophy, self-help, and different forms of alternative healing. 03/13/2020

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I have spoken to several people, and friends, who say, "if it can't be measured, then it doesn't exist." To that, I point out that several insurance companies now cover Reiki, and hospitals like John Hopkins offer it as part of their services. Considering insurance companies don't like giving people money, and a hospital's reputation affects their income, it stands reason that its existence is highly probable.…/…/reiki.html The page you have requested cannot be found on our web site. We apologize for the inconvenience. To find the information you are looking for, please try one of the methods below.


My soul my rose

☆☆ ¸.·'¯) Wonders (¯`·.¸ ☆☆


Janine The Machine- Reiki (Official Music Video)

The first mainstream song to use the word Reiki is about energy connection through sensual touch. The video may seem off the beaten path for natural healers, but it does bring up a topic that is seldom discussed - how you can connect to your partner with your etheric body.

Hello friends! Like, comment & subscribe & let me know what you guys think! :) CONTACT: Instagram: Twitter: Directed by: Jo...


Small Talk - How to Start a Conversation - Tips and Tricks (animated)

I found this while looking up small talk for a client

Do you like or enjoy my videos? Then consider buying me a coffee: Small Talk - How to Start a Conversation - Tips and ...


I have been so busy with my Monkey Mind Tales book series, that I have not been on this page for quite a while. But what a way to start out the new year, reading the chakras of the talent and crew on Good Morning Dallas


Monkey Mind Tales

I just received my first hardback copy of "More Tales For Your Monkey's Mind." Yahoo!!!!!! It's finally done!!!


Monkey Mind Tales

DEAR FACEBOOK FRIENDS: In the interest of my sanity I will be using only my Monkey Mind Tales Fan Page for future book updates: blogs, video, book readings, and other information. If you would like to follow my book I invite you to like my page smile emoticon And I appreciate everyone who is "sharing" my posts.

Every bit helps.

Hey little monkey come down from your tree... Inside these books are wonders to see! 10/21/2015

Monkey Mind Tales (@monkeymindtales) | Twitter

My "Twitter" account is now up and running. Help me announce it to your friends, your friend's friends, your family, and people you added as a friend but don't really know :-) The latest Tweets from Monkey Mind Tales (). Hey little monkey come down from your tree... Inside these books are wonders to see!


Because I now have 3 pages to monitor, and I published my book, I will be using the "Monkey Mind Tales" as my main page for the time being.


It's finally here! The "Tales For Your Monkey's Mind" book launch party!


"Tales For Your Monkey's Mind" Is about two months away from being completely illustrated. I couldn't be more happy with illustrations. It looks like the book Launch maybe in March :-)


I have used reiki on hospice patients. I have seen it reduce pain, and bring about a state of peace. I also have Counseled the family and friends of those who have someone in hospice. It is a difficult time for a family to go through, I think it is beneficial to have a Counselor help them through it.


I have been working with clients who are dealing with cancer. I have seen that reiki Has a tremendous effect on people who are going through chemo. The side effects of chemo are greatly reduced, and it helps to reduce the cancer cells.


I have not updated this for a while. I have been busy with my illustrator. We are halfway done with the first book. All I can say is, it looks amazing :-) We may have it out by October.


Monkey Mind Tales Events

“Monkey Mind Tales Presents: A Night Of Storytelling” has been postponed until the first book launch this fall.

The event was meant to be a fundraiser to help pay the cost of illustrations and self-publication. Unfortunately, the cost of the venue was going cost more than the amount taken in, and any money donated would go to paying for the venue instead of the book.

If you would still like to help launch the books you can visit:

For updated information on when the Book Launch Party will be, keep checking back at, it should be this fall.

Steve Reedy The books are to be self-published, and several members of the community have asked if they can help with their launch.


I have not been adding very much to this account because I have been focused on finishing my children's books. I plan on using this more in the future. Until thin, if you have any questions please email me: [email protected]


I wrote this as a quick intro to Reiki:

I have been a Reiki Master/Teacher for almost ten years and teach introduction classes for Reiki and Meditation at UTA. For those who do not know Reiki, it is simply a meditational tool that allows us to channel a high vibration of energy for the use of healing. The use of vibration allows a practitioner to change the vibration, or elevate the vibration, of the person needing to be healed. The use of vibration for healing illness is common, and has been practiced for thousands of years, but it is just now being recognized in the west as a reputable form of alternative healing. Studies have show that Reiki, and other forms of vibrational healing, have positive results when applied to someone suffering from varying forms of illness. It is used in hospice, hospitals, and private practice, though private practice is more common as Reiki is just now entering the mainstream field of medicine. Reiki has been mentioned in countless news stories, reality TV shows, and even in an episode of “Modern Family.”

While it is still fairly new to the medical world, Reiki has been used as a form of alternative healing since the late 1800’s and was brought to America in the early 1940’s. From America is has spread across the world and can be found in just about every country in one form or another.




4333 Bowser Avenue Apt 5
Dallas, TX

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