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Rediscover the joy in your relationships, find relief from anxiety and stress, overcome depression and grief, find balance in your life... Tracie Morrison Salmon, LPC, LMFT, LCDC, grew up in Arlington, Texas.

Graduating from Lamar High School in the top of her class in 1981, she attended Texas A&M University where she was a Pre-Med major and a Varsity Diver on the swim team. Transferring to Auburn University in Alabama on an athletic Scholarship, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Psychology, Cum Laude. Tracie Morrison Salmon, LPC, LMFT, LCDC then went on to get her Masters and

Operating as usual


Introduction of myself and my practice.

This is a 15 sec video introducing myself and my over 30 years of practicing to those looking for a therapist. Feel free to contact me with any questions! Call, text, email, or website.


Finding out more about “Who am I?” is a common quest in my office. “I don’t even know where to start?” “Who am I?” “How do I figure this out?” “I am too afraid to try!” One of my favorite authors, Julia Kristina, loves to use the word EXPERIMENT. Here are a few mindset shifts that might help you make some progress.

1. Experiment. Goals, dreams, ideas, things you want to do or try, think of them all as experiments. People don’t want to try because they are afraid to fail. You are either going to win or you are going to learn if you try something new or put yourself out there. Failure is a neutral event, we didn’t get what we wanted or what we expected. It requires a human brain to make people feel it’s a failure. All failure is, is we didn’t get what we wanted or expected. Failure is truly about what we are going to make it mean about ourselves. It is not the uncertainty you fear it’s the result that you don’t want, that you fear. It’s what you’re going to make that result mean about you, ie. I’m not good enough, I’m not capable enough, I’m not smart enough…
2. Cleanup your thoughts about yourself! Begin to trust yourself instead of kick yourself when you’re down. Cut through the shame and self blame. Give yourself Grace. You are enough!
3. It’s not the outcome we are afraid of, it’s what we are going to make it mean about ourselves. It’s not even what you think people are going to think about you, it’s what you are going to think about you. How many things do we not do, that we stop ourselves from doing, because we are worried about what people might think. But again, it’s not about what people are going to think, it’s about what you are going to make it mean about you. People are going to have thoughts about us. It is MY job to decide what I’m going to make that mean about me. My job is not to control other people’s thoughts or words, but to get strong in believing in myself and trusting myself. I need to be able to stand firm in who I am. I need to deal with my own insecurities instead of try to control what other people think about me.

So try something new! Experiment! Stop worrying about failure and instead have fun figuring you out!!!


Instead of focusing on losing weight, let’s focus on ATTAINING and GAINING: health, muscle, happiness, passion, purpose, flexibility, adaptability, tone, endurance, empathy, forgiveness, confidence...
The GAINS/GROWTH mindset far surpasses the mindset of losing and restricting! Try it!!😄💪🏻


Feelings are important, but they don’t always have our best interest, and there are times to ignore them.
Ex: I dont feel like getting off the couch and exercising (and then you’re mad at yourself later)
I feel like eating that entire bag of cookies (and then you feel worse later)

Think about these things to help!!
1. What I want now vs what do I want most!
2. If I want to grow and stretch, I need to get out of my comfort zone (get out of the familiar)
3. What is in my best interest (not just what makes me feel happy or good)?
4. What Is best for us is not always what feels the best. @ Dallas, Texas


We all have “triggers” in our lives and usually they are attached to events from our past that felt traumatic. A “trigger” is a disproportionate response to a given stimuli. An over-reaction when we feel threatened in some way.
It can cause us to move into fight or flight!
Here are a few things we can do to help deal with instead of over-react, or self-medicate through destructive behaviors.

Use the STORM acronym:
Stop and take a big breath

Tune into your feelings

Observe your thoughts

RE-frame your thoughts and the story you put on the event

Move into self compassion

These strategies can help you handle your intense feelings and emotions in a more positive way.

We also want to PULL THE TRIGGER on new behaviors and choices that will help free us!!


Tracie Morrison Salmon, LPC, PA


Most people who know me know that I love to SAVOR everything.
When I eat, I love to eat a variety of foods, and I take my time choosing, preparing, smelling, and yes, SAVORING them!
When I workout, there are times that I have to get a quick workout in and I pump it out and know that I have accomplished what I wanted, and it feels good. But when I have more time, I love to really feel my body working out. I love the feel of my muscles stretching and growing and becoming more fit. I pay attention to how my skin feels, how I breathe, how my body looks. Yes, I SAVOR it all!
I am going to continue to write more about how to connect to our senses in everything we do, how to SAVOR life.


What are you doing daily to take care of yourself? Sometimes the last person we consider is ourself. We prioritize everyone and everything else and we put ourselves at the bottom of the list. But I want you to realize if you don’t take care of yourself first, then eventually you have nothing left to give! You’re depleted, your health is at risk, you’re emotionally and mentally tapped out, and many areas in your life can become unmanageable.

I work hard to prioritize myself in my life so that I have the bandwidth to give back. When I feel good about me then I am on top of my game! Life is good!! I can give back to others and feel joy and contentment.

Here are a few areas and ways that work for me. I encourage my clients to find their own passions and pursuits that nurture their souls!

MENTALLY: At least 5 days a week a listen to books and podcasts that enrich my mind and keep me feeling strong and purposeful. What works for me is to do this when I workout. It is my commitment to myself. And I kill two birds with one stone, which leads to the next area...

PHYSICALLY: I exercise at least 5 days a week. My favorite things currently are weights and running. They help me feel strong and ready to conquer my day. I also eat a healthy diet that is Liver friendly. This allows me to splurge every now and then without freaking out or being rigid or restrictive. I also try and keep to a regular sleep routine. If I don’t get 8 hours a night I don’t feel near as energized or on top of my game. I also get regular checkups by all of my doctors. Being preventative is so important to our health.

SPIRITUALLY: Prayer and meditation help me focus on quietness and what is important in life. Contemplation, silence, spending time in nature, giving back, compassion, and being non-judgmental are a few of the activities that help my own self-care.

SEXUALLY: God made us to be s*xual beings and if we do not take care of ourselves then our s*x lives can suffer. S*x is more than just the act, it is the way we feel about ourselves. Taking care of our bodies and minds so that we are happy with ourselves, so that we feel strong, so that we feel energized, have stamina, and feel s*xy are key to a great s*x life. Being purposeful about our desires, curiosity and attraction towards our partners increases our passion. And if we do not have a partner currently, just feeling good about ourselves, feeling s*xy, can keep a feeling of aliveness and energy with us daily. Exercise, healthy eating, sleep, good grooming all contribute to a healthy s*xual glow and to feeling alive!

FINANCIALLY: I live within my means. I maintain a budget. I stay out of debt. I set yearly goals. I keep a balanced work/play life.

SOCIALLY: When I feel good about me, I want to spend time with family and friends. If I don’t, I tend to isolate. My family and friends are my most precious jewels, they make me happy, fulfilled, joyful, feel cared about, and feel special.

CREATIVELY: Creativity brings passion into my life. We all need to find a passion that nourishes and excites us. For me, I have a few. I started painting acrylic on canvas in 2016 when I became an empty nester. It is my happy place. Working out is another passion of mine. I crave it and love the way it makes me feel. My entire day is better when I workout. I also love gardening and cooking (though with my kids grown and gone I don’t cook as much!). Decorating also gives me pleasure. Find something that you feel passionate about and give yourself permission to cultivate it!


Such a great quote!! Let’s all get in the Arena!


Grow where you’ve never grown this lettuce!!
(“Go where no man has gone before” Star Trek ...) Life feels kind of twilight-ish🤪
We are in “uncertain times,” a place we have not been before in our lifetime. I am letting this be a time that I find new things out about myself, a time to introspect, to look at my life and who I am. I am spending every day alone. I am enjoying every moment. I am learning to find joy in the smallest things. I am setting daily goals and accomplishing them! I am learning to be more flexible and adaptable. I am sleeping 8-9 hours a night after prayer and meditation on my Shakti Mat. I might not ever get this uninterrupted time again and so I am making the most of it!
I am continuing to learn that I have precious family and friends, but ultimately my happiness and strength have to come from within. I have to motivate myself, I have to have the MINDSET to choose growth and joy.
I thank God daily for giving me these choices!
Whether we are quarantined alone or with family, I pray we are using this time to grow stronger. Even when we are afraid, we can gain strength from conquering it.🙏
Don’t be afraid to reach out for help. This is a STRENGTH, to recognize when we need help!!


During these quarantine days I will post some pics and ideas to help us all stay healthy, and active physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Flexibility and adaptability are essential for our growth and well-being. Feel free to share your ideas and things that are working for you!!


I am well and I hope you are too!! We are all looking forward to this being over and all being stronger from it. Until the quarantine is lifted, and face to face sessions can continue, I want you to know I am flexible and available for Phone Consultations. Just text/message me and we will set it up ASAP!
Yes these are scary times but they are also times to RESET. I am here to help at any time!


My dad was the most influential man in my life. He loved me unconditionally and taught me that I was “ENOUGH”, that
I was LOVABLE and did not need people’s approval to be ok.
As I’ve gotten older I have been able to see what an amazing gift this was!
Baby’s are born knowing they are loved and loving themselves. It’s not until we go out in the world and get criticized, or feel we have to please everyone to be ok, that we begin to not love ourselves or feel we aren’t good enough. This causes us to worry, stress, have anxiety or depression, to look to relationships/food/chemicals etc to fill the void we feel.
My dad had a picture on our refrigerator growing up that said “God don’t make no junk!”
This is so true. I am enough! God made me the way I am. He made you the way you are. When we love ourselves like God loves us we can take risks and not be afraid. We can conquer whatever we set our minds to!
In my practice I help people realize their worth!!!


I will help bring balance and wholeness to your life. Please call or text me with any questions. Thank you! 11/01/2018

Conflict is a Normal and Natural Part of Your “Happily Ever After”

This article on “conflict” is by one of my favorite authors re: relationships! It’s a myth that if you solve your problems you’ll automatically be happy. We need to teach couples that they’ll never solve most of their problems


In his book "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People," Stephen Covey says, "...we are what we repeatedly do...
Sow a thought, Reap an action
Sow an action, Reap a habit
Sow a habit, Reap a character
Sow a character, Reap a destiny."


We have all experienced grief. It is a part of life. Having a loving support system of family and friends who are there for you can help lighten your load. A trained counselor can help when you feel you need added support and guidance. 08/08/2018

Marriage Minute: There's something all couples fight about... Take a guess. Money? S*x? Chores? Those are all good guesses, and likely accurate for many couples, but not true for all couples.


One of the things I have added to my life since becoming an empty nester is painting. It calms me, brings me joy, makes me feel passion, satisfies a need for accomplishment (whether it ends up being a flop or not!), makes me pay attention to nature and color and nuance, helps me get in touch with gets me out of my comfort zone, stretches my mind and creativity, teaches me about people and differences...I feel proud, satisfied, content, awed, grateful...I dream, imagine, create and play with it all in my mind and on my canvas. I want to encourage anyone at any age to expand their horizons, find new passions, stretch their wings, and try new things!!!


Tracie Morrison Salmon, LPC, PA's cover photo


Tracie Morrison Salmon, LPC, PA


One of my favorite authors, John Gottman, says this:

“What does compatibility really mean?
Think about online dating apps and sites and their assessments of compatibility. What do they ask you to list? Interests, activities, beliefs, goals, values. Those are important to know, but they are not indicators of true compatibility.
Instead, compatibility is related to emotional intelligence. Social psychologist Eli Finkel proposes that what is more important than finding someone just like you, or who compliments you, is to find someone “with a personality that is conducive to relationships…someone who has relationship aptitude.”
What is relationship aptitude? It is the ability to develop and sustain intimacy and trust. Broadly speaking, it is someone who is respectful in their communication and actions, yet assertive of their needs and aware of and receptive to others' needs.
When you think about compatibility, think less about what you have in common, and more about intentionally treating one another with respect, validation, and appreciation for the good things you share in your relationship.”

Let me help you work on this.

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