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A Sober Caddy Creative Agency

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“Don't walk the addiction course alone". A Sober Caddy is an addiction resource agency, that provides ethical addiction solutions for families & facilities

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How quickly I dismiss a compliment. I’d like to think I’m one of the quickest dismisser. There’s power in a compliment. Be authentic in your compliments, & don’t dismiss other compliments.

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Toured & met staff at The Meadows Texas. Loved how they consistently mentioned treating each person, and not the disease.

Thank you Barb Reynolds & the whole staff for the warm welcome.


Planting seeds of positivity & hope in good times & times of failure is imperative to my self growth. Find moments of positivity & hope in failure, and share positivity & hope in success.


People spend their whole life looking for you, yet the never find you due to characters you play. There is power in being you.


Creative Coaching | Case Management | Intervention | Company Mental Health


Learn to listen and learn when not only is it appropriate but also beneficial for you as an individual. The value of shutting up can be just as important or more so than speaking up because sometimes people need time on their own before they're ready talk again, while others might think too much without any input from other’s around them making sure everything stays fresh in mind so there are no distractions during difficult conversations
If I had one tip about networking with others its this: BE Patient!


Spent afternoon with a Business Development team at a national retired community facility.
Tap into Creative Thinking. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Smash the belief that ideas & visions are “are bad”. Ideas & Visions are puzzle pieces to a better plan.


I realized why I love professional sports drafts. It’s filled with labels, opinions, and amateur character assessments. Welcome to my life!


My presentation “Power of Creativity in Self Growth” had the audience captivated. Audience did a great job of keeping enthusiasm to a minimum.


What comes first? Fear? or Failure? If I stop empowering failing, fear isn’t as prevalent in my life. It’s natural to feel fear, and it’s nearly impossible not to fail…..so if we normalize fear & failure, and use it as a launchpad instead of holding me back, we can live a better life.


I forgot the “deal” I made with myself. First I’m grateful that doing the next right thing allowed me to forget what I was in fear about…..but it’s frustrating that I can’t follow through on what I told myself. It’s important to me to be impeccable with my words.


Monitoring | Management | Intervention


Case Management | Intervention | Creative Agency


Find your “why”. Change won’t occur till you acknowledge and embrace “why” you do what you do. Change won’t truly occur without acknowledging the “why”.


Speak life. Speak life to yourself & others.


Mental Health check in time! Creative & Recover. Building programs within companies, and smashing stigmas.
Recovery In Action & Sober Caddy Creative Agency are building programs for Companies, First Responders, Native American population, & Families. Reach out today to connect.


Everything I need to live according to my purpose is within me. Every place, person, thing that has come into my life hasn’t been by accident.


We know that mental health is an issue in the workplace, and we're here to help. If you want your company's culture improved with confidential care for all employees- contact us today!


Loved the energy in the room with fellow Creatives. Talking about things holding us back.
Getting the opportunity to talk about my and tapping into self growth has empowered my creativity.


The concept of integrity is to be true, authentic and real no matter who might see.


Depth perception. People often give up too soon not realizing how close they are to their dreams and aspirations, yet also live in delusional insanity believing that they’re life isn’t as bad as the facts state around them.


Let’s acknowledge & admire ourselves for getting back up after a failure. The dreaded swing after a shank, it’s tough but we do it. Celebrate the getting back up.


I concentrate on the “losses” when reviewing my day/week/month. It’s my truth. Yet the biggest growth I’ve found is when I acknowledge “losses” yet find the “wins” within those “losses”.


When I'm scared, my brain tells me that it is safe to be afraid. And so the fear takes over and paralyzes all of your muscles - including those which are needed for movement!
But if you use hope instead? Hope will help guide us through our fears by reminding how strong we really are inside no matter what happens outside; with love from others who care about making this world better too- centering ourselves in everything good around every corner awaits.


Drinking in creativity & crab cakes.


When an exhausting day feels good. Solution based creativity in everything we do!


It is not always easy to believe in yourself, and it takes effort.
There will be times when you want nothing more than for this whole world just disappear around us-but don't give up! No matter how much self doubt gets inside of our heads or what obstacles come into view -we still have two choices: either listen/believe these negative thoughts or replace them with positive ones through belief & confidence building techniques like visualization ( imaging ) practice, and learning from others. Knowing what you’re good at, and leaning on others to help achieve goals.


We are committed to doing what’s right for our clients, never financially motivated. That's why all of the work we do has your best interests at heart and always within reach! Worry Less. We appreciate the small thank you’s from satisfied partners.


The difference between a successful and unsuccessful person is how they handle failure.
Achieving your goals starts with setting expectations for yourself, then working hard to achieve them even if it seems impossible at times because in order not succeed there must be willing doubt; giving up after one failed attempt does not mean that all future endeavors will result into likewise failures as long as we maintain our motivation through tough situations or else this could lead us down an unproductive path where nothing gets accomplished—quitting never got anyone anywhere before! It takes courage but also determination which comes from knowing what really matters most: family commitments over finances status etc., realizing it’s the journey and not the finish line.


Sober Caddy Creative Agency & Recovery In Action provide a comprehensive platform for companies, families, & facilities to find client-based solutions that succeed.
“Worry Less”. That’s our call to action this morning. Love meeting with prospective partners!


Letting the dog out talking Sober Caddy Creativity. We’re looking for more companies & facilities to create solutions for.


is upon us! So excited and honored to have @damonwest7 as Keynote Speaker on a course designed by my brother Andy Staples


Why rush decisions? What’s creating the “rush” to react?


Some of us are luckier than others.
We all have bad days and good ones, it’s how we interpret those events in our lives which shapes who we become as people over time - some call this “growing pains” while others refer to them simply by their cause (an injury here; a loss there). No matter what you choose for yourself individually or together with other individuals on your journey through life's ups-and downs...remember: The only thing certain is change!

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