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This is a Facial MedSpa specializing in sensitive, Rosacea, and Acne skins.

Operating as usual


Red/IR for bilateral cell renewal.


Since 2000, I have used LED light therapy for clients. I literally was one of the first to incorporate LED into skin care. After 20 years I have developed my third device. It is the strongest posible with the greatest amount of experience to support the Technology. If you want results, you want Intensa LED. 214-366-9967. Ask for DD.

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After 20 years, it is still my go to treatment. We just learn that it is the greatest power in healing and anti aging. d.d.’s skin care, Dallas, Texas.
Not new. Just perfected!


Beautiful skin is no accident but it can be accomplished with less invasive technologies .
Call us and see how much we can help you at 214-366-9967. d.d’s skin care, inc. Dallas Texas since 1983.

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Our NEW LED is Almost ready . So close yet so far!
FDA cleared, but a little testing left, and a manual to finish! And we will be ready!


Our LightTherapy facials are great for a glowing true organic high tech facial at d.d.'s skin care in Dallas, Texas. Call 214-366-9967 for your facial today.


Many people want skin care and want a natural alternative to healthier skin. LED light therapy with organic products is the answer. Some want less invasive technology that really improves t he skin , LED light therapy with Growth factors and peptides is the answer. Some have srnditive, rosacea, acne rosacea, or gluten allergies. LED light therapy with appropriate additives to meet these individual needs is THE answer. OUR machines designed over 8 years ago has a proven track record with satisfied clients.


What is possible with this technology? Pain reduction of arthritis, joint pain, repair of cells from radiation or chemo. Reduction of vascular conditions such as rosacea. These are but a few possibilities. Intensa LED is sold to professionals only.


We developed every different spectrum of light possible. Then researched with volunteer participants over a period of five years. At first we produced 5 different light wave handpieces with 3 power levels and 3 duty cycles. After another 7 years of research, we have changed the parameters. Research has proven that there was no necessity for several of the spectrums. While other spectrums proved even more successful than originally thought. Generation 2 will have a 360 degree articulated arm. Generation 2 will still have three power levels and three duty cycles. But generation 2 will have 4 light spectrums. With generation can we have the ability to truly do a serious lymphatic drainage. This will totally reboot the system of the body. By removing waist and a cellular rage within the muscle the nerve and the skin. Then we will use I try red to produce ATP synthesis. This is like gasoline to an engine of an automobile. When added to the cellular structures, it causes Cell to repair and communicate. Telomeres are located within each cell. Over time the telomeres shortens and cell communication reduces, and cell death accelerstes. With communication restored, the cell repairs destroyed areas with new cells. The true brilliance of light is in its nature to repair at the exact point needed.


Intensa LED took five years to manufacture. Machine 1 exceeds all standards of any other equipment even after 7 years. Our machine output is 100% effective after 7 years of 30 plus hours a week use. Machine 2 has been in development stage for 2 years. Real technology always requires patience. Heat within the equipment diminishes light productivity and slowly or quickly burns out the LED. LED light therapy is also known as Cold Laser, and LLLT, an acronym for Low Level Laser Therapy. By using light in different spectrums, we can target various levels of the body. Back in 2000, when I started this journey. No one knew or have heard of LED light therapy. I purchased two machines between 2000 and 2000 and 4 before starting to create my own equipment. Why? Because the standard to which equipment was designed did not meet the standards that were spoken about and quoted by NASA. I found out most machines would produce 12 joules of energy and 20 minutes. NASA standard was 67 joules of energy in 20 minutes. So my business partner and I worked for seven years to create a piece of equipment which would produce as much energy as possible, and then we would decide what was possible.


We are launching a new machine soon. It is exciting.


Dark Circles under the eyes? Texture not soft or smooth? It may be time for something new. Intensa LED Advanced Micro Needling may be the answer. Great results, Less downtime or pain than traditional micro needling. Better results!


Dark Circles under the eyes? Texture not soft or smooth? It may be time for something new. Intensa LED Advanced Micro Needling may be the answer. Great results, Less downtime or pain than traditional micro needling. Better results!


Dark Circles under the eyes? Texture not soft or smooth? It may be time for something new. Intensa LED Advanced Micro Needling may be the answer. Great results, Less downtime or pain than traditional micro needling. Better results!


LED Light Therapy continues to be the number one skin care solution for the Hollywood Red Carpet.


Using our LED treatments with micro needling has had incredible results. Downtime and post recovery is half of what other service providers can offer.


Microneedling and LED are absolutely incredible to9gether. We have developed a technique that allows us to perform microneedling on Rosacea skins.

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5934 Royal Ln, # 230
Dallas, TX

Opening Hours

Tuesday 9am - 5pm
Wednesday 9am - 7pm
Thursday 9am - 7pm
Friday 9am - 2pm
Saturday 8am - 5pm

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