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A big THANK YOU to our volunteers, runners, and sponsors for making the first race of the DRC season a blast!

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🥊9Round Lake Highlands Town Center - 7170 Skillman St., Dallas, TX
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Sherman Sport & Spine is a proud sponsor of the Dallas Running Club. Whether you are in pain, seek preventative care or want to increase your athletic performance, the Sherman Sport & Spine Team is here for you.

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Are y’all open today?
oooh, I bet you guys have seen some backpack placements that make you cringe!
Just one treatment from Logan and I feel 100% better. 1/4 mile jog today just to test it and it felt great. Back at it tomorrow. So happy. Thank you Logan.
Thanks for taking care of Lizzy today. She said her visit was "awesome." 😀
Thanks to you and Angela for getting me in this week. Without your help my 8 minute course PR and 6 min overall PR would not have happened.

Dr. Logan Sherman is a sports chiropractor with practices in the Dallas and Plano areas. He provides

Operating as usual


Sports massage...

Just what the body needs!

Adrian Alba, LMT is your guy!


Pain around the knee can be many things.

When someone has pain under the knee is most often patellar tendinopathy.

We treat patellar tendinopathy very effectively with Active Release Techniques, rehabilitation of the quad muscles, minor tweaks of the running gate and stride length!


We are thinking about Eliza, her friends, her students and her family.


“Zombie buildup

It’s built upon the idea that cells eventually stop dividing and enter a “senescent” state in response to various forms of damage. The body removes most of them. But others linger like zombies. They aren’t dead. But as the Mayo Clinic’s Nathan LeBrasseur puts it, they can harm nearby cells like moldy fruit corrupting a fruit bowl. They accumulate in older bodies, which mounting evidence links to age-related conditions such as dementia, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis.”

I saw this Dallas News article on the Dallas News app and thought you’d be interested.

New research fuels quest for active old age

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"The best predictor of future injury is past injury.

The best way to work on injury prevention is to work on past injury compensations."


Interesting that this article was in the Dallas Morning News shortly after our original post talking about the vagus nerve!

“Vagus nerve stimulation, or VNS, used with traditional treatments for PTSD, may help shorten the length of treatment, increase its effectiveness and make the process more tolerable for patients.”

I saw this Dallas News article on the Dallas News app and thought you’d be interested.

UTD researchers study treatment for PTSD

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The cervicogenic headache

The suboccitptal triangle is a set of 4 muscles that control the motion of the head on the spine. They also provide spatial awareness to allow the body to understand how the head is sitting on the spine. One of the four muscles, the re**us capitus posterior minor has a close connection to the dura mater of the spinal cord. The dura-muscular, dura-ligamentous connection this muscle has with the cord can explain the relationships between it and cervicogenic headaches.


Quadrangular space!

This space is located in the back part of the shoulder. In this space between three muscles and the humerus exit a nerve, artery and vein. An narrowing or pinching at this site can create abnormalities of shoulder motion. This is one of our main go-to spots with Active Release Techniques!


Dr. Tim is engaged!! Over the weekend Dr. Tim and Dr. Emily went to the Grand Tetons. It was a surprise trip that Dr. Tim has been planning for quite some time! We couldn't be more excited for these two!

Congrats Dr. Tim and Dr. Emily!


I saw this Dallas News article on the Dallas News app and thought you’d be interested.

Completion of the 66-mile trail, which will link Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Irving and Grand Prairie, is expected in early 2024.

INFRASTRUCTUREDiscover D-FW’s next big trail

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Oh how we enjoy the popliteus! It's usually an easy fix!

This small little muscle that sits just behind the knee, unlocks the knee and rotates the upper leg when the lower leg is fixed (locked). If you've ever are most likely overusing this muscle.


Have you ever felt nervous before a big event, speech or test?

Try taking deep diaphragmatic breaths which can help stimulate the vagus nerve which will help activate the parasympathetic nervous system to help you "calm your nerves" and reduce anxiety. This nerve innervates the pulmonary, cardiovascular and digestive systems.


How has your summer training coming along? Dr. Tim is ready for some cooler weather!

Timeline photos 08/08/2022

We are excited that we have the opportunity to provide "pro-tips" specific to your training for this years BMW Dallas Marathon Festival!

BMW Dallas Marathon Festival winner Dr. Logan Sherman shares his final pro-tip to help your marathon become a success!

#4 - Take the time to take care of your body. Make sure you start a good program of stretching, foam rolling and performing strength exercises prior to starting your program so that you have a good routine.

For more tips on how to jump-start your training, visit:

Good luck with your training and we’ll see you in December!


But the results suggest “this is doable for everybody” — not just seniors healthy enough to work up a hard sweat, said Baker, who presented the data Tuesday at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference. “Exercise needs to be part of the prevention strategies”

Dallas Morning News - BRAIN HEALTHEven light exercise proves helpful


Toxic hemlock found at White Rock Lake
Dallas warns visitors to avoid plant until areas are treated on Friday

Dallas Morning News - PARKSToxic hemlock found at White Rock Lake

Timeline photos 07/19/2022

We hope that you will join us December 9-11th for one or more of our events!! Happy training!

Big thanks to Katy Trail Weekly for the great story on BMW Dallas Marathon winner and three-time BMW Dallas Half Marathon winner, Dr. Logan Sherman. He’s got some great tips that we’ll be rolling out this month to help you begin preparing for race weekend. It’s never too early to start getting race-ready!

Click the link to read the full article


White Rock Museum Must Move - Dallas Morning News

Dallas Morning News - White Rock Museum Must Move

White Rock Museum Must Move - Dallas Morning News In 2004, a storage room in the Bath House Cultural Center became the White Rock Lake Museum. Now in 2022, the museum will temporarily go into storage. It’s a change many museum backers fought, but the battle must now switch from fighting to stay to ensuring the museum returns stronger in a new loc...

Going the distance - Dallas Morning News 05/13/2022

Going the distance - Dallas Morning News

A great article about a local DFW runner! Good luck at state everyone!

Going the distance - Dallas Morning News FLOWER MOUND — It’s the weekend, and Natalie Cook has just finished a tough early morning speed workout, but the Flower Mound senior is willing to spend 15 more minutes at the track reflecting on how she is running faster than Olympians and aspires to run professionally like her mom.


Another state record for Flower Mound’s Natalie Cook!

Looking forward to seeing some great performances at the Texas State Meet in a few weeks!


Exercise antidote for blues
Study: Even half the recommended amount helps fight depression
The Washington Post
Already known to help ease depression, regular exercise may also help prevent it, with people who exercised just half the recommended weekly amount lowering their risk for depression by 18%, according to research published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry.

However, those who were more active, meeting at least the minimum recommended physical activity level, reduced their risk for depression by 25%, compared with inactive people.

The findings stem from the analysis of data from 15 studies involving 191,130 adults who were tracked for at least three years. Those who met activity guidelines did at least 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity activity, such as brisk walking, as recommended in the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.

Mental health experts note that nearly 10% of American adults struggle with some form of depression. Medication and talk therapy are commonly prescribed, but exercise is also considered effective.

Exercise sparks the brain’s release of endorphins, referred to as feel-good hormones. It can also quiet the mind, quelling the negative thoughts that often accompany depression, and can reduce stress, improve sleep and boost self-esteem.

Dallas Morning News - HEALTHExercise antidote for blues


Not only is he a great doctor for triathletes, Dr Tim is a solid triathlete himself! He finished 5th overall and 1st place in his age group at the Caveman Triathlon over the weekend!

Congratulations Dr Tim!

Still dealing with injuries? Get scheduled this week and let us help you get back to training and racing!


Training doesn’t always have to look the same! This is a great article by Dallas Morning News about some runners in the area that take different paths to accomplish high standards. Natalie Cook just broke the girls national high school record in the 5k this past weekend at Stanford. Walker is a UNC signee that runs high mileage.

Dallas Morning News - Unique workouts that break the mold


Natalie Cook strikes again!! High school 5k national record on the track in Stanford!


Good luck to our HS athletes at Texas Relays this weekend!


Happy Birthday Adrian!!!


At Sherman Sport & Spine we specialize in soft tissue work called Active Release Techniques (ART). We find that this sets us apart from others.

Dr. Sherman has been performing ART for 10+ years. He has been assistant teaching ART for the past 6 years. He just helped Dr. Lezlie Maloy instruct a full body seminar at her office.

Adrian Alba has previously taken a ART seminar.

We are happy to announce that Dr. Tim will be taking his first ART seminar at the headquarters in Colorado Springs this weekend!

Going streaking? 2 Dallas women say running a mile a day brings them joy 02/15/2022

Going streaking? 2 Dallas women say running a mile a day brings them joy

We know some streakers and we don’t even need to tell the principal!

Great story on Kerry and Lee-Ann! Y’all represent the running community well!

Did you know Dr. Tim and Dr. Allan Sherman have streaks going as well!?

Going streaking? 2 Dallas women say running a mile a day brings them joy Kerry Little and Lee-Ann Graham are part of a growing number of "streakers," people who run every single day

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Happy Birthday Adrian!!!
Dr. Tim finishing 3rd in the Dallas Running Club’s 10k yesterday! 💪
Adrian will start seeing patients Monday June 1st!!
Dr. Colleen’s exercises to help “wake-up” your sleepy glutes!! This is a great routine to do before and after running!
Massage therapy update 5/12/2020
We Are Open!
We are open for emergency visit through the rest of this week. We will be open for maintenance visits starting Monday Ma...
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