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There is nowhere to leave a review????
My wife had surgery with this clinic in June here in flower Mound. They were recommended by our family physician for bladder suspension and it turned out Horrible. She ended up in worse shape then she was before the surgery. I am only sharing this so it does not happen to someone else in the future!!!
I was a patient at their Trophy Club Radiation center, quality of care was excellent. The billing service is horrendous.

Because of their billing service I will not recommended them. service. Quality of medical care was excellent, bit their billing service is horrendous. If you actual get someone from their billing service on the phone, they don't have answers to billing concerns and tell you they will call back, I have never received a return call from them. I mailed a payment to them last December, the post office returned the payment as they had moved and not left forwarding instructions. There are payments from insurance that are not reflected on my account. Charges to me after I met my catastrophic (out of pocket) limit for the year.
Can understand what takes do long to see the doctor. We checked in on our mobile device three days before the appt. We get to the facility at 9:30AM & supposedly we're already checkin. It's now10:28 and have yet to be called yet. What it the problem? Do not understand why we have to be here 30 minutes before our appt and still not get in on time. Never had a problem before so what's changed now. No complaints on the doctor but MAJOR complaint on checking in & getting back there. Patients has Alzheimer's and gets VERY impatient. Please find a solution to the problem with check in time. No one should have to wait an hour to see a doctor. If your 5 to 10 mintues late they make you reschedule.
"Salud Pharmacy #1 is independently owned and operated. We offer the same quality products and value prices of chain drug stores, with staff that provides the exceptional service you deserve."

Urology Clinics of North Texas provides state-of-the-art urology care and clinical trials in the North Texas area.

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health.harvard.edu 05/15/2020

Behavioral therapy can relieve overactive bladder symptoms - Harvard Health

Behavioral therapy can relieve overactive bladder symptoms according to a new study. Read more.

health.harvard.edu Men often rely on drugs to manage overactive bladder symptoms, such as frequent urination, urgency, incontinence, and nocturia. However, adding behavioral therapy may produce better results.


Provider Spotlight

Meet Dr. Bryan Bruner, board-certified urologist specializing in diagnosing and treating urology-related health conditions. Learn more about Dr. Bruner @ https://urologyclinics.com/providers/bryan-c-bruner-md/.


Our urologists are here and ready to care for you. Book your in-person or virtual consult today by calling 214-580-2266.

urologyclinics.com 05/12/2020

10 Conditions Your Urologist Treats - Urology Clinics of North Texas

If you’re wondering what types of conditions a urologist treats, we’ve put together a list of 10. Read more in our latest blog.

urologyclinics.com If you’re wondering what types of conditions a urologist treats, we’ve put together a list of 10. Read more in our latest blog.


See your urologist with the click of a button. Book your virtual appointment today by calling 214-580-2266.


GreenLight Laser Therapy Animation

The GreenLight Laser is a minimally invasive alternative to the more traditional transurethral resection (TURP) for an enlarged prostate. Learn more about this procedure below.

For more information about GreenLight laser therapy, visit TreatMyBPH.com.


Get better with age. Schedule your next appointment with the board-certified urologists at Urology Clinics. Call us at 214-580-2266.


Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is normal from time to time, but if it is an ongoing issue you should speak with your doctor. Book your consult today @ https://urologyclinics.com/urology-appointment-request/.


It's never too late to man your health. Book your in-person or virtual consult today. https://urologyclinics.com/urology-appointment-request/


Meet Dr. Batz, board-certified in both Urology and Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery. Learn more about her @ https://urologyclinics.com/providers/ginger-isom-batz-md/.

heraldextra.com 05/01/2020

3 prostate health issues men should watch for

Here are three prostate health issues you should know about. #FridayFact

heraldextra.com Your prostate may very well be the last thing you want to think about when it comes to your health. The prostate is a gland you want to just do


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Virtual visits are here, #Texas! Book your online appointment with one of our 47 providers today. Call (214) 580-2266.

urologyclinics.com 04/29/2020

Low Testosterone: What you need to know - Urology Clinics of North Texas

A gradual decline in testosterone levels is normal as a man ages, but what does it mean to have abnormally low testosterone and what can be done about it? Our urologists explain.

urologyclinics.com A gradual decline in testosterone levels is normal as a man ages, but what does it mean to have abnormally low testosterone and what can be done about it?


Testimonial Tuesday

"I was very sick and couldn't understand what was happening to me. He [Dr. Bailey] was so patient and kind. Need a urologist - stop looking, you've found him." Read more from our patients @ https://urologyclinics.com/urology-north-texas/testimonials/


Good news! Our 47 providers are available to see you at one of our 18 locations across Texas. Book your in-person or virtual consult today! Call (214) 580-2266.

urologyclinics.com 04/24/2020

SpaceOAR - Urology Clinics of North Texas - Dallas, Fort Worth Area

If you are planning to undergo radiation due to prostate cancer, learn more about SpaceOAR. This technology can help minimize the risk of bowel, urinary and sexual side effects of radiation.

urologyclinics.com SpaceOAR is radiation treatment for prostate cancer. Clinically proven to minimize risk of bowel, urinary, sexual side effects and improve quality of life.


Provider Spotlight: Dan French, MD. Board-certified in urology, Dr. French's professional interests involved the field of male fertility and sexual dysfunction. Learn more @ https://urologyclinics.com/providers/dan-b-french-md/.

washingtonpost.com 04/22/2020

Perspective | More than half of men over 60 may have problems in the bedroom. Our columnist confesses.

More than half of men over 60 may have problems in the bedroom. Read more from the NY Times below.

washingtonpost.com Sexual dysfunction can be caused by smoking, diabetes, hypertension, but mainly by growing older, a urologist says. But there are ways to help with the problem.


Here For You!

Our urologists treat a multitude of conditions across our 18 Texas locations. Book your in-person or virtual consultation today! 214-580-2266


Stay-at-home orders continue to be extended but our doctors and staff are here for you. Book your virtual consultation today by calling 214-580-2266.

urologytimes.com 04/17/2020

Unhealthy diet associated with poor semen quality

Total sperm count among men in Western countries fell by 50% to 60% from 1973 to 2011. Here's why.



Provider Spotlight: Dr. Chris Cefalu

Provider Spotlight: Dr. Chris Cefalu, board-certified urologist trained in all aspects of adult urology. Find out more about Dr. Cefalu @ https://urologyclinics.com/providers/christopher-a-cefalu-md/.

urologyclinics.com 04/15/2020

Board-Certification: What it means and why it matters - Urology Clinics of North Texas

When you’re looking for a new doctor, experts say that you should be looking for one who is board-certified. Here’s why.

urologyclinics.com When you’re looking for a new doctor, experts say that you should be looking for one who is board-certified. Find out more about board-certification.


Get your medications delivered right to your door. Call us to find out more about our UROPharmacy, now available to UCNT patients. 214-580-2265


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As we finish out the week, we want to take a minute to thank all of our healthcare workers on the frontlines. Thanks for all you do! #PublicHealthWeek


Our team of urologists and medical staff are here when you need us. Book your virtual consultation today by calling 214-580-2266.


COVID-19: Do's & Don'ts

During these uncertain times, we all need to take precautions to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Here are a few do's and don'ts.


Our physicians and team are dedicated to providing the best care possible. Read more from our patients @ https://urologyclinics.com/urology-north-texas/testimonials/.


With 18 locations across Texas and 47 providers specializing in urology, we've got you covered. And now, we're offering virtual consultations! Call today to find out more. 214-580-2266

urologyclinics.com 04/03/2020

Stay home: Telemedicine option now available - Urology Clinics of North Texas

We're dedicated to keeping you healthy and safe. Explore our new virtual consultation option today. Call 214-580-2266 to learn more.

urologyclinics.com To ensure that our patients still have access to our doctors, we are implementing telemedicine; a virtual consultation option for current patients.


Virtual visits are here! Meet with your doctor without ever leaving the house. Call us today to schedule your appointment. 214-580-2266

foxnews.com 04/01/2020

Coronavirus pandemic impact: What is telemedicine and telehealth?

#Coronavirus pandemic impact: What is telemedicine and telehealth? Read more below & call us at 214-580-2266 to schedule your virtual visit.

foxnews.com Telemedicine has gained newfound relevance with the coronavirus outbreak. So what is it?


UCNT is now offering telemedicine services! #StayHome and meet with your doctor virtually. Call us at 214-580-2266 to schedule.


It's National Doctors Day! Join us in celebrating our local doctors who are working hard to keep us healthy and safe.

Advanced Technology. Expert Care.

Our team of board-certified urologists specialize in everything from prostate cancer and ED to enlarged prostate care, kidney problems and more.

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Provider Spotlight
Erectile Dysfunction
Book your virtual consultation today!
Testimonial Tuesday
Here For You!
Provider Spotlight: Dr. Chris Cefalu
COVID-19: Do's & Don'ts
Vasectomy 101
Vasectomy Video





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