ChiroSport Specialists of Dallas

ChiroSport Specialists of Dallas


JT training earlier this week with Kolby Tullier and testing today with Dr. Troy Van Biezen of ChiroSport Specialists of Dallas.

We believe the most effective programs not only ask an athlete to work hard, but incorporate regular testing to ensure they are working smart.

Dr. Troy Van Biezen’s caption isn’t just a testament to Justin’s hard work, but the power of a team approach:

“Have to give this guy Justin Thomas some cred. He crushed his TPI speed/ strength numbers and FMS score from the previous test. This is the best he has moved since we have been working together. He has put his time in the gym with @kolbywayne and it has paid off. Well done boys👊🏻👊🏻”
PGA Tour trainer and #GOLFFOREVER expert, ChiroSport Specialists of Dallas takes you through the same workout that he takes many of the players on Ryder Cup USA through before they tee off. These are three of the most important areas of movement for golf-specific fitness. More at #WarmupWednesday #RyderCup
Congratulations Jordan Spieth! The winner of the 2015 Masters is officially back in the winner's circle, with his recent Texas Open win. Jordan has been a patient of Parker University alumni Dr. Troy VanBiezen (founder of ChiroSport Specialists of Dallas) since he was 15 years old and is a big proponent of chiropractic care (as previously featured in the publication, Foundation for Chiropractic Progress).
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‼️NEW PODCAST‼️ Featuring ChiroSport Specialists of Dallas 👏🙌

Dr. Troy Van Biezen, a chiropractor and performance coach, comes on the Stay Healthy NJ Podcast to chat with Justin Rabinowitz about golf performance, working with the most elite players on the PGA tour, staying healthy, and more in the 53rd episode 🏌️‍♂️🎙

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Chiro to the PGA Pros, Dr. Troy VanBiezen and team of ChiroSport Specialists of Dallas, are the best! Move better, feel better, be better with CHIROPRACTIC! #pgatour #pga #chiropractic #drsobrien #performance
Dr. Troy Van Biezen/ChiroSport Specialists of Dallas is a chiropractor and performance coach who’s been working with elite pro athletes for 20+ years, especially the golfers on the PGA Tour. He's probably best known for his ongoing work with star players like Jordan Spieth, Rickie Fowler, Zach Johnson, and others.

“What excited me about red light was that it helps my guys recover better,” said Dr. Troy. He’s experienced the muscle recovery benefits himself, and seen his players come back faster from nagging injuries that affect their swing. After using a Joovv for a few months, Dr. Troy’s own total testosterone count jumped over 200 points, and his free count jumped from 19 to 34!!!

Listen in as Dr. Troy Van Biezen explains why he personally uses a Joovv and recommends it to his pro golfers. Dr. Troy also discusses why Joovv red light therapy has become a go-to modality on the PGA Tour. 🏌️‍♂️⛳️🔥 #joovv
Troy Van Biezen, DC, ART, BPE, NASM-PES, TPI-CGFI, of ChiroSport Specialists of Dallas on why he includes Multi Radiance Super Pulsed Laser Therapy in his treatment regimen for his elite athlete clientele ⬇
Michael Greller + Jordan Spieth gearing up for the
Charles Schwab Challenge with some cryo #PoweredByImpact at ChiroSport Specialists of Dallas!

Our great team of doctors includes:
Dr. Troy C. Van Biezen D.C., A.R.T. Dr. Chris B. Miller D.C., A.R.T. Dr. Grant M. Field D.C., A.R.T. Van Biezen D.C., B.P.E A.R.T.

Dr. Kyle Thompson D.C. A.R.T.

Operating as usual


Just in case you missed this article, click the link in the bio to read about Dr. Troy's latest endeavor; LivPur. A performance nutrition company.

Photos from ChiroSport Specialists of Dallas's post 03/01/2022

Body tempering reset with @jpav8 after a week road trip. This 125 lb roller can be used from head to toe with various techniques


Body tempering reset with @jpav8 after a week road trip. This 125 lb roller can be used from head to toe with various techniques


I’ve seen too many training injuries in my 25 years in clinical practice. 😖
Do you play a unilateral sport? Golf, tennis, baseball…Are you training unilaterally?

Looking for a low risk/high benefit exercise? Need more Core Strength? Need more speed? Losing Posture in your golf swing? Having Low Back issues? 👀👀

The 45 degree Anti-Rotation (Paloff Press) exercise is for you!!💪💪

This exercise will challenge your core unit: Obliques, Abs, Glutes, Spinal extensors in real life, all work in concert to brace your trunk.

Unilateral training is a must for muscle coordination, stability, balance, strength, improved posture, muscular endurance and injury prevention.

1) Take steps out for desired tension
2) Stay in Athletic posture 3) Make a 45 degree turn (this is the 🔑)
4) Hands close together
5) 8 presses followed by 8 second hold. 🥵🥵

You can see @palmerpga is being challenged significantly. The unilateral tension wants to pull him out of posture. Stay Strong 💪💪

Give this a try!!



This is a great warmup exercise that opens up T-spine mobility, hip mobility and glute activation!

What that means is this exercise helps to improve your ability to load and stabilize into your right and left hip, develops lower body strength, power and increases flexibility between upper and lower body.

Photos from ChiroSport Specialists of Dallas's post 02/22/2022

The broomstick is a form of body tempering created by Donnie Thompson. It’s a form a myofascial release used to improve soft tissue pliability and increase range of motion and can be used at a treatment pre or post activity. @kabukistrength @thompsonbowtie @travis_mcinroe


What a cool piece to add to the collection! @jpav8 @chrisbmiller


Big congrats to @wmphoenixopen champ @Scottie.Scheffler on his first PGA Tour win!! His recent work with @chirosportTVB using the GOLFFOREVER Swing Trainer is paying off! 👏💪


The swing trainer been our go-to this off season. A lot of hard work behind the scenes. 💪💪


180 IN 180 OUT JUMPS!!
Are you needing more rotational speed in your game? Are you trying to optimize your ground reactive forces (GRF)??

Most of the off season we have been working on increasing strength and power. We now are implementing the speed phase. 🏎

GOLFERS, PITCHERS, TENNIS, QB’s..This ones for you💯💯

Exercise: Dynamic Rotational Plyo Presses under an asymmetrical torque. The @golfforeverprogram swing trainer has been our go to this offseason💪💪

@scottie.scheffler is grinding out these exercises as a post workout finisher. This requires some pretty good athleticism. Need that balance, stability coordination and core strength..


Looking for some Rotational Power?? 💪

@palmerpga thanks for providing your time and valuable feedback!! Today’s video shoot was a great success.

The @golfforeverprogram swing trainer has been a valuable tool we integrated into Ryan’s training program. We have seen increased rotational power, improved mobility, increased core strength=Increased distance!!


Are you experiencing back pain and can’t play ur sport or do your workouts?? 😣

Do you sit at a desk all day, sitting in car commuting or on a air plane? ✈️

After 25 years in clinical practice and seeing 1,000’s of patients with back pain, I can honestly say 8-9/10 clients don’t have clinical back issues.

Say What? 😳

We typically find dysfunctions in body parts above the low back (mid back) and below the low back (hips). Both have lost their normal mobility or stability patterns or both.

Thus putting a lot of rotary stress on the low back which it is not designed to do. The low back is forced to work harder and finally fatigues out causing pain and increased muscle spasm.

“My back has locked up on me” sound familiar? 😉

“Cause and effect” 🤔

@scottie.scheffler is working on his mid back mobility (rotation), challenging his core strength while creating a load into his right hip (stability)..

As you restore these body parts to normal function the low back works less and the pain goes away 😊

Plus you can get back to your normal workouts and play better golf ⛳️💪💪

The @golfforeverprogram swing trainer will challenge you 🤓

This is an advance movement so if you are not ready and still in pain give us a call or go to our YouTube channel ChiroSportSpecialists of Dallas for a step by step low back rehab program.

Good Luck!! 🙌🏼

Photos from ChiroSport Specialists of Dallas's post 12/28/2021

New Years is just around the corner! Come visit us to see how our athletic performance coach can help you with your fitness or athletic goals for 2022!


Challenging @palmerpga and @scottie.scheffler lateral stability with @golfforeverprogram swing trainer. ⛳️

Do you sway or slide in your golf swing??🏌️

This exercise is a must in your off season workout💯💯
harder then it looks👀

Photos from ChiroSport Specialists of Dallas's post 12/17/2021

“Invest in your health. It pays the best interest”

There is no need to wait for the new year to start investing in your health. Come in to see how we can help you! @chirosportdfw #9722390010


@chirosporttvb with @make_repost
Post workout finisher was not well accepted but they sucked it up and got the job done!! 🔥🔥
@scottie.scheffler @palmerpga @sean_wilcox98


“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will”

@siwookim_official getting ready for @pgatour 2022.


Athlete: How many rounds?
Oz: All of them
Athlete: damn…
Oz: mentally prepare yourself


⏳Tick Tock
LivPur is making a big splash in performance nutrition 💦 Stay tuned for our biggest announcement yet! 👀🏆


@golfforever “swing trainer” has been a great addition to my training programs🔥🔥

The “swing trainer” provides a foundation for total body stability, improved mobility and increased core strength💪

This video shows @palmerpga performing a movement that encompasses all planes of motion of the golf swing..🏌️

Want to hit the ball past ur buddies? Here’s ur secret weapon. 😉


Hypertrophy Day💪💪

I Pushed @palmerpga hard today👊🏻😥

A 4 time winner and 19 year veteran on the @pgatour still wants to improve his game, get stronger, avoid injury and ultimately get that 5th “W”.
All this comes with the proper game plan, consistent hard work, focus and determination.

If you want strength gains put away the bands and push some weight. Today’s focus was 4 sets of 8-10 reps of compound lifts: squat/push/pull/hinge🏋️‍♀️ (see IG story)



Was yesterday’s exercise post too easy?? 😉

Here is the next hip exercise progression that challenges @palmerpga

He is now on an elevated unstable surface. This will challenge his core, balance and hip stability👀

The goal is to try to get the back foot to touch the floor while the cable pulls him into internal hip rotation.

This exercise is very demanding. Give er a shot. 💪



Today’s focus with @palmerpga was creating a constant load on the hips (Time under tension). This exercise looks simple but is a hip burner 🔥🔥

As weird as this sounds even @pgatour players have difficulty loading the hips consistently in their golf swings. We try to mimic this movement in a controlled environment to create this neural drive into the hips!

Ques…1) Slow controlled motion, no momentum
2) Drive heel into the ground with lead foot
3) Complete turn by getting shoulder under the chin
4)Stay low in posture. Ryan has a tendency to stand up which reduces the tension on the hip.
5) Once you complete the the turn into the hip make sure movement is initiated from the lead hip not the arm.

“Quality of movement not quantity is critical in this exercise”

Give this one a try!! 💪💪


What Is LivPur?

Thank you to everyone who has supported me in this venture. Please Share 🙏🏼


Warning! ⚠️

Geek Alert Post🤓

I have the privilege of working with Joe Nieuwendyk..One of my hockey heroes. 😊

Growing up in Calgary, Canada🇨🇦 I grew up watching this guy play hockey. He captained the @nhlflames to win the 1989 Stanley Cup. When I moved to Dallas he was an integral part in helping the @dallasstars win the 1999 Stanley Cup while winning the Conn Smythe Trophy (MVP of the playoffs). He won his 3rd Stanley Cup in 2003 with the NJ Devils.

He was inducted into the @nhl hall of fame in 2011 and named 100 greatest NHL players in history in 2017👊🏻

The best part of all this is Joe is an amazing person off the ice.

Crazy how things come full circle.

Sooory! Told ya this would be a geek post. 😂


Here’s some tips for making changes when heading into the winter and holiday season. Regardless of the reason for weight loss such as health problems, feeling better overall, lowering inflammation or improving sleep, the key is to make small changes that are sustainable. Write down your reasons, set obtainable goals, make a plan and set specific start and checkpoint dates. Credit to @thornehealth


We're hoping you'll *fall* in love with our Hydrate💧 sticks this month 🍁 Need a reason to finally try them out? Get 20% off this week until Friday, 11/5! Shop now at the link in our bio!


Work Hard Play Hard!!

We try to break up the monotony of the guys training with some competitive fun🤓

Post workout challenge: A 3 row match. 30 sec pedal to the metal 🚣

@scottie.scheffler (@utgolf) vs
@palmerpga (@aggiemensgolf)

Who wins?

Check out @chirosporttvb IG story to see who wins the title🏆

Let’s get ready to rummmmble💪💪

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