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Buckner Elam Medical


Oh, Just wanted to add - I don't mind if this doesn't make your page. That wasn't my purpose for writing the post. I want you or whoever reads it to know, I beat you to the punch and had already moved on. You're a good doctor, but there are plenty more just like you without all of the drama.
Hi Dr. Rana, I received your letter and I wanted to let you know that I've already found a new doctor because of the lack of professionalism at your office. Your front desk is rude - specifically Jeannie Rodriguez. I don't know how she earned Employee of any Month. The 2nd reason is because I asked for a referral during a follow-up appointment and was told that I'd have to schedule another appointment for that - even though I had documentation from the emergency room showing that I needed to see an Orthopedic Surgeon ASAP. I chose to get the referral instead of my BP medication - because I don't know....pain and can't walk. (FYI, I found out I need surgery, this issue was definitely urgent.) But, I digress, your policy is your policy and you can do whatever you want and so can I. That is why I chose that day to leave your services and asked for my medical records. So, yes, we are at least on the same page. The reasons stated in your letter are false, though. The patient in question heard your staff rudely tell me that I cannot be seen for both and the patient asked ME why can't the doctor address both issues on one appointment. What can I say, I told her the truth - Money, it always comes down to money. But that is okay, I wish you the best, anyway.
Where're the Christmas outfits. I wanted to vote.

Family Medicine Clinic. We see newborns to geriatrics. We do well checks for babies, adults and well women exams including paps. We see Diabetes, High blood pressure, High cholesterol.

asthma, allergies. Sick visits. We also do weight loss. .

Operating as usual

[08/02/21]   We Are looking for a friendly outgoing team player who can multitask to join our team . Someone who is also good at customer service . Front office will include but not limited to checking in patients , insurance verification , answering phones , scanning , faxing , medical records , scheduling patients . Will also be doing other tasks such as helping team mates when short staffed . Experience is a plus and going to school for medical administrative will help but not a requirement of you Have had experience in the medical field . We will only accept email or fax applications . [Email hidden]( note 3 c's ) or fax 214 398 0102 . Or through Facebook.
Include salary and a complete resume or we will not interview . No walks ins are accepted nor allowed due to Covid -19.

[06/04/21]   Thank you for everyone who has reached out to us we are doing fine . There was an unfortunate shooting at the Dart station and the victim drove to the front of our building . We were not aware until he was taken away. It is an active crime scene but we are operating as normal .

[04/27/21]   Moderna Vaccines JUST IN! Giving to 18 and up! Do not have to be an existing patient!

Call us at 214-398-0678 to schedule your appointment!

No Appointment Needed For COVID-19 Vaccine at Dallas' Ellis Davis Field House 04/07/2021

No Appointment Needed For COVID-19 Vaccine at Dallas' Ellis Davis Field House

Starting tomorrow , No appointment needed at Ellis Field house for COVID vaccine. See article below.

No Appointment Needed For COVID-19 Vaccine at Dallas' Ellis Davis Field House The drive-thru vaccination site at Ellis Davis Field House in Dallas will start vaccinating those without an appointment starting Wednesday, April 7, according to Parkland Hospital.

[03/16/21]   UPDATE FOR COVID VACCINATIONS: OUR OFFICE IS HOPEFULLY EXPETING Johnsen and Johnson soon. If you are patient in 1a, 1b and also age 50 or higher please call our office and put your self on our waiting list , or use your patient portal to email us.

Here's the latest information regarding vaccination information in Dallas.

The City of Dallas’ second vaccination hub, The Potter’s House, began operations Thursday, March 4 at 9 a.m. Individuals can register for the COVID-19 vaccine with Dallas County by registering online here or by calling 1-855-IMMUNE9 (855-466-8639). The hours are 7 a.m. – 7 p.m., 7 days a week.

The FEMA Community Vaccination Center (CVC) has opened at Fair Park to serve Dallas residents in the following ZIP codes: 75042, 75061, 75150, 75210, 75211, 75212, 75215, 75216, 75217, 75220, 75224, 75227 75228, 75231, 75237, 75241, 75243. For more information on Fair Park vaccine operations, please visit www.DallasCountyCovid.org

Residents must have an appointment to receive the vaccine.

You can also go to Vaccinefinder.org to find a vaccination site. CVS and Walgreens are starting to vaccinate.

Timeline Photos 02/24/2021

COVID-19 Testing from Mon-Fri by Appointment Only
PCR Lab testing
Same day rapid results

Call for more info 214-398-0678

COVID-19 Testing from Mon-Fri by Appointment Only
PCR Lab testing
Same day rapid results

Call for more info 214-398-0678

Timeline Photos 02/24/2021

Come and join us on your weight loss journey! 💪

Come and join us on your weight loss journey! 💪

Photos from Dallas County Judge Clay Lewis Jenkins's post 02/24/2021

Please see update for your zip code !

[02/15/21]   Good morning . We are closed due to weather today . If you have a telemedicine Appointment today we will have to reschedule. I am without power and WiFi at the moment .
I hope everyone stays safe and warm.

Dr Rana


Home - MyBSWHealth - Loading...

They just opened up appts for 1A and 1B. Act quickly before they fill up...set up your acccount then go to “Schedule”

Home - MyBSWHealth - Loading... MyBSWHealth enables users to manage all their healthcare needs in one place: schedule appointments, message your doctor, view lab results, pay bills, and more!

COVID-19 Vaccine Registration | Responding to COVID-19 | UT Southwestern Medical Center 02/03/2021

COVID-19 Vaccine Registration | Responding to COVID-19 | UT Southwestern Medical Center

UTSW has opened up to the public , registration has reached capacity for this week, but please check every Monday to sign up.

COVID-19 Vaccine Registration | Responding to COVID-19 | UT Southwestern Medical Center Register now for a COVID-19 vaccine at UT Southwestern if you meet the necessary eligibility requirements. Learn more by visiting our website.


The Concilio

Este fin de semana, Pleasant Oaks Recreation Center acogerá un sitio de registro de vacunación comunitaria. Si tienes un padre, abuelo, vecino o amigo que cumple con los requisitos para la vacuna COVID-19, sería un buen momento para ofrecer la ayuda para que se registren. Es posible que muchas personas que califican no tienen acceso a Internet o no sepan cómo registrarse a través del enlace. Etiqueta a un amigo en los comentarios para correr la voz para este evento de fin de semana.


This weekend Pleasant Oaks Recreation Center will host a community vaccination registration site. If you have a parent, grandparent, neighbor or friend that meet the requirements for the COVID-19 vaccine it would be great time to offer the help to get them registered. Many people who are qualified may not have access to internet or know how to register. Tag a friend in the comments to spread the word for this weekend event.

[01/27/21]   How do I register for a COVID-19 vaccination?

You can register online with Dallas County at DallasCountyCovid.org or register by phone by calling 469-749-9900 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday to be pre-screened and receive additional information on the COVID-19 vaccine.

Staff at Dallas Public Library locations are also available by phone to assist the public in registering for the Dallas County vaccine waiting list. Please call 214-670-1400 Tuesday through Saturday between 10:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. or visit http://dallaslibrary2.org/hours.php for additional Dallas Public Library location phone numbers.

Dallas Park and Recreation Department staff at five service centers will be available by phone beginning February 2, 2021, Tuesday through Thursday from noon to 7 p.m., to assist the public in registering for the Dallas County vaccine waiting list.

•Anita Martinez Recreation Center 214.670.7773
•Beckley-Saner Recreation Center 214.670.7595
•Campbell Green Recreation Center 214.670.6314
•Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center 214.670.8363
•Samuell Grand Recreation Center 214.670.1383

Community registration sites are also being planned to assist you in registering. As these sites are scheduled, information will be on all City of Dallas communication platforms and on DallasCityHall.com/COVID19.


If you have not registered, see below, can register at this site 1/31. There is also a hotline to register. IF you are already registered with Dallas county no need to register again.

utswmed.org 01/23/2021

COVID-19 Vaccination | Responding to COVID-19 | UT Southwestern Medical Center

Please see link to register for UTSW
If you are a existing patient there to to my chart and can schedule your vaccine , please follow directions . Everyone else please schedule with Dallas county , link is also on this page .

utswmed.org Vaccines approved to fight COVID-19 have proven to be safe and effective. As they become available to more people, UT Southwestern experts answer the most frequently asked questions about immunity, side effects, and how vaccines could eventually put an end to the pandemic.


MyChart - Choose a Signup Method

Here is a very quick way to get an appointment for COVID VACCINE, TIER 1b! Sign up and follow directions. Will get both appointments


mychart.pmh.org We need some information from you in order to grant you a MyChart account. Once submitted, it could take up to a week for processing and verification. Once approved, you will receive an email or a letter with your activation code and instructions on how to activate your MyChart account. If you have....

[01/14/21]   The City of Dallas has been informed by the Fair Park vaccination site command that tomorrow, 1/14, vaccinations are available for any person that is 75 or over, even if they do not have an appointment. GATE 5

dallascounty.org 01/08/2021

Coronavirus (COVID-19) | Vaccine

Please register here https://www.dallascounty.org/covid-19/covid-19-vaccination.php?fbclid=IwAR1xmsaodGt_dPbpGpPWq2lgY0n4sqzJolzOop9DCmYseUyaE5zzGwlhkQI to get a Covid Vaccine : Dallas County will be doing drive up clinics but by appointment only. 1b vaccination will be starting next week.
They will have sites at Fair Park , Eastfield and Ellis field house .


dallascounty.org Coronavirus (COVID-19) | Vaccine


Buckner Elam Medical

[12/09/20]   Telemedicine slots available with the option of drive-up COVID testing if needed.
We also have rapid COVID testing. Doing FLU/and Strep also from Drive up testing.

We are still doing Well visits on designated days . Please call to schedule your appointments before year end.
Please call us so we can triage your child’s current need.
Stay warm!

[10/30/20]   Ahora ofrecemos la prueba Rapid Covid -19. Llame al para obtener más detalles. También aceptamos nuevos pacientes.

[10/30/20]   COVID-19 rapid testing in less than 20 minutes for $145 selfpay with consult . Most insurances also accepted. Kids and adults.


Thanks to my wonderful staff for my Bosses day celebration!

[09/29/20]   We are now offering a 15 min Rapid Testing for COVID-19 with an office visit. Call to schedule an office visit , we are also accepting new patients.

Ahora ofrecemos la prueba Rapid Covid -19. Llame al para obtener más detalles. También aceptamos nuevos pacientes.


The Concilio

Here is a great information in Spanish about COVID . Please share.

Aprende más sobre COVID:
Conozca su riesgo y qué hacer si lo tiene.
Escuche y haga preguntas a nuestra invitada Dra. Bianka Soria-Olmos D.O.

¡Únete a nosotros! en la página The Concilio para nuestras sesiónes en Facebook a la hora y fecha programadas.


The Concilio

Tune in 6:30 CST as we discuss Corona virus and the risks in the Latino community.

Learn about COVID:
Know your risks and about resources in your community! Hear from Pediatrician
Dr. Bianka Soria-Olmos D.O.

Join us by logging onto Facebook at the scheduled time & date


Please join a Facebook live talk Tuesday and Thursday at 630pm on Coronavirus .
I will be participating on Tuesday with Dr. Soria-Olmos for the English talk . There will be a Spanish talk on Wednesday by 2 other physicians.

Please share with family members , friends , coworkers or anyone you think will benefit . Our goal is to educate, the Latino community .
We want to also offer education and we will have a question and answer session at the end.

I know the pleasant grove and surrounding area are hard hit . We continue to see rising cases, long term effects in patients as well as families, not to mention the loss of life suffered . We want everyone to be safe and healthy through this difficult time.
I hope everyone can listen in.

Dr Rana

[06/19/20]   Estamos viendo un número creciente de casos de COVID-19 en Dallas y particularmente en nuestros códigos postales que rodean la oficina y sus alrededores. Recuerde usar una máscarilla(tapabocas) en todo momento cuando esté afuera, desinfecte y lávese las manos. Manténgase alejado de grandes reuniones. Los casos de hospitalizacion también están en aumento. Estamos ofreciendo afuera de la intalacion pruebas en nuestra oficina para pacientes externos con una consulta de telemedicina. De bajo se encuentran sitios de prueba en Dallas también si no puede comunicarse con nosotros. Tenga paciencia si llaman, estamos abiertos para los negocios y también estamos atendiendo pacientes regulares. También estamos haciendo telemedicina para todas topo de citas si lo desea. Sea seguro y cuidadoso.


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We are seeing a rising numbers of COVID-19 cases in dallas and particularly in our zipcodes surrounding in and around the office. Please remember to wear a mask at all times when out, hand sanitize and wash hands. Stay away from large gatherings. Hospital cases are also on the rise. We are offering drive by testing in our office for out patients with a telemedicine consult. Below are testing sites in dallas also if you cannot get through to us. Please be patient if you are calling , we are open for business but also seeing regular patients. We are also doing telemedicine for all appointments if desired. Be safe and cautious.




Today 12pm CST we will be taking a 9 minute moment of silence for racial injustice in our country. If you are a patient and would like to come join us you are more than welcome. Mask is required. I honor my oath and stand against systemic racism in health care, this is a public health issue and I stand for all black lives.


Buckner Elam Medical's cover photo

[03/31/20]   TELEMEDICINA Citas de atención Médicas a distancia “TELESALUD”

La clínica de la Dr. Rana está ofreciendo consultas cibernéticas, se puede establecer su cita médica de manera virtual a través de tecnología de video y llamada en tiempo real sin tener que salir de su hogar o tener su consulta en nuestra clínica.

Algunas condiciones médicas no se aceptan consulta por distancia y requieren que se examine en el consultorio.

Aceptamos varios seguros de salud medico incluyendo Medicaid solo para niños.

Para más información o para programar su consulta de Telesalud a distancia llámenos al 214-398-0678.

[03/20/20]   Hi Everyone, I hope you are being safe and social distancing. We are in dire need of N95 maks. If you have some or can donate some to us and I can also pass some forward to my colleagues I would appreciate it.




8202 Elam Rd.
Dallas, TX

Opening Hours

Monday 8am - 5pm
Tuesday 8am - 5pm
Wednesday 8am - 5pm
Thursday 8am - 5pm
Friday 8am - 5pm
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