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A therapeutic and educational consultant works with families to help find appropriate outpatient and residential programs for adolescents and young adults.

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Excited to have Viewpoint Center join this Friday! We have a view spots available if interested. www.360to180.eventbrite.com


Excited to have Dr Brett Dowdy from Lindner Center of HOPE for our next CEU event on December 10! If you have any interest in learning more about RO DBT register now: www.360to180.eventbrite.com — we are intentionally keeping these events small!


Excited to have Visions Adolescent Treatment Center join us on November 12th for our next CEU event. Creating an Affirming Environment for Trans Youth. 3 different locations, 3 different times. Limited availability so please RSVP as soon as possible: http://360to180.eventbrite.com/


Hosting a small in person CEU event please register at link below!



360 to 180 is excited to announce its newest consultant, Kylie Hughitt. Kylie left the corporate world 10 years ago to work with families and clients to truly do something meaningful and impact change. Tazim Salehani says “I am so excited to have Kylie join the team as we continue to help clients and family with long term success. It takes a certain type of stamina and person to work with high risk clients and Kylie truly exemplifies the qualities needed to be able to help families achieve long term success. Every day we receive calls of children and adults with suicidal ideation and other long term mental health and behavioral health issues. We have to remind ourselves that this is more than a career, it is more than just a job. We have a lot of pressure and hold a lot of weight on our shoulders and it takes someone with patience, dedication, and love to really hold those difficult lines with the clients and family we work with. Kylie is a true asset to not only this company but to anyone that she works with. As a part of of our long term growth and strategy we have opened up two more offices after Dallas, one in Addison and the other in Southlake. In addition, the goal of 360 to 180 is to make sure that all the partners continue to make self care a priority. Being present for our family and children, in combination with whatever keeps our mind healthy, will be a crucial part to our long term success. Tazim says “I look forward to the continued expansion of 360 to 180 and congratulate Kylie in taking such a huge step in trusting me and the future of this company.”

360 to 180 are Therapeutic & Educational Consultants working with families that are in need of residential placement and case management services. We are the emergency department for mental health and help families coordinate treatment and care with hopes of long term success. For more information please visit www.360to180.com

Kylie can be reached at 817 631 0469


Journaling is one the best therapeutic practices. Try it.


You are the important person in your life. Remember that.


What is ? A type of that helps change the way we perceive situations. can be changed.

wfaa.com 12/06/2019

Scientists discover how gene mutation causes autism and intellectual disability

wfaa.com The study identified a gene that, when mutated, prevents the brain from developing synapses between neurons critical for learning.

washingtonpost.com 11/14/2019

A few simple questions could help doctors stem the suicide epidemic

washingtonpost.com But ERs say they lack the resources to screen patients for suicidal thoughts.

cnn.com 11/05/2019

MRIs show screen time linked to lower brain development in preschoolers

cnn.com A new study found the brains of 3- to 5-year-old children who overused screens were not as developed in areas needed for language, writing and cognitive skills.

voyagedallas.com 10/01/2019

Meet Tazim Salehani - Voyage Dallas Magazine | Dallas City Guide

So honored to be recognized by Voyage Dallas!

voyagedallas.com Today we’d like to introduce you to Tazim Salehani. Tazim, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today? Ever since I knew and understand the concept of choosing a career I wanted to be a doctor. I wanted to help people and use my passion and skill to […]

onlineenewz.today 09/27/2019

Bookstore employee writes this on Facebook after “little old lady” shocks everyone at the register

onlineenewz.today A bookstore worker recently wrote this Facebook post describing an encounter with a “little old lady” who shocked everyone at the register. The post has si


Grit and Bear It

Kids with high levels of emotional intelligence communicate more clearly, take turns and share, focus on resolving problems, and understand other kids’ feelings.

dallasnews.com 09/13/2019

The largest mental-health facility in Texas shouldn't be a jail

The largest mental-health facility in Texas shouldn't be a jail

"Sadly, when measured in terms of inmates who suffer from mental illness, the Dallas County Jail is the second-largest mental-health institution in the state — after the Harris County Jail in Houston. That is why local law-enforcement officials consistently identify the need for better services for the mentally ill as among their highest priorities"

dallasnews.com Facing a $600,000 fine and likely closure by the state for a history of safety violations, Timberlawn, one of the oldest psychiatric hospitals in...

nbcnews.com 09/11/2019

'Nobody is immune': Suicides of two mental health advocates serve as a grim reminder

nbcnews.com This week, the deaths of pastor Jarrid Wilson and Gregory Eells, head of mental health services at UPenn, highlighted an alarming reality for those in mental health.

nytimes.com 09/07/2019

Cases of Vaping-Related Lung Illness Surge, Health Officials Say

Indiana announced a third death linked to the illness on Friday, Minnesota a fourth and California a fifth. State and federal health officials are working urgently to understand the causes.

nytimes.com Indiana announced a third death linked to the illness on Friday, Minnesota a fourth and California a fifth. State and federal health officials are working urgently to understand the causes.


New study links phone use and mental health issues in teens

A new study in the journal Child Development shows nighttime usage of a cell phone can increase anxiety and depression in teenagers and reduce self-esteem. This is the first study that shows a direct link between screen time and mental health. Psychologist and CBS News contributor Lisa Damour joins....

childandfamilyblog.com 04/02/2019

How is empathy developed? The role of the support of a mother or father

childandfamilyblog.com How empathy is developed in toddlers is important for later social development in children – greater empathy in toddlerhood is linked to later popularity, friendship quality and social competence.

yourmodernfamily.com 03/31/2019

Our son's Sleep Disorder was disguised as a behavior problem

"70% of children diagnosed with ADHD had been misdiagnosed when they actually had a treatable sleep disorder."

"Our own son’s sleep disorder was being disguised as ADHD (or even called a "behavior problem.") before we found out that he had Central Sleep Apnea.

Here's how we found out."

yourmodernfamily.com "I just don't know what to do anymore," I told my husband over the phone. .. He is just not himself anymore - he is getting upset about little things, he is grumpy all the

nbcnews.com 03/08/2019

Addiction now defined as brain disorder, not behavior issue

nbcnews.com Addiction is a chronic brain disorder and not simply a behavior problem involving alcohol, drugs, gambling or sex, experts contend in a new definition of addiction, one that is not solely related to problematic substance abuse.

usatoday.com 03/07/2019

U.S. deaths from alcohol, drugs and suicide hit highest level since record-keeping began

usatoday.com Deaths from alcohol, drugs and suicide in 2017 hit the highest level since federal data collection started in 1999.

apple.news 03/02/2019

Why Is Teen Suicide Up? — Mother Jones

Why is teen suicide up?

apple.news Over on Twitter, I was in a conversation that mentioned the notion that Facebook (or social media in general) has contributed to a rise in teen suicide. This got me curious about what the teen suicide rate really is. Here are the numbers from the CDC: For both boys and girls, the teen suicide rate.....

abc13.com 02/28/2019

WARNING: Internet challenge encouraging suicide resurfacing

abc13.com Police around the world are warning parents of a disturbing, violent internet challenge that could be encouraging children to take their own life.


Frisco Independent School District

This is amazing

Frisco ISD is officially the first public school district in the nation to become an International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council (IMSLEC) accredited dyslexia therapist training center. This accreditation will give the District the unique opportunity to more fully support the needs of students throughout the community. Learn more: http://ow.ly/AwUn30nPvtR


As parents we can be very hard on ourselves. This is a friendly reminder to pat yourself on the back!

yourmodernfamily.com 02/03/2019

"Mom, look at my eyes." When we realize that we aren't truly stopping what we are doing to listen to them

"...I watched an episode on Oprah once, where Maya Angelou told Oprah that one time her son brought her a picture that he had made and when he showed it to her, she didn’t give him her full attention and just said something like “its nice”.

He then took the picture, ripped it up and threw it away. When she asked him why, he said that it was because she didn’t like it. She vowed then & there to pay attention to everything that he showed her."

Read more: http://www.yourmodernfamily.com/mom-look-at-my-eyes/

yourmodernfamily.com and why it is so important.


Inventions Insider

How beautiful is this

It's like "The Jungle Book" in real life.

npr.org 01/11/2019

The Perils Of Pushing Kids Too Hard, And How Parents Can Learn To Back Off

npr.org Part of a parent's job is to help kids do their best, but pushing too hard can backfire. Research shows kids in high-achieving communities are at higher risk of anxiety, depression and substance use.


360 to 180's cover photo


360 to 180

360to180.com 01/07/2019

360 to 180 - the only therapeutic consultants to integrate neurofeedback

I am so excited to announce my new associate, Laine DiStefano Lmft. As an LMFT she brings a wealth of experience to the consulting firm as we create wrap around services for our families. Laine will work alongside with me as we do case management for our families that have a need for residential and outpatient care. However in order to help one person you must help THE FAMILY. We work with families all over the country identifying root causes and creating a treatment plan that will work best for families. We integrate neurofeedback to emotionally regulate the family systems and try different treatment modalities knowing that “one size does not fit all”. Check us out www.360to180.com

360to180.com 360 to 180 are therapeutic educational consultants with neurofeedback integration. We have over 10 years of experience in adolescent care and treatment.




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