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Helping break stuck patterns. CBT & Exposure Therapy Specialist in OCD/Anxiety. My social media ac

I’m passionate about working with clients who are willing to work hard on areas of life that just aren’t working. Specialized in OCD and Anxiety, through CBT and Exposure Therapy, I have years of focused training, education, experience, and positive outcomes in these deeply demanding domains. I am uniquely equipped to dig into solutions when there is great confusion about what to do. A strong fra

Operating as usual


The role of community in Treatment! Join me and have a listen to the new podcast! https://bit.ly/3YMWVG6


Feeling anxious about....well, not feeling anxious is actually normal. But you don't have to stay that way.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Y'all. And friendly reminder: OCD is a debilitating mental illness, not a punching bag for jokes. Honor others who suffer with this by not misusing the term. Thank you!


Confused about the benefit of doing ERP for OCD? Take a deep dive with me- and I hope it allays some fears many have about treatment.


Feelings are beneficial to give us some information. That's all. Don't let them direct your life.


Here's to the support behind the scenes. Today marks my wife Emily and my 9th "Engage-a-versary" that we congratulate each other on each year. Sure, marriage anniversaries are significant, but for both of us who have suffered from anxiety, and at times fears of commitment, committing ourselves to marriage was a big deal.

If you follow me, you may have noticed I'm not one to post much about family and general life on here, because that's not what this account is about. However, I want to call to your attention that anything we see typically involves EXTENSIVE supports behind the scenes. I do most of what I do because of many unseen factors at any given point.

Who do you have behind the scenes who supports you? Is there anyone you'd like to try to lean on more? Thanks, Emily, for 9 years (8 years of marriage). I love you.


Respect people who suffer- don't use "OCD" to describe your love of cleaning, neatness, or order.


Faith beliefs, religion, and spirituality can be honored in therapy. Simple as that. https://bit.ly/3iw7koZ


We all have feelings and thoughts from time to time that are bothersome. Yet, disorders that involve intrusive thoughts are tiring! You can learn to defuse from these thoughts & feelings and learn how to still stay on course for what matters thoughts thoughts


What are Protestant Christians looking for in OCD Treatment? Check out the full article I wrote for the IOCDF to find out.


NOT "e##"


Clients rightly wish to have their values and beliefs respected, and clinicians can sometimes be overly afraid to brooch the topic of faith, religion, and spirituality in therapy. However, if it's important for the client, it's important to be able to address. Here's a getting started guide.


Don't get distracted by noise.


Classic blunder.



Exposure is AMAZING- I implement its tools regularly. Rewarding- but rarely easy.


Ever get that 'look in the eyes' when you're trying to both compulse AND focus. Yep, I get it.


Get excited....you know I am. This conversation will focus on the way religious scrupulosity presents in relationship and offer support, education, and important resources!


An "equal opportunity" disorder.






TODAY!!! watch this incredible short film—for free!!



Guess what????? My favorite month of the year AND coming soon!!!!


for those who suffer to let them know there is and for . While sad to miss a bigger walk, today we made sure to rep in the meantime and support and in spirit today.

In memory of Nathaniel Asselin.


OCD plays off of what's important to you. It will find the 1 in 1 Million, or Billion, or Trillion. If there is uncertainty, OCD can show up. But so can recovery.


Getting serious about recovery often entails addressing more than just individual dynamics. https://bit.ly/3SfoGTE


OCD can feel like it is the bane of existence....but it doesn't have to be!


"Sneaky hobbitses" = sneaky compulsions, like reassurance. You might feel better for a moment, but reassurance REINFORCES suffering by reinforcing the cycle of anxiety/fear.


Another famous lyric goes, "You can't hurry love, no, you just have to wait...." Are you having a difficult time waiting? Rushing? Read my blog https://bit.ly/3ATzAr9


Friendly reminder: you can feel anxious without suppressing it.


Obsessions sound unique. They seem real. They FEEL real. Learning to treat them for what they are- just a thought or a feeling- is, well, the "treat"-ment.


I am pretty protective over people who get pushed around, and those who suffer with and can be prone to listen to the louder voice promising snake oil. Life involves massive uncertainty. Watch out for the person who doesn't fit reality.



Many people who feel confused end up in therapy for various reasons. Therapy is a great place to look for answers. It just doesn’t possess a unified framework to inform every thought and action- as a worldview does. In the U.S., almost 10% of the population utilizes therapy/counseling services (estimate from 2019, according to the CDC). Beyond the treatment of a singular problem, clinicians often get asked some pretty big questions. We are equipped to help with many of them, but some we are not. Knowing our limits is important in all of life, especially here!



Anyone with this experience with OCD?


Medications for OCD! Much thanks to International OCD Foundation for providing the core information behind this post!



Let's talk about . “Changing a habit is never difficult. Difficult is to address your unwillingness to do it”― Vineet Raj Kapoor I don't assume that just because someone shows up in my office it means they are ready to o the work of therapy. We must start with assessing readiness and willingness

Many times, getting stuck can come down to some lack of willingness. But there's good news! It doesn't mean you're a terrible person! It isn't necessarily your fault. If you identify it, though, and begin to address the barrier, you may just find something that's keeping you stuck.

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