Skin Cancer Consultants

Skin Cancer Consultants


Do anyone know where there is a place offering free skin cancer screening might be please?
Female Fighters in the DFW area! Join us for our first Cancer StrongHER fitness boxing class on Wednesday, May 23 from 12-1 p.m. Located at The Hook, 2140 Hall Johnson Rd, Grapevine, TX, 76051. It is free for all female survivors of any type of cancer and for all fitness levels. Come "Find Your Fight!"
Who here can Guide me on this ? My 11 year old has this spot on her arm left side was light green and tiny now is bigger darker and bumpy 😞 what should i do is it to small to worry abput it ?

Our mission is to serve others by promoting skin health through prevention, intervention, and rejuvenation Dr. Thornwell Parker holds unique expertise as one of only several doctors in the world dual trained as a Mohs Surgeon and Plastic Surgeon.

This combination of expertise allows him to prioritize cosmetic outcome while also achieving the highest cure rates for skin cancer removal. Dr. Parker utilizes Mohs Surgery to treat both small and large skin cancers, in any body location. He is particularly skilled in reconstruction of the face and its prominent features such as the nose, ears, lips, and eyelids. Dr. Parker is a native of the Dal

Operating as usual 09/12/2017

Researchers discover why redheads are more prone to melanoma Red-haired people are known for pale skin, freckles, poor tanning ability and unfortunately, an increased risk for developing skin cancer. Research has shown that they have variants in Melanocortin 1 Receptor (MC1R), a protein crucial for pigmentation in humans, but how this translates to increased… 01/01/2016

Skin Cancer Treatment Dallas Texas | Reconstructive Surgery | Dr. Thornwell H. Parker III, MD, PA

Happy New Year from Skin Cancer Consultants! If we can help your skin be healthy in 2016, please let us know. Skin Cancer Treatment & Reconstructive Surgery by Dr. Thornwell H. Parker III, MD, PA 11/26/2015

Skin Cancer Treatment Dallas Texas | Reconstructive Surgery | Dr. Thornwell H. Parker III, MD, PA

On behalf of Skin Cancer Consultants, happy Thanksgiving! Wishing our team, clients & friends a safe, relaxing day! Skin Cancer Treatment & Reconstructive Surgery by Dr. Thornwell H. Parker III, MD, PA 10/15/2015

Wear Sunscreen, Even in Winter - Skin Cancer Consultants

It's important to use #sunscreen all year long, not just in summer months, if you want to help prevent #skincancer. Read more in our latest post below. Don't retire the sunscreen with the summer sun. Instead, keep it a vital part of your daily routine with these suggestions, and help prevent skin cancer. 10/08/2015

Skin Cancer on the Rise in Young Women - Skin Cancer Consultants

#Melanoma is on the rise in younger women. Learn what you can do to help prevent #skincancer in our latest post below. Since 1970, there has been an eightfold increase in melanoma among women under 40. Women and men need to take precautions to avoid skin cancer. Learn how.


Wishing all a safe, happy & relaxing Labor Day from Skin Cancer Consultants! 08/27/2015

Sunscreen is Still Important in Fall and Winter - Skin Cancer Consultants

Fall is on its way, but that doesn't mean it's time to retire the #sunscreen! The sun is with us all seasons of the year, and your #sunblock should be, too. Read why: The sun is with us all seasons of the year, so don't reserve sunscreen for summer months only. Protect your skin from damaging rays in fall and winter, too. 08/20/2015

Teach Your Kids about Best Practices for Sun Care - Skin Cancer Consultants

Instill the importance of #sunscreen in your #children early in order to help them prevent #skin cancer and maintain their youthful appearance.

Read more in our latest post: Kids should be taught early about the importance of wearing sunscreen. Its use is vital to preventing skin cancer and maintaining a youthful appearance. 07/30/2015

What to Expect at a Skin Cancer Screening - Skin Cancer Consultants

Not sure what to expect at your first #skincancer screening. Find out in our latest post: With skin cancer the leading type of cancer for U.S. residents, plan for an annual skin cancer screening and let a professional physician examine your skin. 07/16/2015

Choosing the Best Sunscreen - Skin Cancer Consultants

On the search for the best #sunscreen? Read our latest post for tips on how to find one and help protect yourself against #skincancer: Protect your skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays with our criteria for choosing the best sunscreen and learn how it works to safeguard against skin cancer. 06/30/2015

The Signs and Symptoms of Melanoma Melanoma has a high cure rate when it is treated, but it can spread and be deadly if you do not recognize the signs early and go to a doctor for help... 06/09/2015

What Causes Melanoma? | Skin Cancer Consultants | Dallas Texas Melanoma is one of the fastest growing types of cancer throughout the world. Young women under the age of 30 are especially vulnerable to developing... 06/09/2015

Is Your Vacation Increasing Your Risk for Skin Cancer? - Skin Cancer Consultants How’s this for unfortunate news? Researchers believe that the reason adults aged 65 and older are 7 times likelier to develop skin cancer now than they were 40 years ago is because of the popularity of cheap vacation packages. 06/09/2015

The Benefits of the CoolSculpting Procedure - Skin Cancer Consultants Sometimes, stubborn body fat just won’t go away no matter how often you exercise or how well you eat. This is especially true as we get older and our metabolism slows down. Fortunately, you don’t have to live with unwanted body fat. 06/09/2015

The Benefits of Juvederm Voluma - Skin Cancer Consultants The face is one of the first areas on our body to show signs of aging. Wrinkles, fine lines, sunken cheeks…these are just a few of the things that can make you look older. 06/09/2015

The Right Motivation Matters When Getting Plastic Surgery - Skin Cancer Consultants Every year, millions of plastic surgery procedures are performed across the country. These procedures range from minimally-invasive to surgical, and include everything from breast enhancement to facelifts and countless others in between. 05/04/2015

How to Prevent Frostbite and Protect Your Skin This Winter - Skin Cancer Consultants As the temperatures continue to plummet, it’s important to take a moment to discuss protecting your skin from the cold. 05/04/2015

No More Tanning in the New Year - Skin Cancer Consultants As we celebrate the New Year, it’s the time when many people set goals for themselves for the year to come. For most people, New Year’s resolutions include things like losing weight or saving more money. While those are certainly worthwhile resolutions, The Skin Cancer Foundation is encouraging peop… 01/09/2015

The Benefits of Dermaplane Skin Refinishing - Skin Cancer Consultants If you want smoother, healthier facial skin, dermaplaning treatment may be able to help you achieve your cosmetic goals. Dermaplaning is a non-invasive treatment used to precisely scrape and exfoliate the skin on the face to help remove so-called “peach fuzz” that traps dirt and oil while also smoot… 01/09/2015

Why You Need to Wear Sunscreen during the Winter - Skin Cancer Consultants You probably don’t think about applying sunscreen when it’s snowing outside and you’re wearing 3 layers of sweaters just trying to keep warm, but the truth is that it’s just as important to wear sunscreen during the winter as in summer. 01/09/2015

New Study Shows Itchy or Painful Skin Lesions could Indicate Skin Cancer - Skin Cancer Consultants A new study from the Department of Dermatology at Temple University School of Medicine has found that skin lesions which itch or cause pain could be indicators of skin cancer. According to Temple’s Dr. Gil Yosipovitch skin lesions that are “painful should raise high concerns for non-melanoma skin ca… 01/09/2015

The Importance of Self-Exams for Skin Cancer - Skin Cancer Consultants With more than 2 million Americans diagnosed annually, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. As with other forms of cancer, early detection is helpful in treating and curing skin cancer most effectively. 08/25/2014

5 Early Warning Signs of Skin Cancer - Skin Cancer Consultants Skin Cancer is the most common of all cancers. In fact, about half of all cancers in the United States are skin cancers. That’s more than 3.5 million cases 08/04/2014

What Type of Laser Hair Removal in Dallas Should You Opt for.pdf Facial hair is not the only problem that women all over the world face. Most young girls will also agree that body hair is also an issue that they want desperately to get rid of. 08/04/2014

Top Qualities of the Best Dermatologist in Dallas Most people don’t realize the importance of a good and reliable dermatologist. You will find a number of people who think that they can solve their own skin problems by applying different creams or... 07/25/2014

Frequently Asked Questions about Rhinoplasty - Skin Cancer Consultants Rhinoplasty is the medical term that is used to describe a “nose job.” The procedure involves a doctor changing the shape of your nose. Rhinoplasty may be performed for cosmetic reasons if you do not like the way that your … Continue reading →


Happy Fourth of July! 06/12/2014

All about Chemical Peels Chemical peel is a controlled destruction of the uppermost layers of the skin so that the blemishes and the dead cells could be removed. The result is the emergence of a new layer of skin that is...


All About Laser Hair Removal Laser hair removal is one of the most popular ways of hair depletion. However, many people are still unclear about the processes. This is why there is a lack of awareness about the advantages and pitfalls of the process. The first thing to understand about the process is that a real laser source is…


Dermal Fillers Vs. Facelifts Wrinkles are the first and often the most visible signs of advancing years. Combined with sagging folds of the skin, wrinkles signal that the skin has lost its youthfulness and is now on the decline. 04/29/2014

How to Choose a Dermatologist in Dallas Skin is the largest organ in our body. It covers the entire surface of our bodies. Given this fact, it comes as no surprise that the skin is constantly exposed to a wide array of disease causing agents. Dust and germs continuously attack the skin and the result is a wide array of problems ranging…


Skin Cancer Prevention Tip – Early Treatment | Skin Cancer Consultants Some skin cancers can be prevented when treated in the early, precancerous stages. Actinic Keratosis (AK) is the most common form of precancer of the skin and is caused by sun damage. When treated early it can keep the tissue from entering the cancer stage.


Skin Cancer Prevention Tip – Know the High Risk Factors | Skin Cancer Consultants Skin cancer is the most common cancer to get but the chances of getting skin cancer are not the same for everyone. Some people have a higher risk of getting skin cancer than others. Some factors are controllable such as avoiding tanning beds and limiting exposure to the sun, but other factors (hered...


Skin Cancer Prevention Tip – Use Sun Protection | Skin Cancer Consultants Skin cancer awareness and prevention education is important not only for healthy skin but for good looking skin. Protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays is probably the most commonly talked about skin cancer prevention advice. Limiting your skin’s exposure to the sun helps reduce your ch...




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