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Some people (family, partners, workmates, friends) have no intention of treating us with respect…even when we try to get them to change. 🚩

After awhile, the dishonoring behavior begins to wear us down.

I mean, what’s the point of trying to stop it?

After all, every attempt we’ve made to ask for change has just caused more conflict.


We begin to feel like *we* are the ones starting s**t when we try to address it.

(After all, that’s what they tell us).

So we begin to passively accept dishonor.

We feel like we have no other choice.

(After all, that’s what they tell us, too).

Oh, my friend.

There is another way.



PS. Some people do not want to treat you well. But…they depend on your lack of boundaries in order to keep doing it.

Hear me out. It’s NOT your fault that you are being treated poorly. That’s 100% on them. But, the thing is, they likely won’t change unless they decide to get the help that they need (and stick with it).

But guess who CAN change?


Because there is a different way. And you don’t have to accept dishonor as your lot in life.

To learn more about becoming boundaried, visit 🦋

PPS. Some abusive relationships can become highly unsafe when the abused person begins becoming empowered and/or considers leaving the relationship. If you think you might be at risk of harm, please trust your gut and consult with a domestic violence professional for individualized advice before making any changes in your relationship. Safety comes first. See my pinned caveat post for more (at the top of this page), including possible 24/7 resource options! You matter. 💞


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Remember the way other people treat you is a statement about them, not you.

You are the only one who can decide what you will allow to be a part of your life.❤️

(Sometimes the disrespect is all the closure you need.-source unknown)

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An important reminder if you’re going to be around someone who pushes your buttons this week👆

Remember what others say and do does not define you in any way, it is a perception of what they see and feel.

So don't take on their personal energy as if it's you, because it is not.

Speak up in a strong kind way if it feels like the right thing to do, or most often we simply walk away and wish them well from afar.

People who say really hurtful things are not worth your time and energy in the moment.❤️‍🩹

(When someone spews something really hurtful, don’t pick it up and hold it and rub it into your heart and snuggle with it and carry it around for a long time. Don’t even put energy into kicking it to the curb. You gotta see it and step OVER it or go AROUND it and keep on going.-Brené Brown)


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When we don’t know where the boundary lines are, we may prolong a bad relationship faaaar beyond what is needed.


It’s not that relationships can’t have problems. They do. And many problems can be worked through.

But sometimes someone’s individual choices continue to move them in a direction heading OPPOSITE our needs.


You get to have those.

In fact, it’s a mark of HEALTH to have core relational needs — such as relational safety, emotional wellness, and loving connection.

You are NOT wishing for too much when you dream of relational safety (whether that’s with a lover, family member, friendship, etc).

An environment of emotional health and honoring connection within a relationship is beautiful, even necessary.

You are NOT being needy (or asking for too much) when you want such basic foundational things.

After all, that’s what forms the building blocks of healthy connection.

And you know what?

Without those foundational basics in place, we will usually find that a relationship COSTS far more than it gives.


No matter how much we pour into it trying to solve the problems…


That’s not an easy thing to admit for some of us, especially when we’re usually so good at fixing things.

But some things aren’t ours to fix.

We can’t make another person become healthy enough for a loving relationship.

Not if they don’t want that (or aren’t yet able to, even if they wish they could).

We have to respect the reality of where they are at…and make our decisions accordingly.

That’s a boundary.

Boundaries help us find our way back to our center.

And sometimes that means saying goodbye to what isn’t working.



PS. My approach to boundaries is inside-out. Why? Because I believe that our boundaries are organic, natural, and innate.

In my opinion, our problem isn’t a lack of boundaries. Our problem is that we just haven’t known where to find them.

That’s why I designed my 8-week online boundaries intensive for women. Because I believe we can discover where our boundaries are and learn how to walk in them.


If you’d like to learn more about my approach and/or see if you might be a fit, the free intro class (with cartoons, of course!) is a wonderful spot to start. 🥰

Watch it right here:

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Rather than hemming us in, boundaries set us free. Because some things aren’t our job (and weren’t ever supposed to be).

Do some people probably need to make serious changes in order to live a more satisfying and meaningful life?


Sometimes our loved ones struggle with issues that are undeniably destructive (to relationships, physical health, emotional wellness)…

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that making (any!) needed changes would be beneficial.

And yet.

Who’s job is it to decide to pursue and make those changes?

Not yours.

And it won’t ever be yours.

That’s a boundary.

We can only be responsible for things we have power over.

And you don’t have the power to make them change.

You don’t.

Which means it’s not your responsibility.

The best you can be is a helpful sidekick (if/when they choose to change).

And respect their right to choose how they want to live.

And (if you love them), love them.

Which may need to be at a distance, if their behavior is hurtful or harmful.

That’s a boundary, too.

They’ll decide they want to pursue change when they are ready, if they are ever ready.

That’s their business.

Your business is you.

And your work, my friend, is learning how to release yourself from carrying what isn’t yours to carry.

After all, you’ve got a life to live.



PS. If you relate to these words, you might benefit from doing some focused boundaries work.

My 8-week online boundaries intensive for women is designed to dive deep, empowering compassionate hearts with loving boundaries (that come from the inside out).

To learn more, check out the free intro class via the link in my bio or visiting:
Http:// 🦋

PPS. Just in case it needs said, this post is referring to adults with the capacity to change (who are not in an emergency/immediate threat of life-or-death, etc). See the pinned caveat post for more on this. 💞


Sometimes both …

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⚠️ Harsh Truth ⚠️

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