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Beauty of amazing midwifery sisterhood!
Thank you, Barefoot Midwifery for always being great!

Cheryl West Gaspard, CPM, LM
It’s a Boy! 💙

Happy Birthday sweet Timothy. Your parents surprised us! The two quiet, sweet shy parents were fully and intensely present the entire labor. And it stole our hearts!! 💙

Your dad loves your mom so so so sweetly. And she trusts and interacts with him in the kindest way. You are quite fortunate to have such sweet folks. And your grandmother! Best of the best. 💙

Your birth was sweet. Sentimental. And just lovely.
Welcome to the world sweet Timothy. 💙

Birth Team:
Midwife : Margie Wallis
Students: Kourtney McGowan & Gail Wooster
Assistant: Cori Lively, Barefoot Midwifery

Happy birthday sweet Jaesha. 💗

Your mom birthed like a boss!! She just knew what she wanted. She focused. And got it done! Homebirth while your older sister slept (snoring) through the whole beautiful birth. ✨

Barefoot Midwifery

Thank you Barefoot Midwifery for sharing this! ✨

“Did you know breech doesn’t automatically mean a cesarean section birth? ✨

Breech birth skills are important! Because some babies, including some of our Barefoot babies, like to back into this world. 🥰

Breech Without Borders travels around the US and other countries teaching vaginal breech birth skills.

My midwife friends & I originally took their breech training a couple years ago & yesterday we took their Breech Refresh class & hands-on simulation training. 🤰🏽👶🏼

Thank you to all the providers who still offer Vaginal Breech Birth & those who teach these important skills.”

Midwife is from the root words translating to “with women”. The women who live this rewarding and exceptionally challenging career are fierce defenders of the rights and experience of birthing women. Midwives are strong. Passionate. Intuitive. Committed. ✨

I am honored beyond words to work alongside two midwife friends who “get me” and will join me in the journey at every turn. I owe them so much … and all I can give them is my thanks. 💜

This midwife, Barefoot Midwifery Cori Lively dashed to the birth center on only an hour of sleep to make it just in time to help us welcome a sweet girl who was in a huge hurry to be born. Before answering my 4 am call, she had been up nearly all night serving Kristy Hammack at The Birth House Wiley. ✨

This is midwifery. On call. Over tired. And “all in” whether it’s for our “sister midwives” or our soon-to-be-mommas. 💜

There are no words for how inspired, humbled and grateful I am to Cori and Kristy for their commitment and willingness to serve. I love you both. ✨

Final moments as a family of 2

Barefoot Midwifery
The sweet home birth of Oliver Steele, a fusion video! Born in a room full of love and support with midwife Cori Lively Barefoot Midwifery and doula Sarah Hodgkinson Board North Dallas Doula Associates
We can get through anything as long as we have each other

Barefoot Midwifery North Dallas Doula Associates
Wrapped around his finger

Barefoot Midwifery North Dallas Doula Associates
The first of many kisses

Barefoot Midwifery North Dallas Doula Associates
Introducing Lydia Grace, welcomed with love by parents Sharon and Jordan, and sister Lia! This sweet baby girl was born in water at The Birth House with midwife Kristy and assistant Cori Barefoot Midwifery.
Attuned Presence Counseling, PLLC is here to support pregnant and postpartum families with professional counseling services!

Providing maternity care and homebirth services in the Dallas area. Cori Lively, LM, CPM
Texas Lice

Operating as usual

Photos from Barefoot Midwifery's post 12/03/2022

It’s getting real…


Thank you to all our Barefoot families that continue to honor us by voting us a “Mom Approved” Midwife year after year after year. 💗💗💗

Cori Lively on Instagram 12/01/2022

Cori Lively on Instagram

Cori Lively on Instagram Cori Lively shared a post on Instagram. Follow their account to see 333 posts.


Thank you. 💗 And Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

Photos from Barefoot Midwifery's post 11/23/2022

I have some BIG NEWS to share with everyone.
After more than 13 years at our Midway Road office, we were told 2 weeks ago, that despite having a lease through 2025, our building will be demolished at the beginning of the year. Our building, along with at least 7 others, will be torn down to build a high-rise apartment complex. So many small businesses are being displaced, right before the holidays with no warning.
While this was quite the shock, we have been moving fast to find our new home. After touring SO MANY office spaces, we found one that feels like home & have secured our new space. We will be moving in early December. Exact date TBA.
Pediatrician Dr. Agrawal will also be moving with me to the new office for hearing screenings & concierge pediatric care.
I won’t miss the Midway construction (that isn’t slated to finish until 2024!), but this will be both a sad & exciting time as we say goodbye to our home for the last 13+ years & make our new office a welcoming new home for you all.
We are moving a little north to the corner of the Dallas North Tollway & Frankford. We hope this location on the service road will be easier access for many of our clients.

We conveniently share a parking lot with CVS. And we are excited that a new Sprouts Farmers Market is opening soon just a block away.
Can’t wait to show you all more in the days to come! Cori Lively


Happy Halloween!


🗳 Nominate your Mom-Approved Midwife! We have so many wonderful midwives serving families all throughout DFW. And we all are very honored when our clients recommend us to other families. So please, take 2 minutes to share the love for the midwives who have served you.
Midwife Cori Lively, Barefoot Midwifery in Addison / North Dallas
Voting ends Nov 16th.


📸 Midwife Cori - Taking care of babies since the 80s.


✨Concierge Pediatrics & Hearing Screens now offered at our office! Welcome Dr. Agrawal!✨

Photos from Barefoot Midwifery's post 09/15/2022

“I felt safe.” 💕 This is what midwifery care is all about.
Midwife: Cori Lively
Assistant Midwife: Kristy Hammack
Birth Photographer: Kathryn J Birth Stories

Photos from Barefoot Midwifery's post 08/29/2022

Welcome Barefoot Baby Illiana Jade! You came in such a hurry that your pilot dad had to FaceTime in for your birth. Your mom followed her body’s instincts while us midwives just followed her lead. Your mama pushed on hands & knees until you crowned & instinctively stood up and you came right out into Midwife Cori’s hands & your mom then reached down & lifted you up to her chest. It was beautiful to watch your mom just trust her labor & trust that her body & yours knew just what to do. Welcome to the world, sweet girl.

Photos from Barefoot Midwifery's post 07/24/2022

**VIDEO IN STORIES** Midwives spend so much time living the , but when your son wants to skydive for his 18th birthday, you call your backup midwives to take call for a couple hours, leave all phones on the ground & do some adventuring. This morning, Midwife Cori jumped out of a perfectly good plane at 14,000 ft & enjoyed 60 seconds of 120mph free fall before pulling the ripcord & parachuting back to Earth. You can see my 18 year old jump right before me!
✈️ 🪂
When prepping, I thought of what I tell my clients in labor: You can do anything for 60 seconds!
It was a blast, and a great way to get-away & clear your mind & enjoy some serious serene beauty up there!
☁️ 🌅 ⛅️
Now, back on call for any clients who need me!

Skydiving Cori 07/24/2022

Skydiving Cori

Midwives spend so much time living the , but when your son wants to skydive for his 18th birthday, you call your backup midwives to take call for a couple hours, leave all phones on the ground & do some adventuring. This morning, Midwife Cori jumped out of a perfectly good plane at 14,000 ft & enjoyed 60 seconds of 120mph free fall before pulling the ripcord & parachuting back to Earth. You can see my 18 year old jump right before me!
✈️ 🪂
When prepping, I thought of what I tell my clients in labor: You can do anything for 60 seconds!
It was a blast, and a great way to get-away & clear your mind & enjoy some serious serene beauty up there!
☁️ 🌅 ⛅️
Now, back on call for any clients who need me!

Skydiving Cori


After you pass the observe & assist phases as a student midwife, you learn to catch babies. Finally, you do continuity of care (COCs), where you act as primary midwife (under supervision) from first prenatal through all of care, labor & birth & all postpartum & newborn care. You walk several moms & babies through the entire process, and Graedon was my first of those special COC births. A year later, in 2006, I passed my exam, earned both my Texas License and my CPM certification & opened up Barefoot Midwifery.


This is the FIFTH baby I’ve caught for this family.
We love when clients are so happy with our care that they keep coming back, pregnancy after pregnancy. 🥰
Repeat clients hold a special space & it’s certainly an extra special honor as a midwife to serve a family through FIVE pregnancies & births. This baby’s mama first contacted me in late 2011 & I’ve been serving her as her midwife since early 2012. So special to watch their family and their babies all grow over a decade of my career.
This was her fifth homebirth, but her first waterbirth. 🛀


Where it all began…


Happy Father’s Day to all our Barefoot Dads! 🥰
We want to celebrate & honor your Barefoot Dad with you today. 🎉 Tag in your post or story featuring your favorite Barefoot Dad or send us your favorite photo to share.
Midwife Cori Lively


Can’t wait to get these teaching aids that Hart's Hookers made for Barefoot Midwifery!


Honorary Partera & the 12 minute active labor story. 🥰
4 years ago, I was this woman’s midwife as she had her baby boy in the water at home. Earlier this month, she contacted me because her cousin also wanted a home waterbirth, but was having a hard time finding a care provider in her state for the birth she wanted. So her cousin flew in to Dallas, brought her prenatal records to me & we started care. Last night, early labor started, but with very mild contractions 15-20 min apart.

At 1:02am, her water broke, they called me to come & contractions immediately went into an active pattern. I jumped in my car, but active labor only lasted 12 minutes! So my former client let her cousin know I was hurrying on my way, but the baby would be here before the midwife. They got Dad on FaceTime because he also, wasn’t going to make it before baby. My former client helped catch her cousin’s perfectly healthy baby girl at 1:14am & I arrived minutes later before placenta.

So my former client & friend earned the title of Honorary Partera & Best Tia Ever! She said: “Tell everyone that you’re such a good midwife that I was able to reciprocate the favor with my cousin!”
Midwife Cori Lively


Couldn’t have planned this timing if we tried. We had quite the astonished laugh when we realized today’s two baby boys were born exactly 12 hours apart to the minute. ⏰
Cori Lively of Barefoot Midwifery & Kristy Hammack of The Birth House

Photos from Barefoot Midwifery's post 05/14/2022

Early morning birth with some of my favorite birth workers. Love this birth team! And check out the sweet birth affirmations. 🥰
Midwife Cori Lively Barefoot Midwifery
Assistant Midwife Kristy Hammack The Birth House
Doula Delilah Ray Cherish Birth
Birth Photographer Kathryn Johnson Kathryn J Birth Stories


Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Photos from Barefoot Midwifery's post 05/05/2022

What better way to celebrate International Midwives Day than waiting on the call to come to a laboring mama.
Whoever you used as your midwives - give them a shout out today! 

Photos from Erin Beth Birth Photography's post 04/15/2022

Photos from Erin Beth Birth Photography's post 04/14/2022

This was such a beautiful, romantic & connected birth. I remember turning to my Assistant Midwife & whispering that I felt like I was witnessing them on their wedding day.  Two people just continuously holding each other & confessing their feelings of love & adoration as they welcomed their child into their family.
Also: HIRE A BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHER! Erin Beth Birth Photography did such a beautiful job capturing the moments of this special day. 📸


Morning Mimosas & brunch to celebrate that it’s only the 11th of the month & all April babies are safely born & we have a couple weeks before our May Barefoot Babies come due.
🥂 It was a busy couple of weeks where it was just raining babies! Now to rest & recharge.
☔️ 👶 👣
Thanks to Midwife Kristy Hammack of who can FLY to a fast labor to assist. 🏎 💨

Photos from Barefoot Midwifery's post 04/08/2022

Deja vu!
**March 14, 2020 @ 4:46pm** Barefoot Baby Norah was born at home
**March 14, 2022 @ 4:49pm** Baby sister Barefoot Baby Riya was born at home… exactly 2 years & 3 minutes apart.
Fun fact: Midwife Cori also has two boys who are not twins, but share a birthday, five years apart.


Thank you BUMC doctors, residents & community outreach staff. We love getting together (in person now!!) with our local community Midwives & BUMC staff to discuss collaborative care, communication, easing transports, PROM & GBS best practices, protocols & patient autonomy.


🎉 VBA2C! 🎉 Congratulations to this Barefoot Mom who did absolutely everything to prepare herself for a vaginal birth after having two prior C-sections. She carefully picked her birth team, prepared her mind & body, educated herself & crafted her birth plan and choices. When It became best to add some additional birth team members at Baylor University Medical Center to achieve our goals, mom adjusted gracefully & powerfully pushed out her baby with her husband, midwife, doula by her side. And not a dry eye in the house. 💗
Midwife: Cori Lively
Assistant Midwife: Kristy Hammack
Doula: Cheryl Johnson
Chiropractor: Dr. Nicole
Acupuncturist: Dr. Pearl Russell


Schedule your SneakPeek as early as SIX weeks! 🧬 Call or visit our website to schedule & get results overnight!


Don’t always end up in full smoky eye & MAC Ruby Woo lip at a birth… but when you get called to help assist directly from a fundraiser auction - you do what ya’ gotta do. Had just enough time to switch from my dress and heels into scrubs! 


Plan carefully if you want Cori as your midwife!
🥰 If you are already pregnant & due this fall through early December, please contact us soon, as we are booking up fast and have limited availability left for 2022 due dates.
☎️ 🤰🏽
If you are not yet pregnant, please consider some careful planning & waiting to conceive, as Midwife Cori is taking some time off at the end of the year.
Thank you for choosing Midwife Cori & Barefoot Midwifery! 🥰


Ice ice baby! Welcome to a baby girl born at 1:03 AM. It was a slower drive to get to her, but all is well & midwives are heading home.



I told my husband I needed *one solid hour* undisturbed to rest before I needed to go back out to check on my client. When I woke up from my much-needed power nap, I found this had been taped to my bedroom door.

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Happy Father’s Day to all our Barefoot Dads! 🥰We want to celebrate & honor your Barefoot Dad with you today. 🎉 Tag @bare...
Happy Mother’s Day!
15 Years of Barefoot Midwifery
To all our Barefoot Moms
Sweet, jumping Barefoot Baby




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