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Up date on vitamin issues. I posted long time now about me and my vitamin leaves. Well they are gone. I’m not absorbing them. I have been a good girl for 6months taking everything I’m supposed to. Now I have to have iron infusions. I’ve gained weight I’m now 40 over weight. I did not to this on purpose. I tell my self all the time I’m sorry. I really, really want it this surgery to work.
Hi, this is strange this morning I could see the text between everyone and now I don’t see anything. Just where doc does the chat on Tuesday.
How do I get to the chat group?
Is the office closed this week? I have an appointment tomorrow but need to reschedule due to road conditions, and got the recording when I called just now. Stay safe!
Can someone tell me the day & time of Dr. Henke's Facebook chats?
If we are not chatting tonight, I at least wanted to report that at 4 1/2 months, I’m down a full 80 pounds and feeling better all the time. Thanks for your fine work and encouragement.
Are we chatting tonight?
Will there be a chat tonight?
Anyone take their vitamins at night? The morning makes me so sick so started doing night with no side effects at all.
When is the chat date and time?
I'm going to chat tomorrow night but in case I miss the chat I have a question. I am currently admitted due to inflamed muscle vs inflamed arthritis tissue on my ankle and I disagree with treatment regimen. They want me to take 40mg prednisone and Naproxen 2 tabs not sure if mg because I'm reluctantly taking taking then because of swelling and pain. Is there a safe short course of these meds that I can take? I appreciate your comments at you leisure.
Amazing doctor & staff. Office runs like a fine tuned clock. Dr Henke is genuinely the most attentive & caring dr. And trust me after 41 years of nursing those drs are few & far between. Highly recommend their services.

Dedicated to compassionate individualized care for all patients for weight loss surgery, hernias, ga

WLS Surgical Associates, PLLC is a surgical practice that is dedicated to the care of patients with a wide variety of medical problems. There is a special emphasis on the care of bariatric patients. Dr. Henke is a certified surgeon by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery and has been recognized as a D Magazine Best Physician. The emphasis on care includes a genuine concern for

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 08/17/2022

Welcome to chat! Please feel free to ask questions. There are many factors that influence rising rates of obesity. Notice that there isn’t a factor saying lack of effort from those suffering from the disease of obesity. We must move past blaming ourselves or others for this disease process.


Welcome to chat! Please feel free to ask any questions. Long term pain control and the use of the most popular medication category NSAIDs (ibuprofen, Advil, Motrin, etc) has been debated over the years. It is not advisable early after surgery for either sleeve or bypass patients, but the study conclusion below shows it may be an option later on for patients.

Weight-loss surgery linked to lower cancer death rate in large study 06/15/2022

Weight-loss surgery linked to lower cancer death rate in large study

Welcome to chat! As always, please feel free to ask questions. The national meeting for bariatric surgery was just held, and one of the big topics is how surgery can impact health outside of weight loss with decreasing the risk of cancer. Imagine a nearly 50% decreased risk of dying from cancer by doing a surgery not involving removing cancer. That is what these surgeries are being shown to do.


Weight-loss surgery linked to lower cancer death rate in large study A new study finds significant weight loss can reduce both the incidence of cancer and the chances of dying of it.


Sorry chat delayed until next week!


Welcome to chat! Please feel free to ask any questions. Figuring out healthy meal options, trying not to get bored, and meal prep are some keys postop to success. What are some of your favorite recipes that you go to?


Welcome to chat! We use the term weight loss surgery often but that fails to truly show how the procedures treat many different conditions. Metabolic surgery is more appropriate to treat the disease of obesity and other related conditions. Even those considered without major health concerns like high blood pressure or liver disease see different improvements. It doesn’t even address reduced risk of certain cancers. Other than weight, what are things you saw improve after surgery?


Welcome to chat! Please feel free to ask any questions. Transitions after surgery can be difficult. The way you see yourself (not changing in the mirror potentially), how others view you or treat you, people commenting on your weight loss or not to lose anymore, all can challenge or make you question yourself and your choice. Like the old SNL sketch, affirmations in the mirror are an option 😉. What are some ways you deal with these challenges?


Hi everyone. Sorry I need to delay chat until next week. My youngest’s child soccer team that I coach had a late game tonight so I am a bit behind. On the good news the Sharks had a solid opening win!


Welcome to chat! Please feel free to ask questions. This graphic explains why long term success with medical diets is so hard and why surgery is often needed to treat obesity.


Welcome to chat! No discrete topic tonight but instead a question. What would you like to be discussed this year? Any questions that really stick out or things you wished you learned earlier in your weight loss journey?


We have moved! Our new office address is
12201 Merit Dr
Suite 440
Dallas, TX 75251


Welcome to chat! Please feel free to ask any questions. This month we will talk a bit about avoiding holiday weight gain as we are in the middle of the season. One key is sticking to your routine. The picture below is an enemy. It is always easy to justify that little piece of candy walking by it but by the end of the day you have had a full candy bar. How do you avoid bad habits through the holidays?


Welcome to chat! Please feel free to ask questions. Weight stigma is very prevalent in society as well as healthcare with many people not recognizing the different factors that lead to obesity. It often leads to personal shame for patients and fear to even speak with a physician. It is also why many patients come as referrals from friends and not a physician. Know you should not feel shame and if you have a concern you should feel comfortable speaking to any physician. If they aren’t supportive find someone that is.


Welcome to chat. Please feel free to ask questions. This chart shows why weight loss is hard. Bariatric surgery can give you a tool for long term success.

The calories in, calories out concept is 'tragically flawed,' new research suggests 10/06/2021

The calories in, calories out concept is 'tragically flawed,' new research suggests

Welcome to chat! As always, feel free to ask questions. People often are made to feel that they just didn’t try hard enough to lose weight. Continuing evidence shows it is not just what you eat vs what you burn. It is even hitting more mainstream outlets now. Bariatric surgery is often a brave choice to give you a tool to get a more level playing field.


The calories in, calories out concept is 'tragically flawed,' new research suggests A new paper published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition offers an alternative model to the eat-less-move-more message.


Welcome to chat everyone! Please feel free to ask questions. While some people think surgery is “cheating” to lose weight, those of you that have been through it know it is hard work. The fact is it is a tool to try to help even the playing field based on metabolism, genetics, and other factors. Yes it will restrict portions and many know about the hunger hormone ghrelin. This diagram shows some other important changes surgery induces to help with weight loss.


Welcome to chat. Please feel free to ask questions. Vitamins are critical after surgery. B12 is your energy vitamin. In addition to supplements by oral tablet, injection, or nasal spray, you should try to get some through your foods.


Welcome to July chat everyone! Hope you had a good 4th! Please feel free to ask questions. Often people forget obesity is a disease and let it define them. Here is a helpful reminder that puts people first. It also shows why long term follow up is key. Surgery is a great treatment but it is for a chronic disease that you will have to continue to work at!

Newly approved drug heralded as 'game changer' in the growing national obesity crisis 06/09/2021

Newly approved drug heralded as 'game changer' in the growing national obesity crisis

Welcome back to chat everyone! Please feel free to ask questions. Whether looking for medical weight loss before or after surgery while dealing with some weight regain there have not been too many medication changes. This medication shows promise and just gained approval. Now it is trying to get insurance coverage as less than 10% of plans cover medications for weight loss. A loophole can be using this for diabetic treatment.


Newly approved drug heralded as 'game changer' in the growing national obesity crisis The CDC says 42.4% of all adults in the United States suffer from obesity.

Bariatric Surgery Saves Lives, So Why Do People Balk? - ConscienHealth 05/05/2021

Bariatric Surgery Saves Lives, So Why Do People Balk? - ConscienHealth

Welcome back to May chat everyone! Hope all of you have been doing well. As always, please feel free to ask questions. Although there is limited insurance coverage for metabolic surgery, even fewer eligible patients take advantage. There can be a stigma, a fear, thoughts of failure, or any other number of reasons. Despite being safer than many other procedures, there is also the feeling of choice when compared to having gallbladder surgery or other procedures that are actively causing pain. The article below offers some resources if you are considering. As always, talking to other l8ke those on this chat that have been through surgery can help.


Bariatric Surgery Saves Lives, So Why Do People Balk? - ConscienHealth Why do so many people balk at bariatric surgery? Because it's hard and health systems make it needlessly harder. So health suffers.


Welcome to our April chat everyone! Please feel free to ask questions. Tonight I thought we would tackle the most common complaint/side effect from bariatric surgery. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) otherwise known as heartburn or acid reflux. More common after sleeve than bypass (which can treat symptoms) can be a nuisance or worse. Often treated with medication with good relief there are also home remedies. Certain foods can worsen. Can you tell anyone who might be suffering what worked for you or foods that you avoided to help?


Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of chat lately. I was unexpectedly unavailable last week. We will be changing chat moving forward. I think with all the time we spend in front of screens through the pandemic and other things there has been some fatigue and attendance has dropped some. I know timing with every other week has been hard as well. We will be switching to once a month with the plan being the first Tuesday of every month from 9pm to 10pm. I hope you all will join me then! I definitely want to continue to be a resource and hopefully give you helpful information. I will plan to see you here on April 6th!


Welcome to chat! Vitamin D is by far the most common deficiency we see. It is key to healthy bones, teeth, and muscles. Sunlight helps. Here are some vitamin D rich foods.


Welcome to chat! Hope everyone survived our winter storm without too many issues last week! Please feel free to ask questions. One of the biggest vitamins we need to carefully watch after surgery is B1 (thiamine). Early signs of depletion include numbness and tingling in the legs and hands. If treated early, those symptoms disappear. Late stages can be permanent and lead to memory loss. Your vitamins help but here are some natural sources.


Welcome back to chat everyone! Please feel free to ask questions. One of the few positives of COVID has been the ability to to telemedicine. It has helped made follow up even easier for patients. Long term weight loss maintenance is helped by long term follow up according to studies. This graphic shows that so far televisits with self reported weight has been helpful.


Welcome to chat! As always, please feel free to ask questions. We often talk about weight loss surgery but technically it is called metabolic surgery. It is a treatment for different metabolic imbalances and problems that this causes. The graph below is a bit busy but shows 10 year follow up. It demonstrates better scores in all quality of life measures for those having metabolic surgery than diet and lifestyle changes. It also shows significant decreases in macro vascular (clogged major arteries) and micro vascular (loss of circulation in legs and retinopathy) complications than medical treatment.


Welcome to chat! Please feel free to ask questions. At times it it difficult to visualize the small portions you need to get your protein in for the day when preop you are used to big portions. This helps show how much protein you can get from certain items and the calories. It also shows why peanut butter might not be a great option.


Sorry everyone for missing chat . I had something come up and could just get to it tonight. We will plan to do it next week and the following week to make up. If you have questions in between, please feel free to comment. Again sorry, unexpected issue. See you next week!


Hi everyone! Sorry for the long delay between chats. December gets pretty busy for a variety of reasons. We will restart chat every other week starting next week on 1/12. We will plan chat at 9:15pm on 1/12 and 1/26 this month. Hope to see everyone here next week! Happy New Year!

Fear of COVID-19 fueling increase in bariatric surgeries 12/09/2020

Fear of COVID-19 fueling increase in bariatric surgeries

Welcome to chat everyone! Please feel free to ask questions. I try to avoid talking about COVID but truth be told obesity is a clear risk factor for severity of disease. Fortunately, we have seen a protective benefit with a decrease is severity for those that have had bariatric surgery. For those on the fence, it can be a good time to consider or come talk about treatment.


Fear of COVID-19 fueling increase in bariatric surgeries Bariatric surgery, the treatment most effective at combating obesity, is gaining popularity because of fears of the additional risks associated with COVID-19.


Welcome to pre Thanksgiving chat! Please feel free to ask questions. Some are experiencing their first Thanksgiving after surgery, some are pros, and some may be looking to do better. What are your questions or tips for how you stay on track during a holiday with such a food focus?

13 Ways to Prevent Stress Eating When You’re Stuck at Home 11/11/2020

13 Ways to Prevent Stress Eating When You’re Stuck at Home

Welcome to chat! Feel free to ask questions. With more time at home snacking and stress eating has become an issue for many. How do you combat this? Hydration is another key. All the time in a mask leads to less drinking time and drying you out.


13 Ways to Prevent Stress Eating When You’re Stuck at Home Though self-isolating is the best way to protect against COVID-19, being stuck at home can lead to some unhealthy habits. Here are 13 ways to prevent stress eating when you’re stuck at home.


Welcome to chat! Feel free to ask any questions. Although below is over simplified, it does show a possible stepwise progression or consideration for what treatments to consider at a certain BMI and expected results. Certainly newer evidence suggests surgery for a BMI > 30, especially is diabetics is tremendously beneficial. It can also be useful for other healthcare professionals as a diagram for treatment.

Medicine to Treat Constipation 10/14/2020

Medicine to Treat Constipation

Welcome to chat tonight everyone! Please feel free to ask questions. Constipation is a common complaint after surgery. Some of this is lack of fiber and less fluid intake as well as an increase in protein. Here are some levels and types of medication to know.


Medicine to Treat Constipation Find out what kind of prescription and over-the-counter medicine can help treat chronic constipation.

The Underused Weight Loss Option: Bariatric Surgery 09/30/2020

The Underused Weight Loss Option: Bariatric Surgery

Welcome to chat! Please feel free to ask questions. Bariatric surgery continues to be underutilized throughout the United States. There are many factors, but patient fear of surgery, judgement, or failure is a part of this. If you could tell someone one thing to encourage from your experiences, what would it be?


The Underused Weight Loss Option: Bariatric Surgery Experts say it can result in long-term weight loss and significantly improve physical and emotional health and even longevity.


Welcome to chat everyone! Feel free to ask questions. Obesity has at least 13 cancers linked to it as a risk factor and only a few cancers have been proven to have beneficial screening studies. Colon cancer and colonoscopy is one. You can still complete a colonoscopy after weight loss surgery but the prep takes longer. If you are older than 50 before surgery, it is a little easier to do it before.


Welcome to chat tonight everyone! Will keep it open for Q and A tonight or if anyone has anything in particular they want to discuss.


Welcome to chat! Feel free to ask questions. Reflux (heartburn) can be a problem both before and after surgery. Weight loss surgery can eliminate it for some and worsen it for others depending on the procedure. What do you use to help? Watch certain foods like coffee, chocolate, and high fat foods.

After ‘The Biggest Loser,’ Their Bodies Fought to Regain Weight 08/05/2020

After ‘The Biggest Loser,’ Their Bodies Fought to Regain Weight

Welcome to Tuesday night chat! Feel free to fire away with any questions. Losing weight and keeping it off is a struggle no matter how you lose. I often hear patients coming in after years of yo yo weight loss with loss and regain and then some. Bariatric surgery has the highest rate of success giving you a tool to try to keep small portions and low calories. Here is an older on how some of those patients with “successful” weight loss seen by the nation fared long term.


After ‘The Biggest Loser,’ Their Bodies Fought to Regain Weight Contestants lost hundreds of pounds during Season 8, but gained them back. A study of their struggles helps explain why so many people fail to keep off the weight they lose.

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