Thermography Center of Dallas

Thermography Center of Dallas


I am a D.O. by training but am disillusioned by allopathic medicine. I found the S.V. thermography center in December 2021. I am finally getting solutions/answers to issues that were not addressed in the allopathic world. I highly recommend this center and their services.
I have been very pleased with my care at the Spring Valley Thermography Center. I have learned more about my health and ways to improve than from any other medical person or center. I am a D.O. and have never had this thorough of care. I am finally getting to the source of issues. I highly recomend booking an appointment.
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...what if there was a better way for early cancer detection? There is... Talk with my friends at the Thermography Center of Dallas

A Non-Invasive, No Radiation, Pain free diagnostic tool that can determine the health and function o

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We know Valentine’s Day is either loved or hated, but either way it exists. So what happens when your pain interferes with your romance or Valentine’s Day plans? Hopefully, you’re already seeing a doctor for your pain condition, and if not, we recommend you come and see one of our friendly and compassionate practitioners and doctors.

Learn some things about your PAIN by clicking here


Insight Genius app allows you to create your own frequency libraries to test or rebalance your energy fields. Create a personal neuro-remedy based on a voice or sound recording and add unlimited frequencies to your app using our simple library functions. Learn more about frequency medicine by talking to us and clicking this link


High blood pressure, also called hypertension, is blood pressure that is higher than normal. Your blood pressure changes throughout the day based on your activities. Having blood pressure measures consistently above normal may result in a diagnosis of high blood pressure (or hypertension). Click here to learn some important things about blood pressure


The Genius Insight app displays all your scan results on a single screen, with the option to open an easy-to-read accordion menu or display a section on a full screen. All parameters can be clicked for more detail. Learn more about frequency medicine by talking to us and clicking this link


Genius Insight scans your unique voice imprint after a short recording, as well as running a spectral analysis of your photo, to deliver detailed quantum biofeedback results on the body’s reactivity to frequency stimuli. These scans allow Genius to provide you with an immediate overview of your health and well-being through hundreds of energetic parameters. Learn more about frequency medicine by talking to us and clicking this link


Winter weather is also a known trigger for increased heart attack risk due to restricted blood flow though constricted vessels causes by cold temperatures. Heart attack signs vary in men and women and it’s important to recognize them early and call 9-1-1 for help. The sooner medical treatment begins, the better the chances of survival and preventing heart damage. Learn how circulation affects your overall health by clicking here


Run an energy scan in seconds and display the results in three categories: Mind, Body and Biofield. Each categories contains numerous parameters to give you detailed information about every aspect of your health and well-being with the use of the insight genius app. Learn more about frequency medicine by talking to us and clicking this link


Lemons are a staple of many detox diets, and there is a good reason for this. Firstly, lemons are packed with antioxidant vitamin C, which is great for the skin and for fighting disease-forming free radicals. Furthermore, the citrus fruit has an alkaline effect on the body, meaning that it can help restore the body’s pH balance, benefitting the immune system. Try starting your day with hot water and a slice of lemon to help flush out toxins and cleanse your system.

Click here to learn the things you can do to detox your body


Identifies potential imbalances and disorders in all aspects of your physical and mental well-being to provide you with focused rebalancing options to restore harmony in your body’s energy field with the use of insight genius app. Learn more about frequency medicine and try a FREE 30-Minute Session.


The holistic and non-invasive approach of the Genius Insight app will delight all users who are looking for an alternative means to monitor and improve their health and well-being, in line with today’s trends towards energy healing. Learn more about frequency medicine and try a FREE 30-Minute Session.


The lymphatic system is important for the optimal functioning of our general and specific immune responses. The lymph nodes monitor the lymph flowing into them and produce cells and antibodies which protect our body from infection and disease. Learn how important the lymphatic system is and easy ways to improve it by clicking here


Using patented voice analysis algorithms, Genius Insight allows you to identify weaknesses and imbalances in your energy field. Your unique voice signature is compared to thousands of energetic signatures ranging from herbs, emotions, homeopathics, virus activity, auric field disturbances, chakras & acupuncture imbalances, just to name a few. Learn more about frequency medicine and try a FREE 30-Minute Session.


Our immune system gets affected mostly by lifestyle habits like improper dietary habits, lack of physical activities, lack of sleep and stressful work profile. It also has some impact during the weather changes. However, during winters, we usually have hard time with our immune system. The reason behind is that the weather being cosy and windy, the body becomes lazy and lethargic leading to weak immunity. Learn other ways to boost your immune system by clicking here


Low frequencies are beneficial for pain relief, while high frequencies are helpful for anxiety and depression. There is also some evidence that specific frequencies can help to improve cognitive function and memory. Learn more about frequency medicine by talking to us and clicking this link


Many studies have looked at using infrared saunas in the treatment of long-lasting health problems and found some proof that saunas may help. Conditions studied include high blood pressure, heart failure, dementia and Alzheimer's disease, headache, type 2 diabetes, and arthritis. Learn more about the difference of infrared sauna to traditional sauna by clicking here


Mid-range frequencies have been linked to attention. Your brain moves into an “alpha” state when your focus turns inward (as in meditation) and a “beta” state when your attention is tuned to the world around you. Learn more about frequency medicine by talking to us and clicking this link


“Prevention means knowing about and taking care of a problem before it ever becomes a problem. Most current testing tells you about the problem after it has become one, but rarely ever why it has become one.
The way things (including Thermography) are done here, the unknown problems will become known and the real root cause of current problems will be addressed so all can be taken care of. I highly recommend coming here to discover your knowns and unknowns to improve your health for life.”

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Scientific studies have shown that frequencies have the ability to reduce stress and anxiety, help with healing wounds, improve focus and concentration, and even promote better sleep quality. There have even been reports of people using this frequency for spiritual growth and spiritual healing.

Learn more about frequency medicine by talking to us and clicking this link


Your brain has five different types of waves. Generally speaking, low-frequency waves are linked to “delta” and “theta” states which can boost relaxation and improve sleep. Higher frequencies reportedly boost your brain waves into a “gamma” state which may make you more alert, focused, or better able to recall memories. Learn more about frequency medicine by talking to us and clicking this link


A healthy diet is essential for good health and nutrition. It protects you against many chronic noncommunicable diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Eating a variety of foods and consuming less salt, sugars and saturated and industrially-produced trans-fats, are essential for healthy diet. Have a customized diet evaluation that gives you action steps this holiday season.

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By helping restore the energy in the body’s energy field through the use of Insight Genius, it can help someone restore their health and well-being. This is frequency medicine.

Learn more about frequency medicine by talking to us and clicking this link


Exposure to high levels of lead may cause anemia, weakness, and kidney and brain damage. Very high lead exposure can cause death. Lead can cross the placental barrier, which means pregnant women who are exposed to lead also expose their unborn child. Lead can damage a developing baby's nervous system. Learn more about the danger of heavy metals in our body by clicking here


Insight Genius App can run a complete energy scan of your body in just a few seconds and can show you whether there maybe problems in your body and let them correct it instantly by sending positive feedback to your body and mind.
Learn more about frequency medicine and try a FREE 30-Minute Session.


The body is a remarkable machine. Anyone who has ever bought a mechanical device, be it a car, a computer, or an air conditioner, knows that eventually it will get old and wear out. One way of providing the body with proper maintenance and care would be with Onnetsu Therapy, a health care method that uses heat through physical stimulation which increases blood circulation to improve health. Learn more about this Japanese technique by clicking here

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