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Please please please help us i need a place to stay for me and babygirl
I'd like to share a rather unusual, free, aces prevention resource...parenting tips bumper stickers! Advancing Parenting, a Camarillo CA nonprofit, produces parenting tips bumper stickers and makes them available at no cost to businesses, organizations, clinics, schools, and individuals. There are fifty-one in a set and each bumper sticker communicates a parenting behavior or practice generally recognized as supporting the healthy development of children. Just one will be read thousands of times!

Bumper stickers are a unique and powerful way to educate everyone about parenting and prevent child abuse five, ten, twenty, fifty years down the road. At stoplights drivers and passengers point, smile, and nod. Conversations begin and often a phone is used to take a photo of the sticker right at the stoplight. Presumably, they are being shared on social media. It's wonderful to see!

Sets of the stickers can be put in holders and placed on counters and tables so folks can select one or more for their cars. Visit www.advancingparenting.org to order this free resource. Use a computer...our website is not optimized for phones. Please share.
RESOURCE SPOTLIGHT | Dallas Healing House is offering five free therapy sessions for healthcare workers.

For a comprehensive database of North Texas mental health providers and resources, visit HereForTexas.com.

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Operating as usual

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Our newest Healing House team member Michelle is such a gift! .with.michelle has a friendly, inviting presence and she is not afraid to facilitate the deeper healing work with her clients.

Through our collaborations and consultations with Michelle, we have already learned so much from her. If you want a counselor who is going to create a safe, trauma informed and non judgmental space, look no further!


Massage on the Mat is back! And this time we are partnering with and offering two classes THIS FRIDAY ✨

will lead participants through a restorative yoga sequence with massages by our licensed massage therapist throughout the entire class. Classes will be held at the beautiful Le Sol House in Oak Cliff. Does it get any better than that?! Link in bio to sign up ✨.



We are so excited to welcome our new creative and admin assistant Megan Mae to the team! In addition to her work at Healing House, she is a counseling graduate student at Southern Methodist University with plans to pursue Marriage and Family Therapy Licensure. She loves spending her free time on the Katy Trail, at yoga sculpt class, or in the kitchen perfecting her latest recipes! Megan Mae has a passion for holistic wellness, making her a great fit for our Healing House team.

Learn more about Megan Mae on our website!


Side view of our little office…the place where so much healing happens 🏡.


We enjoy one another and find joy in our work with clients ☺️. Learn more about our team and watch our counselor bio videos on our website.

Ready to begin?
🍃 we have ten counselors with a range of specialities
🏡 now offering individual, couples, and trauma informed body work
💻 learn more and schedule on our website
🌟 follow us for updates, reflections, and intros
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✨New year, new service at DHH! Trauma informed bodywork coming in January 2023 ✨.



Thrilled to announce that Nadia has joined the Healing House team, and is now accepting new clients in AUSTIN and offering virtual sessions to folks in Texas!

Here’s an excerpt from her bio (visit our site to read more about therapy with Nadia!):

I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by life’s challenges and the fear of being judged. I understand the courage it takes to be vulnerable, and I am committed to bringing a kind, warm, and gentle approach to every session. During our time together, we will work towards finding healthy and sustainable ways to regulate your nervous system, so that you can live a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Ready to begin?
🏡 we have ten counselors with a range of specialties
🪴 now offering individual therapy, couples/relationship therapy, and trauma informed bodywork!
💻 learn more and schedule on our website
✨ follow us for updates, reflections, and intros
✨ follow some of our therapists:

📖 check out , too!


New look, same vibe ✨


Meet Healing House counselor, Lizzie! She’s the epitome of a warm and welcoming counselor 🥰 Visit our site to contact her or learn more about her specialties and background.


Feeling angry this week? Makes sense. If anger gets confusing, bottled up, or frozen, head to our blog post to see ’s call to rebrand anger. If you’ve ever said “I’m not an angry person,” then this one’s for you!


Grounding words for these heavy days, weeks, months, years. Take what you need, and leave the rest.


✨NEW VIDEO✨ See our counselors speak on why counseling matters and the power of a great environment for therapy.

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Visit our blog to read the full entry from , which includes trauma sensitive suggestions for when breathing/meditation/mindfulness is painful or difficult!

Ready to begin?
🏡 we have nine counselors with a range of specialties
🪴 now offering individual, relationship, and group therapy
💻 learn more and schedule on our website
✨ follow us for updates, reflections, and intros
✨ follow some of our therapists:


Therapists are humans!

Veryyyy common myth is that we never feel low and never ever lose our cool, and we always know exactly what to say and how to process our emotions. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Or if it is true, we’ve worked damn hard to get there 😆

Sometimes even the agencies therapists work(ed) for expect perfection—expect that we can do it all without batting an eye (and while being overworked and underpaid 😵‍💫). At Healing House, therapist self-care directly translates to better quality therapy for our clients. We are humans who have specialized skills in helping people to heal. When we can show up for ourselves, we are WAY more equipped to show up for our clients. At least more than we used to be 😉 Our therapists set their own schedules, prices, and boundaries. Because we value ourselves and the services we provide.


Healing House stands with Ukraine.

Our team member and Ukrainian counselor, Dasha , chose an organization for us to support, and we invite you to join us in raising money for the Voices of Children Foundation which provides psychological and psychosocial support to children and families all over Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees.

Healing House is committing to giving $400 directly to Voices of Children via their website (LINKED IN OUR BIO). DM us a screenshot of your donation, so we can keep track of our collective total!

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Helen has opened up her Saturday schedule, y’all! Swipe for a bit more info, and visit our site to learn more and get started!

Ready to begin?
🏡 we have nine counselors with a range of specialties
🪴 now offering individual, relationship, and group therapy
💻 learn more and schedule on our website
✨ follow us for updates, reflections, and intros
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This Valentine’s Day we are celebrating love in all of its forms by giving away a sweatshirt for your cozy self-care activities, a tote to carry a copy of , and a gift card to buy a loved one coffee at !

(Inside is a bonus tote and magazine to share!)

To Enter:
1. Follow and
2. Tag a friend to share coffee with at
3. For an extra entry share this post to your story and tag us so we can see it!

Fine print: continental U.S. only
Deadline for entry is Friday February 11th at midnight with the winner being announced Monday the 14th!


It’s the end of January and we’re still (always) thinking about wellness ✨ media inundates us with messages about what wellness looks like and what you “should” be doing. What does it mean to be “well?” At we believe you get to choose your own version of wellness. Working with a therapist you vibe with can help you let go of what isn’t working for you and find what does. So whether you’re making 2022 more mindful or wanting to extend your dry January, consider therapy to deepen your journey!

Link in bio to website, click “connect” to start! 🪴



Lizzie Somabut, LPC-A is our new go-to counselor for young adult clients and older adolescents seeking support for stress, anxiety, depression, body image, self-esteem, and friendship & relationship distress. As a school counselor and during her time working in eating disorder facilities, she has some serious experience in working with emerging adult populations!

Lizzie describes her therapeutic approach: “My approach to counseling is to provide warmth, empathy, and connection so that clients feel safe enough to take the next step - together.” We want to extend a warm welcome to Lizzie and we look forward to seeing all the meaningful work she does with Healing House clients.

Begin your therapy at Healing House via the link in our bio 🪴


New lil’ intro in our highlights ✨ we’re movin’ and groovin’ through December, and we’re grateful to have you following our journey! Stay tuned for new things coming in the next few weeks! 📸:


Our team is sharing some holiday joy this year with through their Angel Tree program! And the disco tree is looking good today 😎


The disco tree is up and the holidays are in full swing at the Dallas Healing House office! What are you looking forward to this season?


Featuring our sweet “middle” office today 🪑🪴 We love the warm light, cozy chairs, and good company. It’s hard to photograph, but easy to love!! Space that feels like “home” just makes sense for us here, and we welcome you in if it seems like a space you’d like to heal! Check our page for current counselor availability ✨

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When it’s hard to connect to your own inner strength and resources (they’re there!) counselors can help you find it. Share or comment your go-to way of connecting to your inner resources! Thanks for the list, FULL list and more info is on our website! Click to read and schedule your free initial phone call with one of our available counselors.


Vivi is now a fully licensed professional counselor (LPC) AND she has completed her licensed chemical dependency counselor certification (LCDC)! She has worked so hard and has had a long road to licensure in the US—she has been fully licensed in China since 2007! Join us in celebrating Vivi’s accomplishments! 🎊🎉🎊 Links are in our bio to learn more about her and schedule a session ➡️➡️➡️


On the blog, wrote about how to prep for a session—she recommends eating, resting, and journaling before sessions to make the most out of your hour! 💪

One common misconception of therapy is that you need to be super prepared and know exactly what to talk about in session. Sometimes you might even believe that you should have it all figured out before you get to session. That’s a big NOT TRUE…sometimes when you’re not fully prepared it can make room for vulnerable exploration or conversations you didn’t know you needed!

What do you think? Visit our website to read more!


Healing House counselor, Chris Wheeler, LPC, is GEM of a human. He works with a warm approach using both clinical assessment and energetic healing for those who may be feeling lost or ready to do deeper work. He’s ready to meet you where you are, and help you to meet yourself there, too….

Here are some of his words from his latest blog post (link in bio):

“Healing is a journey that is not always (or ever) linear. It is not uncommon to feel really good after a session only to feel really down a few days later. You’ve purged all of this old, heavy energy out of you and now there’s this…emptiness. It’s a vulnerable and uncomfortable place to be! Sometimes you can feel “lower” than when you started because now you feel empty, lost, and emotionally unstable.

The most important piece of encouragement I can offer is to be gentle with yourself during this transitional period.”

Photos from Dallas Healing House's post 08/17/2021

Thanks for the inspiration ! Links always in bio if you’re looking for more ❤️

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We all avoid emotions to some degree…when is it too much for you and YOUR picture of wellness? When do the consequences of avoidance surpass the benefits? Scroll to see some very real signs you might be avoiding emotions. Therapy can help you get past these stuck points when it gets difficult to do it on your own. We support your process and meet you where you’re at!


our new website is just a nice place to be 🥰 check it out for resources, info about each of us and our services, and mental health tidbits on our blog!

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Looking for a therapist with no waitlist? Here’s our current availability at Healing House! Read more about each of these fantastic therapists on our website. When you’re ready to reach out, you can choose whoever you believe might be the best fit for you, or you can let us match you to one. Let us know if you have any questions!


Hey. Feeling overwhelmed? Dasha wrote some golden ideas on our blog (link in bio!) for self-soothing when you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, etc. Tuning into your five senses can help ground you when you need it! What are your favorite ways to ground yourself? ✨

Photos from Dallas Healing House's post 07/15/2021

Healing House is officially open in Austin! Anna has opened the doors to a sweet office space in a great spot, so reach out if you’re ready to begin in-person sessions. We’re so excited to now have two locations open to see Texans who are ready to heal!


New blog post by Chris! We’re posting it a little late, but it’s still relevant, especially if you’ve been feeling exhausted lately— we’re talking about the Lunar Eclipse! Read on to see what Chris says about using astrology in your self-care process and how the recent Lunar Eclipse connects to you ✨

“Self care is important for so many reasons! Utilizing self-care can provide empowerment to oneself, as it can help us see the core beliefs that keep us from embodying our full potential. Astrology can be such a useful tool when delving into self-care: it can assist us in understanding who we are, and it can also provide insight into why we behave the way we do. A great way astrology can help in self-care is to learn one’s natal chart. This unique chart acts as a snapshot into the energies of the sky the moment we were born. The natal chart represents the cards we were dealt in this lifetime, so-to-speak. Acceptance of these "cards" can open up the door to empowerment, as we can then work with that energy to create the life we want to experience.”

Photos from Dallas Healing House's post 05/27/2021

Our team celebrated THREE years of Healing House with and this morning! What better way to celebrate our practice than with community, good company, and baked goods!

Photos from Dallas Healing House's post 05/26/2021

Have you heard it’s important to find a therapist that is a good fit? Goodness of fit can make a huge difference in your experience of therapy. If it’s hard to tell if yours is a great match, outlined some ways you might be able to tell. Any other ideas to add to the list? How do you know your therapist is a good fit for you?!

Photos from Dallas Healing House's post 05/10/2021

Risk of burnout is high during times of transition, so as you are settling into your NEW new normal, check in to make sure you aren’t overextending yourself. Therapy sessions can support you in breaking old pattens of overwork and overwhelm. If you’re ready for a new pattern, reach out via our website to schedule a free phone consultation to make sure your counselor is a good fit. Also, for more reflections on this idea, check out our blog! Links are in bio ✨

Photos from Dallas Healing House's post 05/05/2021

Visit our blog for more details from about how to create space for self-care in your life!
1. Establish your limits and stick to them.
2. Get to know yourself. Stay curious and open to your needs and what makes you, you.
3. Practice gratitude and grace.


🎶 easy as 1-2-3 🎶 when you’re ready to begin, we’ve made it as easy as possible to get started!


Reminder if you need it: if you’re feeling anxious, low, exhausted, or overwhelmed, it’s ok to need extra support. You deserve a safe, inclusive space to get back to feeling “you.” Or to figure out who you are in this world that has changed so much in the past year! Sometimes we seek therapy for CHANGE, but sometimes we seek it for RELIEF. We off both (and more) with our individualized services. At Healing House, we’ll meet you wherever you are. Link in bio to reach out to a licensed mental health professional and schedule a free phone consultation.

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Our newest office is looking really cozy! Looks like a great place for some talk therapy 😉 friendly reminder that we hav...




3720 Rawlins Street
Dallas, TX

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