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Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Serving Patients in Texas More than 25 Years Dr. Craig Hobar has more than 25 years of experience as a plastic surgeon.

He has reached the pinnacle of plastic surgery as evidenced by the thousands of successful patients he has helped.Some of his numerous awards include:

Texas Monthly Super Doctors® Hall of Famer (more than 10 years)
Multi-year recipient of D Magazines Top Doctors®
Multi-year recipient of America’s Top Plastic Surgeons®
Multi-year recipient of Best Doctors in America®
Dr. Hobar has championed his

Operating as usual


Reduce fine lines, age spots, sun damage, redness and reverse the signs of aging in your skin. This little to no downtime procedure will keep you looking fresh and maintain healthy skin. The best part - our introductory offer is $300 for face and neck and the first 15 patients to sign up will get a free ZO Health skin care kit! Call today to schedule 972-566-7300.

[02/03/19]   More men in Dallas are choosing botox as an effective, non-surgical treatment for temporarily decreasing wrinkles. Learn why: http://bit.ly/2RwlY12

[02/02/19]   Dr. Hobar is an experienced plastic surgeon serving Fort Worth, Texas and the surrounding area. From a natural appearing face lift to a no scar breast augmentation, if you are considering cosmetic surgery, book a consultation today: http://bit.ly/2Rwzguu

[02/01/19]   Dr. Craig Hobar is a well-known breast augmentation surgeon in Dallas (DFW), Texas who has performed thousands of breast augmentations since 1990. Learn more about procedures and cost today. http://bit.ly/2Rvra5x

[01/31/19]   Plastic surgeon Dr. Craig Hobar provides an extensive range of cosmetic surgery procedures for patients in the greater Fort Worth area. Book a consultation today: http://bit.ly/2Rwzguu

[01/30/19]   If you are curious about the cost of breast implants, call our Dallas office today and we can help answer your questions. http://bit.ly/2Cqnwj1

[01/29/19]   With a deep passion for the artistry and science of cosmetic surgery, Dr. Hobar in Dallas can help you achieve a renewed, beautiful and natural appearance. http://bit.ly/2CpYVe3

[01/28/19]   If you are in Dallas and considering plastic surgery, contact our office and we can guide you through treatment options. http://bit.ly/2CpYVe3

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[01/26/19]   Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Hobar believes, “Breast augmentation is a beautifully artistic operation that should be done with a high degree of individuality. The goal is not to just make the breast bigger, it is to precisely make the breast optimal and totally complimentary to the remainder of the figure.” Book a consultation today: http://bit.ly/2Rvra5x

[01/25/19]   Non-surgical micro-needling rejuvenates skin by improving fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks. Call our Dallas office to learn more. http://bit.ly/2Co7FBo

[01/24/19]   If you live in Dallas and are seeking breast enhancements but want to know more about saline versus silicone breast implants, schedule a consultation with Dr. Hobar today. Learn more: http://bit.ly/2CjbiZe

[01/23/19]   Dr. Hobar performs “no scar” breast augmentation in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Learn more about his services and team today. http://bit.ly/2Rvra5x

[01/22/19]   If you are seeking plastic surgery in the Midland, Texas area, come see Dr. Hobar. He is a premier board-certified plastic surgeon well known throughout Texas and the world. http://bit.ly/2Rwxv0m

[01/21/19]   The key to achieving a natural, long-lasting result with a brow lift is to address tissue migration in two directions. Learn more about Dr. Hobar in Dallas and his success with brow lifts. http://bit.ly/2RsOfFU

[01/20/19]   If you are considering rhinoplasty, consider Dr. Hobar in Dallas. He is known for improving aspects of a person’s nose without altering the defining features that add character and grace to overall facial symmetry. http://bit.ly/2Cjb1Wc

[01/19/19]   An endoscopic brow lift can produce a very natural and powerful aesthetic enhancement. Learn more: http://bit.ly/2Cln7OM

[01/18/19]   If you are in Dallas and considering breast implants with a natural feeling result, call for a consultation with Dr. Hobar. He’s the best. http://bit.ly/2Cqnwj1

[01/17/19]   “My office staff state that chin augmentations are one of their favorite procedures I perform because the changes are so dramatic and natural.” – Dr. Hobar in Dallas, Texas. Learn why: http://bit.ly/2Cmg5cC

[01/16/19]   Many people are genetically predisposed to have prominent, droopy jowls. Learn how a mini face lift can help. Contact us in Dallas, TX: http://bit.ly/2CmfUxY

[01/15/19]   If you are looking for a breast surgeon in Dallas, Dr. Hobar is a board-certified plastic surgeon known for successful “no scar” breast augmentations. Learn more today: http://bit.ly/2CpYVe3


Have you been wanting to try botox or filler but have been scared to take the plunge? Just like New Year’s resolutions, things are easier with moral support. We would love to see you in January- bring a buddy and save big! Call now 972-566-7300


Thinking about botox or filler?? Check out our great deals coming up on Friday, September 7th. Call to reserve your spot today! (972)566-7300


Tomorrow is the big day for Xuan! Keep him, his host family,and our team in your prayers through this next step in his recovery.

Tomorrow, Landmark recipient Xuan will have his fourth surgery with Dr. Hobar to repair his cleft palate. Please leave a comment of support for him and host mom Katie Gillcrist Cotter!

usatoday.com 01/28/2017

Doctor gives girl with facial deformity a new smile

A smile really is contagious! So thankful for the many opportunities LEAP Global Missions provides for children around the world. Li Ying will always have a special place in our hearts. To learn more about this journey check out the #humankind segment on USA TODAY !

usatoday.com Yi Ling had a very rare and complicated craniofacial cleft that went through her lip, nose, eye socket and into her brain cavity.

drhobar.com 09/16/2016

PRP Micro-Needling - P. Craig Hobar, M.D.

Check out our most recent blog on PRP Micro-Needling!

drhobar.com Learn more about PRP Micro-Needling - Board Certified Dallas Plastic Surgeon - ☎ Call 972-566-7300 today!


Smoking and Plastic Surgery - Do I Need to Quit?

What are the risk factors associated with smoking and surgery?
Smoking can be detrimental to the body’s normal function, especially when healing after a surgery. Dr. Hobar recommends stopping smoking at LEAST 30 days prior to and 30 days after his procedures, especially those involving the face, breasts, and abdominal areas. Continuing to smoke can put you at a higher risk for serious complications during and after surgery including:
• Increased risk of blood clots
• Increased risk of infection
• Impaired healing of bones, skin, and wounds
• Increased difficulty in breathing during and after surgery
• Change in the breakdown of drugs in the body

Why does smoking cause an increased risk with surgery? Ni****ne in to***co (or any kind) constricts the small blood vessels that supply your skin and the underlying tissues with blood and other nutrients. The healing process is greatly impeded by any ni****ne in the bloodstream because the surface vessels are not able to do the repair work that is required of them. The risk to successful healing is so great that for many cosmetic surgeries, patients are not to be exposed to ni****ne prior to surgery. Please contact our office for additional information to help quit smoking prior to surgery. Please let us know if you have been exposed to ni****ne through smoking, secondhand smoke, smokeless to***co, or any ni****ne replacement products.

Why do I need to avoid smoke after surgery?
Being exposed to smoke after surgery increases your risk for adding extra stress to your heart, increasing your blood pressure, and reducing the amount of oxygen that travels to your blood and body tissues allowing healing.

Still need help?
National Alliance for To***co Cessation – “Become an EX” Program
The American Lung Association – “Freedom from Smoking” Program
The American Cancer Society 1-800-227-2345

If you have any questions regarding our practice policy on smoking or need additional information to quit please call 972-566-7300

mystatesman.com 06/13/2016

Refugee Qusay Hussein bounces back from su***de bombing

Check out this article about the work Dr. Hobar and Dr. Cone did to help Qusay Hussein make a full recovery after he was injured in a su***de bombing in Iraq!

mystatesman.com For six hours on Feb. 26, 2016, Dr. Jeffrey Cone — along with Dr. Craig Hobar — worked on Qusay Hussein’s face and nasal passage.“Not many have gone through what Qusay has gone through,” Cone, craniofacial surgeon, says about the refugee who was left for dead after a su***de bombing in his native Ir...

cupcakecampdallas.com 04/28/2016

Cupcakes for a Cause

Why do we love Dr. Hobar? His commitment to giving back. If you are in the Dallas area please think about stopping by Cupcakes for a Cause on Saturday, April 30th. Proceeds sponsor Leap Global Missions and help make life changing surgeries accessible to people around the world.


cupcakecampdallas.com Cupcakes for a Cause is a gathering of cupcake lovers of all ages to share and eat delicious cupcakes from local DFW bakeries for a good cause. All proceeds go to support LEAP Global Missions, a 501(c) 3 nonprofit dedicated to enhancing and enriching the lives of children living in impoverished regi…


BOTOX: With as little as three injections a year, you can expect to see a significant reduction in the amount of wrinkles on your forehead, in between your eyes and alongside your eyes – your “laugh lines”. And the downtime is minimal. What more could you want! Call now to book your BOTOX session! (972) 566-7300


One of Dr. Hobar's featured services is: "No Scar" Breast Augmentation. This is perfect for women who want to enhance their natural shape without leaving unnecessary scars on the breast. Dr. Hobar has been using this transaxillary approach for over 25 years. Schedule a free consultation with us today! (972) 566-7300


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Dr. Craig Hobar, MD - Dallas Plastic Surgeon




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