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Introducing Dr.Brett Ednie 04/28/2021

Introducing Dr.Brett Ednie

Introducing Dr.Brett Ednie -

Introducing Dr.Brett Ednie


Where can you use a laser for musculoskeletal pain:

The site of injury to promote healing, remodeling and reduce inflammation.

Lymph nodes to reduce edema and inflammation.

Nerves to induce analgesia (pain blocking)

Trigger points to reduce tenderness and relax contracted muscle fibers.

Call to schedule your laser therapy today! 972-996-2420

Where can you use a laser for musculoskeletal pain:

The site of injury to promote healing, remodeling and reduce inflammation.

Lymph nodes to reduce edema and inflammation.

Nerves to induce analgesia (pain blocking)

Trigger points to reduce tenderness and relax contracted muscle fibers.

Call to schedule your laser therapy today! 972-996-2420


Rejuvenated Skin by Valentine's Day - 12/10/2020

FSA: Use it or Lose it!

FSA: Use it or Lose it! -


Nice graphic explaining what SHOULD be happening with the female cycle. Unfortunately, there are MANY things that can disrupt this. Find yours with the help of our integrative medicine team!

[10/26/20]   Frozen Shoulder:
"Absolutely amazing!!! I can move my arm again and was never expecting that to happen so quickly!" - Jennifer O.


Join our monthly raffle! How it works:

1. Collect two referral cards after your appointment here at TWID
2. Pass out your referral cards to two friends
3. If your friend books with us within two weeks and brings the referral card, you get entered into the raffle drawing

The prize for the raffle is a $100 certificate to use towards anything here at The Wellness Institute of Dallas. We will choosing a winner on the 15th of every month!

[10/19/20]   High stress + Head injury= 3-8x likelihood of PTSD

"In the military population, chronic
engagement of the flight or fight response is required for
alertness, reactivity, and survival in life and death combat
situations (27). In these situations, chronic activation of the
amygdala is associated with exaggerated SNA [Sympathertic nervous system], which may
persist upon returning home from deployment (27). Service
members with a history of concussion along with concomitant
combat-related stress have 3–8 fold increased risk of persisting post-concussion symptoms"

Let's do something to make your brain less stressed.


Article: Autonomic nervous system dysfunction in
mild traumatic brain injury: a review of related
pathophysiology and symptoms

[10/19/20]   ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review
"The knowledge, care and information these Doctors put into their patients are invaluable. You owe it to your health to be able to ask questions that can be answered." Elizabeth A.

[10/16/20]   ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
"Dr. Nutt is very knowledgeable and offered practical, useful advice to help me improve my overall health!" -Chris L.

[10/13/20]   "I had hurt my back during the crossfit opens (18.4, am i right?) and after putting off chiro for 3 months, Dr. Nutt had me back to dead lifting in 2 visits. very pleased with the results" -Mike N.

[09/29/20]   ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review
"Dr. Nutt is very friendly and caring. He listens and makes me feel comfortable. My adjustments are helping and I look forward to every appointment. Thank you Dr Nutt!!" -Christie O.

Call to schedule your appointment with our amazing staff!


We are doing our first ever IV Therapy Giveaway. We will choose and announce a winner for the Facebook giveaway on Monday the 21st at 5pm! 😄


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[09/15/20]   "Great personalized service"
-Josh A

[09/02/20]   "Dr. Brandon Nutt, DC., and his business partner, Dr. Matt Rayner, DC., are an amazing chiropractic duo. They are the most knowledgeable practitioners I've found in Dallas for treatment of back pain, neuropathy, and rare, often misdiagnosed disorders involving pain management. They excel in offering their highly-skilled guidance required in relieving pain that most of us thought we just had to live with. The exceptional staff at The Wellness Institute of Dallas, comprised of Kimberly, who greets your arrival with her warm smile, and Albert and Jose, who do the deep-tissue work, leave you knowing that you just received the best chiropractic, neurological, or pain management treatment you'll ever find. And, maybe even that you just found some new friends as well!" -Tom K.


"Every visit has been a huge improvement when it comes to my injuries. I’ve seen Dr. Nutt for a serious back injury and now a shoulder injury. Both cases were diagnosed right away without X-ray or MRI. The treatments gave me almost instant relief and got me back where I needed to be to perform my daily tasks. His professionalism, Neurological knowledge, and medical experience gives me extreme confidence to return when needed. I would highly recommend their office to anyone that needs this type of chiropractic care or just routine maintenance." Marcus P.

[08/28/20]   "I had Stem cell injections into my knee, before I got them I could barely walk and was in pain constantly. After the shots and the therapy I'm walking pain free. They really know what they are doing, and are super friendly. They make you feel like family." - Jack M. 08/20/2020

It's your examine your💩doodie💩. Looking at a stool analysis can be an easy way to determine if any of your health issues may stem from a gut microbe problem like bad bacteria, yeast, or even parasites! 💩💩💩💩💩

This type of analysis is part of our comprehensive health check. Call now to learn more! 972-996-2420

[08/11/20]   "I’ve been a patient of Dr Rayner’s since before Wellness Institute. Dr Rayner and Dr Nutt are brilliant and always get me aligned correctly and out of pain! There are many cutting edge wellness services available. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and very caring. I’ve never had a better full body massage than with Albert or Jose!"- Carol W.

[08/10/20]   "Dr. Rayner is great at what he does, and he is more than willing to talk about what he is doing. This allows me to have a full understanding of what is going on and why he is doing certain things. He is also very friendly and approachable. Great place to be treated at!" -Jaeden W.

[08/04/20]   "This place is amazing and by far the upmost authority in natural healing and obtaining optimal health. Dr Nutt got my brain and body back to functioning at optimal levels. I highly recommend them." Christine M.

[08/01/20]   “Dr. Nutt helped me resolve some dizziness I was having. He goes above and beyond to explain the cause of the issue, he's very patient with questions and has excellent bedside manner. He spent a lot of time with me, explaining task he had me complete, how these communicated back to my brain to allow myself to figure out "where I'm at in space". The adjustments along with the activities he had me complete resolved my issue. (I had immediate relief after the adjustment) I was able to resume back to normal over the course of a few days and the dizziness went away. He's my go-to for issues, I highly recommend!”

-Christina P.


Pupillometry: measuring your pupils and it’s response to light. Pupils are always adjusting to our environment and help us have clear vision. Unfortunately we often see them not functioning properly after head injuries and with many neurological problems. Testing can be used to better understand the automatic processes and wiring of the 🧠 brain 🧠 especially when not functioning like it should.


Pursuits in ADHD and dyslexia

Horizontal pursuits=a window to view the function of the 🧠 brain 🧠 ! This is a young boy diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia trying to watch a red dot gliding slide to side. Notice all of the twitching eye movements. It WAS hard to read and focus before beginning therapy at TWID. These eye movements are seen in many neurological disorders, not just ADHD or dyslexia, and should be rigorously tested and analyzed to help neurological disorders. 06/02/2020

Disrupted sleep predicts next day agitation following moderate to severe brain injury

Sleep is the ultimate healing state. Many patients have heard Dr. Nutt say "If you don't sleep well, don't expect to feel well". Unfortunately, concussions (mild traumatic nrain injuries) often result in sleep problems. One of our main goals to help those with brain injuries is to help them naturally sleep better so they can heal! Call for a free phone consult to discuss how. 972-9962420 (2019). Disrupted sleep predicts next day agitation following moderate to severe brain injury. Brain Injury: Vol. 33, No. 9, pp. 1194-1199.

[04/15/20]   Here’s a little 🏈 football 🏈 fact while we all desperately miss sports. A Virginia Tech study showed that lineman sustained the MOST head impacts during games but the skill position players sustained the most SEVERE head impacts. Do you think it correlates with who is developing CTE and other degenerative neurological diseases?


CONCUSSIONS and HEAD INJURIES don't stop because of a virus, unfortunately. Call/text to set up your FREE consult

For more info: 03/31/2020

Comprehensive Concussion Therapy

Learn how TWID works with people suffering from Post-concussive syndrome (PCS). A New Approach to Concussion Recovery


If you are looking for healthy meal options while you support local small business, please keep Origin Kitchen in mind. We often recommend Origin as a healthy dining out option to our wellness patients. Still a great option now that they are offering take out!



The Wellness Institute of Dallas

TWID is still serving DFW in every capacity. Please watch to find out about our services (Both in person and via telemedicine)


TWID is still open to serve you!


TWID is still open to serve you! 03/18/2020

Comprehensive Concussion Therapy

Introducing the next branch of The Wellness Institute of Dallas. It is about time Concussion care has been made more complete, more proactive, and more personalized. No two brains are the same, so why are they all treated the same? Time to learn why TWID does brain injuries differently. A New Approach to Concussion Recovery


Did you know TWID offers telemedicine? You can do your visits from the comfort of your own home! Call now to make your appointment! 972-996-2420

02/26/2020 02/11/2020

ATNR: Studies Show 50% of Kids with a Retained ATNR Primitive Reflex Struggle with Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a neuro-developmental problem that often has other symptoms. Looking at primitive reflexes and helping kiddos develop the brain power to inhibit them can have a massive impact. Call to schedule a FREE phone call to discuss with our doctors. ATNR: Studies Show 50% of Kids with a Retained ATNR Primitive Reflex Struggle with Dyslexia This article discusses how a retained Asymmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex (ATNR) could be the reason behind a child having dyslexia. Affiliate links are included for your convenience. Integrated Learning Strategie...

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Pursuits in ADHD and dyslexia
TWID is still open to serve you!
The visual aspects of concussion can be debilitating and prevent us from doing what we love. After a quick 3 day intensi...
Parents and people focused on better brain health, please give this video a quick watch and share if you find the inform...
Short but sweet video for parents, athletes and those at risk for concussion and traumatic brain injury.  Brain basics a...
Post-concussive patient testimonial
The Keys to Balance
Vestibular system explained
Eye movements are a sign of brain function
Vagal nerve functions
Hyperactive Immune system? Could be TILT
Is You GUT problem really a BRAIN problem?




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