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Dallas Vitality 360 is on a mission to help you achieve vitality, energy, and true health through th This is not an in-and-out clinic. We take our time.

At Dallas Vitality 360, our team of trained professionals are progressive, open-minded, and take a holistic approach to you and your health. We see you as a person, not a collection of disconnected symptoms that need fixing. Together, we team up to create a protocol that makes the most sense for you to improve your quality of life. We draw on a combination of the four pillars of health: physical f

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The Best Herb's and Spices to add to Organic Meals 🧄🧅🌶


It's ok to be a Health Nut!🥜


Health Tip ! 🍓🥭🍒🥥


What colorful fruits and vegetables are you adding to your meals today? Even if you missed out at lunch you can get right back on track with something healthy and full of nutrients for dinner. 🍆🥒🍇🌶


Top 10 Most Common GMO Foods! 🌽


Dallas Vitality 360 is adding a little spice into your life 🌶🧄


At Dallas Vitality 360 we are all about creating healthy habits to create a healthier life! ✨

What healthy habits have you created to live a healthier life?


Nature's gift to us! 🍓🍊

With so many different types of fruit to choose from, there are so many ways you can incorporate them into your diet. Whether you eat them fresh, or frozen, as a snack, in a smoothie, or even as a dessert. EAT THAT FRUIT!

Visit us on https://dallasvitality360.com/ if you are interested in learning about nutrition and how what we eat affects our body and mind.


Starting out August with a sweet bang!! As we start to approach Fall, we want to encourage you to keep choosing healthy options and Dark Chocolate is the perfect little snack to tackle those cravings 🍫🍂

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To change your life, change something you do daily. 🌿

Here at DV360, we believe small, intentional changes lead you on the path to whole body health. 🙆🏼‍♂️ Recently, I have committed to starting each day by reading for 15 minutes outside. ☀️ Beginning each day by soaking up new knowledge and the morning sun has allowed me to tackle each day with energy and purpose! ✨

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If you’re searching for a way to look naturally more refreshed, consider simple Xeomin or Botox injections performed right here in the DV360 office. Both of these FDA-approved products can be used to treat dynamic wrinkles, including:
👉🏽Crow’s feet around the eyes
👉🏽Front lines between the eyebrows
👉🏽Deep forehead furrows

Discomfort from the injections is minimal, and treatment is over in about 10 minutes. If interested, we will set you up with our NP, Crystal Ward, to develop a treatment plan just for you! 🤗

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The power of tea! ☕️ Treat yourself to a cup of tea every day.

Choose your tea wisely.... for:
💆🏻‍♀️Relaxation --> Chamomile & Lavendar
🌸 Digestion --> Ginger
🌱 Allergies --> Nettle Leaf
😌 Constipation --> Peppermint
🏃🏽‍♀️ Energy --> Green Tea

Timeline photos 02/14/2020

Forecast for this weekend says soak up some sun at a beautiful spot in DFW 🌞 Check out this scenic view for yourself at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve & Trails in Plano 😌🏃🏽‍♀️🚴🏼‍♂️

Timeline photos 02/05/2020

Don’t let this rainy day get you down! Get up and active no matter where you are. 🎊 We found these fun new BODYWEIGHT Exercise Cards on Amazon. 🤸🏼 They are perfect for working out at home when it’s cloudy and cold like today. 🥶

👆🏼Link in bio!!!!👆🏼

Timeline photos 02/03/2020

We believe investing in your health is a priority. 🙋🏼 Maintaining good health is often overlooked until it's too late. ⏰ High-quality food 🥒and gym memberships 🏃🏽‍♀️ are worth the extra cost when a long, healthy life is the result. 🙌🏽

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Ghee butter is our cooking oil of choice!

In Ayurvedic medicine, Golden ghee butter is believed to be the ultimate deliverer of nutrients, bringing health and stability to its consumers.

So what makes Ghee so great?
👉🏽It has a high smoke point, making it ideal for cooking.
👉🏽It is butter minus the milk solids, making it more tolerable for those who avoid dairy and lactose.
👉🏽It provides a clean, healthy source of neuroprotective fatty acids.

Ghee butter can be found at your local store. ☺️

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We are now offering NAD+ IV Vitamin Therapy!

NAD is a coenzyme used by every single cell in your body. Blood infusions of NAD have been shown to...
- improve memory, concentration, and alertness 🧠
- normalize sleep cycles 😴
- reduce fatigue 🏃🏻‍♂️
- improve glucose control 🍓
- increase heart health ❤️

Timeline photos 01/08/2020

Group exercise is a fun and social way to stay active. 💪🏽 Working out with friends and trainers each week provides outside accountability. At DV360, our staff loves group workouts such as yoga, cycling, and HIIT. 🤸🏼🚲🏃🏽‍♀️

What are some of your favorite ways to workout in a group? 🏋🏻‍♂️

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Every DECADE is a fresh start! Pick up the phone and set a date to meet with the lovely staff at our office. ☎️ This year is the year to finally prioritize YOUR HEALTH. Make this your Roaring ‘20s. 🥳

Timeline photos 12/30/2019

Only 1 more day before the decade comes to a close! 🎆 As you begin writing those New Year’s Resolutions, remember to keep your goals SMART.
👉🏽Specific 👉🏽Measurable 👉🏽Attainable 👉🏽Relevant 👉🏽Timely

recommends making 3 Resolutions—no more, no less.

Here are some SMART health goals for the new year.
🕺🏼Eat out no more than 2 times/week.
💃🏼Read/journal/meditate every night for 15min before bed.
🕺🏼Cook one new meal each week.
💃🏼Listen to a health or nutrition podcast to and from work to educate and motivate yourself.
🕺🏼Spend 15min in the morning sun each day.

Timeline photos 12/30/2019

Only 1 more day before the decade comes to a close! 🎆 As you begin writing those New Year’s Resolutions, remember to keep your goals SMART.
👉🏽Specific 👉🏽Measurable 👉🏽Attainable 👉🏽Relevant 👉🏽Timely

recommends making 3 Resolutions—no more, no less.

Here are some SMART health goals for the new year.
🕺🏼Eat out no more than 2 times/week.
💃🏼Read/journal/meditate every night for 15min before bed.
🕺🏼Cook one new meal each week.
💃🏼Listen to a health or nutrition podcast to and from work to educate and motivate yourself.
🕺🏼Spend 15min in the morning sun each day.

Timeline photos 12/17/2019

Connection. 👫 We all long for connection between our partners, ❤️connection to our own bodies, 🙏🏽 and connection to our minds 🧠 , which can all lead to improved s*xual health.

Sexual dysfunctions include any physical or psychological problems that prevent you or your partner from receiving s*xual satisfaction. 🙇🏼♂️ Sexual dysfunction is a common health problem affecting individuals of all ages, but can be more common with increasing age.

At Dv360, we take a comprehensive look at all of the factors impacting your s*xual health and enjoyment.
Therapy may include:
🔑 medications
🔑 supplements
🔑 injections
🔑 improving overall wellness
🔑 therapy

👉🏽Visit our Sexual Performance page (link above) to learn more about how to improve your s*x life.

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We are so ready for the weekend! 🎉Dallas has some of the best stops for food. 🍽 What better excuse to try something delicious than Saturday brunch with the gals?

Our favorite tip for cutting calories while eating out is to cut your meal in half.
💁🏼‍♀️Go halfsies and split your meal with a friend!
💁🏻‍♂️Or turn 1 meal into 2 by immediately boxing up half your meal once it arrives at the table.

Enjoy your weekend and maintain your weight loss goals half a meal at a time 😉


Happy Monday! 🤗

Start your week off by being mindful of your goals. 🧠 I find I get the most out of each day when I set achievable goals. This week is extra busy so my focus is to be active 20 minutes every day. 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️

👉🏽 What’s your goal for the week?


Happy Friday! 🙌🏽 Long post alert! 🚨
We would like to take the time to tell you about one aspect of our business you may not know about!

Personal Weight Loss Membership: Perfect for patients in need of a provider who looks at all aspects of their health 🍃 w/ an emphasis on
👉🏽 weight loss
👉🏽 thyroid
👉🏽 blood glucose
👉🏽 cholesterol
👉🏽 micronutrients.

Here at DV360 we understand that there are individuals who need to lose weight as part of their health journey, but what we disagree with is that there is one blanket approach that could be applied to everyone. We pride our service with the fact we can offer a personalized process for you. 🌟

We formally invite you to fall in love with taking care of yourself! 💕 Please take time to visit our website to get a detailed look at what this membership offers. You won’t regret it! 😁


After being stuck inside the past couple of days because of the cold front, we’re all craving some sunshine! We hope you all enjoy your weekend and take a nice walk or jog outside since it’s warmer weather again! We love walking on the Katy Trail since it feels like a nice getaway from the city life. Where is your favorite place to do things outside in Dallas? 🌞

(Disclaimer: please still wear a jacket, it’s not that warm yet 😇)


✨ We are excited to announce that we have launched our aesthetics program with Crystal! ✨

We now offer Xeomin in our office. Which is as safe and effective as Botox (and affordable) 🙌🏼

View our story for more details & message or call us to book an appointment ☺️


Happy Veteran’s Day to all those who have served and are continuing to serve. Today we honor those in the armed forces for their bravery! Thank you for protecting our freedom 🇺🇸


Have you guys heard of Prolon - the fasting mimicking diet yet? We are obsessed! 🤩 Each box comes with 5 days of food 👉🏼 energy bars, soups, drinks, snacks, and supplements. It’s enough to keep you full but still keeps your body in a natural fasting state. Another perk we love about Prolon is that all the meals are plant based and gluten free!
Let’s talk about the benefits you see after 3 rounds of Prolon:
💃🏻 Fat loss! (We have patients who have lost fat from just doing this once 😏)
🕺🏽 Stem cell-based renewal in the body
💃🏻 Helps with inflammation and metabolic health
🕺🏽More energy and mental clarity
We’d love to work with you if you decide to do the Prolon and are always here to answer any questions ☺️ Click the link in our bio to purchase a kit!


We think it’s important to realize the impact that parents have over children’s eating habits! If your kids see you wanting to improve your lifestyle with healthier eating then chances are they’ll want the same for themselves as they get older. 👩🏼‍🍳 DV360 likes to encourage our patients with children to cook at home for themselves and the family! We think it’s important for everyone in the family to have a healthy relationship with food 😋🥑


Happy Halloween! 👻🎃 We hope you all have a fun and safe night. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone’s costumes! Don’t let the ghosts scare ya tonight 🥦


Have you been able to check out our memberships yet? 🥳 We offer 3 different ones to fit everyone’s needs! Our personalized weight loss membership includes:
✨ 5 appointments with Dr. Bulger or Crystal, NP
✨ 5 appointments with Shyler, our nutritionist
✨ 5% discount on all supplements
✨ 1 Liposlim shot a month
✨ 10% discount on IV vitamin therapy
We know weight loss isn’t always easy and our team is here to have your back! 💪🏼
Click the link in our bio to get more information on our website :)


Happy Monday! It’s always fun to start your week off with some motivation by learning something new 🤓 We recommend reading one of Dr. Mark Hyman’s books or listening to his podcast, The Doctor’s Farmacy. Dr. Hyman likes to focus on eating real foods and creating healthy habits to support our body 🍊🥑🥦

We hope you guys are feeling motivated and having a great start to your week ☺️


We invite you to come hang out with us in our office! We have a very comfortable space with a lot of privacy. We make it our priority to spend a lot of time with our patients so we really listen and take care of them appropriately. & although we do schedule phone calls, we ❤️ when our patients come in to see us! ✨


With the holidays coming up, we understand the need to detox to get back to a balanced lifestyle! Dv360 offers a 14-day VegeCleanse detox program. 🤩 Each kit comes with:
🍓 28 pea protein powder mixes that you drink 2x a day.
🍓 28 packets with digestive supplements that you take 2x a day.
🍓 Program Guidebook that gives suggested food and snack options that will help your body detox
🍓 Blender Bottle
There’s 2 shakes per day with one clean meal of your choice (+ snacks between meals). The diet that you follow during this cleanse is a healthy balanced diet that can help set the stage for healthy eating habits! VegeCleanse not only detoxes, but can work as a health reboot! 🙌🏼




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