Laura Yoo, LE, LAc

By appointment, Sunday-Friday. Licensed Acupuncturist and Licensed Esthetician at the Manning Wellness Clinic. Here to help you feel and look like your best self!

I am happy to discuss your health issues and my services as an acupuncturist. Please note, however, that Facebook owns everything on it-- timeline, messaging, whatever--so if you are uncomfortable with your information belonging to them to do with whatever they want, perhaps a phone call would be more prudent? Just throwing that out there. If you've already posted on your timeline about your migra

Operating as usual


We can process your HSA or FSA cards. Now is the time to start planning if you have a use it or lose it account!

Our office does not bill insurance, but sometimes you can get reimbursed. If it's through health insurance, check that you have acupuncture benefits, that the provider may be out of network, if there is a deductible and how much has been met, if preauthorization is required, and if there are diagnosis requirements or other limitations. We can give you a superbill to submit to your insurance if applicable.

And the next time your company is doing open enrollment, check and see if acupuncture is a covered option. Again, we're not in network, but I've had some folks ask for the superbill where it's not insurance but they do get reimbursed as part of a discount plan.

Laboratory-Confirmed COVID-19 Among Adults Hospitalized ... 10/29/2021

Laboratory-Confirmed COVID-19 Among Adults Hospitalized ...

Natural immunity isn't better.

Laboratory-Confirmed COVID-19 Among Adults Hospitalized ... This report describes mRNA COVID-19 vaccine recipients as having greater immunity from COVID-19 infection than previously infected, unvaccinated persons.

Excessive drinking during pandemic leads to dramatic spike in liver transplants, study says 10/27/2021

Excessive drinking during pandemic leads to dramatic spike in liver transplants, study says

If you are having trouble cutting down on your drinking, acupuncture can help with that. Give us a call at 214-720-2225

Excessive drinking during pandemic leads to dramatic spike in liver transplants, study says The national list for people seeking liver transplants skyrocketed during the pandemic, shooting up 50% higher than originally predicted before COVID.

3pcs Cable Management Retractable Cord Organizer: 2-in-1 Cord Management Case Mobile Phone Holder, Cable Tidy Storage Protector Wire Winder for USB Cable,Headset Cord,Mouse Wire,Charger Cable 10/13/2021

3pcs Cable Management Retractable Cord Organizer: 2-in-1 Cord Management Case Mobile Phone Holder, Cable Tidy Storage Protector Wire Winder for USB Cable,Headset Cord,Mouse Wire,Charger Cable

I wish I didn't get so excited about random crap from Amazon, but if you've seen me struggling with tangled cords to hook the e-stim up to acupuncture needles, you know why I'm so anxiously awaiting this delivery. When you're not buying local, at least have some of it benefit your favorite charity! Set up your Amazon Smile:

3pcs Cable Management Retractable Cord Organizer: 2-in-1 Cord Management Case Mobile Phone Holder, Cable Tidy Storage Protector Wire Winder for USB Cable,Headset Cord,Mouse Wire,Charger Cable 3pcs Cable Management Retractable Cord Organizer: 2-in-1 Cord Management Case Mobile Phone Holder, Cable Tidy Storage Protector Wire Winder for USB Cable,Headset Cord,Mouse Wire,Charger Cable


If you’re doing fertility treatments and you tell me your doctor said not to get vaccinated, something’s not right. For those of y’all who saw me earlier this year and said you were waiting for more data, here you go.

Today, CDC issued an urgent health advisory to increase COVID-19 vaccination among people who are pregnant, recently pregnant, who are trying to become pregnant now, or who might become pregnant in the future to prevent serious illness, deaths, and adverse pregnancy outcomes.

Today's health advisory strongly recommends COVID-19 vaccination either before or during pregnancy because the benefits of vaccination for both pregnant persons and their fetus or infant outweigh known or potential risks.

Additionally, the advisory calls on health departments and clinicians to educate pregnant people on the benefits of vaccination and the safety of recommended vaccines.

How to Write a 5-Star Review That's Actually Helpful (and Looks Real) 08/30/2021

How to Write a 5-Star Review That's Actually Helpful (and Looks Real)

If a friend hasn't told you to come see me, chances are good you found me from someone saying nice things about me on the internet. If you have a good experience with me, I'd love for you to say nice things about me on the internet! Obviously, the last point in this article doesn't apply; name me. 😁

How to Write a 5-Star Review That's Actually Helpful (and Looks Real) Fake reviews are a scourge. Here's how to write ones that actually help.


I've been on both sides of this desk, a lot.

(Behind the desk): How are you today?
(In front of the desk): Good, you?
(B): Good, what brings you in today?
(I): I'm not doing so good

I've definitely had this happen in therapy 😅

LOL! Only Lizzo Would Get Facial Acupuncture in Full Glam 07/31/2021

LOL! Only Lizzo Would Get Facial Acupuncture in Full Glam

Please put your phone away while you are on my treatment table. Unless you are Lizzo, in which case, promote me, and then RELAX. (Yes, I do facial acupuncture, and please be vaccinated if you're asking.)

LOL! Only Lizzo Would Get Facial Acupuncture in Full Glam Lizzo indulged in self-care, getting a cupping treatment on her stomach and acupuncture on her face — details

Juvenile Drops “Vax That Thang Up,” New Song 07/08/2021

Juvenile Drops “Vax That Thang Up,” New Song

I love this!!

Juvenile Drops “Vax That Thang Up,” New Song The track features Mannie Fresh and is a reimagined version of his classic hit “Back That Thang Up.”


I am 2 for 2 today with "I can put my socks on easier" after treatment.


I got us a gadget on Prime Day. UV-sanitize and wirelessly charge your phone while you're having your treatment!

Laura Yoo, LE, LAc updated their info in the about section. 06/25/2021

Laura Yoo, LE, LAc updated their info in the about section.

Laura Yoo, LE, LAc updated their info in the about section.


Be kind, including to yourself.

Support my work and see many comics like these ahead of time:

Timeline Photos 05/16/2021

Per CDC guidelines for a medical setting, masks are still required in the clinic. Please get vaccinated.

The last five patients with COVID-19 who Dr. Luke White cared for in the ICU did not get vaccinated because:

1. "They did. They got their first dose the day before symptoms started."
2. "They gave no reason but said, 'I'm going to after I get through this!' I don't know when they will, because we sent them to an academic hospital for a heart-lung bypass."
3. "They had it 'on their list of things to do.'"
4. "They didn't believe in COVID, vaccination or masks. They died."
5. "I didn't ask. Their spouse had died from COVID the morning they were admitted. Asking seemed cruel."

Dr. White is a Beacon Medical Group critical care and pulmonary specialist who works in the Memorial and Elkhart General critical care and intensive care units.

Please help us end the pandemic and get vaccinated.


“Anxiety, insomnia? Gee, I can’t imagine why? 🤣” Have I said it? Sure. Is it kind of crappy and dismissive? Also, sure, and I am sorry. There is a lot to worry about, but if stress is affecting your health and ability to do the things you have to do, acupuncture might be the relaxation reset you need. 214-720-2225 We’d love to hear from you!


Almost as soon as I saw the news about Gov Abbott lifting the mask mandate, I saw this from Manning Wellness Clinic:

"Although Governor Abbott is ending the mask mandate and allowing businesses, including ours, to operate at 100% as of next Wednesday, we will be keeping our current Covid protocols in place.
*We will continue to limit the number of patients in the office at the same time to maintain distance
*We ask all patients to please continue to wear masks at all times while they're in the office
* We will also continue to completely clean and sterilize all areas between patients
#StopTheSpreadOfCOVID19 #COVID19 #chiropractic #bestdallaschiropractor #maskup"

Although I cannot physically stop someone from removing their mask when they go face down into the headrest, I urge people to realize that the virus is airborne, and when you remove your mask, you might not be the first person to do that today. I disinfect surfaces between each patient, but it's not foolproof.


Enjoy the nice weather! You know this means juniper and cedar pollen are coming. I can work on allergies, and you don’t need to remove your mask! 😷Appointments available Sunday - Friday 214-720-2225


Quotes from the table: “This is the best thing you’ve ever bought.”

re: hot towel cabinet, and they’re right! A steamy towel really elevates the cupping experience, already great for tight, sore muscles.

I’m off Thursday and Friday this week for Thanksgiving, but I’m otherwise still open for appointments Sunday-Friday. Face coverings (nose and mouth) required in the office. 09/06/2020

How to Fix Your Annoying Mask Masks are key to slowing the spread of COVID-19. Consumer Reports shows you how how to fix the most annoying Things About masks with six quick fixes to make wearing them more comfortable.



I tell my allergy patients to rinse their hair every day once they're indoors for the day, so they don't bring pollen to bed. But some hair is a bit more high maintenance, and wetting it daily is just not feasible. In that case, if you have bad allergies and there's lots of pollen around, I really would recommend covering your hair when you are outside. (I kind of hate to share an ad, but this or something like it could actually be a very helpful product for some people.)

We are fearless in any forecast with Hairbrella Pro, a 100% waterproof solution for hair and face protection. Now with a portable, detachable, and adjustable protective face shield.


School's out, and I'm once again open for appointments Sun-Fri instead of no MWF. It's going to take me a while to complete board exams and get my esthetician's license, but honestly, I'm not mad at it, with the way the numbers are around here. I look forward to it, but I absolutely CAN wait to give you a facial, when it's safe! In the meantime (and moving forward), I'm still practicing acupuncture, cupping, and guasha, and I can work on allergy/sinus without you taking your mask off.


Disinfectants are designed to destroy organic material. I'm discovering there are kind of a lot of surfaces in my room that are organic material. The varnish on the wood of the chair arms. My desk. The plastic drawers. The vinyl of the treatment table and my exam room stool is holding up decently for now. It doesn't look great, but I am using exam paper on some of the wooden surfaces, and that's why. Still doing my best to keep y'all safe!


I am so pleased to be part of this team. I will be available for appointments again on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. My classes have relocated to the web, so I'm still unavailable on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Be safe out there, y'all. 04/09/2020

How to Get Health Insurance During the Coronavirus Pandemic

I don't bill insurance, but I believe strongly that you should have it. Losing your job is a qualifying event, and you have 60 days to sign up for Affordable Care Act coverage. Recent world events may have led you to believe that this would be a bad time to not have health insurance right now. And while we can’t judge your individual need for insurance, we can probably say that in general, you should think about getting coverage. 03/29/2020

Perspective | Simple DIY masks could help flatten the curve. We should all wear them in public.

In a nutshell, masks are common in big Asian cities because it's just not hygienic to go around breathing directly on each other in crowded spaces. A little coverage is better than nothing. (But it isn't foolproof, so don't let it make you get careless.) As much as we think we say it and don't spray it, EVERYBODY sprays it to some degree. Have you managed to maintain six feet at the grocery store? I sure haven't.

So even though it feels a little ridiculous, I am masking when I go out now. (Which is just for groceries, really.) And will likely do so when the office opens back up until testing and vaccination are actually attainable by people who aren't unicorns. I've shown no symptoms but those of someone with Texas sized allergies and a messed up sleep schedule, but I am continuing to sing songs in my head as I wash my hands, washing them often, disinfecting high touch areas, trying not to touch my face, etc. Oh, and drinking enough water and getting enough movement and rest. It's not that I am terrified of catching it, but on the off chance I'm a silent carrier, I don't want to spread it. I think it's just polite.

You can get masks or mask making kits from Harkensback here.

You can make an easy no-sew mask out of a bandana and a couple of rubber bands/ponytail holders. (Fold to 1/4 width, thread through the bands, tuck the ends into each other so you have a rectangle of approximately 12 layers, though depending on the size of your face the layers won't all be the same size. Voila. Mask.)

And of course, wash them when you get home! You can make your own at home.


I’ll let you know when we’re open again. Stay home and stay safe, y’all.


The Acupuncture Observer

I was wondering if my graduation counts, since my grad school went bankrupt and there was all kinds of weirdness in the end that allowed us to take national boards, and I'm not sure where it all lies on the scale of accreditation. (Does it even matter after you've been licensed and practicing for 14 years?) However, it's moot, as the medicare thing only applies to the context of a physician's office and very specific cases. Still, it's progress.

Did you hear? Medicare now covers acupuncture. (For chronic low back pain (cLBP), with restrictions.) January 22nd's announcement was met with cheers, jeers, and confusion. There's a lot we don't know. And a fair bit we do. Let's be informed and thoughtful. Here's the formal decision memo. The one page summary covers the important stuff. Please read it. And take a deep breath. [ 580 more words ]


I need reminding sometimes, too. It is what it is, and it is oftentimes not fast enough for people to "believe" in its efficacy. And it works differently for different conditions on different people.


I went shopping yesterday, and my cradle is giving way fewer sheet wrinkles. For those of y'all in body work: fleecy face rest cover, loose linen cover over that, then a FLAT flannel face rest cover over that. The ones at Body Logic are U shaped, but I suspect Y shaped would do even better.


I need this poster.

This doctor's office wins the award for the best pain scale, hands down. 😂


I really want to know people are improving. It's one thing if someone thinks they feel better. It is quite another to hear, "I usually start to hurt about halfway to the mailbox, and it didn't bother me until I was coming back to the house." What does better look like to you? How can I help you get there?


Community acupuncture is still happening every Wednesday except Thanksgiving week, from 6ish to 7:30ish (usually on the early side) until December 11, at Balanced Oak Massage & Wellness. After that, it will probably pick up again in July. Office hours at Manning Wellness Clinic are by appointment, Sunday-Friday until December 15, when they will go to Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, again, until July.


Laura Yoo, L.Ac.


Much has been made of acupuncture being covered in low back pain studies, but the language in the proposal currently never mentions acupuncturists. 🤔 It does mention that if it's not a physician, the "auxiliary personnel" or PA or nurse must have a masters and be licensed to practice acupuncture in the state, so that's something.


This one's making the rounds again. A good reminder that you can get a surprising result when you don't needle right at the chief complaint!

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