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Dr. Denisa Weber at Serving Life Chiropractic, located in Dallas, TX use the INSiGHT to assess the spine and nervous system and how it is functioning. This allows them to see what structural compensation their patients’ bodies might be making to adapt to the stress on their nervous system. Serving Life Chiropractic

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What. A.Day! Thank you everyone who came out to celebrate the Grand Opening of Eleven IV💙💙 Thank you to our awesome team and partners who made our special day possible 🎉🎉 Cheers🥂 Live Hydrated 💧💧💙 Palate Pro Serving Life Chiropractic float_balloon_bar Eleven Wellness Original ChopShop Baldo's Dallas
My good friend Sydney will be the ray of sunshine greeting you as you walk in the door to this office. Dr. Denisa really listens to you and you leave feeling better than when you came in. I’ve been to several chiropractors in the Dallas area and highly recommend Serving Life.
A HUGE and LOVE-FILLED thank you to Serving Life Chiropractic for our awesome Champ Camp shirts to top of an amazing week of friendship and fun! We ❤️ Serving Life!

Inspiring Health. Empowering Families. Serving Life Chiropractic is a family practice located in Snider Plaza within the Park Cities. Dr. Denisa Weber specializes in prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care in order to serve your family to your fullest potential!

Helping anyone expressing nervous system imbalance from ear infections to uncomfortable pregnancies or simply wanting more out of life. If you want to transform your family's expression of health, then Serving Life is the place for you!

Operating as usual

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We are hiring y’all!!

Calling those who are ready to jump right in and help us continue to serve more kids, moms and families in our community!

SLC is a high energy, fast-paced, positive family-focused practice with emphasis on prenatal and pediatric care located in University Park, TX (deep in the heart of Dallas:)

This is definitely not a desk job where you will be sitting all day, but it does require someone who is efficient with computer work and is tech savvy!

The right person for this position is:

* Experienced with customer service (2 years minimum but am open for the right person)

* Quick at learning new systems and technology

* Has strong communication and connection skills

* Equipped with phenomenal multitasking skills

* A true team player with an amazing work ethic

* Has a heart to serve children and growing families

* Interested in natural health

* Willing to be a part of a FUN team that is growth driven

* Highly adaptable and enjoys a fast-paced environment

* Easy to train!

Salary will be competitive and based upon experience.

If this is you & you are ready to serve in this position, please send the following to [email protected] and we will coordinate the next steps for you:

1) Your Resume
2) Cover Letter
3) Video of yourself sharing why you think you are the right member for our team!

Serving Life Chiropractic updated their address. 02/16/2022

Serving Life Chiropractic updated their address.

Serving Life Chiropractic updated their address.


Unfortunately even with it “warming up” we will continue to remain closed tomorrow, Thursday Feb. 18th due to the continued power outages, water shut offs, and flooding that has impacted so many in our community directly 😔💔

We are certainly looking forward to sunshine☀️ and seeing all your smiling faces next week.

We are praying for y’all and hope everyone is staying safe and warm ❤️


Unfortunately we will be closed again tomorrow, Wednesday Feb. 17th due to the unsafe road conditions, continued power outages for most of the community (including Dr. Denisa and her family) & additional snow and ice that is expected tonight and tomorrow morning.

We will continue to monitor the weather and keep you updated about Thursday.

Our staff will be contacting everyone to reschedule when we are safely back in the office.

We miss y’all! 😭❤️

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happy 4th y’all!! 🎇 ⠀

Timeline photos 06/22/2020

to all of our , we hope you feel loved + celebrated 🤍⠀
you are all kinds of amazing✨⠀

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_celebrating freedom for all 🖤

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It begins in the heart. ⠀
Paving its way through winding roads, creating its own path. ⠀
Paths that forge us, guide us, teach and help us learn to surrender.⠀
Each is beautiful and unique, showcasing the variety of ways each of us make our way into + through this journey.⠀

As this concludes, I hope you know + feel cherished for who you are and all that you contribute to those you have birthed, adopted, taught, longed for, parented and 'mothered' in some way. ⠀

You are truly celebrated today 💐 ⠀

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Hey !! We've got some goodies for you for Mother's Day!⠀

Oh how the times have changed. We usually have something cute up our sleeve for y'all to celebrate this special day but we got to thinking... 💭 “what would our moms love to have, right now?"⠀

Well, we couldn't get you a getaway from teaching and wearing but we thought we could make something you could use in your home. So, over the weekend, we got busy making you some non-toxic cleaner!! 🥰🌿⠀

Make sure to grab yours when you come in this week! We've already had quite a few happy mamas in today!⠀

@ University Park, Texas

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nope, we aren't talking about eggs here y'all! ⠀

One thing as a that I wish I didn't hear so often is, "I wish I would've known how chiropractic could help with my baby's position with my ____ (first, second) baby" or the too often said, "Is it too late in my pregnancy to help with my baby's position?"⠀

Our works with other workers to educate them on getting mamas under care early in their pregnancies if not before in order to, not only carry comfortably throughout their pregnancy but optimize the home environment for baby.⠀

Birthing ain't fun, produces a ton of and lengthens the amount of time in labor. We see this a lot with who 'sit' for a living (have a job that requires a lot of computer work). Keeping a blossoming pelvis mobile through movement and chiropractic aids in optimizing proper positioning of baby and minimizes the chances of mom delivering 'sunny-side up'.⠀

No, it's not too late to create proper pelvic balance, ensure an optimal environment for your little and make sure your 'exit strategy' is open and ready for delivery. ⠀

This is what chiropractic in is all about and the earlier you can get checked by a prenatal chiropractor, the better you can experience. ⠀

It’s a joy and privilege to support so many as they journey into . ⠀


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!! Y'all are THE BEST!⠀

It has been so life giving to hear your kind and loving words throughout these past weeks...⠀

"Cannot tell you how happy I am that y'all are open."⠀
"Thank you guys for staying open during all of this, it's been so helpful for me through this challenging time."⠀
"What would we have done if your service wasn't available? I don't want to know."⠀

The texts, DMs, spoken words, flowers and treats have made us feel so loved and we always hope you feel the same when we see and serve you!⠀

Excited to see even more of you in the weeks to come 💛⠀

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Anyone else missing throwing up a good ol' fashioned or fist-bump lately?🤜🤛⠀

Yah, us too. One day we will be there again, but for now we are sending you a virtual 'high-five' to how you are navigating wearing every single hat for yourself, your work and your families. You are prioritizing yourselves at a time when it's needed most. ⠀

We are so glad we can support you through all this and sometimes be your ONE outing of the day. ⠀

Here for you fam!

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Happy Easter from our family to yours🤍 Enjoy celebrating this special day together!⠀

Timeline photos 04/10/2020

four years y'all⠀

4 years ago this 'gift of a gal' joined on as a team member at SLC and the rest is history! She is the right-hand to that happen at and is the ultimate connector of our office ❤️⠀

She radiates joy + positivity She loves BIG and serves BIGGER. Give her a virtual (((hug))) when you see her this week and show her your appreciation for loving on y'all so beautifully. ⠀

We love you Miss Sydney. ⠀
There is no one like you. ⠀
Thank you for BEing YOU!⠀


Chris Field - Disruptor for Good

Looking for something to share with your kiddos during this time away from school? We love this page for sharing fun, educational videos for families navigating this time together at home.

Chris Field - Disruptor for Good Author

Timeline photos 03/03/2020

more and more baby announcements rollin' in y'all😊⠀

2 delivered this past week and so many more to come in these next few. 🌱 Springtime is bringing in more littles and we couldn't be more thrilled to serve you as you welcome the newest members of your families. ⠀

for the WIN for so many of these mamas championing , redeeming and empowering . Chiropractic is so clutch in preparation for easeful deliveries for both mom and baby. 🤱⠀

Who here has experienced the benefits of in their pregnancy and delivery? 🙋🏼‍♀️

Timeline photos 02/17/2020

Hope everyone felt all the love on valentine's day this weekend 🤍

School is out for which means it has been busy all day today checking our

Timeline photos 01/23/2020

+ vibes y'all⠀

When we get the opportunity to serve you at SLC, we are always looking through a lens 👓⠀

Many can fixate on what's 'wrong', what needs to change, brings you down, etc. but here we look at those places and say, "what's possible?" ⠀

We don't naively say positive things about you, we MEAN them. We see YOU. Your changes, tiny wins, breakthroughs, gains and want to mirror back what is actually there that you may be missing in your day-to-day.⠀

Not only do we love getting you to your goals but enjoy strengthening your ability to see through your own 'possibility lenses'😎⠀

is a place where you get to pause and see yourself for who you are. We value unleashing the potential within YOU so you can shine bright in this world! ⠀

Positive vibes only! + 😀 +⠀

Timeline photos 01/22/2020

one step ⠀

That's all it takes. One step everyday towards what you desire to create more of in your life. 👣⠀

Know that every time you grace the doorstep at you are taking a HUGE step in the direction of better health and expressing your fullest potential 💫⠀

Here for YOU and cheering you on!⠀

Timeline photos 01/21/2020

our is ready to serve you and yours🤍 ⠀

Timeline photos 01/20/2020


"darkness cannot drive out darkness; ⠀
only LIGHT can do that. ⠀
hate cannot drive out hate; ⠀
only LOVE can do that."⠀
- martin luther king jr. ⠀

here's to bringing more LIGHT and LOVE to your LIVES 🤲⠀

Timeline photos 01/20/2020

We’re committed to better cleaning methods at SLC🌱 ⠀

Thanks to we’ve made our own ✨non-toxic✨cleaners for the practice having y’all in mind the whole time 🤟⠀

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support + partnership⠀

We are blessed beyond measure to take care of some amazing business owners in our community. Our relationship with has been such a gift. Not only are they intentional and intensely trained, they are also incredibly passionate about connecting their clients with places that will help them live their best lives 🤍

This lady right here is one of the best instructors and a who is known for bringing the 🔥 at every class she teaches!

Thankfully we've been able to take care of many of their clients and when they pair their care with a regular Bar Method practice, they reach their results faster. Better posture, increased spinal integrity and less discomfort throughout. holla! 🙌🏻

Next weekend the will be hanging out with our friends at the for their Form Workshop! ⠀

If you haven't tried yet, jump on the bandwagon and find out what all the fuss is about!⠀

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