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I am SO DISAPPOINTED in Carter Eye Center. They are very nice and attentive when you go in for your initial appointments. would have a time scheduled then someone would confirm a different time and then they would check and then I would have another time. No two people in that office could ever agree on a time. For my surgery, I was supposed to be in the first group and was told to be there at 7:00 a.m. I got a call confirming I was in the second group and needed to be there at 8:00. After my questioning, it was confirmed I was in the second group. I got there at 8:00. With that, I didn't even make the 2nd group and was the next to last person to have surgery in the 3rd group and wasn't out until nearly 1:00 p.m. I was a pre-paid patient. All of $10,500 paid up front. But, my file folder was passed all around the office to verify insurance and then I was forced to fill out paperwork for the anesthesiologist guaranteeing payment although it was already pre-paid. Now, four months later I am STILL getting invoices for anesthesia and also from Carter Eye Center! Both stating that I am past due and my account is getting turned over to a collection agency. I have talked with William in Carter's office multiple times (every time I get another bill in the mail) and I hear that it was an error and that it will be corrected. I don't know if this fiasco will ruin my perfect credit or not. BUT, on the positive side, I did like Dr. Carter very much and he is a very nice guy. His staff needs to get their acts together because they each seem to be marching to their own drummer. If I had known this ahead of time, I would have saved myself the headache and gone with someone else.
Great experience!
I'm 2 weeks in with one eye, and 1 week with the other. I haven't been able to see this well in over 20 years. No more glasses! Dr. Carter and the entire staff have been pleasant and informative with each visit. I couldn't be happier. I was referred by friends, and will tell others about Carter Eye Center.
Even though I did not get to see my one of my favorite quarterbacks (Troy Aikman) I did get to see Dr. Carter and I am so thankful for the gift of sight that you have given me! It is beyond anything I could have imagined .. You and your staff were amazing! Thank you so much!!
Dr. Carter made my life so much better. I see like an eagle and it was the best decision I ever made.
I had an appointment today. Thank you to the lady at the receptionist, the one with the grayish hair. She was very pleasant and tried to help me with a billing question I had. She contacted the billing person for me, the MA inside was very pleasant too. I think she is from Ethiopia and of course Dr. Harvey, charming as usual.

Carter Eye Center we want you to achieve the best vision possible and we want you to have an eye care experience that is second to none. #CarterCares

At Carter Eye Center, we want you to achieve the best vision possible and we want you to have an eye care experience that is second to none.

Our goal is to reinvent the Dallas LASIK experience, and we continue to work to make it even better for you. The Carter Eye Center Staff is ready and willing to answer your vision correction questions. The Personal Patient Counselor program at Carter Eye Center provides personalized one-on-one care and gives a "reason to believe" in the power of vision correction. We do not have to tell you how important your eyes are. That's why we can't stress enough the importance of choosing the right eye doctor. We urge you to exercise the same care and consideration in choosing your eye care provider as you would when choosing a family doctor. Now, here are just a few reasons to choose Carter Eye Center for your exceptional vision correction experience:

• State-of-the-art Technology
• Patient Care
• Results
• Experience and Expertise
• Affordability and Value
• Skill & Training
• Caring Staff
• Mutual Respect
• Commitment to Education

Choose Carter Eye Center for Exceptional Vision Enhancement in the Dallas, TX area. We want you to know that when shopping for eye care, the lowest price in not always the best value. At Carter Eye Center, we believe that trust is the most important factor. While we have the experience, skill and technology to achieve the best vision care results for you, we believe the doctor/patient relationship is the number one reason you, like so many Dallas/Ft. Worth residents, should choose Carter Eye Center.

Operating as usual

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Today is World Health Day. How healthy are your eyes? Schedule your appointment with us today to find out!

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Pterygiums won’t go away on their own and can interfere with your vision. Carter Eye Center has treatment options! Learn more at


Enjoy this spring more with LASIK at Carter Eye Center! We are currently offering all-laser LASIK for $2,022 TOTAL. Schedule your FREE, no-obligation consultation at

Spring into Warmer Weather with Better Vision | Carter Eye Center 04/04/2022

Spring into Warmer Weather with Better Vision | Carter Eye Center

As you reach for lighter clothing this spring, wouldn’t it also be great to leave behind your glasses or contacts? Carter Eye Center makes the decision to finally get LASIK eye surgery easy, and trusting your vision to a pioneer in LASIK technology has never been more convenient and affordable.

Spring into Warmer Weather with Better Vision | Carter Eye Center Spring into Warmer Weather with Better Vision Carter Eye Center is the leading provider of LASIK, cataract surgery, and other eye care services in the greater Dallas area.

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Did you know that Vuity is an FDA-approved eye drop that could replace your readers? Schedule an appointment to see if it’s right for you!

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Today is National Doctors’ Day and we want to appreciate Dr. Carter and Dr. John. We are thankful for both of you!


Spring has officially sprung 💐 Start this season out with clear vision with LASIK from Carter Eye Center! Schedule your FREE, no-obligation consultation at

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Seeing is Believing at Carter Eye Center! Don’t miss these moments because of blurry vision. Learn more about cataract surgery at


Pterygium, also known as Surfer’s Eye, is caused by overexposure of the earth’s natural elements such as the sun, dust and wind. Learn more at


We are still offering LASIK for $2,022 💰 This promo won’t last forever. Schedule your FREE, no-obligation consultation at


Cataract surgery at Carter Eye Center is quick and easy! We offer the latest lens technology which means restored vision with diminished or even eliminated dependency on reading glasses! Learn more at

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day 💚


Do you suffer from dry eye? If the answer is yes, you’re in luck.🍀 Carter Eye Center has treatment options! Schedule your appointment at

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Life experiences are best when shared with those you love. So imagine, LASIK for you and your bestie 👯‍♀️ What a day to remember! Schedule your FREE, no-obligation consultation at


Thinking about LASIK? Here’s how to prepare. Learn more at


Happy International Women’s Day! Today, we are spotlighting Sherine John, OD. We are thankful for your hard work!


What’s better than clear vision? Clear vision for $2,022 😲 Yup, Carter Eye Center is offering LASIK for $2,022. But wait, it gets better. The consultation is FREE! Schedule yours today at

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Can’t call to schedule an appointment? Don’t worry! We’ve made it easy! Schedule your FREE, no-obligation LASIK consultation today at

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Carter Eye Center is now offering Vuity! These eye drops could replace your readers 😲 Want to know if it’s right for you? Schedule an appointment to find out.

Exciting New Option for People Who Wear Readers | Carter Eye Center 02/28/2022

Exciting New Option for People Who Wear Readers | Carter Eye Center

Hey middle-agers, we see you! Want to get rid of the readers?

Exciting New Option for People Who Wear Readers | Carter Eye Center Exciting New Option for People Who Wear Readers Carter Eye Center is the leading provider of LASIK, cataract surgery, and other eye care services in the greater Dallas area.


Plans to be at the beach for spring break? 🌊 Enjoy them more with LASIK. No more having to hassle with contacts and glasses. Take our self-test to find out if you are a good candidate.

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We 💛 our loyal patients.

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Do you reach for your readers for everything? If so, this is for you! Now introducing Vuity, the first (and only) FDA-approved eyedrop that improves age-related blurry near vision (a condition called presbyopia) in adults. Interested? Schedule your appointment today to find out if it’s right for you.


For more than 30 years, Dr. Harvey Carter has offered the highest quality medical and surgical eye care to people of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Learn more about him at


You still have time! We are still offering LASIK for $2,022 for BOTH eyes! Schedule your free, no-obligation consultation at

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What gets better than that?! Learn more about LASIK at

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Enjoy the view even more with LASIK at Carter Eye Center! Right now, get All-Laser LASIK for only $2,022 TOTAL 💰 Schedule your FREE, no-obligation consultation at

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Love, your Carter Eye Center team ❤️


Need a last-minute Valentine's Day gift for your honey? Give the gift of clear vision with LASIK at Carter Eye Center! Learn more at

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Signs of cataracts include blurry or cloudy vision, seeing halos and difficulty seeing at night. If you think you might have cataracts, we encourage you to schedule an evaluation to know your options. Schedule yours at


iLUX is one of our latest dry eye treatments. You don’t have to suffer from irritated and uncomfortable eyes. Learn more at

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Want to see the slopes better? Get LASIK at Carter Eye Center for only $2,022 for both eyes 😲 Schedule your FREE, no-obligation consultation at

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Enjoy skiing? Want to enjoy it even more? With LASIK, you can! See the slopes clearly and schedule your free consultation at


Due to weather, Carter Eye Center will also be closed tomorrow, February 4. Stay safe!

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Cataract surgery is a quick process and only has three steps. Learn more at

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Happy Independence Day 🎆 Let us know what your plans are! 👇🏻



- LASIK (vision correction including the Implantable Contact Lens by Visian ICL®)
- Cataract Surgery (state of the art LENSAR® Laser System for Laser Cataract Surgery)
- Presbyopia Treatment (Are you over 40 and having trouble reading?)
- Glaucoma (Call us for a second opinion and to learn about our glaucoma treatment options.
- Retina (For matters of the aging eye)
- Cosmetic Procedures (Includes Dermal Fillers, Eyelid Surgery and even Latisse® eyelash enhancements)
- Optical Services (Get your fashionable frames here today)



4633 N. Central Expressway, Suite 300
Dallas, TX

General information

Areas of Expertise: IntraLASIK,LASIK,LASEK, Laser Eye Surgery, Cataract Surgery, Crystalens(r), Glaucoma Laser Surgery, Optical Services, Diabetic retinopathy, Corneal Transplant Surgery, Dry Eye Surgery, Ophthalmology, Optometry, Cosmetic Procedures

Brands: LASIK, iLASIK, CustomVue, Wavefront, Intralase, LASEK, PRK, ICL, Visian ICL, Crystalens, ReSTOR, ReZoom, Botox, Latisse, Radiesse, Restylane

Languages Spoken: English and Spanish

Professional Associations: Dallas County Medical Society, Dallas Academy of Opthalmology, Texas Medical Association, American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, American Medical Association, Core Investigator- ISRS LASIK Study, International Society For Refractive Surgery, American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO)

Certifications/Specialties: The American Board of Ophthalmology, 1990

Opening Hours

Monday 8am - 5pm
Tuesday 8am - 5pm
Wednesday 8am - 5pm
Thursday 8am - 5pm
Friday 8am - 5pm

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