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Recently I had the pleasure of assisting Drs. Newman, Taub and Chu with the recruitment of a new administrator for their practice. During that time, I had an excellent opportunity to "get to know" the partners and gain some insight on how they manage their practice. As a consultant that has worked with many ophthalmology practices throughout the nation, I can say that Newman & Taub Vision Center is an outstanding, high quality organization that stresses personalized care. I am giving them a 5 star review!
I love Newman, Taub, & Chu!
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Board-certified ophthalmologists in Dallas & Plano, Tx, we put our passions into practice as we spec

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Macular degeneration can often be spotted during routine eye exams. Your doctor may ask you to look at an Amsler grid, which shows a pattern of straight lines like a checkerboard. If the straight lines appear wavy or are missing, this could be a sign of macular degeneration. Schedule your routine eye exam today!


Can video games hurt your eyes? Yes and no. Actually, game therapy is used sometimes to treat lazy eyes! But too much gaming can cause digital eye strain, headaches, and dry eyes. Specialized lenses can help reduce glare & digital eye strain. Learn more today by scheduling an exam!


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Pupil dilation may feel like a nuisance, but it’s critical for diagnosing dangerous eye diseases as early as possible. By dilating pupils for an eye exam, your eye doctor sees a clearer, wider view of the retina and optic nerve.


We offer advanced technology options and laser is one of the tools that is available. We remove the cataract and replace it with a bionic / artificial lens to help light reach the back of your eye and restore your vision. Learn more about cataract surgery by visiting


The first step in treating dry eye syndrome is to determine the precise cause of your condition. After thoroughly examining your eyes, our doctors will recommend the best treatment for your unique situation and specific needs.


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We always strive to provide the best experience for our patients. Thanks for the great review!


Bifocal contact lenses are an advanced type of lens that is an ideal option for patients diagnosed with nearsightedness or presbyopia (farsightedness). Bifocal contact lenses provide a clear, customized vision at all distances, eliminating the need for glasses without surgery.


An ocular migraine, also known as an ophthalmic migraine or retinal migraine, is a painless and temporary disturbance in vision that affects either one or both eyes. Ocular migraines usually resolve, without medication, within 20 to 30 minutes from the start of the occurrence. If the ocular migraine is accompanied by a throbbing headache, then it is classified as a migraine with an aura.


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Did you know? Dry eye tends to affect women more than men because of the hormonal changes that take place during pregnancy and menopause.


A wide range of replacement lenses are available to cataract patients, each offering different advantages for post-surgery vision. The most effective lens to use depends on the patient's individual preferences and goals for their vision. The lenses eliminate the need for glasses or contacts after cataract surgery, providing most patients with convenient, effective results for their specific vision conditions. Schedule an appointment with us to learn more!


Did you know? There are two types of astigmatism: corneal, in which the shape of the cornea is irregular, and lenticular, in which the lens is imperfectly shaped. Corneal astigmatism is more common. Either type of astigmatism can occur in combination with nearsightedness or farsightedness.


Grave's disease is an autoimmune disorder that causes the thyroid gland to produce an excessive amount of thyroid hormone within the body. Grave's disease may also cause a condition known as Grave's ophthalmopathy in which the immune system attacks the muscles and other tissue around the eyes. This causes inflammation and a build-up of tissue around the eye, which in turn, may cause the eyeballs to bulge out.


If you are experiencing symptoms like glare and halos from headlights at night, decreased color vision, or difficulty in dim lighting, you may be suffering from cataracts. Other people complain of blurry vision affecting golf, watching tv, driving, or computer and reading. Learn more at


Patients with diabetes need to have an annual comprehensive dilated eye exam. The length of time a patient has diabetes will determine the likelihood of developing diabetic retinopathy. Over 40 percent of patients in the United States, diagnosed with diabetes, have a form of diabetic retinopathy. When was your last exam? Call today to make an appointment.


If you suffer from mild to moderate dry eyes, there are some over-the-counter solutions that can help. Omega-3 and fish oil supplements can help reduce inflammation that causes dry eyes. Over-the-counter eye drops are also helpful in providing lubrication to dry, itchy eyes.


To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. Tomorrow is yet to come, so make the most of it!


LASIK has the advantage of being a short procedure that results in permanent vision improvement. Most patients who choose to undergo LASIK achieve clear vision without corrective lenses while also benefiting from minimal downtime and only mild post-operative discomfort! Learn if LASIK is right for you -- call us today!


Crowding of structures in the eye can clog the drains of the eye and lead to high eye pressure. Medications and injuries can also lead to glaucoma. We will do a thorough examination and review your medical history to look for culprits. Learn more about glaucoma by visiting


“Leave nothing for tomorrow which can be done today.” - Abraham Lincoln


Disposable soft lenses are intended to be discarded and replaced after they have been worn for a certain period of time. This makes them even easier to maintain than regular soft contacts. Many disposable lenses are designed for either replacement every morning, every two weeks, or every month.


Patients exhibiting symptoms of a corneal abrasion should be evaluated by an ophthalmologist. The eyes are examined and a fluorescein eye stain test or examination of the eye may be conducted. If something is on the cornea, the doctor can safely remove it. Don’t delay in scheduling an exam!


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Whether you're working from home or working from the office, computer use leads to tired, strained eyes. The 20-20-20 rule gives your eyes a refresh: Every 20 minutes, focus on something at least 20 feet away, for at least 20 seconds. Doing so will prevent fatigue caused by computer use.


Every day is a fresh start. Every moment is a new beginning. 💫


Visually intense activities, such as reading, driving, or spending extended time on electronics, can sometimes be hard on the eyes. This can cause a range of uncomfortable symptoms: headaches, blurry vision, light sensitivity, and more. To learn more about digital eye strain and discover the best relief options for you, give us a call!


Almost everyone can achieve comfort and better vision with contact lenses. If you are trying contact lenses for the first time, had trouble in the past, or have been told you could not wear them, we often succeed with one of the many varieties of contacts available.


Do you start each morning sipping coffee with your smartphone, then move to your computer screen, and go back to the smartphone or tablet at night? By bedtime, your eyes are tired, red, and dry, and you have a splitting headache – the classic signs of computer vision. Don’t suffer any longer! There is blue-light blocking eyewear available to help relieve your pain. Schedule an appointment to learn more!


Did you know that thyroid issues can cause significant changes in vision? Overproduction of hormones by the thyroid gland, also known as hyperthyroidism, can lead to severe eye problems like tearing, swelling, and blurred vision if gone untreated.


Although it seems counterintuitive, one of the most common symptoms of dry eye is watering. Extremely dry eyes can cause you to produce excess tears in order to provide lubrication. If you suffer from watery, uncomfortable eyes, call us to schedule an appointment!


From annual eye exams to specialized eye surgery, you can be confident in the care provided by Drs. Newman, Taub, and Chu. We will care for you with compassion and precision using the most recent technology available. Schedule your appointment today!


Here’s something to raise a glass to — weekly consumption of red wine (in moderation) has been linked to a reduced chance of cataracts. Cheers!


Everyone who has diabetes is at risk for developing diabetic retinopathy, but not everyone develops it. If you have diabetes, it is imperative that you receive frequent eye exams! Don’t delay! Give us a call today!


Inspire your loved ones to become better versions of themselves!


Do you suffer from blurry vision at all distances and/or eyestrain that often leads to headaches? These symptoms may be the result of astigmatism. Call us to schedule a thorough eye examination!


Doctors Newman, Taub, and Chu are dedicated to providing the best outcome for each patient. Their experience allows them to customize treatment using well-proven technology, the newest innovations in the field, and a deep understanding of the needs of their patients. Schedule your appointment today!


Do you ever feel like you’re looking through a thick fog? Glaucoma affects peripheral and central vision and is accompanied by cloudy vision. Often, you begin to notice this taking effect when reading. Don’t delay in receiving treatment! Give us a call now!

Our Story

Doctors Newman, Taub, and Chu are dedicated to providing the best outcome for each patient. Their experience allows them to customize treatment, using well proven technology, the newest innovations in the field, and a deep understanding of the needs of their patients. They offer a complete range of services including comprehensive ophthalmic examinations, LASIK, eyelid surgery, cosmetic procedures, contact lens fitting, glaucoma, dry eyes and diabetes care. Cataract surgery options include the new ReSTOR®, Crystalens®, Tecnis Multifocal and Toric intraocular lenses which reduce dependency on glasses.





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