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Licensed Acupuncturist. Certified Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist. Certified Cupping Therapist. Focused on the treatment of anxiety, stress, addiction of all kinds, PTSD/Trauma, and pain management.

Like many children, I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up. That changed after I was diagnosed with cancer at age seven. I couldn’t quite grasp how helping people feel better could involve treatments that seemed harsher than the disease itself. Instead, I became a writer, ultimately building a successful career in both the advertising and publishing industries here in Dallas. I remain thankful for

Operating as usual


This Saturday at 3 pm: zen vibes combined with acupuncture for an hour-long meditation you won’t forget.


Move along sliced bread. The next best thing is Evil Bone Water, a small-batch topical medicine made from imperial-grade Chinese herbs (and Everclear) by Saint Apothecary. The remedy for sports injuries, spine and joint pain, bruising, sprains…and bug bites. Ridiculously effective. @evilbonewater @saintapothecaryandwellness


Acupuncture + Sound Bath returns! Hope you can join Christy Price and me.


See you later, Savannah!


What does it mean when life refuses to give you lemons? This particular fruit has been hanging from my Meyer lemon tree for two+ weeks. Won’t ripen. Any Meyer experts out there?


Keeping those needling skills sharp with an embroidery class. Thanks @erinfrisch!


Loving this new moxabustion tool! Bamboo eye cups from Japan may look bizarre but they’re great for floaters, dry eyes, eye strain. Feels weirdly amazing! Thanks @theroadacupuncture @brookeglobal

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Loving the new moss installation in my treatment room by Energy Gardens. In feng shui, the color green is considered to be wood - or in TCM, liver - energy. When liver Qi flows smoothly, we’re on top of our game - physically and mentally healthy, open to change.


Gift certificates available!

Thoughts on the COVID vaccine: A conversation with Yan Jiang, MD, Ph.D, LAc 01/16/2021

Thoughts on the COVID vaccine: A conversation with Yan Jiang, MD, Ph.D, LAc

One of my favorite former intern partners (thanks Allyson Schurtz) shared this. Thought it was excellent information from a traditional Chinese medicine perspective. And I look forward to receiving the vaccine.

Thoughts on the COVID vaccine: A conversation with Yan Jiang, MD, Ph.D, LAc We are all anxious to get back to life. And we now have the tool to help make that happen: two approved COVID-19 vaccines that have been proven to have over a 90% protection rate. Yet there are still community concerns of the potential short-term and long-term side effects that might lead to


To access Gallbladder 21, pinch the shoulder muscle between the thumb and middle finger and stimulate the point for four to five seconds. It's commonly used for stress, facial pain, headaches, and neck pain. Even toothaches!


When you’re about to start a yoga class and a cool saxophonist starts playing along to your all-time fave song, well, you know it’s going to be a lovely day.

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Challenge accepted. Thanks, Mollie Talley Williamson, for inspiring me to be the best possible version of myself.

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Fashion 101.

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When your first attempt at backyard gardening reveals your lack of understanding re: the space requirements of cucumbers.


Just brew it! I'm teaching an hour-long online course on DIY teas using Chinese herbs. Sign up at

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Five days and umpteen hours later my new puzzle reveals itself to be missing a piece. And possessing two pieces that clearly belong to some other design. Somewhere there’s a rogue puzzle employee cackling maniacally while rubbing his palms together.

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Carpathia Collaborative celebrates all women!

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Because we always hurt the ones we love.

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When you just can’t seem to train your doggo to stop jumping off furniture.

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Two tiny needles. One big energetic shift.

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How do you increase the therapeutic benefits of a sound bath? Add a little acupuncture to the mix. This Friday, January 31, starting at 7 pm at Alula Collective! Register at $60 reserves your spot.


Moxabustion on the lower back. It warms and invigorates the flow of qi. Great for sore muscles, digestive issues, and dispelling pathogens. Plus, it feels delicious!

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It ain’t nothing but a Qi thing, baby.

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This little ear crystal packs a powerful therapeutic punch. Auricular therapy is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine. It’s a way to tap into the nervous system and promote self healing.


First one of the new year!

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Trying acupuncture doesn’t require any level of bad-assery. Just an openness to change. I use this point for allergies, congestion...and facial rejuvenation.

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Walking the talk.

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Get off the caffeine train and into something that also helps immunity.

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Implementing good habits for 2020!

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Forty winks eluding you? Acupuncture will reintroduce the Sandman into your life.

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Acupuncture has no side effects. Unless you consider feeling less anxious, smiling more, and not yelling at other drivers an adverse condition.


Tomorrow's the last day for early bird pricing!

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