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Thanks, Lovelace Chiropractic and Sports Rehab for the 3 sessions before we head to the Police Unity Tour in a few days! From adjustments to working on tennis elbow, Dr. Lovelace will take care of you.
Thank you Lovelace Chiropractic and Sports Rehab for working on my arm today, getting me ready for the police unity tour !

Lovelace chiropractic and sports rehab is the official chiropractor of the cycling team !
Thanks Lovelace Chiropractic and Sports Rehab for the awesome adjustment and for hooking me into the NormaTec Recovery ! Feel great and ready to log some miles tomorrow morning!
We are excited to have Lovelace Chiropractic and Sports Rehab as our official team Chiropractor! We look forward to all the good adjustments you will make on us before and after our long rides!
Having fun & prepping for tomorrow’s #RNRDallas VIP post race recovery with Legacy Chiropractic & Sports Medicine, Lovelace Chiropractic and Sports Rehab, Premier Chiropractic, Muscle Sports Chiropractic, and CoreHealth Wellness! Who are we going to see tomorrow?
Thank you for helping make the 2nd Annual Oral Cancer Foundation- Dallas 5K Run/Walk for Awareness, April 15, 2017 successful!
Stopping by to say "Hi" to our favorite "good spine" friends!
Let's be mighty about spinal health today Lovelace Chiropractic and Sports Rehab!! Big high five guys!

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Operating as usual


Best seat in the house! Let’s go @gosidekicksofficial !


Nothing like starting the week off on the right foot with a nice session on my lunch break. Whose ready to take their to the next level 💪🏻


Get my week started off right with a little . Who couldn’t use a little increasing and decreased in their life? 💪🏻

Photos from Lovelace Chiropractic and Sports Rehab's post 11/23/2021

Early morning with @gosidekicksofficial performing movement assessments for their players. If you’re battling a nagging injury that isn’t getting better. Maybe it’s time to get it assessed and see how you’re moving.

Photos from Longevity Effect's post 11/10/2021

Isn’t she beautiful, so pumped to partner with longevity effect and start offering hyperbaric oxygen therapy now at the office. Whose ready to take their recovery and health to the next level!


Shoulder injuries are exceedingly common among athletes, especially those who compete in baseball, swimming, tennis, and football. Here are five ways to prevent shoulder injuries & stay safe.


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Here at Lovelace Chiropractic and Sports Rehab we offer kinesiology tape and application! Benefits of kinesiology tape include tampering swelling and inflammation in bruises and contusions, pain management, and normalization of muscle tone.

Questions about our services or ready to request an appointment? Send us a message or follow the link in our bio.

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Looking for a cooler way to exercise this summer? Try swimming! Not only is swimming beneficial for overall health but recent research shows that it is a great option for weight loss. Additionally, swimming can improve blood velocity, flow rate, blood pressure.


Overuse injuries are typically due to over repetitive trauma without an adequate amount of time for the musculoskeletal structure to heal properly. Signs of an overuse injury can be identified by decreases in performance, mechanical pain, or increases in fatigue with normal training.

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Knee injuries are extremely common due to its vulnerability. The knee is the connection between the two longest bones of the body and the entire weight of the body is transferred to the foot through the knee making it more prone to trauma.

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There are several risk factors that researchers have determined alter the proper biomechanics of the shoulder. A couple of these risk factors are muscle imbalance, restricted range of motion, scapular positioning, core instability, and hip range of motion.

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Protein and amino acid supplements are commonly marketed to active people as muscle growth and performance enhancing products. In resistance trained subjects younger than 49 years, protein supplementation has been suggested to maximize the anabolic reactions of skeletal muscle and to enhance the adaptive response to resistance training.

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The ideal time for foam rolling session is 20 minutes to get the desired effect to negate a factor from exercise.
The pressure seen in foam rolling appears to aid in recovery of muscle tenderness with delayed onset muscle soreness. Foam rolling also helps with increasing pressure pain threshold, dynamic strength endurance, decreasing edema, enhancing blood lactate and tissue healing.

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Caffeine prolongs the time to fall asleep, decreases the deep stages of non rapid eye movement sleep, reduces sleep efficiency, and alters waking and sleep frequencies. According to a study, caffeine improves the repeated jump of basketball players with the AA genotype.


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Sleep deprivation can affect athletes mental and physical performance. Physical side effects include slowed reaction time, deficits in strength and endurance, accuracy issues and problems with cognitive function.

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The benefit of wearing compression clothing is a functional improvement on: muscle activation, balance, and proprioception rather than mechanical improvement.

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The main benefit with heat is the increase in peripheral flow due to vasodilation. By increasing blood flow this helps clear edema, which helps perceived pain and muscle repair. Heat helps break down water molecules into smaller molecules which promotes the release of metabolic waste and swelling.

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Hydration plays a critical role in thermoregulatory and overall function. Because thirst is stimulated by significant dehydration, by the time you notice you are thirsty you are already dehydrated.

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Choline can be found in meats, fish, nuts, beans, vegetables, and eggs. It plays a central role in many physiological pathways including neurotransmitter synthesis, cell membrane signaling, bile and lipid transports and methyl group metabolism. A reduction in plasma choline associated with strenuous exercise such as triathlons and marathon running have been reported.

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Calcium is necessary for growth, maintenance and repair of bone tissue and impacts maintenance of blood calcium levels regulation of muscle contraction, nerve conduction and normal blood clotting.

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Vitamin D is associated with athletic performance, bone health immunity, recovery from training and various performance variable. It is also essential for calcium metabolism increasing calcium absorption for optimal bone health.

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Vitamin C is a water soluble antioxidant that aids in the reduction of exercise induced free radical production. It is also necessary for collagen production and may influence muscle growth and repair. Adding a gelatin and Vitamin C supplement to an intermittent exercise protocol may improve collagen synthesis and could even play a beneficial role in injury prevention.

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Passion first and everything will fall into place.

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Not sure what to eat after a workout? High glycemic carbohydrates immediately after exercise increases the repletion rate of muscle glycogen which is essential for players training or competing on successive days.

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Need a refuel during a workout? Try a Carb and Electrolyte solution. Carb and Electrolyte solutions have resulted in 33% greater running time. Solutions can improve endurance capacity and may prevent significant decay in sprint speeds.

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