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Training, Essential oils, nutrition, and massage are a few of the tools I use to teach people how to live above the wellness line.

My goal is to help people achieve wellness, abundance, and purpose. I hope to provide inspiration to those who are uninspired, information for the uninformed, and motivation for the unmotivated to see their dreams through!


T I G E R S!!!!! GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!


Babygirl using her summer wisely. She painted this 16x24 canvas this week. So proud of my artist.


The best wings ever! If you have not been there you need to go! I love everything I have tried at this place. We go to the location in downtown Mckinney. There service is great and the food is amazing!

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Last night was a fun night as we celebrated our Senior athletes at PHS. So proud of Donovan and all the other athletes that worked so hard day in and day out in their sports. Congratulations to those that will be going on to compete at the next level. Parents you did amazing job with the brag tables.

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This lovely family came and dropped off a gift basket for Donovan today. Thank you so much Hollie and family for blessing him. Much appreciated.


Today I watched my friend a true artist at work. Today she took Donovan's senior pictures. We actually met when I was pregnant with D. So for me there was no one else that was going to capture this moment for us. She has been on the journey with us the whole time.
Thank you. Love you sis! Can't wait to see the finished product.


So this happened last night! D got 3rd in district in the 400m. With each race, he has improved his time. 1st season ever running and he made it to Area! He met the challenge of his coaches to run this race. He never thought he was going to be able to do it.
D and I have had long talks and prayed over running a race he wasn't sure he could run. I reminded him that God's ways are not our ways. He places opportunities for growth in our lives, that only happen in the uncomfortable places.
I am so proud of D for leaning into the challenge and trusting God. This has been a great exercise in faith for him and I am glad I have a front row seat.
here we come.


While I miss being with my students at school, I love that I have this time to work on a project very near to my heart and spend time with my kids. Diffusing gratitude while I work and listen to some worship music.
For a lot of reasons, my heart has been heavy this week. Needed a lift.


I am not one to share much about myself on social media. I usually post about someone else or something else. Never about me.
I have been challenged to do something outside of my comfort zone so here I go.
This picture is from a photo shoot I did for myself in December. I had be challenged to do it as well. I have only shared pictures with family and friends and in all transparency, it was so awkward to have the camera focused on me. I love to be behind the scenes helping others. This was not my first photo shoot by myself, but other times I did it for someone else.
Recently I realized I lost sight of my dreams while I was busy being wife and a mom. Both things I love, but I also know God has even more for me to do. It is important for those God has given me the opportunity to have influence over, to see me pursuing my dreams as well. Pursing those dreams requires me to be uncomfortable at times and put myself out there. I was also reminded just a few days ago, that the things we go through are not just for us. There is someone who can benefit from us sharing our stories. Hopefully someone will be inspired to step outside of their comfort zone.


Today my grandfather got his wings. He just celebrated his 96th birthday last Wednesday. If you ever had the pleasure of meeting him you for sure wouldn't forget him. Boy could he tell a story! He would have you crying laughing and then wondering if the story was real or if he was just pulling your leg.
He was a WWII veteran, father to many more then those his carried his name and had been married to my grandmother for 71 years. He would often sing duets with my grandmother. He loved the Lord and served faithfully. He served the senior citizens at their church until he was a senior citizen himself. He hated to fly but up until the last couple of years, flew with my grandmother here to Texas so he could spend Thanksgiving with us.
He will be missed tremendously, but I know absent from the body means present with his Lord. He lived a full and meaningful life.


So today we celebrated my oldest birthday. I asked to do the cupcakes. let me tell you! These cupcakes! Y'all do not even understand! I am not even cupcake person and I will be stealing a few of these to go home with me. These cupcakes are soooooo good! Everybody loved them. Especially the non sweets people all said how it was just enough sweetness but not too much. You must get you some of these cupcakes! The strawberry 🧁.
Love you girl. Thank you for coming through like you always do for me.


When you tell your brother on his birthday you gonna hit 18 points and then you do. This kid is special.

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I am a day late making a post but yesterday I celebrated my #1 turning 18. He stole my heart from the minute he came in to this world. And I actually find it hard to believe that I have an 18 year old son.
For one thing I just wanted to be in the moment and enjoy it and the other part was that I was still processing this stage that I'm at with my son. We have been working on college applications and scholarships and to be honest have felt overwhelmed. But this kid is amazing and he has come through so many trials and obstacles to become this amazing young man that I'm absolutely so proud of.
This year isn't over yet and I know he hasn't much more to accomplish. So I'll continue to stay in the moment and enjoy these last 1st that I get to have with to have with you. I love you D you're the best!

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There are some people you meet in life and they change your whole trajectory. They add to your life in ways no one else can. is one of those people for me. I thank God daily for your friendship and you constantly cheering me on to stretch myself. And some how she gets me to do things I would never do. But I am forever grateful for you.

Happy Birthday Butterfly! Wishing you all the best today. πŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹β€β€πŸ₯‚πŸŽ‚

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Had an amazing time with the best Varisty Mom's ever riding in the homecoming parade. Had to rep our boys. #19

Timeline photos 08/07/2020

With some of my tribe getting a much needed mommy break. I love these ladies so much.

Timeline photos 07/27/2020

Challenge accepted

Timeline photos 07/26/2020

Last night was an epic night. The hubs and I hanging with 3 of my favorite people. Came across this picture and man did this give me life!! you are so precious in this picture. told me all the good stories. and we have to do that again.

Timeline photos 07/19/2020

Got to spend time with my brother and nephew this week. It was so great! Miss them already.

Timeline photos 06/19/2020

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 05/31/2020

I rarely post these days for a lot of different reasons. But with all that has been going on, I wanted to share just a few things that been on my heart.
In my small group today we talked dealing with ignorance from a biblical perspective. I shared a different scripture, but in light of conversation I had with a client I am sharing this one.
My dad told me growing up that when a person shows you who they are believe them. As a mother I tell this to my children and they have become pretty choosy in their friends and those with whom they associate. As a mentor and small group leader I have shared this with all those I have the opportunity to have influence over. We have had some great discussions as of late and how they see this to be true.
I hope that you all are really watching who people are showing you they really are during these times.
Lastly, about a year ago I was burdened to pray for our men and young men. Many days to the point where I sobbing as I prayed. I have prayed for real men to stand up and let their roar loose. Those who will speak the truth of God's Word and guide the next generation. I have prayed for those who have been silent to stand in the gap and no longer allow the next generation to fall through the gap. I have prayed for the protection of husband and my sons because as black men they wear a target. I hope you all are praying not just for our men, but for the appropriate response. I believe there are multiple ways we can all make a difference. I am doing my part. Are you?

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You guys know I have to still be able to get with the kids. May in the 40 plus club, but I hit this jump rope and those hills like a champ. Now excuse me while I take a nap. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Just kidding.

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These are just 3 of the books have have been able to finish during this time of sheltering in place. I highly recommend all 3 of the books. and spoke to my heart in these books. I literally hugged the books when I finished them. I have highlighted passages and texted them to friends and mentees so much so that many of them have gotten the books. Thank you for writing a book about struggle so many woman have fought through. I look forward to sharing all the nuggets of truth and wisdom you ladies have shared in the books. I also love how much each one of you point people to the study of God's word. Thank you!

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Is there a better way to end the day?

Timeline photos 03/26/2020

Timeline photos


Ok, don't normally even do these things but challenged me so I had step up. To all those I tagged sorry, but your it.

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Timeline photos

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