Our Wellness Community - Oak Cliff, Dallas

Our Wellness Community - Oak Cliff, Dallas


Bishop Babies FREE/donation based lactation clinic is this Thursday March 3rd at Our Wellness Community - Oak Cliff, Dallas!
My free/donation based lactation clinic at Our Wellness Community - Oak Cliff, Dallas starts Thursday!
Back by popular demand, I am starting a free (donation based) latch clinic at Our Wellness Community - Oak Cliff, Dallas to help women access free or low cost lactation services. Any donations made for services will benefit Our Birthing Home, our nonprofit dedicated to providing low cost and free birthing services.
We have formula at Our Wellness Community - Oak Cliff, Dallas if you are in need!
For all my local clients, here’s your friendly reminder to get chiropractic care, especially during and after your pregnancy. Alexandra Meleski of Our Wellness Community - Oak Cliff, Dallas is a saint and does home visits for her postpartum practice members. When you can’t get the new tribe out of the house to receive care, she comes to you.
"Women are dog-gone amazing. When men are fearful all their blood leaves their brain, but when women have pain, their blood goes to their brain; they make better decisions. Women are so much greater than us." - Michael jr 💛 💜

In this week's new episode of the podcast, we are joined by Dr. Lexi Meleski of Our Wellness Community - Oak Cliff, Dallas. Dr. Lexi aims to create change within her community through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care and support which transcends present cultural boundaries.There are so many things that you can learn from this episode, listen now 🎉↪! https://apple.co/3sxNCJu
Our very own Kenia Rios will be presenting at this month's Birth Workers Coffee and MeetUp. Thank you Alexandra Meleski at Our Wellness Community - Oak Cliff, Dallas for the invitation! , , ,
Join Bishop Babies for New Parent Bootcamp Saturday December 5th to learn infant and child CPR, choking rescue, basic baby care and breastfeeding!
The CPR portion of New Parent Bootcamp on November 21st only has two spots left. Don’t miss out! Visit www.bishopbabies.com to reserve your place.
There are a few spots left for the New Parent Bootcamp this Saturday November 14th! Participants are welcome to take all or part of the three part class. Visit www.bishopbabies.com to reserve your spot.
See you soon!
I'm currently a nurse-midwife student and need birth exposure. Any midwives, doulas, nurse midwives, etc willing to have a student shadow/volunteer? Can give resume upon request. 😊💜💙
My Sunday Vibe as I reflect on healthy practices of mindfulness. Be aware of your struggles and pain. Sit with the pain. Find ways to heal from that pain and let that s**t go when you’re prepared to do so.

If you seek new techniques to strengthen your practice of mindfulness, from one block to less than five blocks from Skin and Body Solutions Day Spa are multiple practices to support you in your goals of self reflection and healing. Lifeologie offers a number workshops, therapists and meditation with Farahana Surya Kassam - Surya Namaskar. Which by the way happens to be an author of a lovely little book 📖 for children about mindfulness. I had the privilege of attending a parenting workshop with Farahana last year. Needless to say, purchasing her children’s book was a wonderful investment. For expecting mother’s, you can find a number of supportive services at Our Birthing Home Wellness Community. And something I’ve been waiting for for years... hot yoga 🧘‍♀️!!! We’re thrilled to welcome Black Swan Yoga Dallas to Bishop Arts District. With such reasonable membership pricing, you can bet I’ll be signing up the day they open. Which should be just around the corner.

Remember, stress level affects our skin and can prematurely age us. Being mindful of the battles we’re fighting within us and seeking out those that aid us in our practice of release are every bit worth our time and money to improve our quality of life and keep us feeling young and beautiful inside and out.


Our Wellness Community is changing the culture of healthcare, by decreasing birth trauma and creatin

Through individualized and specialized care prior to conception, throughout care prior to conception, throughout pregnancy, with unconditional support through labor and birth and for the rest of a woman’s postpartum life, we can change the culture of birth, families, communities and society through education and empowerment.

Operating as usual

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We are so honored to be growing with these women this fall! Meet the women starting in our space today, through the next few weeks!

Dr Jamie Flacco, founder of Oak Cliff Physical Therapy, is here to offer a unique niche to Pelvic Floor & Physical Therapy: Dry Needling! We are excited to give Dr Jamie a big round of applause as she starts in our space today, hosting office hours on Wednesdays from 7:30am-6:30pm — aka, you can squeeze in an appointment before you even get to the office! Giving you the opportunity to get something checked off that to-do list before you barely get started. Click the link in our bio to book her! (For those who don’t know if they need a Physical Therapist or Pelvic Floor Therapist, she offers free fifteen minute calls!)

Trauma-Informed Registered Nurse & Medical Forensic Examiner Janna Fagan starts in our space this month! We are so excited to be collaborating with her Non-Profit, Community Awareness Center, to support those in s*xual trauma and domestic violence scenarios. Stay tuned for her upcoming schedule & the launch of her ‘Neurobiology of Trauma’ educational series!

Nicole Cruz, , is a Womb Care worker + Yoga Instructor. We are so excited for her to start sharing her services with us in October. And are just as delighted to share about her FREE, monthly Bilingual, yoga class! Join her every first Saturday, at 6pm, for a calming session to help you wind down your week. Her next session is October 1st — a great lead in to her starting her Womb Care services the following week. We are so happy to have another bilingual expert in the space!


Bishop Babies Services

We know it's been a wild month with kids starting school & all of us already missing our summer vacations. With how busy all of y'all are, we didn't have anyone sign up for The Latch Clinic today-- so we're putting a pin in it and picking it back up for next month for our Fall schedule.

Fall Schedule:
Wednesday, September 21st
Wednesday, October 19th

Not familiar with The Latch Clinic yet? It's our monthly free group session with the incredible Bishop Babies educator & Nurse Practitioner Jana Spillers! Through our Nonprofit, Our Birthing Home & in partnership with Jana, we host this free clinic every month as we hope to encourage mamas to shed the stigma of struggling with latching! You are amazing and have just birthed a whole human! We are here to celebrate your feat and offer you support as you do so much to help your little one thrive.

Think you need one-on-one or consistent support? Jana Spillers is available! Click here for her website to book a series of services that'll fit your unique needs best-->

Bishop Babies Services Get prepared for your new baby and make the transition to life as a family with Bishop Babies services!

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Thursday is the new Friday, and we decided we're giving our bodies extra space to heal and rest so that we can better THRIVE.

Say hi to the amazing folx who are happy to help you do just that. We've got a few new faces, so make sure to swipe all the way through.

Our current Thursday collective:

360 Health and Wellness Services, LLC - Pelvic Floor Therapy, Physical & Orthopedic Therapy

Dr Arradhana Rana-Sharma - Chiropractic Care

The Canary Community - IV Infusions, Ion Foot Bathes, Ozone Therapy & Detoxing

Evena Pierre - Licensed Professional Counselor (Trauma & Polyvagal)

Dr Francisco Guerrero - Chiropractic Care

Dr Lexi Meleski - Chiropractic Care & Lip Tongue Tie Care

Peyton Collum, of HOPE Child & Family Center of Texas, Licensed Professional Counselor

Click here to book any and all of these amazing care givers, educators & community leaders--> https://ourwellnesscommunitydallas.com/

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Have you tried out The Canary Community's Copper Ion Detox Foot Bathes? They're wild!

This is one of the few companies in Dallas-Fort Worth who offer this unique service. Committed to helping you make detoxing a regular part of your health regime, this service promotes drainage pathways to support toxins' ability to flow out of the body better.

Curious to learn more? Click the link below to book with their team!



We are so happy to have Kimmy Mullins, of .table.counseling, at our space on Mondays!

This amazing woman is not only a Licensed Professional Counselor, she is also a Registered Play Therapist & EDMR Trained. Everyone give a warm welcome to Kimmy -- connect with her through the link below to learn more about her services and book with her.


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Come on in & take a seat! We’ve got some great news to share!

Swipe left & meet the friendly faces that you’ll be seeing around the space more often! We are jumping for joy as these incredible teams and specialists have chosen our space to grow within.
First up, meet the .center.of.texas — these amazing four women (Dr Brooke, their fearless founder, Erica, Peyton & Kimmy) are offering incredibly unique therapy services for our community. From Play Therapy, to Child-Parent Relationships (they’re hosting a free ten week course on this starting August 26th), to EDMR Therapy (just to name three of their long list of expertise and offerings), these experts are delighted to open their doors to help you establish emotional health for your family’s foundation. This team is in our space almost every day of the week, click on the link in our bio to book with them.

Dr Katie T Larson, PhD, is officially in our space every Monday, offering her Growth Coach & Hypnotherapy services (just a couple of her awesome opportunities). Her desire to support others’ growth has driven her work to help people find themselves and connections with others by fostering community experiences through her women’s circles— one that has been uniquely crafted for those with sensitivities. You can join the next session on August 15th. Click the link in our bio to book with her!

And if you haven’t heard the great news already, is not only expanding their days at our space (you can book Mondays-Thursdays now), their team & specialties have expanded too! Meet .morgan.jenkins! An amazing woman who is here to support Dr Danielle’s commitment to Pelvic health. Dr Morgan is a fantastic Physical Therapist who also specializes in Orthopedic Therapy. We are so excited these women are able to offer more times and services to fit even more of our community’s healing needs!


Tomorrow is the second talk in a three part series on Mental Health + Pelvic Floor Health! Hosted by 360 Health and Wellness Services, LLC-- Dr Danielle Bailey, Pelvic Floor Therapist, and Evena Pierre, Licensed Professional Counselor.

Join us Thursday, July 28th at 6pm for this free talk & a chance to ask questions to leading health experts. We can't wait to see you.

Want to learn more?

Read through more details on our events page: https://bit.ly/birthinghomecareeducation

RSVP Here: https://bit.ly/3InLRrc

And for those who can't make it, they're doing a final session next Tuesday, August 2nd at 6pm.


Dr. Aaradhana Rana-Sharma makes space for you — you who knows your body best, you have space in her room to make the healing process how you need it that day. She knows that problems are not singular but connected, a reality that takes time to explore and patience to heal.

Connecting with families just starting, to rapidly growing, to generations long, her Chiropractic sessions are designed to give you the care you need, and the education to continue to heal on your own.

Come see for yourself why we all love getting adjusted by and learning from Dr Aaradhana! Click the link below to book one of her incredibly affordable sessions or special services, like at home visits, pregnancy/postpartum visits or extended sessions that gives you excess time to explore your needs and health journey.

Book here --> https://bit.ly/bookdra

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Saturdays are for exhaling, for taking account of your body and soothing your soul. And we’ve got just the perfect group of people to help you do this.

for Chiropractic care.

/ for Reiki healing.

with Womb Care.

.co with V Steaming.

with Chiropractic Care.

with detoxing foot bathes, IV Infusions & Ozone Therapy.


Dr Danielle Bailey and her team have expanded their services to adding Orthopedic Physical Therapy, for their Members. Pair this with the fact that you can now book the team on Mondays, starting next week, and extending to adding Tuesdays and Thursdays in August-- Dr Bailey and the 360 Health & Wellness team is celebrating their growth with a free workshop series!

For those struggling with pelvic dysfunctions to emotional trauma, amidst large life changes (planning to get pregnant, experiencing in postpartum, transitioning past menopause, and more), this three-part series will explore pelvic floor health and mental health. She is partnering with Licensed Professional Counselor Evena Pierre to host conversations around trauma, shame, pelvic dysfunctions and connecting facets of your health for your ultimate well-being.

For those who have been asking about when this team would be expanding their hours, now is your chance -- you can sign up here --> https://bit.ly/3IqVx4r

For those looking to participate in this free, three-day women's wellness workshop -- click here to RSVP --> https://bit.ly/3InLRrc


We are so happy it's finally the weekend & we get to have HOPE Child & Family Center of Texas at our space tomorrow, hosting a panel about Hope Center Presents: Co Regulation with Your Child, A Way to Stay Connected During Tantrums!

Hosted by a great group of EDMR specialists and Licensed Professional Counselors, this talk is great for parents struggling with little ones currently or for those who want to be prepared in the future!

We are so excited that Hope Center is starting to work out of our space next month - we hope you come by to hear their expertise and meet their incredible Play Therapy team.


We love that you all feel so safe, warm & welcome at the space! To make sure this feeling continues, we kindly ask that you:

1. Make an appointment with the providers you stop by to see.

2. Help our sensitive or struggling members not feel overwhelmed by ensuring your littles stay in your own sight, enjoying dedicated play areas and steering clear of doors.

Little things like this help all Members feel seen, safe, and calm while they’re here to heal!

Thank you for being apart of our lives. We are so honored to be chosen to help you thrive— the OWC family


No matter how hard we try, it’s so easy to slip into the fast lane of life & feel like everything is rushing by! It’s why we lean on the wisdom of our collective of experts, like Ajani, when she speaks I to the necessity of slowing down to learn about ourselves.

Thank goodness this woman is here both Mondays and Tuesdays now, as we get the chance to experience all the ways she has to help our bodies detox while we learn to listen to our bodies’ needs— how to be silent amidst the chaos.

Enjoy cupping, aromatherapy, cranisosacral work, and more options during your massage, all tools Ajani uses to support her niche of emotional trauma healing massage therapy.


We are so excited that we get to be home to almost a dozen events over the next few months— ranging from parenting, to mental health, to pelvic floor therapy, to women’s circles and open houses.

First up, a free talk on ‘Co Regulation with Your Child, A Way to Stay Connected During Tantrums.’ A panel, with a Q + A, with EDMR Specialists & LPC's from .center.of.texas. Join us, for this free event, this Saturday morning, July 9th from 10a-11a (Networking starts at 9:30am)

Next up we have The Latch Clinic, hosted by & run by .essential.mom! Join us Thursday, July 21st, from 11am-Noon for free support when it comes to all things latching & lactation. This is a judgement free zone, where we aim to eliminate the stigma of lactation challenges.

Then we kick off Dr Danielle Bailey (Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist) & Evena Pierre (Licensed Professional Counselor) hosting a series on Pelvic Floor Health & Mental Health. This three part series is free and covers a growing list of topics, from shame, pain, trauma, s*x and leaks. Join us on Saturday July 23rd, at 10am; Thursday, July 28th, at 6pm; and Tuesday, August 2nd, at 6pm.

Can you believe there’s even more to come?!


We are so excited to be expanding our Play Cafe hours with more wonderful women. Our Play Attendants are here to keep an eye on the kiddos while they enjoy toys n' crafts!

We heard many have struggled with making it to multiple services in single visits, or managing multiple kids while each one is seen-- our Play Cafe is here to help!

With a growing list of kiddo-focused experts being added to the space later this summer, and upcoming hour expansions to help fit services into your schedules better, we wanted to add additional opportunities for extra accessibly priced kids programming to help you make the most out of each visit.

Click here to sign up--> https://bit.ly/owcplaycafe


One of our favorite things about Dr Danyell Russell of Strong Foundation Physical Therapy, is her special emphasis on athletic moms. Being one herself and seeing lots of moms looking to heal properly as they prepare their bodies to return to athletic lifestyles postpartum, Dr Danyell uses her Physical Therapy expertise paired with her Pelvic Floor specialty to create the perfect routines for fit-focused birthing folx!

Snag a spot with her in our space on Tuesdays --> Click here to sign up! https://bit.ly/athleticmamaspt


Did you hear the great news? Mylk by Cookie is the speaker at our July Birth Worker Coffee! Join us July 1st for a chat about how Doulas can diversify their services and income. We are so excited for Cookie to be in the space and share her unparalleled wisdom with us.

Can't wait to see you all in less than two weeks!


We are jumping for joy with all the expansion coming up this summer!

Massage with Ajani () is here all day Monday AND Tuesday, every week, now! With how chaotic it’s been, we are loving having extra opportunities for hot stone therapy, cupping, craniosacral & PTSD massage.

Dr Danielle Bailey is not only expanding her days in the space, but her specialties and team! In July she adds Mondays to her schedule, while August expands her services to including Orthopedic Physical Therapy + offering every Mondays-Thursdays, every week! ()

You asked and we’re here to give! We are adding Tuesdays to our Play Café Days! Starting next week, leave the kiddos at the Cafe while you enjoy multiple services in one trip.


We love nothing more than experts who care for their communities on both an educational and personal level, knowing that healing is a multi-faceted process that deserves to be celebrated!

Struggling with painful periods or s*x? Suffering from emotional blockages or you feel disconnected from your womb, exploring ways to support issues with infertility, fibroids or cysts? We love to suggest sitting down with .co about herbalism & v steaming!

Check out the link in our bio to book her for !


✨✨What we’ve all been waiting for — opening up her schedule for more memberships! Click the link in our bio to get on her books & discuss her scaleable membership pricing. ✨✨

Photos from Our Wellness Community - Oak Cliff, Dallas's post 06/08/2022

Having the ability to talk with multiple experts, providers, therapists, and doctors all in one place, gives us such a calming and confident feeling. Something we need once Tuesdays, which somehow feel like Fridays, roll around. Having a mid week pause to check in with ourselves is the new habit we’re focused on this summer.

What health habits are you committing to this summer?

Thanks to our amazing Collective members who give their time to our communities every Tuesday!

Our Take Care Tuesday Collective line up: ; .arana; ; ; ; ;


Oak Cliff es un lugar mágico, uno del que nunca nos iremos porque celebra muchas culturas. Nos sentimos honrados de tener la oportunidad de trabajar con proveedores bilingües que se aseguran que se dé espacio a quienes han fundado nuestra comunidad. Para aquellos que buscan recibir atención con proveedores de habla hispana, no busquen más allá de las manos curativas del Dr. Francisco Guerrero. El Dr Francisco cree que el idioma no debería ser una barrera para la salud. Comprometidos a conocer a nuestros miembros donde están y celebrar de dónde son, el Dr. Francisco (y la Dra. Lexi) se dedican a crear un espacio para aquellos que desean usar cualquier idioma que les resulte cómodo.

¿Tiene un idioma que le gustaría ver representado en nuestro espacio? Háganos saber para que podamos encontrar formas de servirle más cómodamente.


Oak Cliff is a magical place, one where we’ll never leave because it celebrates so many cultures. We are honored to have the chance to work with bilingual providers that make sure space is given to those who have founded our community. For those looking to receive care with Spanish-speaking providers, look no further than the healing hands of Dr Francisco Guerrero who believe that language shouldn’t be a barrier to health. Committed to meeting our members where they’re at & celebrating where they’re from, Dr Francisco (and Dr Lexi) are dedicated to creating space for those who desire to use any language that feels comfortable to them!

Have a language you’d love to see represented in our space? Please let us know so we can find ways to serve you most comfortably.


As some of you have probably noticed, our streets are finally finished! Thank you so much for your patience with this construction outside our doors.

A quick heads up for those who don't know yet: Tyler & Polk are both TWO-WAY STREETS now! Please note that most traffic lights on these streets are acting as stop signs to slow-down traffic and help shift traffic patterns. While you are still able to park on either side of the street, please note the direction you are allowed to park and be extra cautious when crossing the street!

Can't wait to see you this weekend for some much needed care with people like Taylor Williams, V Steaming & Herbalism with Healing Peace Co; Reiki with Sherri Doucette of Sacred Doula Collective; Detoxing & IVs from The Canary Community; and of course, Chiropractic Care from Dr Francisco Guerrero! (Appointments available for all of these amazing peeps, see the link in our bio or click here--> https://bit.ly/selfsoothesaturdays)

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Unable to attend the reception for the awards, doctora lexi wanted to record something to share.
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