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Happy Veterans Day!!! 🇺🇸🤩 "Thank you for your Service to OUR country" does not begin to cover it! We appreciate your many sacrifices!😍
Today we have Dr. Kayla and Dr. Martin in the office until 7pm this evening! Bundle up if you are going to come in after lunch, that crazy Dallas weather is supposed to change drastically! 🥶🌬💫
Come get adjusted by Dr.Kayla & Dr.Brent today and enjoy coffee & Bagels!😋
Happy Friday everyone!
Hi there, can anyone tell me if this center offers Atlas Orthogonal treatment?
It's Your Lucky Day!!!

We have Marvelous DC's all week:

Monday: Dr. Kayla & Dr. Brent

Tuesday: Dr. Kayla & Dr. Brent

Wednesday: Dr. Kayla

Thursday: Dr. Kayla & Dr. Brent

Friday: Dr.Ana

Saturday & Sunday: Dr. Brent $$$

Stop by and meet our new DC that just joined our team...

Dr. Brent Money is very enthusiastic and loves what he does!

DC Weekly Schedule:

Monday: Dr. Kayla & Dr. Clarke
Tuesday: Dr. Kayla & Dr. Clarke
Wednesday: Dr. Kayla
Thursday: Dr. Kayla 10am-4:30 & Dr. Clarke 10am-7pm
Friday: Dr. Kayla
Saturday & Sunday: Dr. Spencer

Our mission is to improve quality of life through routine and affordable chiropractic care. Welcome to The Joint Chiropractic - West Village!

As your local chiropractor in Dallas, we invite you to join the millions of Americans who have not only found relief from back pain, but also a pathway to wellness with chiropractic's natural, drug-free approach to healthcare. How We Can Help

Whether you are familiar with chiropractic care or this is your first time, you can expect your visit to The Joint to be new and different from any healthc

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 04/27/2022

Gardening tips to limit lower back pain:
🌱 If you can, set up a station where you can stand while you garden
🌱 Use garden scooters to avoid twisting too frequently

Timeline photos 04/22/2022

Happy ! 🌎
Take some time with Mother Nature today. It does your body and soul good. Find out the full body benefits of participating in here:

Timeline photos 04/17/2022

For something refreshing and rejuvenating, sip on this !
The golden spices in a are antioxidant-rich, contain anti-inflammatory properties, help with brain health, and keep your bones strong.
Tag a friend to try this with!

Timeline photos 04/12/2022

Hypertension, aka , is something that affects nearly 1 out of 2 adults in the U.S.
There are natural things you can do like eating potassium-rich foods and including Vitamins B6 and C into your diet. You can also ask your about the atlas adjustment of the C1 vertebrae to help with blood flow.

Timeline photos 04/08/2022

This is why you should continue doing .
When you target the , you help your posture and keep your risk of injury low.

Timeline photos 04/05/2022

For optimal function, the brain and body need to communicate and be free of disruptions or “restrictions.”
Chiropractic help keep the communication clear so you can focus on the things that are most important instead of pain or discomfort.


Reelin’ In Relief

He loves being out on the water, but pulling on crab pots, throwing cast nets, and being on shaky waters all day takes a toll on his body. 🎣
Jordan’s lower back was problematic so he sought out the doctors at The Joint. Learn how, after going regularly, Jordan’s life is better than ever on and off the water.

Timeline photos 03/27/2022

If you plan to spend time cycling 🚲 this , it’s imperative to keep your body hydrated and your joints lubricated.
💧TIP: Drink small amounts every 10 to 15 minutes during your ride. This helps replenish the water you lose through sweat.
Drinking water while bike riding also keeps you and improves your !

Timeline photos 03/21/2022

Fiber helps maintain your weight, keeps your digestive system healthy, and it helps lower cholesterol!
Share with us your favorite food!

Timeline photos 03/17/2022

Happy St. Chiro-Patrick’s Day everyone!
Just kidding, we mean St. Patrick’s Day!
Don’t forget to wear your green when you come in for your today!

Timeline photos 03/12/2022

Remind yourself to actively put first as we continue into this new year.
We hear the saying all the time but there is science behind it all!
When you focus on surrounding yourself with positivity you can actually heal from the inside out! ☺️

Timeline photos 03/08/2022

Easy on the joints and body, here are some to look out for in the if you’re a newbie or just want to take it slow. 💪

Timeline photos 03/05/2022

We're redefining the chiropractic experience for people like YOU!
Our mission is to improve quality of life through routine and affordable chiropractic care.
(Can you tell we are happy about it?! 😁)


Better Together | The Joint Chiropractic Testimonial

Couple Steve and Michael are huge fans of but even bigger fans of chiropractic care. ✈️
Adjustments at The Joint are an easy way to keep the body aligned if you travel for work!

Timeline photos 02/27/2022

A good piece of equipment to consider using if you have an injury or low back pain. Share your thoughts below on working out with !

Timeline photos 02/24/2022

Multivitamins are a supplement comprised of a variety of and that help support your overall health.
Discover how to find the best for you and your family here,


The Best Healing Foods-V1

These natural healers are great at keeping your immune system strong and aiding in recovery!
What is your favorite healthy healing food to eat?!

Timeline photos 02/14/2022

Sending to all our patients this Valentine's Day! ❤️

Timeline photos 02/12/2022

This is why chiropractic care is so important for a swift and productive healing process.

Timeline photos 02/08/2022

Want to find out how to combat the ?
Discover some easy and foolproof tips here:


Icing The Pain | The Joint Chiropractic Testimonial

The hips and lower back is where Susanna’s pain stems from, but thanks to a coach who recommended The Joint Chiropractic, the semi-pro figure skater is training and skating better than ever. ⛸️

It's Beneficial to Use a Humidifier in Winter 01/29/2022

It's Beneficial to Use a Humidifier in Winter

It's Beneficial to Use a Humidifier in Winter It's Beneficial to Use a Humidifier in Winter By Paul RothbartIn many parts of the country, winter means cold weather. Turning up the thermostat, or lighting up the fireplace or woodstove are the norm. Between the weather and the heat sources, the air becomes very dry. This can wreak havoc with your...

Timeline photos 01/21/2022

Singing, regardless if you are good or not, benefits the mind and body it turns out! 🎤🎶
Learn more surprising benefits of here,

Timeline photos 01/20/2022

Are you experiencing pain in the wrist area?
If you suffer from or if you’re just someone who works with their hands all day, you may want to ask your at The Joint Chiropractic how to perform these stretches to help with relief and flexibility. 🙌

Timeline photos 01/08/2022

The new year can bring new renovations around the home. 🏠
If you have any planned, consider reviewing these quick tips!

Timeline photos 01/04/2022

While your doctors are instrumental, they are not in charge of your health or results along the way.
The majority of your is made up of small daily choices.
Make your health a priority this new year!
Share this now! 😊


Pain Relief Lifted by Nathalie The Joint Chiropractic Testimonial

“This sport takes a toll on your joints. You get misaligned on the regular.” 🏋️
Nathalie knew The Joint Chiropractic was what she needed. Now she can be the best mom, personal trainer, and bodybuilder!

Timeline photos 12/25/2021

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – but not when you’ve got a or horrible .
Hydrating, eating the right foods, visiting your chiropractor, and preparing properly can help with headache and migraine triggers.


Holiday $29 Card Pulled From Phone

Share the gift of this year! 🎁
Tag your friends now so they can take advantage of our New Patient Special!
Come grace us with your “presents” today!

Timeline photos 12/17/2021

This time of the year brings lots of baking, sweets, and sugar into the kitchen.
When it comes to cookies, here is how to make them slightly healthier for jolly Saint Nick and your family!
A few simple swaps and your batch will be delicious and nutritious!

Timeline photos 12/12/2021

Get ready for bed with this dreamy drink.
Only 5 ingredients and takes less than 5 mins to make!
Just pour milk into a pot and bring to a boil, then stir in honey and vanilla, and finally, sprinkle with cinnamon and nutmeg before serving.

Timeline photos 12/08/2021

Learn why keeping your healthy is imperative to and your overall quality of life.

Timeline photos 12/05/2021

Whether it’s traveling 🛫 with a disability, , or a recent , review these tips to ensure a comfortable, safe, and relaxing trip.


Shear Relief Styled by Bobby | The Joint Chiropractic Testimonial

“I don’t realize how much stress my body is in until after getting an adjustment.”
Being on his feet all day as a , Bobby knew he needed some so he could continue to make his community happy and beautiful. ✂️

Timeline photos 11/27/2021

Charcuterie boards are very popular but can be packed with sodium and too much added sugar. Consider a bruschetta or hearty deconstructed salad.
Here are a few tips to help make healthier!

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Reelin’ In Relief
Better Together | The Joint Chiropractic Testimonial
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Icing The Pain | The Joint Chiropractic Testimonial
Pain Relief Lifted by Nathalie  The Joint Chiropractic Testimonial
Holiday $29 Card Pulled  From Phone
Shear Relief Styled by Bobby | The Joint Chiropractic Testimonial
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