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Hi, I’m looking for a holistic OBGYN in the Dallas area that has experience working with midwives. Any recommendations?
Support your local midwife, yall!😂😂
This non profit is phenomenal at supporting families in deepest grief and sometimes unexpected joy.
All of this.
I am this mother. I breastfed...sort of. I had bleeding, destroyed ni***es, I had mastitis ..to many times. I cried, I lost my sanity. I pumped within an inch of my life...and I did this 5 times.all.5 of my children have been formula fed. I am judged, at times, in the birth community for not being a militant breastfeeding advocate. Dont get me wrong...I have your back with breastfeeding...but i also have your heart and mind and soul when you cant or dont.

I have 2 rules.
1. Feed the baby...whatever and however that works
2. Love yourself for feeding your baby...whatever way and however that works.
It's the hardest job you will never regret .
God bless the hearts of the keepers, of the sun tiny planets revolve around, of the precious hands that hold memories & hearts.
A little real talk. This is important.
I'd like to add by child #5 you mostly just worry about losing them in public 🤣
I'm going to leave thslese words here. A true story to show you whoever you are, are not alone.

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Operating as usual


I see this A LOT.

‘If you want to increase your supply,....’
👉🏻drink that pink drink from Starbucks
👉🏻eat oatmeal for breakfast
👉🏻drink a Body Armour everyday

🛑I’m going to stop right there🛑

Just stop.

Yes, there are such things as galactagogues..aka..substances said to increase milk supply.

And, they might give you a little boost….temporarily.

But, it won’t last.

You know the best way to increase and / or maintain your supply?

Nurse your baby on demand.
Pump more frequently, if you’re a pumping mama.

I’ve nursed 4 babies into toddlerhood, and in those early days, nursing is the answer to EVERYTHING.

Baby fusses?
Nurse them
They’re tired?
Nurse them
Diaper changed and they’re still upset?
Nurse them
They woke up from their nap and they’re crying?
Nurse them
They’re nervous, because you’re somewhere unfamiliar?
Nurse them
They’re nervous, because there are new people?
Nurse them

Unapologetically and unashamedly, nurse your babies.

If you’re a pumping mama…pump more often. Not necessarily for longer periods of time. Just. More. Often.

Demand = supply
Frequency is key👌🏻

That is how you establish and maintain a steady supply.

Not pink drinks and oatmeal.


Every single time.

"We know so little. First it was 30 seconds, now ACOG recommends (gasp) 60 seconds, but studies show 5 minutes can change brain development.
Now imagine if we actually just left it alone and allowed 5 minutes to turn into and indeterminate amount of time decided not by our egos or policies but only by the anatomy of the cord. What if we only clamped the cord once all the blood and stem cells transfused from the placenta to the baby, as is the position of most midwives, and is definable when the cord turns white, cold and limp, and the arteries and veins truly shut down...” Via Kona Birth & Midwifery Services

Incredible 📸: Patience Salgado, IG

Timeline photos 12/13/2021

Timeline photos

"I’ve always wanted to be a Mama—that’s why it shocked me and when all I seemed to hear from so many people—even strangers was,
“just wait..”
wait until you have to wake up every hour
wait until they are screaming their head off
wait until you have no social life
wait until you get pooped on all the time
you’ll never shower
you’ll never go out with your husband again
you’ll never sleep again

Basically—your life is over kinda thing.
No encouragement. No talk of all the beautiful, wonderful parts about becoming a mother.

I wish people had told me this. So I’m sharing it with you—

Wait until you smell that sweet newborn smell
Wait you kiss their tiny head
Wait until you nuzzle your nose against theirs
Wait until they smile at your voice
Wait until it’s 2:35am and it’s just the two of you awake together while you nurse him
Wait until you see your husband hold your baby for the first time
Wait until _____

I really don’t know why it always has to be the horrors that people share with new moms to be.

We know it’s going to change our lives forever, that we are going to lose sleep, that yes, it’s even going to be hard sometimes.
But can we just talk about the beautiful parts too?

Every day has different levels of tired, maybe that laundry didn’t get switched over when you wanted it to...but I’m learning that these days are short, and motherhood is beautiful. So being tired sometimes—it pales in comparison to everything else.

Look forward to the beautiful parts ♥️"
📸 and words from .little.bostons


We often get asked of children are welcome at appointments. We are in the FAMILY business, so yes! Children are always welcome!




We ADORE working alongside Genesis PT & Wellness at the Co-op!

Want an easier, less complicated birth? Here ya go!

Here is a list of what we encourage every single pregnant woman to do while under our care.

Whether you’re planning a home birth, or an epidural at the hospital! These things will help to prepare your body to have a faster, easier labor and delivery, and decrease the risk of interventions (like unwanted medications or c sections) and complications (like tearing or injury)!

Feel free to comment with questions or ask for our recommendations for a Chiropractor or birth instructor near you in DFW!



Birth Restored: Christian Childbirth Education — Akasha Hines 05/04/2021

Birth Restored: Christian Childbirth Education — Akasha Hines

I am so excited to be offering this AMAZING Childbirth Education Series! I spent several hours with this phenomenal instructor a Christian Based Childbirth Education class that is one of the most thorough I have ever seen and is perfect for earlier in pregnancy to begin.

Birth Restored: Christian Childbirth Education — Akasha Hines In this four-part childbirth course: You will gain a deeper understanding of God’s perfect design for pregnancy and birth. You will know how your body is designed to work and the crucial components of making the right choices early on to set yourself up for success.



This is a week to bring awareness to the challenges to receive competent, safe care faced by Black women in healthcare. One way to do that is by hiring a doula for your birth. The DFW Birrh community is now home to its first Black Woman Owned Doula Agency Dallas Royal Doulas. They. Are. Phenomenal.



Momma Bear Struggles with Cubs

I feel this in my DNA. -Mom to 5

Mobile uploads 03/18/2021

Doulas! Don't miss this opportunity to be mentored by these incredible women!


If You Had To Purchase Parenting 😬😳😂


All of this my oldest are 28 and 26. Mr. 26 is expecting HIS FIRST BABY this June. My youngers are 17,15 & 12. Ms.17 will be a senior next year....I can't. 😭 its been the most MOST kind of run.

I quit my job to stay home when I had my second baby just after her big brother turned two. Those first few months as a SAHM to two were, let’s say, mildly traumatizing (I am underselling this). I used to call my husband Brandon at 1:30pm and ask, Are you almost done with work? and he was all It’s 1:30 and I was like YOU DIDN’T ANSWER THE FREAKING QUESTION. ARE YOU ON YOUR WAY HOME OR SHOULD I CALL 911 TO COME HELP ME MANAGE THESE TWO BABIES????? Because no one told us not to, we added a third two years later and were ruled by a tiny army we created.

Three babies in four years.

It was a whole thing.

I wish I would have known how new babies make all feelings MORE (and this from a girl who was already fairly high on melodrama): more thrill, more love, more anguish, more adoration, more fear, more gratitude, more doubt, more crazy. You may have been an emotionally sturdy professional just a minute ago, but a newborn takes your heart and mind, squishes them into pulp in her fat little baby hands, and turns you into a woman face down in despair over a Subaru commercial. Who is this sloppy woman in the mirror? Good lord, put on some clean pants and get your crap together!

I remember a watershed moment the second year of staying home with the littles. Brandon came home from his glamorous job (“glamour” here meaning “out of the house”) and found me at the kitchen table, staring blankly like a poet. Or perhaps a serial killer. The kids? Not sure. I want to say they were…upstairs? Or in the backyard? They were somewhere on the property. My gosh, I wasn’t in the FBI.

Brandon, speaking slowly, like to a lunatic:

“Um, hi. You, uh, you okay there?”
“Fine. Everything is fine. Except that I’ve turned dumb. It’s fine.”
“Dumb. Now you have a dumb wife. I used to be smart. I watched CNN. Did you know that I went to college and graduated with honors?”
“I did know that because I met and married you there. Remember?”
“Well, sorry for your loss, because now I’m dumb. I sing the theme song to Blue’s Clues when the kids aren’t even around. That’s what I do now. I eat their leftover bread crusts off the floor. I can’t remember our Vice President. I told our neighbor I was 29.”
“You’re 27.”
Some days were very much like that. Raising the littles was sometimes the most frustrating, boring, numbing, exhausting, lonely job I’d ever had. But also, opposite.

The Feels were all big, including the good ones. As I type this, I can literally recall how their chubby little cheeks felt against my lips; I kissed them hundreds of times a day. I remember exactly how my heart surged seeing a smiling, white-haired baby standing at the crib rails, squealing at the sight of me. I precisely remember all their first steps; I was there, cheering and laughing and holding out my arms to the first son at 12-months, the girl tot at 13-months, and of course the “spirited” baby at 9-months.

When I could push through the Big Exhaustion and Big Guilt, I tapped into something more healthy: Big Pride. Every night with three precocious littles fed, bathed, read to, rocked, snuggled, and tucked into bed, I felt like some sort of damn warrior princess. Who can handle this many babies and toddlers all day?? APPARENTLY I CAN. (And if I managed to also have s*x that night? I felt like a viable candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize for my contributions to humanity.)

You can too, Young Mama. The new mom brain can be a real enemy, saying you are not enough and falling apart and a hot mess. But look at your children. Their shoes are on the correct feet, at least one has combed hair, those round bellies are clearly well-fed, and peek in their little eyes: lot of light in there, Mom. Those are the eyes of loved, cherished, cared-for babies. You’re doing it. You are raising whole humans, healthy and happy and safe.

Can I tell you what happens next?

First, you will get your groove back. Your dumbness will abate. Your brain returns and it comes back wiser and way less judgmental. (Except for that older lady in the store as my toddler pitched an epic fit for Count Chocula cereal: “My children never behaved that way.” HOW NICE FOR YOU AND MAY I OFFER MY CONDOLENCES TO YOUR DAUGHTER-IN-LAW.) Not us, gals. We get it now. We love all the young moms behind us. We buy their wine on airplanes and encourage them in Target as their tot takes off his pants and streaks down the aisle. We tell them how our 2-year-old once bit her Sunday School teacher and drew blood and assure them easier days are ahead.

And they are!

Well, easier in most ways. Guess what? Kids grow up and pee-pee on the potty! They make their own sandwiches! They wash their own hair! They go to school for seven hours a day. I’m serious. The nonstop physical parenting slows down. The daily marathon relents. They stop biting their teachers.

But I have some bad news too. These little ones? You fall even more madly in love as every year passes. That part doesn’t get any better. Subaru commercials are still out to kill us. The Big Feelings stay big, especially the tender ones. Your brain becomes useful again, but the kids grow up and you cannot stop it. That beautiful 3-year-old you’re tucking into bed? Blink and you’ll be sending him to Driver’s Ed. I swear to the heavens.

Let me tell you about Big Feelings: my oldest son, the one who took his first step into my arms at 12-months, is wrapping up his junior year. One more year and he launches. I can hardly speak of it. It went so fast. People told me it would and I didn’t believe them, but here we are in the home stretch; the finish line is near. The Family Years are waning and it literally takes my breath. (Brandon says they are just growing up, not dying, but I’ll cry about it IF I WANT TO.)

I’ll tell you something most moms don’t: teenagers are mostly awesome. Sure, you also want to strangle them of course, but they are funny and smart and interesting, and this teen stage is totally my jam. It’s not all great (this exact minute my husband and son are inspecting a fence he plowed over hot-rodding through puddles with his best friend last night), but no stage of parenting is all great. Young Mama, set that future fear aside. You will adore that baby when he is one and eight and thirteen and donning his cap and gown.

So what I wish I would have known before bringing that first son home? The baby years are short, kind of like five minutes…underwater. It doesn’t seem like it, but he will go on to kindergarten then read the Harry Potter series then join the “ninja club” in middle school then play high school soccer and rent his first tux for prom and run over a fence in his truck, and near the end, you will hit your knees and thank God that you got to parent this kid, that he was yours, that he walked into your arms at one and will walk out of them at eighteen, but my gosh…what a gift. I wouldn’t trade one day of Big Feelings, because the good ones far outweigh the hard ones, and the one that endures above all else is Big, Big, Big Love.

“There goes my baby,
Like the sun falling out of the clear blue sky.
There goes my baby,
Bye-bye, Baby, good-bye…”
~Trisha Yearwood

Thank you, Jen Hatmaker, for sharing this with the TODAY !

Temporary Change in Disinfectant - North Texas Municipal Water District 02/03/2021

Temporary Change in Disinfectant - North Texas Municipal Water District

Temporary Change in Disinfectant - North Texas Municipal Water District Water disinfection is required to protect public health and keep our water safe. North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) uses proven and highly effective disinfection methods to treat the water we deliver to 1.8 million North Texans. Our annual temporary change in disinfection is required to pr...


You guys! I've been on pins and needles just WAITING for the Texas Midwife License number to report so I could introduce one of my very dearest friends! I give you the newest MIDWIFE at Urban Family Co-op 😭
Shanna Hinrichs LM, CPM....shes ready to serve!

I am Shanna Hinrichs, and my story of community birth began over 20 years ago when I began supporting families as a doula, lactation consultant, and now midwife. I have known I was called to help families bring their babies earthside since I was a young child. I didn't know what that would look like, but I was fortunate to witness the intimate and precious home birth of a dear friend. That experience revealed my path as a birth worker and ignited my desire to serve clients in their most powerful and vulnerable moments.
I believe that educated, informed consent is the best way for families to become empowered and make the best decisions for their pregnancy. That belief has afforded me the privilege to serve on the board for different cesarean awareness groups to help provide evidence-based information so families can make the appropriate choice for themselves and their current pregnancy. I am also a strong advocate for Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC) when it is the most appropriate choice.

I was born and raised in Garland but have had the privilege to live in a few different states. I am married and have given birth to 9 children, each with their own different story. Having experienced 9 very different births and breastfeeding journeys, I have lots of hands-on personal experience to offer to you.

When not engrossed in the birth world, I enjoy spending time with my husband, kids, and pets, as well as hiking in the great outdoors, eating delicious food, and making our home in Rowlett as peaceful as a home with 5 kids (still living at home), 2 dogs, and 2 cats can be.

I am blessed to be able to be a part of the Urban Family Co-op, and do not take lightly the responsibility that comes with serving those who walk through the co-op doors. My hope for you is that you are wholly seen, fully heard, and deeply loved.

Daily Essentials Video Digital Download - Spinning Babies 01/04/2021

Daily Essentials Video Digital Download - Spinning Babies

All the mamas-to-be need this! Invest $17 in working towards a smoother labor and birth! (No, I don't make a cent off your purchase, but I BELIEVE in this)


Daily Essentials Video Digital Download - Spinning Babies Buy streaming video access and a digital download of Daily Essentials for $16.99! Gail Tully, midwife, and Sarah Longacre, international prenatal yoga instructor and birth doula, offer a unique instructional video for comfort in pregnancy now, and in your upcoming birth. These daily activities begin...


You're Welcome! 😆

Timeline photos 12/03/2020

Truth. 😆

Ooooh. Yeah. 🤦

Photos from Urban Family Co-op Dallas's post 11/11/2020

Sharing an office with the fabulous Fat Baby Photography has its advantages during the holidays! Arent we cute! 😍


This baby is our kindred spirit

Parenting sometimes be like...

Watch MICROBIRTH 10/15/2020


Watch MICROBIRTH Watch the award-winning 60 minute documentary MICROBIRTH in HD. Explores the critical microscopic events happening during birth and breastfeeding.


We've all heard it. "Oh, the baby just ate an hour ago, their diaper is clean, let them cry, they're fine."⠀

As if their needs end there.⠀

As if babies don't have their own personalities.⠀

Temperaments. Wants. Needs.⠀

And in steps society, blaming parents for the fact that their babe has needs that extend beyond what they deem as acceptable.⠀

Instilling doubt and making these parents and moms feel insecure about trusting their intuition by responding to their babies.⠀

As if, comfort from their caregivers isn't a valid need.⠀

As if, just because these tiny humans are incapable of talking and telling us, "hey mom! I'm uncomfortable. This place is bright. It's too loud. I need to know you're still here. Can you pick me up so I can hear your heartbeat? So I can smell your skin. Maybe have some more milk."⠀

That their cries are out of boredom. Out of habit. Out of manipulation. ⠀

And therefore, not important enough to attend to.⠀

Because, God forbid they learn that they can rely on us. That they can trust that we will be there when they have a problem, or need some comforting. ⠀

Even now, as an adult, do we not seek comfort and connection with our loved ones? Our parents?⠀

There is NO SUCH THING as too much comfort, too much love, too much care. You cannot spoil a baby, toddler, child with your love and responsiveness.⠀

This, in fact, does the opposite, responding and helping to regulate your little one, teaches and shows them how to regulate themselves.⠀

And if they can't depend on us for that, who can they depend on?


Shared by a fave midwife of mine Ms. Hali Moon Tipton....what I love about this? Its that beautiful way Daddies figure it out, they have their own style and flare, it rarely looks like Mom would have done it but it gets the job done, just the same. Give Dads the reigns and watch them build confidence and relationship with their kiddos, different....is good.

Exercise and Gut Bacteria 09/02/2020

Exercise and Gut Bacteria

New research reveals positive changes in the gut microbiome after cardiovascular exercise for 30-60 minutes 3 times per week for 6 weeks. The gut microbiome returned to normal after exercise was ended after the 6 weeks.

“If you want to pick one thing you can do to enhance your health, it probably is exercise, right after comes the diet. For optimal health, overall wellness, overall resilience the answer is an absolute yes, daily exercise is a key component of that,” said Dr. Emeran Mayer, a gastroenterologist at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

Exercise and Gut Bacteria Researchers say they noticed changes in the gut microbiome after six weeks of exercise. The gut makeup returned to normal after exercise was dropped.




YOU GUYS!🤩 I cannot tell you how EXCITED I am about a new partnership with the amazing Occupational Therapist & soon to be IBCLC lactation consultant Marissa Yahill! Urban Midwife Mamas will now have access to her phenomenal online, self paced All You Need To Know Breastfeeding Course in the 3rd trimester! 🤩🤩 Can you EVEN?! This class is INCLUDED in your midwifery package and I could not be more stoked about it! It takes a village, ya'll.
Check it out!! www.lactdev.com

Timeline photos 08/12/2020

This lady RIGHT HERE! 🥳🥳🥳

Thankful & Honored⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Thank you to each of the moms who have allowed me to care for your kids over the years. I hope to never take for granted what a gift that is to be trusted with your children. Sending each of you my sincerest THANK YOU! ❤️⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Honored to have been nominated and recognized four years in a row by DFWChild! 🌟


Have you ever wondered what that thick, white layer on a fresh, new baby is.....?

Well, this waxy substance is called Vernix Caseosa - and it is a result of an important secretion - of a special oil - created in baby’s sebaceous glands.

Vernix typically begins to accumulate in the last trimester of pregnancy and is thought to not only protect the baby in utero, but it also serves as a mechanism of defense after baby is born.

In the past, as soon as baby emerged from its protective womb, it was quickly whisked away from its mother - to have that “gunk” wiped off, be given its first bath, have a whole series of tests taken, procedures done, and injections given.

Luckily, research has shown that (beyond leaving the baby alone with its mother) delaying baby’s first bath- and allowing that vernix to reside on the skin - has a number of health benefits!

•It has antimicrobial properties.
Recent studies have shown that vernix contains antimicrobial amino acids that block invasive bacteria present in the amniotic fluid from meconium contamination. After baby is born, these amino acids work to protect against harmful bacteria such as: B. streptococcus, E. coli, Staph aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Candida albicans, Listeria monocytogenes, Serratia marcescens, and Klebsiella pneumonia.

•Vernix has wound healing properties.
It has been shown to help with the quick regeneration of skin following a wound. In fact, the use of vernix with skin grafting on burn victims is currently being investigated!

•It moisturizes and hydrates baby’s skin.
The newborn’s integumentary system undergoes immediate changes following birth, including dehydration. Because of its high water content, vernix acts as a natural moisturizer for your baby, protecting its skin from dryness and environmental exposure.

•It can help regulate baby’s body temperature.
There is only very rarely a need for a warmer and lights! Babies almost always do better skin to skin on their mother (even tiny preemies). Studies show that infants who have it washed off have a significantly higher rate of heat loss.

As the movement toward evidence-based practice has become standard, more hospitals are no longer bathing infants.✨

So, when you deliver your baby, don’t be surprised if they arrive with a thick coat of vernix. It is there for a reason! Instead of washing it off, use that time to snuggle up to your baby and enjoy the magic of skin-to-skin..... celebrating this perfection in its entirety.

*And if you are a friend or a family member of someone who chooses not to bathe their baby after birth, make sure you support - and even celebrate them - for working so hard to keep their new baby healthy. ✨💛

To get free diapers and other baby goods visit: http://pennypinchingmomma.com


This is world breastfeeding week and I want to take a moment to celebrate all breastfeeding mothers,no matter what that walk looks.like for you. For me....it went like this:
Baby #1 : excruciating pain, cracked, bleeding ni***es from DAY ONE, 1992 in the day before anyone knew about tongue or lip ties. Severe mastitis twice in the first month. Pain...inability to bond...formula. breastfed 4 weeks.

Baby #2 significant pain, bleeding cracked ni***es from day one. No help. High desire to breastfeed, little to zero support. Warriored it out for 2 months.....formula. Breastfed 8 weeks.

Baby #3 Significant pain, cracked bleeding ni***es. DETERMINATION...zero support. Grunted it out for about 3 months. Baby came to work with me. 1 By week 12 the worst of the pain had passed and we got into a groove. Thankful....then....noticed a full milk supply on Monday....not another drop on Wednesday. Like a bomb. .....formula. breastfed 14 ish weeks. Felt devastated and yet pretty proud.

Baby #4 ..pain...again...still a lack of info on tongue ties. Went back.to work full time at 4 weeks postpartum. Became a pump mom. Low supply, find out about domperidone and start smuggling it in from New Zealand 😆 100mg a day, causes weight gain. Pump before work, nurse the baby take morning pump to.the babysitter. Go to sitter at noon, nurse the baby and bring milk pumped at work for the afternoon. Back to work pumping every 2 hours. Pump.approx 1 hour per work day.. Pick up baby and nurse at night. Low supply dwindles to nothing by month 6....formula. breastfed 6 months.

Baby #5 see above 😁 went back to work at 2.5 weeks postpartum. Increase smuggled domperidone to 150mg per day. Costs more than formula 🙄. Pump, pump, pump. All the herbs. Pump...nurse...nurse...hate the pump, love the pump. Cry.
Get bacterial Infection 10 months postpartum..find out im allergic to sulfa drugs. Severe reaction. Milk dries up. Breastfed 10 MONTHS! EXCLUSIVE BREASTMILK! I KEPT A HUMAN ALIVE FOR 10 MONTHS! I feel like Queen of the world.

My story isn't your story or her story , its mine and it looked like this. It wasn't easy. I breastfed 5 babies less than some moms do one, but every walk, every experience is a personal journey. For some its easy , others have to don viking war paint and fight out every ounce. No matter what, no matter how. It was good enough.

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