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we are the eye care profession that provide regular eye exam, contact lenses and treatment of ocular

Regular examinations will allow our team to assess for vision problems, disease and eye damage. By detecting problems early and providing prompt, effective care, doctors at Eagle Eye Associates will help you retain proper vision and ocular health. We also offer a full range of contact lenses service ranging from Keratoconus to CRT vision correction services. At Eagle Eye Associates, we provide the

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Lutein/Zeaxanthin Tops Beta Carotene in Reducing Late AMD, Lung Cancer Risk 💊
Patients who took AREDS supplements with the former were significantly less likely to develop either condition over time.
The first Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS), which investigated whether nutritional supplements can prevent or slow the development of cataracts or age-related macular degeneration (AMD), found that beta carotene may lead to an increased risk of lung cancer. For this reason, the nutrient was replaced with lutein/zeaxanthin for half of the patients of the AREDS2 study.
Researchers recently performed a follow-up study of participants from the trial to determine the long-term outcomes of using beta carotene vs. lutein/zeaxanthin. They determined that while the former nearly doubled a patient’s risk of developing lung cancer, no such risk existed from taking lutein/zeaxanthin. The nutrient also seemed to be superior in preventing or slowing late AMD progression. reviewofoptometry.com/article/lutein-zeaxanthin-tops-beta-carotene-in-reducing-late-amd-lung-cancer-risk

Researchers test 3D-printed, self-moisturizing contact lens 05/20/2022

Researchers test 3D-printed, self-moisturizing contact lens

Researchers test 3D-printed, self-moisturizing contact lens Researchers are investigating a 3D-printed self-moisturizing contact lens that could be a catalyst for the development of next-generation contact lens-based medical devices.


"Visually Handicapped" —This patient’s medical history and genetics played a key role in in finding the correct diagnosis.

➡ A 35-year-old mentally handicapped Hispanic male presented with his mother for a second opinion on possible treatment options to help him see better. He reported a gradual painless, progressive loss of vision in both eyes that started at about nine years old. His mother reported that his vision was so poor by age 14 that he was only able to detect light.

➡ His medical history is significant for mental delay. He also has hearing loss and polycystic kidney disease. As a child, he had strabismus surgery on the right eye to improve alignment and also had surgery to remove extra toes.

➡ On examination, he had only light perception vision in each eye. Though his extraocular alignment appeared normal, he did have roving eye movements. His pupils were equal, round and reactive to light; there was no afferent pupillary defect. Tensions by applanation tonometry measured 12mm Hg in each eye. The anterior segment was unremarkable.

Take this Retina Quiz: reviewofoptometry.com/article/visually-handicapped


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Socioeconomic Status Impacts Keratoconus Severity, Progression
Non-white race and greater hardships ultimately contributed to higher rates of corneal transplantation.

Determining the social factors that influence disease is critical in identifying ways to reduce incidence and improve outcomes. In a recent study, researchers set their eyes specifically on the social determinants of health for keratoconus and their relationship with disease severity and progression. Several factors were found to be associated with more severe disease as well as with corneal transplantation.

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Exfoliative Patients Report Reduced Smell Sensitivity
This may have important implications regarding the effect of the neurodegenerative process on glaucoma pathogenesis.

Providing new insight into glaucoma’s association with neurodegenerative diseases, researchers recently found that patients with exfoliative glaucoma and exfoliation syndrome have reduced smell sensitivity and identification compared with those who have primary open-angle glaucoma and those without glaucoma.

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Due to the icy road conditions, we will delay opening today till 11:00 am. Please take precaution as you are coming to your appointment Thank you

Debido a las heladas condiciones de la carretera, retrasaremos la apertura de hoy hasta las 11:00 a. m. Por favor, tome precauciones cuando venga a su cita. Gracias.



Due to inclement weather conditions and for the safety of our staff, we have to close our office today. Sorry about the inconvenience and thank you


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A Spot of Trouble 🔴
No one wants to see a dark patch in the posterior segment. What factors in this case might help you weigh its significance?

A 45 y/o female reported to the office for a six-month posterior segment follow up without complaints. Her acuity was good, there was no history of glaucoma or blunt trauma, she was neither diabetic nor hypertensive and reported no allergies of any kind. She had an ocular history of a posterior segment finding requiring monitoring (seen below).
The only concern was the posterior segment finding after a series of diagnostic tests. How would you handle this case?

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Pandemic tie to vision issues seen in Chinese kids' study 09/28/2021

Pandemic tie to vision issues seen in Chinese kids' study

Pandemic tie to vision issues seen in Chinese kids' study Research suggests vision problems increased among Chinese schoolchildren during pandemic restrictions and online learning, and eye specialists think the same may have happened in U.S. kids. A report published Thursday in JAMA Ophthalmology is the latest to show the trend and the results echo those o...


Retinal Changes Not Connected to COVID-19🦠
Unlike previously thought, a recent study shows ocular findings in patients who tested positive were brought on by pre-existing conditions.

“Importantly, in a subset of eyes with no pre-existing conditions (many of which were contralateral ‘healthy’ eyes in patients with monocular conditions such as rhegmatogenous retinal detachment or retinal vein occlusion), no findings that could be associated with COVID-19 were seen,” the study authors concluded. Read more: reviewofoptometry.com/article/retinal-changes-not-connected-to-covid19


Pregnancy Can Cause Temporary Keratoconus Progression in CXL Patients 🤰
Within 2.5 years after delivery, corneal curvature had returned to normal, study finds.

Crosslinked corneas steepened during pregnancy in 41.7% of the patients; however, corneas flattened by nearly the same amount post-delivery by the end of the follow-up period. Pregnancy did not alter any of the refractive or visual parameters in crosslinked corneas, suggesting that the temporary change in corneal curvature could be attributed to a hormonal cause. Read more: reviewofoptometry.com/article/pregnancy-may-cause-temporary-keratoconus-progression-in-cxl-patients

Dallas County will require face masks for schools, most businesses 08/12/2021

Dallas County will require face masks for schools, most businesses


Eagle Eye Associates is a mask requiring facility. Please mask sure you have mask when you enter. Thank you!

Dallas County will require face masks for schools, most businesses A judge ruled that local leaders could require masks. The order starts at 11:59 p.m. Wednesday.


Thank you our patient for bring us her homemade bakery. This will be a good morning! Happy Wednesday!


"Don't Blow Your Top" - Confrontation fields may be the only clue to this disorder. reviewofoptometry.com/article/dont-blow-your-top

Q: An 18 y/o female has no visual complaints at a routine eye exam, but confrontation visual fields revealed an inferior defect in one eye. What tests should I perform and what is in the differential diagnosis?

What's your answer? Click the link to read how Paul C. Ajamian, OD suggests to handle the case.

Gavin Newsom bypassed local health experts. Now the Delta Variant of COVID-19 is moving fast 07/09/2021

Gavin Newsom bypassed local health experts. Now the Delta Variant of COVID-19 is moving fast

Delta variant is moving fast. We asked our patients to have mask on when you come in the clinic for safety.


Gavin Newsom bypassed local health experts. Now the Delta Variant of COVID-19 is moving fast California leaders fumbled the chance to help communities with low vaccination rates. Is it too late to keep the pandemic from accelerating?


Now hiring for full time English Spanish bilingual front receptionist. Please email your resume to [email protected]. no experience needed but need to be hard working and willing to learn.


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Eye Exam, Contact lenses exam, Medical exam; Scroll down to schedule online 03/10/2021

Eye Exam, Contact lenses exam, Medical exam; Scroll down to schedule online

Actualización para el paciente de COVID-19 3/8/2021 Se requiere mascarilla en nuestras instalaciones

El 2 de marzo de 2021, el gobernador Greg Abbott emitió la Orden Ejecutiva GA-34, que, a partir del miércoles 10 de marzo de 2021, eliminó todas las restricciones relacionadas con COVID-19 en las empresas junto con el mandato de máscara en todo el estado. Sin embargo, la orden permite a las organizaciones, incluidas las prácticas médicas, la opción de seguir requiriendo máscaras.

En Eagle Eye Associates, seguimos comprometidos a hacer todo lo posible para mantener la seguridad de nuestros pacientes y al mismo tiempo mantener su salud ocular. Desde el comienzo de la pandemia, hemos seguido la guía de los Centros para el Control de Enfermedades (CDC) y continuaremos haciéndolo. Esto incluye exigir máscaras para todos nuestros médicos, pacientes y personal junto con el mantenimiento de todas nuestras prácticas actuales de control de infecciones, lavado de manos y distanciamiento social. Continúe pidiendo a sus acompañantes que esperen afuera si es posible para ayudar a permitir el distanciamiento en nuestras salas de espera.

También pedimos que cualquier paciente que experimente fiebre o síntomas similares a los de la gripe, como tos o dificultad para respirar, reprograme su cita y se comunique con su proveedor de atención primaria. Además, si ha tenido contacto con alguien que tenga COVID-19, quédese en casa durante al menos 10 días desde el momento en que se puso en contacto y se autocontrole.

¡Gracias por confiar en nosotros!

Eye Exam, Contact lenses exam, Medical exam; Scroll down to schedule online We are the eye doctors located inside the Walmart off Midway and LBJ. We offer routine eye exam, contact lenses exam to medical eye exam. Call us today!

Eye Exam, Contact lenses exam, Medical exam; Scroll down to schedule online 03/10/2021

Eye Exam, Contact lenses exam, Medical exam; Scroll down to schedule online

COVID-19 Patient Update 3/8/2021 Mask require in our facility

On March2, 2021, Governor Greg Abbott issued Executive Order GA-34, which, effective Wednesday, March 10, 2021, lifted all COVID-19 related restrictions on businesses along with the statewide mask mandate. However, the order allows organizations, including medical practices, the option to still require masks.

At Eagle Eye Associates, we remain committed to doing everything we can to keep our patients safe while maintaining their ocular health. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been following the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and we will continue to do so. This includes requiring masks for all of our doctors, patients and staff along with maintaining all of our current infection control, hand washing and social distancing practices. Please continue to ask those accompanying you to wait outside if possible to help allow for distancing in our waiting rooms.

We also ask that any patient experiencing fever or flu-like symptoms, such as cough or shortness of breath, reschedule their appointment and contact their primary care provider. In addition, if you have had contact with anyone who has COVID-19, please stay home for at least 10 days from the time you made contact and self-monitor.

Thank you for placing your trust in us!

Eye Exam, Contact lenses exam, Medical exam; Scroll down to schedule online We are the eye doctors located inside the Walmart off Midway and LBJ. We offer routine eye exam, contact lenses exam to medical eye exam. Call us today!


We will be closed today due to power outage. Thank you.

Timeline photos 02/15/2021

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 02/15/2021

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 02/13/2021

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 02/13/2021

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 02/12/2021

Inclement Weather Policy
If the clinic will be closed for a full day or part of a day (delayed opening or early closing) due to inclement weather, we will take the following actions to alert our patients:

Clinic closings will be posted on:
1. Our website .com
2. Our page @ Stephanie.eagleeyeassociates.Doctor

3. Our staff will attempt to contact each patient directly by phone if the number is valid.

Política meteorológica inclemente
Si la clínica se cerrará por un día completo o parte de un día (apertura retrasada o cierre temprano) debido a las inclemencias del tiempo, tomaremos las siguientes medidas para alertar a nuestros pacientes:

Los cierres de la clínica se publicarán en:
1. Nuestro sitio web Eagleeyepa.com
2. Nuestra página de facebook - Stephanie.eagleeyeassociates.Doctor

3. Nuestro personal intentará ponerse en contacto con cada paciente directamente por teléfono si el número es válido.


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