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counseling practice This life has its struggles and challenges. These roadblocks in life hinder us from achieving peace with ourselves and our loved ones, peace we all deserve to have.

Whether these roadblocks are anxiety, depression, addiction, conflict with spouse or other family members or many of life’s other challenges, Peaceful You is here to help. Know that you are not alone and that things can change for the better.

Operating as usual


Our House | Imam Oduro with Usman Mughni

Our House | Imam Oduro with Usman Mughni

A conversation with licensed therapist Usman Mughni on fatherhood and benefiting from Ramadan as a Family.

Presented by Islamic Center of Coppell


Our House | Imam Oduro with Usman Mughni

Our House | Imam Oduro with Usman Mughni

A conversation with licensed therapist Usman Mughni on fatherhood and benefiting from Ramadan as a Family.

Presented by Islamic Center of Coppell


Our House Ep. 3 | Imam Abdullah Oduro with Br. Usman Mughni

Presented by Islamic Center of Coppell, ICC Masjid, in collaboration with PeacefulYou.

A conversation about family structure, roles, and relationships. Today, our session is centered on the mother.

Hosted by Imam Abdullah Oduro
Guest speaker and licensed therapist Usman Mughni


Rahma & MHA


Our House | Imam Oduro and Br. Usman Mughni

Our House | Imam Oduro and Br. Usman Mughni

A conversation with licensed therapist and founder of Peaceful You, Usman Mughni.

Discussion on the family and specifically mothers.


"Be My Guest" With Sh. Yaser Birjas feat. Usman Mughni


This Friday evening inshaAllah @6:45pm cst on “Be My Guest” with Sh Yaser Birjas @valleyranchislamiccenter our guest for this episode is licensed therapist @usmanmughni from @peacefulyoucounseling services. Overcoming the slump of a long quarantine. As the state of Texas is opening up again for business and reducing restrictions of masks mandates, how do we rebound? How can we overcome the anxiety, fear and other negative emotions caused by a long social distancing? And more. Join us live on YouTube and Facebook and ask your questions. If you have any question you need to ask our guest please write your questions down in the comment section.


Family First

Some key factors to consider while at home with the family.

Covid's impact on families.

How family impacts individual behaviors and vice versa.

Reevaluating family roles, structure, and relationships.

Seeing the positive in covid.


EP 202: Hand of Doom: Breaking Addiction | Usman Mughni

Honored to be a guest on TMM and catch up with old friends

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Not a Dr. But really happy to be part of this talk


Amid all this uncertainty we are facing, it is important to prioritize self care even as we serve as #caregivers for loved ones with #specialneeds. Come and learn with our Dallas Chapter, about what our deen says about your role as a caregiver, and explore the importance of self care. Share your experiences with those that can relate to you.

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Professionally facilitated by Usman Mughni, MS, LMFT and Shaykh Yaser Birjas

[05/10/20]   Hello all! I will be giving a talk tonight at 6pm CST (details in previous post) on viewing pornography/inappropriate content. I know this may be a taboo subject for some but it's a much needed discussion as many people struggle with this and are too ashamed to talk about it.


Sunday 5/10 at 6pm on Instagram Live @iaccyouth


ICC Masjid

Presented by Islamic Center of Coppell

A live discussion focusing on togethernes within the family during a time of isolation by Uthman Mughni, a licensed family therapist and practitioner at


The Great Realisation

A bed time story of how it started, and why hindsight’s 2020. 🛌 🧸 #stayhome #withme Music by Katie Phillips Sound Design by Sam Gee #untiltomorrow #tomfoolery

[03/31/20]   We are offering therapy online and are still open for in person appointments but are requesting clients to use their better judgement and opt for online therapy if they are feeling ill or are living with someone vulnerable. We have taken all possible precautions to make sure we can continue helping our clients.


20200214 - Unfiltered - Stressful Expectations - Sheikh Arsalan haque & Brother Usman Mughni

Unfiltered Conference @ IACC Honest Conversations on young Muslims' struggles 02/17/2020

The 10 Types of Depression Learn more about the symptoms. 02/16/2020

4 Ways That Parents Can Crush Children's Self-Esteem 4. Speaking with sarcasm. 02/13/2020

Screentime Is Making Kids Moody, Crazy, and Lazy 6 ways electronic screen time makes kids angry, depressed and unmotivated.

01/08/2020 12/23/2019

LMM : Loving Muslim Marriage Episode 1: Is it haraam to talk About s*x? Episode 2: Do women even need s*x? Episode 3: Are Muslim women becoming hyper-s*xual? Are Muslim women with s*xual demands being negatively influenced by life in a Western, post-s*xual revolution society? Not at all. Episode 4: Myth: Are men s*xual and wome...


On the authority of Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him):

“A man said to the Prophet ﷺ , ‘Give me advice.’ The Prophet ﷺ said, ‘Do not get angry.’ The man asked repeatedly and the Prophet ﷺ answered each time, ‘Do not get angry.’”

Related by Bukhari & Muslim


Our Parenting Workshop @valleyranchislamiccenter “The Va**ng Epidemic” br @usmanmughni from @peacefulyoucounseling speaking about the OARS method to help the youth quit va**ng. @ Valley Ranch Islamic Center


Family therapy # 15


Our Quran Teachers took an entire day to help develop themselves so they can serve the students and community better! Thank you Sh. @yaser_birjas , Br. Usman Mughni, Sr. Ishrat Rahman, Sr. Maha Soliman, Sr. Sabana Dadabhoy, & Sr. Rakshi Mahmood. The teachers found each talk so informative and they want more days like this.

Also thank you @kebabstogo for supplying us with yummy yummy food! @ Valley Ranch Islamic Center


Family therapy


Yaser Birjas

Christchurch in Perspective


Christchurch shooting


Family therapy 14

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Our House | Imam Oduro with Usman Mughni
Our House | Imam Oduro with Usman Mughni
Our House Ep. 3 | Imam Abdullah Oduro with Br. Usman Mughni
Our House | Imam Oduro and Br. Usman Mughni
Family First
Family therapy # 15
Family therapy
Christchurch shooting
Family therapy 14
Family therapy 13
Managing Stress & Anxiety
Family therapy#12




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