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Faithfully Delivering Mobile Massage & Spa Services in the Dallas, TX Metroplex and All Natural Aromatherapy Products Nationwide. Massage - Heal - Restore!

Built upon our christian faith and deep desire to help & serve others, Renewing Wellness is where true honest massage therapy brings ultimate restorative healing as specific areas of chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and tension evaporate into a world of tranquility. Experience peaceful relaxation and worry free scheduling benefits as our Dallas, TX Metroplex Licensed Massage Therapists arrive to you

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Are you ready to follow your dreams?

Go ahead, say goodbye to fear and reach for those stars. You'll be so over the moon that you did.
#ReachForTheStars #Rejuvenate #RenewingWellness



Embracing the stillness of Fall with healing faith, trust, and wellness. #BeStill #NaturalHealing #RenewingWellness



Are you ready to embrace the Autumn leaf mantra and discover the beauty & healing power of letting things fall as they may? We're definitely looking forward to it!
#WelcomeAutumn #FallIsHere #RenewingWellness



To stand firm in our personal beliefs, convictions, and core values, takes an amazing amount of courage & inner strength every day. But when we do, it also delivers an inner peace & tranquility that we can be so thankful for.
#InnerStrength #InnerPeace #RenewingWellness



Just think...what are all the things we could seek and accomplish if fear were never a factor?
#HaveFaith #ReachForTheStars #RenewingWellness



Are you looking forward to a little down time this coming weekend? We sure are!

Remember, it's truly ok to rest, recharge and restore...your family, friends, and overall health will thank you. #WeekendVibes #Relxation #RenewingWellness



Everyday Health

We're jazzing up our coffee again and it's oh so sweet!
#healthy #coffeebreak #RenewingWellness

Freeze coffee cubes! It'll keep the sip from becoming diluted as the ice melts.


How will you be kicking off your week ahead?

We're excited to be focusing on motivation, inspiration, wellness, and gratefulness. 😊
#GlassHalfFull #InnerStrength #RenewingWellness



Sometimes all that's left to do, is quiet the mind, pray, and have a little faith.
#Prayer #Faith #RenewingWellness



Go ahead...laugh, dance, jump for joy, and release your inner light & strength.
#LaughterIsTheBestMedicine #YouAreWorthIt



Inc. Magazine

How do we know if we're nearing the 'burn out' stage?

As we continue to work harder and add more commitments & responsibilities to our lives, it's important to spot the beginning stages of extreme stress early so we can continue to enjoy life as we were created to do.
#StayHealthy #Restore #RenewingWellness

Spot the early warning signs before it gets worse.


Have you ever felt fearful of vulnerability?

The great news is, practicing patience & compassion with ourselves and letting go of negative self-doubt, allows us to have more courage than we ever thought we could.
#BeKindToYourself #Courage #RenewingWellness



Remember, taking moments to slow down and rest are never selfish. It's a necessary part of helping us listen to our inner voice as we begin to heal & restore.
#InnerPeace #Rest #RenewingWellness



Everyday Health

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend or wishing you could?

Take some moments of peace, no matter how small, with these calming herbs in your next cup of tea or bath and allow the anxiety to melt away.
#Soothing #Calming #RenewingWellness

Add these natural ingredients to your next tea or bath! 08/11/2017

How to feel strong and focused at your desk

Feeling some of the aches and pains after a long week?

Well Friday is here and we're thrilled to share these tips with you. Each one of these small adjustments to your workspace and daily routine can help you feel more motivated, productive, strong, and yes, healthy too.
#Rejuvenate #Restore #RenewingWellness If you spend your work day sitting, these small changes can help you keep your mind and body engaged.


Why celebrate the small victories?

Keeping the glass 'half full' as we work toward our goals helps us stay motivated, builds confidence, and also helps us be happy and healthy. Wouldn't you agree those are powerful reasons to celebrate? 😉
#DreamBig #Positivity #RenewingWellness



Everyday Health

How great is it that we're not here to achieve absolute perfectionism?

Here are some super tips to help us all beat those unrealistic expectations of being perfect each day. So go ahead, embrace all that you were created to be. 😊
#SayGoodbyeToPerfectionism #BeYou #RenewingWellness

Perfect is the enemy of good, some people say.


How do you find your stress free moments?

Today, we're focusing on letting things go, taking a deep breath, and remembering we can't change the things that are out of our control.
#GoodbyeStress #RenewingWellness



Ever feel frustrated and want to start rushing the process towards your dreams?

We have all been there and exuding patience can be so hard, but the blessings received while waiting are oh so worth it. 😊
#Faith #Patience #RenewingWellness



Laugh, jump, skip and twirl your way into the weekend as you count those week filled blessings!
#Grateful #Happiness #RenewingWellness



What are some of the greatest gifts you can share?

Being the person you were created to be, allowing your light to shine bright and spreading kindness wherever you go.
#LetYourLightShine #YouMatter #RenewingWellness



Do you see that sunshine & joy in front of you?

It's your's to sn**ch up as you dig deep in faith and discover your happiness with arms stretched out towards the horizon.
#BeYeGlad #Faith #RenewingWellness



MASSAGE Magazine

Feeling the pains of too much computer and smartphone use?

We absolutely love these amazing & simple self-care methods to ease those aches & pains and also help us to recharge. Check it out!
#Rejuvenate #NaturalHealing #RenewingWellness

The power of our hands is no secret to massage therapists. The ancient art of Jin Shin Jyutsu takes this knowledge to a new level, offering an easy-yet-sophisticated self-care method that is accessible to everyone, at all times.


Friday is here and the weekend is just around the corner. 😀

Go ahead...grab your friends & favorite music and dance it out! #HappyDance #HealingMusic #RenewingWellness



Ever have days when tiny seeds of doubt creep in?

We can all certainly relate and remembering to let some things go while allowing compassionate thoughts to take hold, we'll begin to see how it positively affects our lives and how it also becomes a blessed gift we give to those around us.
#Positivity #NoMoreSelfDoubt #RenewingWellness




Did someone say coffee?

With these simple tricks to make that cup of coffee even healthier & sweeter, we'll be signing up each and every time. 😀☕
#CoffeeLife #WellnessLife #RenewingWellness

Make the most of your morning cup.


Thank the Lord for those friendships that love unconditionally, accept, encourage, help you heal, and are there for you no matter the circumstances.
Nab your closest friends, give them hug, and say thank you. #Friendships #Blessings #RenewingWellness


Cooking Light

Craving some scrumptious fresh food on a hot summer day?

As you hit your local market, keep in mind these 10 simple ways to fill your picnic basket with wholesome natural foods.
#AllNatural #Refreshing #RenewingWellness

Avoid the traps and fill your plate with wholesome and healthy foods.


Inc. Magazine

Looking for the perfect kick-off to your Friday?

Infuse snippets of laughter, gratitude & simple movement into your day and start reaping the happiness rewards. 😀
#Laughter #Rejuvenate #RenewingWellness

Laugh more each day. It'll change your life.


What a blessing it is to dig deep and experience the healing force within ourselves.

Don't ever be afraid to take that leap of faith and discover your inner strength. #Heal #Restore #RenewingWellness



Healthy Holistic Living

Ever have residual back pain when first waking up each morning?

Get each day started with renewed energy and natural healing with this 7-minute muscle strengthening and pain relief routine.
#Heal #NoMorePain #RenewingWellness

Don't just treat the symptoms of back problems, work to get rid of them for good. ‪


Go ahead, take that leap of faith, put one foot in front of the other, and never be afraid to follow your dreams.
You will be so happy you did.
#FollowYourDreams #RenewingWellness



Have you ever experienced the healing power of forgiveness?

It's one of the most tenderhearted gifts we can give one other & give to ourselves.
#HaveFaith #Kindness #RenewingWellness

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