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Independently owned and operated since 1997, Denice Buchanan customizes each massage from Relaxing Swedish Massage to Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Sports, Pregnancy, or Hospice Massage. By Appointment Only.

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The Unsung Self-Care Practice for Pandemic Aches and Pains | Northwestern Health Sciences University 04/15/2021

The Unsung Self-Care Practice for Pandemic Aches and Pains | Northwestern Health Sciences University

Touch starvation is real

The Unsung Self-Care Practice for Pandemic Aches and Pains | Northwestern Health Sciences University When you’ve done talk therapy for a long time and you feel supported but you don’t have any new insights on the issue, massage therapy can help to find something to shift how you feel, physically, right in the moment.


Massage can be experienced anywhere


Be aware...

We love essential oils because they offer a natural way to support health and well-being. But if your oils aren’t pure, they can have the opposite effect.

Impure oils can cause issues like sensitization, irritation, and even allergies.

Unfortunately, it’s common for people to “cut” or dilute their oils with synthetic ingredients. (This is called “adulterating” the oils.)

That’s why buying from essential oil companies that practice 100% transparency is . . . well . . . essential!

In our new blog "How to Know if Your Essential Oils are Pure" we've listed 3 crucial signs that an essential oil company is transparent and their oils are pure.

Whether you're new to essential oils or a certified professional, these are 3 things to keep in mind when making an essential oil purchase.

Read the blog here:




Essential Oil Revolution

Are you surprised? We’re not!

An ambulance service in the La Crosse area is using aromatherapy as a way to cut down on pain medication use.

Tri-State Ambulance is equipping paramedics with six different essential oils that can help treat pain, nausea or anxiety.




Mark Hyman, MD

Think of magnesium as the relaxation mineral.

You must have magnesium for your cells to make energy, for many different chemical pumps to work, to stabilize membranes, and to help muscles relax.

The reason we are so deficient is simple: Many of us eat a diet that contains practically no magnesium — a highly-processed, refined diet that is based mostly on white flour, meat, and dairy (all of which have no magnesium).

Anything that is tight, irritable, crampy, and stiff — whether it is a body part or an even a mood — is a sign of magnesium deficiency.

Including the following in your diet as often as you can:

Kelp, wheat bran, wheat germ, almonds, cashews, buckwheat, brazil nuts, dulse, filberts, millet, pecans, walnuts, rye, tofu, soy beans, brown rice, figs, dates, collard greens, shrimp, avocado, parsley, beans, barley, dandelion greens, and garlic.

I also highly recommend a daily magnesium supplement.

The most absorbable forms are magnesium citrate, glycinate taurate, or aspartate, although magnesium bound to Kreb cycle chelates (malate, succinate, fumarate) are also good. To properly absorb magnesium we need a lot of it in our diet, plus enough vitamin B6, vitamin D, and selenium to get the job done.

Avoid magnesium carbonate, sulfate, gluconate, and oxide. They are poorly absorbed (and the cheapest and most common forms found in supplements).


Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants

Studies show thyme oil is one of the most powerful remedies available for strep throat and respiratory infections. 04/01/2019

Massage Therapy for Pain Management Find out how massage therapy might help you better manage pain. 03/31/2019

Trigger Point Therapy - 5 Great Shoulder Stretches

Stretch!! You’ll thank me later... How to Stretch Supraspinatus - Dr. Johnathan Kuttner Simple Shoulder Stretches Here are 5 other shoulder stretches that we regularly recommend ... 1. Great for trigger points in the "Pecs"! Technique Kneel on the floor in front of a chair or table and interlock your forearms above your head. Place y...


Express yourself to your loved ones, even if they aren’t ready to listen...

Death at the Oscars

If you haven't seen the 40-minute Oscar-nominated film "End Game," we highly recommend it! Intimate. Powerful. Real. It follows several patients and their families as they make decisions about their lives and deaths.

We hope that viewers will be inspired to have the kinds of conversations we all need to be having to ensure that our choices are honored. Available on Netflix.


American Massage Therapy Association - AMTA

Recent research indicates massage therapy can be effective in helping people deal with some of the troubling symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants

Studies show thyme oil is one of the most powerful remedies available for strep throat and respiratory infections.


Cassie Green Health

Pretty cool stuff here about elderberries! Find a retailer close to you at and getcha some today!


I’m so blessed to have such wonderful clients!


Thank you clients!!


American Massage Therapy Association - AMTA

Massage therapy can be beneficial to military veterans and the unique challenges they might face. Share with a veteran who could benefit from this information in honor of Veterans Day!


LOVE my clients! Thank you!


Mmmmmmassage is a gift to celebrate anyone/anytime! Gift certificates available! 05/20/2018

Research: Massage Therapy for Pain Can Mitigate the Use of Opioids — American Massage Therapy Association From broad liability insurance to the profession's best Continuing Education, AMTA membership provides the tools you need to thrive in your massage therapy career. Sign in to view your benefits »

[02/17/18]   It isn’t too late to correct this... 02/16/2018

Fragrance Is The New Secondhand Smoke

This is why I only use essential oils... Did you know that 75% of perfume chemicals are phthalates (endocrine disruptors)? Our daily exposure is dangerous: fragrance is the new secondhand smoke.


Show loved ones you have a stake in their health and wellness by giving the gift of massage this Valentine's Day. Massage therapy can relieve stress, aid in pain relief and improve mood during the winter months.


Dr. Karen Becker

This is a serious’ve been warned!

Air fresheners, scented candles and plug-ins may improve the scent of your home, but it also exposes you and your pets to a variety of health problems.


In The Know


When the massage is too good!

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