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Body By Bell - D'Vaughn Bell personal fitness trainer and coach. Transforming your personal fitness As people we are set in our ways. No need to be shy.

Body By Bell is a brand that I created in hopes of changing;
Facts: Being unhealthy is becoming normal. No one wants to climb out of the box. What if I told you I’m shredding that cardboard like abs. And that slight changes aren’t the end of the world, but a merge with an even greater one. This movement is already set in motion. Join a legend of thousands that will be there to support you. All I’m


Thank you for all the support fam! We appreciate all of your love and support.



My true power comes from what can't be seen 💯


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Follow your heart, but let your mind guide you ❤🔥


What should I next?


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In case people missed me withdrawing money from the bank LIVE ❤🔥 first guess for how much it is WINS $10 in honor of tonight's big

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I stopped looking for the keys to and just changed the lock.

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You'll never have to stay in your lane when you're busy paving your own road.


Bought another today 💸


There's a story to every struggle 🔂


2008. Pacific Northwest. They didn't want it back then and they don't want it now 😅

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Instagram photos 06/11/2021

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I know I've let Body By Bell go over the last decade, but in person and at the gym people still see me as Body By Bell. Believe it or not we're a few months away from it being ONE DECADE of me being . We're always searching for what's lost but fail to realize it's 'time' that evades our senses.

MUCH HAS CHANGED in the past 10 years as I could expect with everyone else so I won't waste your time until I publish my first autobiography 😅.

What Is Reputation Management?

Throughout history, many leaders have recognized and acknowledged that our reputation and the perception society has on us holds true power.

Here’s a quote that highlights the true definition of what reputation is:

“Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.” - John Wooden

This is why investing in your corporate image, brand identity and marketing your business is essential.

What potential customers think about your business can alter your business brand in catastrophic ways.

Your business and brand will change overtime, naturally, to ensure customer support, customer loyalty, and to increase customer life-cycles.

My questions to you are:

1. How will your brand appear?
2. How will your brand change?
3. What will your brand transform into?
4. What’s happening to your brand when you’re busier with new seminars, acquisitions and mergers to help support the new growth in business?

Please answer those questions, write them down and submit them to [email protected]. I’d only ask for some basic information from you to conduct my own poll and study.

Today, I consult in the growing field of reputation marketing. I created a reputation marketing consulting firm, invested countless hours and dollars through both technical and mental trial and error.

You can find out more information about myself and my firm online. I am the owner and CEO of Marqui Management. We’re a reputation marketing firm that specializes in results-oriented, data-driven digital marketing strategy. Essentially, my team and I handle all SEO, Web Design, Branding, and Business Consulting services that increase certain business sector revenues by 40% per quarter.

We are experts,
Marqui Management
700 Central Expy S #400 Allen TX 75013


A beast spotted in its natural habitat 😤


The only time I let them see me sweat 🔥😝


Can't stab me in the back when I'm already cut 😤

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Do what sets your soul on fire


Here I come 🤙🏾💪🏾


Got 275lbs for 10 reps right before this video, and that was my 2020 new year's resolution! All things considered, I am back baby!! Stay tuned!

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Who's ready for tonight's LIVE and #giveaway?
In case people missed me withdrawing money from the bank LIVE ❤🔥 first guess for how much it is WINS $10 in honor of ton...
I've spent a lot much money today, this week, month even, but either way it will not stop me from #GivingAway #GivingTha...




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