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Workshop Facilitator – Creative Vision Exploration Workshops

• Day of Discovery
o Answer purposeful questions
o Complete exercises resulting in writing a personal “Mission Statement”
o This statement is designed to move forward in the direction of desires and goals. o In addi

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Anne Worth Counseling updated their address. 07/14/2021

Anne Worth Counseling updated their address.

Anne Worth Counseling updated their address.


I am so excited to announce that Amazon has released my book, Call me Worthy, in an eBook format to make it more affordable and more easily accessible. Please tell your friends who might have also struggled with childhood abuse and subsequent emotional problems as well as addiction and all the ramifications of addiction. This is the story of a woman who was released by God into a new life as the woman he created me to be.

I am so excited to announce that Amazon has released my book, Call me Worthy, in an eBook format to make it more affordable and more easily accessible. Please tell your friends who might have also struggled with childhood abuse and subsequent emotional problems as well as addiction and all the ramifications of addiction. This is the story of a woman who was released by God into a new life as the woman he created me to be.


Are you wondering how you can impact the veteran community in regards to mental health services? Garland Behavioral Hospital is offering FREE CEs to social workers and counselors licensed in the State of Texas throughout the month of September in honor of Su***de Awareness month. Visit the StopOne page to REGISTER through Eventbrite and receive information on the ZOOM meeting ID and code.

September is National Su***de Awareness month. In proud partnership with Garland Behavioral Hospital,MVPN (Domingo Rodriguez) and Veterans Resource & Outreach Center, a Virtual Veterans Mental Health Series with FREE CEs will be offered through several classes on Tuesday's throughout the month. (The second week the exception - in remembrance of September 11) See the events listed and SIGN up through Eventbrite for the information on ZOOM meeting number and code. You CAN be the one to #StopOne !


[08/01/20]   I would like to invite all of you who have followed me on this page to switch to my newer page Dr Anne Worth Author. Facebook is making some changes and those changes are affecting my pages. One of my pages doesn't even work anymore. In an effort to have better communication with you, I am consolidating my pages in hopes that it will keep us in touch. Please friend, like AND follow my Dr. Anne Worth author page. Thank you and bless you. 07/23/2020

MHA's Annual Conference: COVID-19, Mental Health, and the Need for Equity MHA’s Conference brings together MHA affiliates, providers, peers, and more to discuss important and emerging mental health issues.


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Dr Anne Worth Author Teresa Velardi Dennis Pitocco

Are You Worthy: A Search For God Part 1-


Kathleen OKeefe Kanavos Author/Speaker/Dream Expert

This was just posted on Dreaming Healing with Kat Kanavos.

Teresa Velardi Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network Dennis Pitocco
Dr Anne Worth Author askes "Are You Worthy?" Dreaming Healing w/ host Kat Kanavos
SPREAKER- 06/30/2020

COVID19 | Mental Health First Aid

CBS News is forecasting "deaths from despair" (su***de and drug overdose) related to the current global pandemic could top 75,000 in the coming days. Be prepared to meet the challenge. MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID CLASS REGISTER TODAY Send Email with your First and Last Name Email Address and Contact Phone to [email protected]...


Anne Worth Counseling


This conference was designed to help during COVID-19 and the treatment of suicidal patients while the extraordinary circumstances of the pandemic are pressing.


Kathleen OKeefe Kanavos Author/Speaker/Dream Expert

Recent radio/video interview.

Teresa Velardi Dr Anne Worth Author
Are you Worthy? Dr Anne Worth talks about her book Call Me Worthy. She says, "For 55 years, I struggled. The last 20 have been my glory years, but a lot happened before the Vision that saved me." Are you ready to unlock a painful past for a glorious future?
iHeart Radio/ Womans Radio Today - 06/22/2020

Pandemic and Faith

My guest article on BIZCATALYST 360 Magazine is already being shared by the magazine on their social media sites like LinkedIn.
Here is the article Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. (John 14:27 NIV) I have a real treat for you today… guest author, Dr. Anne Worth. Dr. Worth is no stranger to crisis, abuse, desperation, or feeling unworthy. She holds a master's and a doctorate degree in counseling psychology and has been ...


Kathleen OKeefe Kanavos Author/Speaker/Dream Expert

This was just posted by Kathleen OKeefe (Kat) but WRITTEN BY YOURS TRULY!

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Patheos Guest Blogger Dr. Anne Worth/therapist/author
COVID: Call Me Worthy Of Shelter
Has your faith helped you through the shelter of COVID-19? How has your relationship with God changed?

Teresa Velardi Dr Anne Worth Author


Remember little Lionel (the Lionhearted)? Worst abuse case I have ever seen. Left to die in a cageso small he could barely move. No food or water. Look at him now. One year old, sweetest little guy looking for his furever home. Wish you could see him wagging his tail! Let me know if you are interested.

[06/02/20]   In all the turmoil of the times, I want to venture a definition of hospitality: to make room inside yourself for someone else.
When we feed others, give them drink, and take them into our heart, we follow the scriptures Matthew 25:35, and Hebrews 13:2. (Do not forget to entertain strangers.)
We belong to one another and we need to hold on to each other. God provided such wonderful sisters and brothers to me when I became a Christian at the late age of fifty-five years old.
I belonged to a family like I had never had. Lord, help me be a friend to strangers.

[06/02/20]   I just ordered Be the Bridge book from Amazon. It is a good first step to understand what we can do to bring about race reconciliation. I have also joined their face book group where there is a wealth of information. 05/30/2020

The Blessing (Global Choir) | Live From Elevation Ballantyne | Elevation Worship

WE ARE ALL THE SAME, PLEASE LET THIS SONG BLESS YOU AND LOOK AT THE BEAUTIFUL FACES FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD. "The Blessing" from Elevation Worship with a global choir live from Elevation Ballanytne. "The Blessing" is available everywhere now on Elevation Worship's n...

[05/10/20]   We don’t need to find meaningful work, we just need to bring His meaning to our work.

[05/10/20]   Holy Spirit.
If you were asked who the Holy Spirit is, what would you say?
We need to know the answer that question because the secret to living the most victorious Christian life is to become best friends with the part of the Trinity known as the Holy Spirit. He is the best BFF possible!

He’s alive and wants to talk to you! He is the one who guides us to a life that is RADIANT AND FRAGRANT. I love those words. I want to shine and I want to leave a lovely trail of Christ’s fragrance as I walk through life.

The Holy Spirit is someone who helps us make the right decisions, and with whom we can share our deepest feelings.

I think of the Trinity in this way. God is my Father. Jesus is my Savior and my Brother, and the Holy Spirit is my BFF. Some may think the way I talk about my personal relationship with the Trinity is too familiar or in some way discounts the awesomeness of the Godhead.

I believe God wants to know us in the most personal, intimate way possible. I’m part of the family of God and as such, I feel close, loved and wanted when I come into their presence, surrounded by the peace and warmth only they can bestow.

The Holy Spirit is a person. Ask Him to reveal himself through scripture, and so you may enjoy him as your earthly companion. I trust Him to guide and direct us to the Father’s mercy and the Savior’s love.

How cool is that? What are we waiting for?

[05/10/20]   Blog #6

During these long days of sheltering in place, I sometimes find myself standing in front of the refrigerator feeling a vague sense of emptiness and discontent. I want to fill it. I want to subdue it! I have heard from others that they are doing the same thing…
Whether we are looking to food, relationships, or activities to fill that longing, whatever we choose will probably not do the trick. The empty spot is not in our stomach, but in our soul!
There is a solution to that nagging sense of hunger and dissatisfaction. God created us with a deep yearning for Him that nothing in this world can fill. When we know that, we know where to go and what to do.
Of course, I’m only human, and I am still tempted to seek fulfillment with worldly substitutes at times. If I’m not spiritually filled up, I am vulnerable to Satan’s very long menu of enticing things that promise gratification. And they do work-temporarily, for a few minutes. But the satisfaction never lasts.
God’s menu is quite short, there is only one item — Jesus. He can fill the void, at any time, in any place. We can be filled to the brim and overflowing with love, understanding, strength, and peace when we seek Him. He will satisfy us as nothing else can or ever will. 04/27/2020

Signs and Symptoms of Chronic Loneliness | Cigna

Chronic loneliness article-excellent and informative. Chronic loneliness can affect anyone. Learn the symptoms of chronic loneliness, and discover strategies that may help you deal with your feelings. 04/20/2020

ASK: Ask About Su***de To Save A Life

Wondering what to do for lunch - join the ZOOM meeting now ASK: Ask About Su***de To Save A Life



"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success." - Henry Ford

As a nation continues to "shelter-in-place" let us find new and innovative ways to come together, whether or not it is through ZOOM meetings and activities, going old fashioned and actually writing a letter to a friend, or making a phone call to ask "How are you doing? Are you okay?"

We have to be #alonetogether to make progress and flatten the curve of #COVID19

We WILL get through this!


Thanks InspireMore for sharing a great quote!



How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world - Anne Frank

#WednesdayWisdom #StopOne #mentalhealth 03/23/2020

How to Support a Loved One Going Through a Tough Time During COVID-19 If you or someone you care about feels overwhelmed with emotions like sadness, depression or anxiety, or like you want to harm yourself or others call 911. You can also contact the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA)



Check out the helpful resources on disaster distress, as well as live updates from CDC

We just added helpful resources and information on COVID-19 including the Disaster Distress Helpline.



Wondering how to fill the days of "self-isolation?" Make a difference by learning how to recognize signs of mental health crisis!

National Initiative for su***de prevention, awareness and education. You can be the ONE to StopOne 03/18/2020

N.J. nun: I’ve been social-distancing for 29 years. Here are some tips for staying home. As someone who has lived a life of separation, I’d like to share from my experience how you can make the best of it. 03/11/2020

I had several breakdowns before I learned to cry — Piglet ish

We always appreciate great articles on #mentalhealth and #mentalhealthawareness This article was written by me and originally published on The Breakdown mental health publication in August 2019. I didn’t cry at my Mum’s funeral. I was 19 years old and she had been just 39 when she died suddenly. Neither of us were old enough for it to happen, but it did. I don’t r 03/09/2020

My Therapist Says: It’s Okay to Stew in Sadness

We appreciate the thoughtful posts of The Caregiver Space Sometimes it’s helpful to become enveloped in your depression; to face it head-on and try to understand it



We're going to be "Live Streaming" our Moral Injury session today at 12:00 presented by MVPN - so stay tuned 02/20/2020

Call Me Worthy: Unlocking a Painful Past for a Glorious Future

I have just completed the book, "Call me Worth," It has been a blessing and a calling to write this book. You are welcome to purchase from me as well as online. I also ship for $2.80. I pray you are blessed by reading it.
#Amazon No matter what you have done,no matter what has been done to you, no matter how life may have locked up your joy, no matter what, you can be set free. To the extreme I was thrown down, I am lifted up; to the extreme I was rejected, I am embraced; to the extreme I was lost, I am found. My heart wa...



Be engaged with your representatives- let them know your concern!

Texas already ranks toward the BOTTOM of funding for mental health! Now, the most vulnerable are caught between “bottom line” disputes. It’s time to be involved and KNOW what is happening in your community. With 43% of all Texas su***des occurring in the DFW area - this bureaucratic quarrel will have devastating results!

#mentalhealth #su***deprevention #StopOne

[01/03/20]   The book will also be available on Amazon. Most people don't know that an author makes twice as much by selling a book themselves. So, I appreciate the orders and understand that Amazon is sometimes more convenient. Thank you for your interest.



Call me Worthy (book)
Embellished Christian art and crosses



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