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Customized blend of cutting-edge knowledge and contemporary technology with the healing power of holistic skin care nutrition to encourage your skin’s optimal health and performance.


I help people discover deeper connections to beauty. In a world inundated with impossible expectations and disconnected methods of skin care, EcoBlend Therapies exists to re-educate and empower people about their body’s unique relationship to the skin. It is an organ, every bit as powerful and crucial to your overall health as your heart, lungs, liver, brain, and kidn

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EcoBlend Therapies updated their business hours. 06/02/2021

EcoBlend Therapies updated their business hours.

EcoBlend Therapies updated their business hours.


This little gem of a clip brings me back to balance, every time I feel my crazy winning. 🤪😌💜💚❤️ 03/18/2020

Can you spare a minute to help Amy Halman?

Please take a minute to sign. Like most in the service industry, I am a citizen who will always do my part for the greater good. However, professions and families like mine are not covered under the current proposed relief bills being voted on at the Federal level. Thanks for any attention you can lend and I hope you are all feeling well! 💖 Save Our Salons! Covid-19 Beauty Industry Economic Hardship


I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day, because regardless of whether I had a romantic love in my life or not, any day to recognize love in general is a great day. 💕 My Valentiniest says it best...


Super important read....

It’s pretty well known that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I’m using this opportunity to bring light and awareness to another Breast health issue. In fact, it’s really a catastrophic whole health issue. I am talking about Breast Implant Illness.

In Functional Medicine, the focus is to get to the root or true cause of the problem. Having foreign, chemical laden objects in your body, such as breast implants, are a recipe of confusion and interference for your body’s communication. If you have implants and are struggling to heal from autoimmune disease, unexplained symptoms fatigue, cognitive dysfunction (brain fog, memory loss), muscle aches, joint pain, hair loss, dryness throughout the body, recurring infections, gastrointestinal and digestive issues, rashes, problems with thyroid and adrenals, etc. then you need to tune in this Monday October 12th.

On Monday I have the privilege of interviewing @movement_therapy_jen who will share her story and experience with BII, her explant surgery, her fears pre-surgery, and how she has gained her life back. If you resonate and have implants or know someone who could benefit, please share this post and have them join us this Monday at 12:30 CST.


Not sure who had more fun on my day off yesterday. Had a blast with Jennifer and Camille at Pilates Methodology, then on to get adjusted by Lauren at Cafe of Life Chiropractic. Needless to say, we both feel like a million 🤩

Seriously, both of these things set me up for an amazing pregnancy, delivery and recovery. Not to mention how getting the little guy adjusted right out of the gate helped his development all the way from easy breastfeeding to happy digestion and sleep. 💖💖💖


Such an amazing offer from my friend Emily at Acupuncture Juncture, for some well-deserving folks...don’t pass this up!

I have for sometime been deeply saddened by how this current government shut down is affecting our community and I want to help. I have decided to offer free acupuncture sessions for those that are directly affected by the shutdown and under major stress trying to make ends meet. If you or someone you know can use a break to relax and reduce stress please don't hesitate to contact me to book.

Please help me spread the word to anyone you know that is experiencing this first hand and can use a little pick me up. I want to help.

Feel free to copy and share my contact information.

Emily Guevara, LAc

The Acupuncture Juncture
5510 Abrams Rd. Ste. 103

Time & Date:
Friday 1/25/2019
1 pm - 4 pm



SO important

We use 500 million plastic straws every day in the U.S. alone -- Adrian Grenier & Lonely Whale

Follow ATTN: on Instagram:


Saying good bye to EcoBlend Therapies’ first home. What a great little studio it has been! 🍃Now you can find me in my new, expanded space on Abrams Rd in Dallas, TX! 🎉

5510 Abrams Rd, Ste. 103
Dallas, TX 75214

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Green Beauty roses in the studio fitting for my lovely clients! 😍
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Had an amazing time speaking this weekend at the 7th Annual Holistic Festifal of Life and Wellness! ✨
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Jesse Elder

🌟I so needed this today...hope it helps you too! 🙌💖

If you're not inspired
to do "what you need to do,"
then maybe forcing yourself
to take action
isn't the right answer.


Tiger’s Milk tea this morning, loaded with turmeric and h**p milk...perfect. 🐯✨


✨So proud of my amazing client and the launch of her new book, “Love&Sex”!✨📖❤️#asknancyhouston 04/20/2018

What’s Up with This Sheet?! Sheet Masks vs Traditional Masks | good life

Thanks to Soap Hope for sharing my article on Sheet Masks! Check out the scoop here... Ever wonder what the big deal is about sheet masks? When you have a million options for traditional masks (and probably a few hanging out in your bathroom), what makes a sheet mask so dynamic? With the right ingredients, and maybe even some excellent ones you can find in your own kitchen, traditiona...


Here’s what’s yummy and new at EcoBlend Therapies for Sensitive Skin! 🍒
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[04/11/18]   I’ve worked with Judi and the Conscious Kitchen directly and it’s amazing to see how the kids are thriving and how much more aware they become of not only smarter choices but healthy food prep too!


The perfect stocking stuffer is here!🌟 Pamper those you love with a glowing treatment for $40($60 value!). Follow link to purchase online... ☃️ 12/08/2017

When Train Riders Moved Away From Passenger, This Woman Held His Hand

Sometimes all you need to turn things around is kind touch and compassion. Happy Friday everyone!💖 “He needed someone to touch." 11/30/2017

Meet Amy Halman of EcoBlend Therapies in Oak Lawn - Voyage Dallas Magazine | Dallas City Guide

So excited for EcoBlend Therapies's feature in VoyageDallas Magazine! 🙌🏼 Today we’d like to introduce you to Amy Halman. Amy, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today? An award-winning licensed esthetician, I have specialized in targeted, organic treatments and natural hair removal for over a decade. However, my passion began in my early ... 11/22/2017

Dallas Studio EcoBlend Therapies Takes A Big Picture Approach to Skincare - Beauty Independent

Huge thank you to Rachel at Beauty Independent for such an amazing feature on EcoBlend Therapies! Former Acure president Amy Halman has settled into an intimate setting at studio EcoBlend Therapies to have frank skincare discussions with clients. “It doesn’t matter what moisturizer or cosmetic you buy, nothing is going to work if you’re not connecting your skin to your body. You can’t only worry...


Puffy eyes be gone! Check out my article on the amazing Soap Hope blog... #puffyeyes #beautifuleye #toxicfree #detox

Surprise those puffy eyes this season, detox, and make them picture perfect. #puffyeyes #beautifuleye #toxicfree #detox


Helps me turn off and fall to sleep like a baby every time 😴...Lotus Wei Flower Essences @ecoblendtherapies

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World Economic Forum

It may seem like you can't do enough so why try, but fortunately, that's not true at all! 😀 Even little things like bringing your own reusable travel cup to your fave coffee place, or opting out of plastic straws, utensils, and plastic produce bags at the grocery store, do a lot. Set the trend for your friends and family starting today! 🦋🐬🌳

Planet plastic. Read more:


Dallas Love List

Check out Dallas Love List's amazing write up on EcoBlend Therapies, complete with Q&A! Super stoked and grateful! Be sure to follow her amazing adventures in Dallas 💖💫💖

#DallasLoveList || Where to get a Facial in Dallas featuring EcoBlend Therapies plus an in-depth skincare Q&A!


Sick of enlarged pores? 😝
EcoBlend Therapies has the Cranberry Gommage...voted ALLURE Best of Beauty!Unclog and minimize those congested pores with cranberry + raspberry enzymes. 😋Diatomaceous earth, blueberry enzymes and volcanic mineral exfoliate and purify while your skin receives powerful antioxidants to reduce free radical damage.
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I use pure cream and hard wax free of dyes, fragrance and petrochemicals, and are designed to attach to the hair and not the skin. 👍🏻Both factors lessen discomfort and irritation, leaving your skin smooth and ready for summer tank tops and bathing suites! ☀️⛱👙


Had such an excellent time at the Holistic Festival of Wellness on Sunday! 🌺 So many great people stopped by for mini consultations and treatments 🤗#holisticfestivaloflife
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A little glimpse into a studio session! ✨


At @ecoblendtherapies we love all things natural and organic for skin but but that doesn't mean you have to be an Wild Child around your secret garden. 🌿 Let Amy help you manicure your curves with her natural and gentle waxing services. Who is ready to hit some sandy beautiful beaches this Summer?
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Mixin' my potions! 💫Your skin tells me all I need to know to mix a unique blend each session for killer results while you relax and reconnect to your body. Non-toxic and no nonsense! Can I get a 🙌🏼?!?!


Amy is creating completely customized skin care for each of her clients @ecoblendtherapies There is nothing cookie cutter here. Contact her today to start your summer off on the right foot with glowing healthy skin - shed all the makeup and all the self doubt we can sometimes carry when we have problematic skin-- and in this Texas climate and heat you can be happy this Summer in your healthy naked flawless skin. Book a consultation so that Amy can help you dial in your custom skincare and feed your skin what it needs!
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Did you know that @ecoblendtherapies is the premiere spa to get your @arcona in Dallas? And with the hot summers in Texas it is hard to keep a fresh face with the heat and humidity here is our favorite product to keep a fresh clean face on the go during the hot months.
🌸Want to banish any and all traces of makeup, dirt, and oil WITHOUT stripping your skin? Reach for ARCONA's Cranberry Toner. It's available in both liquid and pad form, however you prefer to cleanse. The Cranberry Toner is amazing for cleaning and toning in one step and it is a skin care must-have for those on the go when you grab the convenient cotton Triad pad. Throw the small container in your purse or beach bag or keep the full sized bottle on your counter at home. The Cranberry toner cleanses, tones, and hydrates, infusing skin with protective antioxidant rich cranberry extracts, omegas 3, 6, and 9, and rice milk to protect and replenish skin. The best part - it smells like heaven and wakes up all the senses🌿 Come in for a consultation with Master Esthetician Amy Halman to dial in your skin recipe and feed your skin what it needs!
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Botanical Oxygen?!?! Um...yes, please! 🤗

What does it do? Fights environmental impurities while diving deep into the dermis to promote and stimulate cell renewal, minimize blemish-causing bacteria and revitalize the skin, that's what! 💪🏻 Combined with Vitamin B, Zinc, Fumaric Acid, and Marshmallow Root, redness and irritation don't have a chance.

1-2 times a week before bed, ✨Night Breeze ✨is my favorite serum to restore skin to its calm, even, optimal state while you sleep. 😴
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Before and After fun with this guy!

Teen acne can be tough on multiple levels 😣 but especially hard when your skin is sensitive/hyper-reactive at the same time.

🍃In a single 60 minute treatment, the inflamed redness in his neck and jawline is diminished, swelling is minimized, texture and tone are smoother and his skin is soothed and re-nourished. 🍃
Looking good, Ethan! 🙌🏼

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This little gem of a clip brings me back to balance, every time I feel my crazy winning. 🤪😌💜💚❤️
A little glimpse into a studio session! ✨
Mixin' my potions! 💫Your skin tells me all I need to know to mix a unique blend each session for killer results while yo...
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