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My Dallas chiropractic and pain management clinic specializes in treating all types of pain due to many factors such as sports injuries, car accidents, lifting injuries, work injuries, or pain due to posture. Our specialties are Pain Management, Chiropractic, Posture, Health and Fitness, Personal Training, Nutrition, Massage, Spinal Decompression, Diets and Detox. We're up to date with the newest

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dallaspainandwellness.com 07/21/2020

Testosterone Therapy - Treatment for Low T


dallaspainandwellness.com To test for low testosterone in men, a blood sample is usually taken to determine if the proper levels of testosterone are present

[05/03/20]   If you are sick, don’t wait to go to the doctor for an exam. More people are coming in with problems that should have been looked at much sooner than when they came in.
Here are 20 reasons to go see your doctor ASAP!
1. Aches and Pains (injuries)
2. Chest Pain (possible heart attack)
3. Shortness of breath
4. Allergic reaction ( ie. skin irritation)
5. Coughing blood
6. New onset of severe headache
7. Sudden onset of confusion
8. Sudden changes in vision
9. Severe abdominal pain
10. Weakness on one side of your body
11. Severe low back pain
12. New onset of frequent urination
13. High or persistent fever
14. Blood in your stool
15. Fainting
16. Sign of infection in a cut ( ie. wound not healing, redness around area, swelling)
17. Burns
18. Fractures
19. Bleeding nose
20. Nausea or vomiting
21. Pain anywhere


Chiropractic care for optimal health can start at any age.


One of the most important stretches for back pain.


HA knee injections help with decreasing pain, inflammation and regenerating the injured area. Learn more about this and many more effective ways to reduce pain, restore function and optimize health at www.postureperfectwellnesscenter.com


Posture Perfect Wellness Center has moved to 15110 North Dallas Parkway Suite 102 75248


Amongst people who set New Year’s resolutions, losing weight and eating healthier are always at the top of the list. But in truth, these kinds of resolutions are rarely effective and for many, they won’t even last until February. There are a few reasons choosing this type of resolution doesn’t always work. For starters, we are almost always too ambitious in our goals. This creates unrealistic expectations and sets us up to fail from the start. Another reason we are often unsuccessful is that we try to change too many things at the same time. Overhauling your entire diet over the course of a year would be a fantastic feat, so it’s no wonder that we struggle to accomplish something that big on day one.

However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use the energy of the New Year to attempt big lasting changes. It just means you may need to go about making those changes in a slightly different way. If you didn’t bother to set any healthy eating resolutions this year or if you are already faltering, here are 5 tips for getting you on the right track.

1. Start Small
While your end game may be to lose 50 pounds, cut out sugary drinks, and drink more water, your likelihood of success is lower than if you started with a smaller goal like losing a pound a week. You can still accomplish all three of those goals over the course of the year, but taking small steps and making small changes over time is more likely to get you there.

2. Seek Out Support
One of the best ways to make big changes to your eating habits and to lose weight is to find a buddy who is in the same boat. The buddy system creates an instant source of support and an external source of accountability.

3. Track Your Food
One of the challenges we all face when we try to lose weight is that we often underestimate our caloric intake. You don’t necessarily need to track everything you eat and drink every day but it is a good idea to do so for a few weeks here and there to ensure you know how many calories you are taking in.

4. Keep a Journal
Another challenge many people face is emotional eating or unconscious eating. We eat for many reasons that are completely unrelated to hunger, like boredom or anxiety, but we may not see the connection. Writing down not only what you eat but why you are eating can help you see the unhealthy habits and patterns that you need to break on your road to success.

5. Be In It To Win It
You didn’t gain those extra pounds overnight and you are going to lose them overnight either. Quick fixes aren’t the answer. Set your mind toward achieving your goal and understand that it is going to take time to get there. Taking time, being patient, and treating yourself kindly on the way will also make a big difference in your ability to persevere.

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2017 Readers’ Choice Awards

Help us win again Best Chiropractic Group

addisonmagazine.com Vote for Your Favorites Below! Voters can vote one time per day, per email address Deadline to vote is June 20 See the winners announced in the August/September issue of ADDISON-The Magazine of the North Dallas Corridor

www.addisonmagazine.com 12/31/2016

An Inside Look at Integrative Pain Institute - Addison Magazine


www.addisonmagazine.com Have you ever had migraines that made it hard to focus, a backache that made it impossible to sleep, or any other type of bodily pain? If so, what did you do to treat the pain? Many doctors will try to relieve the symptoms of the problem by prescribing painkillers, instead of actually addressing the...


Dietary Supplements in Dallas, TX - Nutritional Counseling

In the modern age, we no longer receive enough nutrition through food alone. Pairing a healthy diet with dietary supplements helps to ensure you receive all the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Click below to learn more about physician-supervised supplementation at Posture Perfect Wellness Center! https://www.integrative-medicine-clinics.com/dallas/tx/dietary-supplements.html?listing_id=14bfe60a9e78566f7e9e2dabcb1015f4

www.integrative-medicine-clinics.com Dietary Health Supplements and Nutritional Counseling in Dallas, TX. Best nutrition and dietary health supplement products.


A fiber-rich diet helps reduce inflammation by supplying naturally occurring anti-inflammatory phytonutrients found in fruits, vegetables, and other whole foods. To get your fill of fiber, seek out whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.


Dr. Yaron Lohr

Loss of pelvic flexibility causes improper bio-mechanics which can lead to degeneration and back pain. Its important to maintain flexibility. I attached some stretches and illustrations.
I hope you stretch daily.


Dr. Yaron Lohr

Regular trigger point therapy helps with pain conditions. We see on every patient trigger points that are stressed. There are many different forms of trigger point treatment. A proper assessment should be done to determine which treatment would best fit you.



For most healthy adults, the Department of Health and Human Services recommends these exercise guidelines: Aerobic activity. Get at least 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes a week of vigorous aerobic activity.



A good pillow can help keep your spine aligned, prevent injury and degeneration.



ZERO Gravity positions helps alleviate pain due to axial compression on you spine.

postureperfectwellnesscenter.com 05/15/2016

Facet Pain - Wellness Center


postureperfectwellnesscenter.com Facet pain is a common condition that is often misdiagnosed. Facet joints are located in the back and are responsible for stability and flexibility of the spine. As you age the Facet joints take on a lot of stress and they degenerate. Facet Arthritis is one condition that causes low back pain. Arthr...


Platelet-rich plasma (Abbreviation: PRP) is blood plasma that has been enriched with platelets. As a concentrated source of autologous platelets, PRP contains several different growth factors and other cytokines that can stimulate healing of bone and soft tissue.

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Vaxxed | From Cover Up to Catastrophe


vaxxedthemovie.com Coming to Dallas (TX), Plano (TX), Santa Cruz (CA), Denver (CO), Honolulu (HI), North Hollywood (CA), and Sacramento (CA) this Friday (5/6)! Sign up for all updates on future screenings and how you can help spread the word! Subscribe“OH MY GOD. I CANNOT BELIEVE WE DID WHAT WE DID. BUT WE DID.”– DR.…


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Posture Perfect

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Posture Perfect

Poor posture causes many of the common pain problems we think have to live with. Headaches, neck pain, tension across the top of the shoulders, upper back pain and even jaw pain can all be caused by poor posture. When your posture is corrected, pain you’ve suffered with for years disappears, leaving you pain-free and ready to tackle new challenges.


Timeline Photos


Timeline Photos


What do you think poor posture does to your health? Go see your Chiropractor!!!


I take 5000 iu's of vitamin D3 daily.


Join us for the 1st annual client appreciation event at Posture Perfect Wellness Center on December 10th from 3pm - 6pm. We look forward to seeing all of our patients. Bring a friend for a chance to win a $100 visa gift card.


Did you know that sugar is 8x more addictive than cocaine? Think before you drink.


Stressed out by being stressed out?

How many times this week have you said or thought “I’m so stressed out!!”. We use the phrase flippantly and accept chronic stress as part of our everyday lives. That is not a true statement. We choose how we let stress affect us. We also choose how to deal with stress in our lives. If you choose to do nothing and be stressed, then you will experience the negative side affects of stress. If you choose to deal with stress in a positive way (I’m not talking about grabbing a cupcake or frappuccino.) then you can reap the positive affects of stress in your life.

When we are stressed our bodies release cortisol and other hormones. This can be a good thing, but not if it’s happening all the time. Life isn’t perfect and at times we feel like it’s out of our control. Some things are, but YOU CONTROL HOW YOU DEAL WITH STRESS. Pay attention to the following tips of how you can deal with stress. CHOOSE to implement at least 1 of these into your life this week.

1. Sleep 7-9 hours per night.
2. Do yoga.
3. Get away from the box dinners and drive thru windows. Eat whole, healthy foods for energy.
4. Have dinner with a friend
5. Go for a walk outdoors.
6. Practice deep breathing by taking a deep breath in and out through your nose.
7. Write in a journal.
8. Get a massage
9. Do something nice for someone.
10. Smile (even if it’s for no reason).


It doesn't matter what you didn't accomplish yesterday. What matters today is that you decide to keep trying to achieve your goals. Don't let obstacles turn to excuses.


Sometimes the thing that holds us back from achieving our goals is not cost, schedule or motivations, but our lack of belief in ourself.

Let go of the self-doubt and pity today and start believing in the power of you.

You are worth it. You can achieve it. You can succeed.
Repeat those phrases to yourself, but replace "You" with "I".


Who doesn’t love to have fun? You can’t have fun if you are exhausted, stressed and run down from making poor nutrition and lifestyle choices. Increasing your steps per day by walking is a great way to incorporate more movement into your life without feeling guilty about not making it to the gym 3 times per week.
Using a pedometer will help you set goals and track your steps on a daily basis. There are also apps available on mobile devices that will track for you.
Some ways you can increase your steps per day:
1. Park further away
2. Take the long way.
3. When you get home spend 10 minutes putting things away around the house.
4. Take the first 10 minutes of your lunch break and walk with a group. After sitting for a long period of time this is a great way to rejuvenate.

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One of the most important stretches for back pain.
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