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5 Star Nutrition


In spite of the storm that blew through last night and the lack of sleep... I’m bound and determined to make this transformation!!!

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I’m not exactly wild about my current physique... I am a “work in progress”.

Back in the 90’s I was 163 and 7% body fat. That’s my target again.

HIIT cardio this morning, eat keto through the day. When I get to Amarillo tonight the another round of HIIT cardio tomorrow.
Then before I leave for my next run, Upper body and cardio.
I’ll be “damned” if I’m gonna be a fat, lazy, obese, drug dependent, “gracefully maturing” man.
You get out of life what you put into it. If you’re too damn lazy to educate yourself about nutrition and physical fitness... then you’re a sad person.

We kill ourselves one bite at a time...

Mic drop...
Just ask for ZACK.. So helpful.. enthusiastic & knowledgeable... he will help you attain all your goals ❤️
Hi Josh. Thank you for coming out to ILKB Richardson. Also, thank you for helping me with my restless nights. I'll let you know if the product works within the next couple of days.
See you all Saturday.
Getting the great stuff!!! Come check Total Nutrition
Getting the great stuff! Check it out!!!
Ramon was super helpful, recommend his location and Ramon highly
Raymond thank you so much for your help and guide us in our quest for weight loss!!
Great service, as usual the employees were overly knowledgeable and helpful. Great place to go
Great place!! Guys in there have a lot of knowledge and helped me get the right stuff
Great service, information, and protein!!! Come get hooked up, you won't be sorry ☺️

Personalized health and fitness guidance for your lifestyle. A team that cares about you and your fitness journey. Come in and see us � Inspiring lifestyle improvements through personalized guidance and effective nutritional supplements

Operating as usual

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The 5 Star Fit Transformation Challenge is officially underway! Let the challenge begin!⁠


Posted • Who's ready? ⁠


Start the challenge off with a clean slate by taking DetoxOne! Flush away toxins, promote digestive health, and flatten your midsection with this natural supplement.⁠

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We are just ☝🏼 week away from the start of the challenge!⁠

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5 easy tips to increase water intake! 💧🔥⁠






Hey guys!

We are looking for highly motivated individuals who love health and fitness to join our Dallas team!

If you're interested hit us up in the DMs or share this post to someone who would be a great fit!


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Posted • 🌍⛈☔️ Allow me to introduce you to the Next Generation of Health, Fitness, & Personal Training out in beautiful Southlake, Texas.🐲🐉We are not a gym. Our unique design of multiple private, fully equipped personal training suites allows our trainers to truly focus all of their attention on 1 client at a time. You will get better results training in your own private suite with our expert trainers – and you’ll never share your suite with a stranger! If you are in the Southlake area & would like to improve your overall fitness greatly this year, please feel free to reach out to me or fill out my online training application to discuss membership opportunities. (Link in Bio)‼️🏡✌️✅🐲

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The perfect route to growth lies in our recovery. Relief from daily stress in life and a key for relaxation post workout ⭐️ Ask our staff about which products would be right for you !


How many exersices do you do in a


Come beat my bodyfat to win $2500 cash😎😎

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Posted • ✨💜🦋GROWING & GLOWING🦋💜✨
Love seeing my girls grow mentally and physically one day at a time. Although the journey is never easy, it is worth it. As they go throughout their journey they learn discipline, they learn to push themselves out of their comfort zone and step into a confident side of themselves they never even knew. Nothing makes me happier than seeing these girls flourish!
I’m excited to see what more my girls can do and help as many girls as I can in the future to come💫

If you’re in need of help or guidance with your fitness journey ➡️ fill out the link in my bio to flourish 🫶🏼



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Posted • 🦸‍♀️ 🦸‍♀️



We are looking for people who love health / fitness and have a passion for helping others!

Apply today by heading to the link in our bio! (5sncareers.com)

DM us with any questions!

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Posted • 𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐲 𝐦𝐨𝐧𝐝𝐚𝐲🫶🏽⁣

shorts: ⁣

ALIYIAH10 on banenergy.com⁣
(let them know i sent you)⁣
DM me- for in person training ⁣
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In need of a Great new preworkout with GREAT tasting flavor? Stim Lord’s FULLY LOADED with BOTH qualities!

We’re open until 7 today so hurry before it’s too late!

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Posted • ⭐️ Go check out for your next supplement haul 💪🏼 highly recommended the peanut butter cup protein, it’s delicious and will get you jacked up with 24g protein per scoop 😤

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Posted • “Know who you are. If you let moments of adversity destroy you, you’re not available for the blessing or the lesson”… - Momma🖤🥺💯✅🤟


Posted • Here are 5 ways to respect your body:

1. Talk back to negative thoughts. 🙅‍♀️

2. Stop weighing yourself so much! Realize that the number on the scale doesn’t always determine how you look and how goood you feel. 💞

3. Honor your hunger. Make the time to eat! Food is fuel.

4. Honor your fullness. Take time to enjoy what you’re eating. When you notice you are full, give yourself the gift of stopping before you are uncomfortably full.

5. Compliment yourself! 🔥
Sending you all good vibes this Monday 🫶🏽✌🏽

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Posted • Whew the pump this morning was perfect, sweated out my clothes too 😂
for the pump 🧃

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Searching for All Stars!!
If helping your friends and family achieve their fitness goals
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Educational tip to show how you could be creating more consistent growth/loss in your journey 🤩

We're here to make sure that progress never stops!!

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The 5 Star Difference

We live the 5 Star Nutrition brand every day. When you come to a 5 Star Nutrition you’re getting more than quality products and supplements; you’re getting expert knowledge and guidance tailored specifically to your goals, wants, and needs. Each location includes an InBody machine that provides a medical grade body composition analysis, allowing you to track your body fat and lean muscle mass so you can actually see results.

There are thousands of products in the marketplace to choose from, at 5 Star Nutrition we only carry reputable brands that use best in class ingredients. We offer a diverse mix of products to help you achieve your specific goals, whether it be weight loss & management, sports nutrition & workout support, protein powder shakes & snacks or vitamin herbs & health essentials, we have the perfect product for you.

Try before you buy! We offer free samples of almost every product in our store, every day.

At 5 Star Nutrition, we offer best in class products and supplements at the guaranteed lowest prices.

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