Innovative Therapy, P.C.

Innovative Therapy, P.C.


About to release a VERY cool program with Mary Thomas, PT with Innovative Therapy, P.C. to get the BODI Power System into your hands so you can live a powerful life of increased mobility and pain relief! Here's her first interview on the #OBBMNetwork, when the amazing Bizvisionary introduced us all to this super smart approach to debilitating physical issues. Check them out here: #MAKEmediaWork4U
John Ivor talks to Innovative Therapy, P.C. Mary Thomas about the connections she's made between healing vibrations and music in her #physicaltherapy modalities. This is brilliant, and useful immediately! #OBBMNetwork #Podcasts are amazing, are you subscribed? #MAKEmediaWork4U
Discover how the Founder of Innovative Therapy, P.C., Mary Thomas had to view her business growth to get to the other side of setbacks she wasn’t aware of.

Watch now on our Big Ideas Small Business episode:

#OBBMNetwork #MAKEmediaWork4U
OffBeat Business Media
Enjoy 2 FREE sessions in this ONE fabulous interview! Doreen Milano, executive business coach with Visions to Excellence talks with Mary Thomas, founder of the Bodi Body System and Innovative Therapy, P.C.. What's your favorite take away? #MAKEmediaWork4U

IV Hookup WorkSuites- Allen made this fine episode possible, thank you!
Our #OBBMNetwork hosts support #localDFW #businesses, because we know how vital they are to the American economy and way of life. Check out Visions to Excellence Doreen Milano with Mary Thomas, founder of Innovative Therapy, P.C., and get in on an executive coaching session!

Not only a coaching session, but ALSO a #physicaltherapy session:)
Great stuff, what's your favorite take away? #MAKEmediaWork4U
I am super excited for my first BODi Power System (Balance of Dynamic Integration) session today. I have been having severe back pain and looking forward to heal.
So often I share with people in the clinic the possibilities within themselves. Do let anyone limit your abilities. Ask the question
How can I .......

Innovative Therapy P.C. uses revolutionary techniques in order to eliminate your pain forever. For t in Dallas, TX is a physical therapy clinic that specializes in hands-on, personalized healthcare.

We use a team approach to support each individual in their path to maximize their abilities following an injury or illness. Our goal is to support you in your journey of healing. By treating our clients as people, not as illnesses or body parts, we are able to encourage them to take the lead role in their recovery process. combines modern and traditional healing techniques in order to improve the

Operating as usual


Happy Mother's Day- From your friends at Innovative Therapy


Happy Cinco De Mayo-From your Family at Innovative Therapy


Are you fighting fatigue? If so try this.

How to Relieve Back Pain Part 2 04/25/2022

How to Relieve Back Pain Part 2

Say Goodbye to back pain part #2

How to Relieve Back Pain Part 2

How to Relieve Back Pain Part 1 04/21/2022

How to Relieve Back Pain Part 1

Good Morning, Are you having trouble with back pain? If so look at this.

How to Relieve Back Pain Part 1

Can Do Yoga Simple floor Poses 04/19/2022

Can Do Yoga Simple floor Poses

Hello there! Did you know that Stretching tends to feel good because it activates your parasympathetic nervous system and increases blood flow to your muscles?. It's thought that stretching may also release endorphins that help to reduce pain and enhance your mood.

On this great Tuesday, we at Innovative Therapy want to encourage you to just take less than 10minutes and stretch out your body.

Can Do Yoga Simple floor Poses


Good Morning, My name is Shirley, and I'm a alter ego. I'm being fostered until my parent is ready to be truly integrated with me. What does your alter ego look like? Are you fully aware and integrated with your alter ego? or is it still being fostered?.

Art of the Heal! 04/07/2022

Art of the Heal!

Hello, folks! Just a mid-week reminder to pay attention to what your various aches, pains, and other body symptoms might be communicating to you. It’s so important to learn this metaphoric language of the soul! Once learned, you can help people to learn themselves. I am so wanting to change the current course of increasing health problems in our nation to more people learning to listen to their souls’ requests for change and making the much-needed changes.

The next Art of the Heal is on April 9th at 9 AM. It is entitled: “True Balance Comes from the Inside Out— Finding My Center.” I hope you will be able meet with us in person because we will be getting creative—making sock puppets of our alter egos. Bring some old socks that have no mate, some scraps of material, scissors, construction paper, glue, a needle and some colorful threads or yarns, colorful markers, etc.—whatever you feel you need to best represent this part of you. Susan Bates will be talking about the endocannabinoid system of our physical bodies, and Mary Thomas will be talking more about physical balance. And please bring something to share for lunch as well. To register:

Art of the Heal! A boots on the ground community, applying healing tools to the barriers which keep you from living your life's mission.


Just because it's Monday doesn't mean it can't still be a Jazzy day. Feel free to stand where you are and Jazz your way to Pain-Free Living.

Tennis Ball massage 03/31/2022

Tennis Ball massage

Do you need a message? Give this a try.

Tennis Ball massage

Serenity, A Natural Way to Relax 03/30/2022

Serenity, A Natural Way to Relax

Hello, may this help you get over the HUMP DAY STRESS...

Serenity, A Natural Way to Relax

Wake Up at Work 03/28/2022

Wake Up at Work

Crazy weekend? Not enough coffee to start your day? If so here is a little something to help wake you up before, during, or after work.

Wake Up at Work

PoP #3 Lower Body 03/23/2022

PoP #3 Lower Body

Pop #3 lower body

PoP #3 Lower Body

PoP #2 Mid Section 03/17/2022

PoP #2 Mid Section

pop the mid-section

PoP #2 Mid Section

PoP #1 Head, Neck, and Shoulders 03/16/2022

PoP #1 Head, Neck, and Shoulders

pop(adjust) yourself the right way...

try this

PoP #1 Head, Neck, and Shoulders


Thought of Today: It's the small sacrifices that you make today that will prepare you for a better tomorrow. #

De Stress Your Heart Invite 03/14/2022

De Stress Your Heart Invite

Hey! are you stepping out of a crazy weekend of running around only to step into a MANIC MONDAY? Well if this is you take a few seconds to DE-STRESS.

De Stress Your Heart Invite

Addressing Pain from Poor Posture 03/07/2022

Addressing Pain from Poor Posture

Happy Monday: May this helps you that have to sit down at a desk job, or drive all day.

Addressing Pain from Poor Posture

Arthritis Relief 02/28/2022

Arthritis Relief

Good Morning
Tired of Arthritis pain then please try this.

Arthritis Relief Hey guys!! Do you have Arthritis and are you looking for ways to get some pain relief? As many of you know we recently sent out a survey to y'all asking abou...

3 Simple Movements to RELIEVE Pain Fast 02/21/2022

3 Simple Movements to RELIEVE Pain Fast

Weekend activity have you in pain? Well, try this.

3 Simple Movements to RELIEVE Pain Fast Many of us struggle with pain every single day! This often times results in us not being able to do the things that we would like to do. Such as play with ou...


Lymphatic Drainage


Good Morning, Are you ready for the day? If not then here is something to get you going.


Happy Valentines Day: We want to thank you all roomies or zoomies for coming out to "The Art of the Heal". We are grateful to all of you. Please be on the lookout for March more information coming soon.

Art of the Heal! 02/10/2022

Art of the Heal!

UPDATE: ART OF THE HEAL. We were able to get more tickets. However, if you are interested in attending in person please go to be advised that we will also be on zoom(so you don't have to miss out), email us at [email protected] to receive instructions.

Art of the Heal! A boots on the ground community, applying healing tools to the barriers which keep you from living your life's mission.


Our hearts are filled with so much joy this day. We would like to thank everyone for coming this Saturday, February 12, 2022, to "THE ART OF THE HEAL". It is with great pleasure that we let you know that all the tickets have been SOLD OUT. However, if you are interested in attending please be advised that we will also be on zoom(so you don't have to miss out), email us at [email protected] to receive instructions.


Great way to start the day with no more pain. This is a session with education, motivation, and body talk. If you are tired of living in pain and want to stop the pain, feel free to call us at 214-225-8530


Innovative Therapy

Cordially invites you to Our

FREE 30min
Sweetheart Body Talk Consultation
Speak to a Licensed Physical Therapist about your body’s love language.
Please call us at 214-225-8530 to request your time via personal phone call or zoom conference.

THIS WILL BE FOR THE WHOLE MONTH OF FEBRUARY if you would like to come in person please call Innovative Therapy at 214-225-8530.

Back Pain and Sciatica Help 01/31/2022

Back Pain and Sciatica Help

IF you have Back and Sciatic nerve problems

click the link below.

Back Pain and Sciatica Help Methods to help your back pain and sciatica

Lion Hunt Exercise Videos for Kids 01/28/2022

Lion Hunt Exercise Videos for Kids

Hey Parents, Aunts, Uncles etc...LISTEN UP
Want a quick fun workout to do with the kids this weekend TRY THIS...Hit the link below

Lion Hunt Exercise Videos for Kids Take an imaginary trip to Africa to photograph Lions and get moving.


Fighting to push through the pain of today, can lead to a breakthrough for tomorrow and contain a Blessing for the future.

Stop the Pain! 01/26/2022

Stop the Pain!

Stop the Pain! See your body and how it develops pain. More importantly see how and why it can heal itself with the correct support. Physical Therapy with ease and grace ...

Gratitude journal 01/25/2022

Gratitude journal

Gratitude journal Sometimes being Grateful or showing Gratitude can be hard especially when life experiences show us a different side. We sometimes tend to forget to show grat...


It may be a Manic, Moody Monday but remember you have what it takes to make it a Peaceful, Positive, Powerful Day, and if for some reason you can't remember the quote below.

Business Site Home Page | dōTERRA Essential Oils 01/20/2022

Business Site Home Page | dōTERRA Essential Oils

Immunity Boost with Essential Oils
2 drops tea tree oil
2drops Oregano Oil
2drops On Guard Oil

These oils can be put into a diffuser, hot or warm water, shot glass, or capsule. You may take them every 4 to 6 hours if needed. This helps guard your system against Environmental Threats.

If you need the oils then why not get the best? Click the link below.

Business Site Home Page | dōTERRA Essential Oils Discover how essential oils can transform the way you manage your health.

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Is pain holding you back?
Are you ready to live a pain free existence?
The missing ingredient to resolving your pain for good
Change your paradigm, stop the pain.
Your Spine was made to move in many Directions - Are you getting enough?




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