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The Sweat Shop has and always will be a positive memory for me. When I was first introduced to this family, I loved it but I wasn't ready to commit to my health and fitness. Now that I am, I knew exactly where I wanted to be to accomplish this. There is so much more I have to say but I will keep it short and sweet. Thank you for all you do!
And the WINNERS ARE.....

Thank you to EVERYONE who purchased tickets and supported local Carterville Businesses and Chamber Members.

What did our lucky winners WIN?

$20 gift certificate Kamper's Supply,
$25 gift certificate Crappie Pro Shop
$50 gift certificate Judge Exterior Cleaning Services
$20 gift certificate House of Busi-Fingers
$100 gift certificate Family Drug
$20 gift certificate Tequilas Mexican Restaurant
$20 gift card Eccentrics Boutique
$20 gift card The iDoctor
$20 gift card Your Jeweler
$50 gift card AJ'S
$20 gift card Dairy Queen
$60 value/60 minute massage Integrated Health
$20 gift certificate Mimmo's Pizza
$20 gift certificate Lakeside Veterinary Clinic
$20 gift certificate Sterling Mattress Factory
$20 gift certificate Flooring Now
$25 gift certificate Peak Cryosauna & Compression
$68 value Service call gift certificate Anderson Overhead Door LLC
Two $20 gift certificates Asian Bistro
$20 gift card McDonald's
$100 gift certificate Charlie's Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc.
$20 gift card Rise Above It Bakery & Cafe
$20 gift card Sam's Club
$200 voucher Kochan & Kochan Attorneys at Law
$40 gift certificate Dr. John's Handyman Service
$20 gift card Subway
$20 gift card Art Works Custom Graphics & Apparel
$25 gift card Sabella Boutique
$20 gift card Pizza & Pasta Express
$25 gift certificate The Sweat Shop
$20 gift certificate Grumbles Pet Care
$20 gift card Crab Orchard Golf Club
$20 gift card Carterville iga
$20 gift card Carterville Quik L**e
$20 gift card Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers
$50 gift certificate Arabesque Dance Studios
$20 gift certificate Mindy's Miles Travel Agency
$20 gift certificate S.I.Bowl
$25 gift certificate Big Muddy Hogs
$150 value 6 months free monitoring w/purchase Beam's Alarm
$20 gift certificate Farm Fresh of Carterville
Two $20 gift certificates Country Cupboard
$20 gift certificate Anne West Lindsey District Library
$20 gift certificate S. I. Suzuki Strings
$20 gift certificate PHD Hair and Wig Salon
$20 gift certificate Bald K**b Cross of Peace
$20 gift certificate Leigh Bedokis Photography
Two $10 gift certificates Bloom Boutique
The Southern Illinoisan Top 20 Card

$20 gift certificate Tequilas
$20 gift card Eccentrics Boutique
$20 gift card Carterville iDoctor
$20 gift certificate Mimmo's
$20 gift certificate Lakeside Veterinary Clinic
Flooring Now Hoodie
Two x $20 gift certificates Asian Bistro
$20 gift cards Rise Above It Bakery & Café
$25 gift card Sabella Boutique
$20 gift certificate Integrated Health
$20 gift certificate Pizza & Pasta Express
$20 gift card Your Jeweler
$20 gift card Crab Orchard Golf Club
$20 gift card AJ's Beer, Wine & Spirits
Two $20 gift certificates Carterville Quik L**e
2 Meal Card/2 custard cards Freddy's Frozen Custard
SIU Research Park cup & glasses cleaning cloth
$20 gift certificate Arabesque Dance Studio
$25 gift card Big Muddy Hogs
$20 gift card Dairy Queen
$20 gift card Subway
$20 gift certificate Mimmo's
$20 gift certificate Country Cupboard
$20 gift certificate Family Drug
4 x $5 coupons for bags of books at AWL Library book sale
SI Miners Shirts

$20 gift certificate Asian Bistro
$20 gift card Carterville iDoctor
$20 gift certificate Rise Above It Bakery & Café
$25 gift card Sabella Boutique
$20 gift certificate Country Cupboard
$20 gift card Subway
$20 gift certificate Quik L**e
Two books and zippered binder-compliments of SIU Research Park
$20 gift certificate Foundry Athletics
$20 gift certificate Tequilas
$20 gift card Eccentrics Boutique
$20 gift certificate Integrated Health
$20 gift card Big Muddy Hogs
Southern Illinois Miners hat
Thank you to EVERYONE who purchased tickets and supported local Carterville Businesses and Chamber Members.
2020 has been one strange year, I'm sure you can agree!
But there is always light at the end of the tunnel. We want to thank you for this nomination, and say how honored we are to be considered for " Best Salon 2020"
We want to thank all of our loyal clients and supporters because without your help, we would not have survived through this just know you are all the reason we are still fighting.
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& while your voting, make sure and vote for our awesome neighbors @The Sweat Shop Bella MedSpa CocoAndre Chocolatier Hola Café Dallas
My food. :)
My food. :)
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Getting it in

The Sweat Shop Dallas, a place where people come to transform.

•Lifestyle Coaching
• Account We are veteran-owned & Latino owned. Our clients enjoy Transformation Challenges, group fitness training & Lifestyle Coaching to help reach their goals.

We provide knowledge and guidance through your fitness journey. Our certified Coaches help guide you to your big picture goals, one daily goal at a time. We are the only business within a 25-mile

radius to offer 1st Phorm supplements in the area. We pride ourselves in providing a place for men and women in our community to get healthy, learn discipline and focus on their life goals!

Operating as usual


🚨New Training Session Alert 🚨

We’ve added more training hours to Tuesday’s and Thursday’s!

Don’t miss out on our Upper Body training, create toned arms, chest and back to create the shape you want.

All Fall of 2022 we are kicking it up a notch to get us fly for the holidays!

Our 42 Day Habit Challenge countdown starts now! Be on the lookout for details on this nutrition focused challenge. Get it right get it tight!

Book your training sessions for this evening & remember we have a Drop in options for those new to The Sweat Shop. Buy at link in Bio.


The Dogs Days of Summer are over 🥵😅

But the focus on your Fitness Goals shouldn’t be!

Did you know Fall/Winter tailgating, holiday potlucks and family get-togethers are the main contributors to those extra summer pounds you wish to get off before beach season.

The goals is to consistently stay active and allow your body the energy and discipline it needs to stay healthy all year.

Stop yo-yo dieting & loosing the same 10lbs every year. Join us @thesweatshopdallas and start your fitness journey now so you can leave 2022 healthier than you started!

Back-2-School challenge is almost gone, now that your back to your routine jump into your goals!

Go click the link to learn more or Dm us with questions! It’s your time to take action!

Buy Now:

Photos from The Sweat Shop's post 08/20/2022

There’s a NEW energy drink in town & it’s is NOW AVAILABLE @thesweatshopdallas & its 0g of sugar!

What makes 1st Phorm Energy so special?
1st Phorm Energy uses a natural caffeine to provide a smooth, crash-free energy. But that's not all... each can of 1st Phorm Energy also contains NeuroFactor and Huperzine, 2 powerful ingredients to help you stay focused and dialed in all day long.

On top of that, 1st Phorm Energy contains a blend of essential vitamins and minerals to support proper electrolyte balance and hydration, making it a great option to fuel your workouts.

Remember to stop in and crack open a cold one before training. Drop the energy drinks full of sugar & feel the difference!


Did you know?

-Planks can help improve your posture
-Planks can help increase your flexibility
-A stronger core will increase your athletic performance and everyday abilities

When jumping into your fitness journey consider the many benefits. Don’t just focus on the scale, there are tons of benefits that being active brings to your life as a whole.

This is your reminder as we transition back 2 school & back to routines, keep your goals in focus and remember to stay hydrated!

Photos from The Sweat Shop's post 08/12/2022

“ It’s important that we celebrate our wins. We celebrate our lives because it causes us to want the next bite. It keeps us hungrier, not the reverse. ” ― Ed Mylett

It’s FriYay!

Are you celebrating?

We’re all for a celebration but we ask you this… What are you celebrating?

@thesweatshopdallas We live by

You're one more intentional thought and action away from discovering your best life. To those that gave that extra rep, extra mile and extra effort this week, we salute you!

This is your reminder it’s time to take action!

Our Semi Private Training is now open! Training in our gym with your crew on your schedule! Link in Bio to Learn more of DM us!


Si se puede!

Tu Puedes!

Tenemos una comunidad amable, motivada y lista para apoyarte.

Ya no lo piénsese, toma los pasos necesarios para cambiar tu vida.

Si te encuentras en un lugar de cansancio, tomando medicamentos y sobre peso esta es tu seña que es tiempo de tomar acción.

Mándanos mensaje O apúntate ya aquí!

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🍑 Workout Wednesday Topic 🎂

Insider Training Secrets for a Juicy B***y!

Call it what you like:
Bubble B***y
Honkytonk Bedonkadonk
Cutie with a b***y
Dump Truck
Cheeked up on a Thursday
Double Bubble
& the list goes on

Everyone wants a nice, perky, shapely ass and that’s just fact🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♂️

In an age with surgeries, creams, laser treatments, suction therapy, fat transfers… We are here to tell you IT IS POSSIBLE TO BUILD YOURSELF A DONK!
We’ve been Coaching women how for 10+ years.

How to?

-Focused Mind-Muscle connection
-Glute Bridges
-Hip Thrusts
-Progressive Overload
-Split squats
& Knowledgeable Coaching!

Wanna grow your b***y? We can show you how! Join us for Thiccc (with three C’s) training @thesweatshopdallas Link for Drop In training or to sign up!

***yjudy🍑 ***ygains


Imagine being gifted a beautiful car & then never investing in maintaining it.

Never getting the oil changed, the brakes replaced, the fluids refilled & expecting it to perform everyday.

Why do we treat our bodies this way?

You don’t have to buy a gym membership to be healthy BUT hiring a Coach to learn the ins and outs of training and better nutrition can be life changing.

Investing in yourself means more than brand name clothes & a fancy car.

It means focusing on your health and longevity. It means investing time, effort and yes income toward your own good!

If you’ve tried and failed in the past. If you bought the pills, shakes, wraps and treatments but always ended back where you started or worse… It’s time.

Hiring a Coach gives you the tools you need to really make changes.
It provides a guide & a point of contact when you feel stuck.

The Sweat Shop Dallas isn’t for everyone but we help Badass Humans reach their goals.

If you’re still reading this… this message is for You.
Give yourself the gift of focus and guidance. Stop wasting time on false promises and start gifting yourself time and attention. Your life will change!


Click the link in Bio> 21 Day Challenge
Click> Learn More-Coach Call and let’s talk goals + a plan.



Calling all Badass Humans

1st of the month isn’t only meant for rent & bills.
It’s a new start
Endless possibilities
It’s your chance to CHANGE!

If you’ve reached a point where you know it’s time for a change this message is for you!

We don’t just talk about it, we’re tried and proven in OC.

It’s your time to step out and give yourself all you’ve got!

Click the link in Bio & sign up today to get started.

It’s that easy, just one decision can change your life.

No gimmicks just results
Join the transformations so many are creating as we speak & don’t get left behind!

Bring a friend and join together

We help you reach your goals & learn the right ways to train your body.

It’s time! DM with questions.
Sign up is as easy as 2 clicks away.

This is your call to

Got to Link
Click > 21 Day Challenge
Sign up & Start Right away!


The recipes for success are many but to keep it simple we suggest
Drink water
Eat protein
Get Money
Mind yo business

Did you know?

Staying hydrated can solve so many of your nagging problems!

1. Improved brain performance
Even mild dehydration—as little as 2% fluid loss—can affect memory, mood, concentration, and reaction time.

2. Better Digestion
Your body needs water in order to digest food properly. Without enough water, you may experience irregular bowel movements, gas, bloating, heartburn, and other discomforts that can hurt your quality of life.

3. Give you more energy
Dehydration can slow down circulation and affect the flow of oxygen to your brain. This can also cause your heart to work harder. All of that takes energy & can make you feel tired, sluggish, and less focused.

Moral of the story stay hydrated, drink water and feel good!

Want to learn more about ways to improve your daily life? Meet with our Coaches & put an action plan together! Stick to your goals, create new habits and transform your body.

•Link in Bio to setup a call or Join our 21 Day Habits Challenge!


Important announcement!

Now that summer is in FULL HOT swing we are turning up training 🔥

Join us for Wednesday!

Did you know?
-You can Drop In & purchase 1 class (click link)
-You can purchase semi-personal group training (grab a group of friends & train together with our Personal Trainers- (click link) “Learn More- Coach Call”)
- As a beginner you can sign up for 21 Day Challenge & get a jump start
-You can purchase supplements like protein, fat burners & collagen without being a member
-As a member when you’re in a pinch and don’t have child care you CAN bring your kids

Join our and let us show you how to make fitness fun! Life can get too serious, gotta have fun while you sweat.



Filming your workouts? It feels like everyone is recording themselves in the gym. To some this is eye roll 🙄 cringe, to others it’s a way to keep motivated & inspire. Besides the 100’s of other reasons it can benefit you, it’s a great way to measure progress.

Do you feel awkward filming yourself at in the gym? If so… you may not be in a space where you feel supported.

At the Sweat Shop we encourage our to film and take sweaty selfies.

Think about it, how often do you see yourself doing incredible things?

For many, almost never. For some the insecurity society places on us makes us “hate” filming and watching ourselves.

It’s time to change that mindset! In the words of

“No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable” — Socrates

You are capable, you should witness yourself be strong. It’s time.

Meet us @thesweatshopdallas to get started! Training starts Monday morning 5:15 a.m.

Link to sign up for 21 days & check out our schedule!


Stretch your limits

“Try new things, step out of your comfort zone, take risks, do things in ways you've never done them before, ask for help, surround yourself with self-actualized people, become obsessed with the fact that you have one go-round on this planet as the you that is you, and realize how precious and important it is not to squander that.”- Jen Sincero

If ever there was a time for you to become a better version of you, this is it!

Your daily habits and those of who you surround yourself with, can either grow you or slow you.

The choice is yours, stop waiting for better & start working towards it!

Link to learn more & join!

Invest in your future by starting TODAY!
Buy Now at link
DM with questions
Email: [email protected]


You have to stretch your soul to find your potential strength.

It is not about proving anything to the world. It is all about proving your capabilities to yourself and stretching your own boundaries.

If there isn't a struggle, there's no stretch, and therefore no growth.

Find out what you’re made of, you owe it to yourself! Sign up for our Transformation challenge today! Start anytime with Coach to help guide your daily habits.

Buy now —->

Our Story

Looking for more than just a gym? The Sweat Shop Dallas offers a community of support and motivation. We are veteran owned an offer boot camps and group fitness classes that provide knowledge and guidance through your fitness journey. Our devoted Coaches will help guide you to your big picture goals, one daily goal at a time. Our facility offers a healthy shake bar featuring 1st Phorm products & supplements. We pride ourselves on offering real life training , education & motivation for our members. Our members not only get healthier but they also get involved in community services projects, and much more. Get moving, get healthy, and join us in gaining and spreading motivation and inspiration!

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Si se puede!•Tu Puedes!•Tenemos una comunidad amable, motivada y lista para apoyarte.•Ya no lo piénsese, toma los pasos ...
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