Transcendental Meditation

We teach an effortless mental technique that allows you to clear out stress and find a space inside that is already happy, already calm and already full.

The Transcendental Meditation® technique is a simple, natural, effortless technique for inner peace and wellness. Extensive research shows the TM® technique reduces stress and anxiety.

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Transcendental Meditation 02/18/2019

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Dallas TM Center Needs Your Support!
Hello TM Family, we are doing a fundraising campaign to help keep our center open and going strong. As a 501c3 non profit, our mission is to help bring TM to as many people as possible, and our centers run on a very tight budget. We are looking to raise another $1250 a month by 3/31/19 in incoming donations to help support keeping our center. This is only 50 people doing $25 a month..Can you help? We appreciate any support you can give :) Please visit and hit the red "donate" button in the upper right hand corner. From there please select 1. amount you would like to give 2. type of donation "General Center" 3. frequency 'monthly -1 year 4. TM center : scroll down to TX, Dallas THANK YOU SO MUCH ! if you have any questions or ideas please reach out to Josh at [email protected]


No one does a Retreat like TM Dallas!


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Labor Day Retreat for TM Meditators near Dallas Texas Aug 31st-Sept 2nd Only 15 spots left!

[05/03/18]   The Song of Nature

A Maharishi Gandharva VedaSM Concert
with Reshma Srivastava

Reshma Srivastava playing her sitarReshma Srivastava playing her sitar
May 18, 2018, (7:00 pm)

Dallas TM Center
11661 Preston Road #142 Dallas TX 75230

$25 a person

RSVP via email to [email protected]

About Maharishi Gandharva Veda

Maharishi Gandharva Veda music is highly integrating and harmonizing because its rhythms and melodies are the eternal music of Nature — the rhythms and melodies of Nature expressed as music.

About Reshma Srivastava

Reshma was born into a family of musicians in Allahabad, Northern India. She learned to play the sitar from her uncle, Professor Satish Chandra, at a very early age. She has a Master’s degree in music; teaches Maharishi Gandharva Veda at Maharishi European Research University (MERU) in Holland; and has dazzled audiences in the U.S. and worldwide for many years with her Maharishi Gandharva Veda concerts.


Sometimes the most beautiful vantage points are filled with choppy waters. Learn to ride the waves. #transcendentalmeditation

Free Intro Talks:

Wednesday @ 7pm
Sunday @ 1pm



Dr Jim Davis Coming to Dallas Feb 21st-23rd for Ayurveda Consultations! Only 5 slots left. Contact Meghan at [email protected] to book ASAP


#weekendretreat #groupconsciousness #bringonthebliss #jaigurudevyall


#weekendretreat #bringonthebliss #transcendentalmeditation #jaigurudevyall

[09/04/17]   #weekendretreat #transcendentalmeditation #bringonthebliss #acrosstheuniverse


#weekendretreat #bringonthebliss #jaigurudevyall #transcendentalmeditation #ghandarvaveda


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Our weekend retreat taters. Look at those glowing faces!!! 🤗✨☺️

Thanks to all those who came along. We look forward to the next one!

[08/09/17]   Got Plans for Labor Day? Last Call for TM Dallas Labor Day Retreat!


Rejuvenate and Relax with us on Labor Day! who's in??


David Lynch Foundation

The Positive Effects of TM for our Veterans with PTSD!

WATCH: Marine Veteran Paul Downs testifies before the U.S. House of Representatives for the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs on the benefits of Transcendental Meditation for healing his post-traumatic stress.


Transcending is a skill that enables you to go beyond thought and experience that place of the mind that is always calm, always happy and always full.

Learn to access the part of you that is already where you want to be.

Come to a FREE talk this week to learn more:


Labor Day TM Retreat? Please Respond ASAP!

Labor Day Retreat for TM Meditators!


Resistance prevents you from seeing the wisdom in the challenges. Confusion will always lead to clarity. Just because it doesn't "feel" good doesn't mean it isn't.

The trick is learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. When you are able to do this, the clarity will overshadow the confusion.

One inward stroke of Transcendental Meditation can show you how.

#Transcend #resistresistance #meditate #transcendentalmeditation

Free Intro Talk:
Wednesday at 7pm
Sunday at 1pm


The world is as you are. Start moving from a place of fullness and the world will mirror fullness back to you. #meditate #transcendentalmeditation #fillyourselfup #inwardstroke #learnTM #thepoweroftranscending

Come learn more with a FREE intro talk every:
Wednesday @ 7pm
Sunday @ 1pm


We had a great turnout for our nationwide group meditation last Sunday. 28 people here in Dallas and 18,000 nationwide!!!

That's 18,000 people meditating - at the same time - across several different countries and time zones. And it felt amazing!! 👍✨🙌

Thank you to everyone who showed up and we look forward to next month! 🙏😇🤗


And herein lies the fragility of the human psyche. We fear the unknown and avoid it at all costs. We only gravitate towards that which we can control and navigate. But how many times have things worked out better when you were able to just let go? If you're looking for the universe to catch you, you have to first be willing to jump. If you're longing to land somewhere new, you have to first be willing to walk away. Life does not provide a path forward motion when you're standing still.

Learn how to trust the universe and access that place inside of you that already knows the answer. #meditate #transcendentalmeditation #trusttheuniverse #jump #transcend


Pain is a vessel for expansion and truth. Contraction brings forth expansion. The intellect, in the small mind, can only hold one or the other. The freedom comes in expanding your awareness enough to hold both - simultaneously. At this point, your pain (or contraction) can then become your greatest teacher. #transcendentalmeditation #expandyourawareness #learntoholdboth #findyourfreedom


Meditation offers the deep and silent moments necessary for you to find what you're really looking for. The peace, happiness and contentment you seek is also seeking you. And one inward stroke of Transcendental Meditation will take you there.

#selfawareness #selflove #findyourself #whatyouseekisseekingyou #transcendentalmeditation


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The human spirit is resilient. We are strong and we are made to endure even the most difficult obstacles. Setbacks are opportunities in disguise. Set your gaze to the darkest places in your psyche and shine on! When light is present, even fear turns to clarity. #meditate #transcendentalmeditation #turnonthelight #inwardjourney


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Congratulations to the graduates 🎓 👏✨


Always in conflict, the ego and the soul. The ego speaks from a place of individualized identity - wanting comfort at all times. The soul speaks from a place of unity - valuing growth and expansion above all else. When you find yourself in a place of resistance, look to the soul which resist nothing. #meditate #transcendentalmeditation #learntospeakthelanguageofyoursoul


Divine Paradox teaches that which looks "bad" on the surface is divinely beautiful
underneath. The butterfly, in order to fly, must first go through the chrysalis. If you know where to look... if you set your gaze inward, something good is always happening. #frombutterfliestobliss #selfawareness #truth #findyourself #inwardjourney #transcendentalmeditation 04/29/2017

HOME - TM for Veterans

Do you know any veterans who are dealing with PTSD issues? Check this out! 04/09/2017

The TM Experience - How Transcendental Meditation Works

a great quick video reminding you what you are doing for yourself with your TM! Animation illustrating the mental process of transcending and the corresponding physiological changes that take place during Transcendental Meditation


Have y'all been meditatin'??? Don't make us come git ya!

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#weekendretreat #groupconsciousness #bringonthebliss #jaigurudevyall
#weekendretreat #bringonthebliss #jaigurudevyall #transcendentalmeditation #ghandarvaveda
We had a great turnout for our nationwide group meditation last Sunday. 28 people here in Dallas and 18,000 nationwide!!...




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