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The message is the following: Please check out the Tackling Tinnitus eLearning Program from researchers at Lamar University!

Don’t let your tinnitus take over your life. Strategies based on Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) can help you better manage your tinnitus.
If you are an adult (18 years or older) with bothersome tinnitus living in the State of Texas, you can learn strategies to deal with your tinnitus by taking an eLearning program online. This program is available both in English and Spanish languages. You will also have access to an Audiologist who is specialized in tinnitus management who can answer your questions and provide necessary support online. REGISTER for Tackling Tinnitus study and get access to FREE treatment program by visiting

Family run practice centered on meeting our patient's hearing needs.

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Is It Memory Loss or Her Hearing? | Helping Me Hear 06/29/2021

Is It Memory Loss or Her Hearing? | Helping Me Hear

Is It Memory Loss or Her Hearing? | Helping Me Hear Lunch with your mother can quickly turn scary when you aren’t sure why she’s repeating herself. Is it dementia, memory loss, or her hearing?

Age-related hearing loss - Why do people lose hearing in old age? 06/10/2021

Age-related hearing loss - Why do people lose hearing in old age?

Great information!

Age-related hearing loss - Why do people lose hearing in old age? Presbycusis, the name for age-related hearing loss, is more common after age 60 and increases your risk of social isolation if left untreated.

Sound 101 — Twenty Thousand Hertz 01/28/2021

Sound 101 — Twenty Thousand Hertz

Here is a neat podcast by Bill Nye explaining sound and it's physical properties, along with how animals evolved to hear. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Sound 101 — Twenty Thousand Hertz What is sound, on a fundamental level? How did animals evolve to hear? And what happens when you go faster than sound itself? In this episode, we explore the physics of sound with the legendary Bill Nye . 09/02/2020

Top things you need before buying hearing aids Have you finally decided it's time to take action to correct your hearing loss? Here are the top 10 things you need before you buy hearing aids. 08/25/2020

How long do hearing aids last? Life expectancy of a hearing aid

Great article that covers a topic I get asked about frequently. If you are having trouble understanding speech, don't put it off! Call today and schedule an exam. While most modern high-quality hearing aids can be expected to last somewhere between three and seven years, two people can buy exactly the same hearing aid and have them last vastly different amounts of time. 05/28/2020

What are the health benefits of hearing aids? Increasingly, research is showing that hearing aids can do far more than just help you hear. They may also make you healthier. Here's why. 05/19/2020

Face masks, hearing loss and hearing aids - tips for hearing better People with hearing loss who need to wear a face mask to prevent the spread of coronavirus may need to make some adjustments. 04/23/2020

Learn about the many causes of hearing loss There are many different causes of hearing loss, from aging to genetic conditions to noise exposure. Determining the cause is an important step in finding the right treatment.

[04/21/20]   We will now be seeing our patients on a drive through service for cleanings and programming issues. Please call the office and schedule a time, we hope all of you are keeping in good spirits and enjoying the time with your loved ones.

[04/01/20]   Although we may out of the office at the moment, we wish you all safety and health. Be strong and we will pull through this together. Please leave us a voicemail if you need any help or wish to have supplies mailed to you. Thank you!

[03/24/20]   To honor the restrictions Dallas County has put in place, we have decided to protect the safety of our patients by closing down in person appointments at this time. We will be checking the voicemail and returning calls. If you need supplies, leave a message and we will get them out to you. We will be monitoring local and federal healthcare guidelines and will let you know when we will resume normal operating hours. We know this is hard for everyone, and we hope for the health and safety for you and your families. We look forward to seeing everyone soon. 10/22/2019

Hearing loss and cognitive decline

Hearing loss can affect your cognitive abilities, call and schedule a hearing test today! Learn more about hearing loss, cognitive impairments, and dementia -- and if hearing aids can help. 09/18/2019

Untreated Hearing Loss Dangerous to Some Elderly

Schedule an appointment to have your or your loved one's hearing tested today! Hearing health is BRAIN health. Untreated hearing loss has been linked to several health issues. Here’s what the latest research shows. 08/28/2019

Ear 'tickling' could 'help thwart ageing'

Your ear may be the secret to a healthy, longer life! A small electric current stimulates the vagus nerve and helps rebalance the body, scientists say. 03/26/2019

Hearing loss and exhaustion: It's a real thing

Hearing loss makes your brain work harder than it has to! Even with normal hearing, taking a hearing test can be mentally draining. The experience helped Healthy Hearing Managing Editor Joy Victory understand why hearing loss should always be treated.



Come see how new hearing aid technology can help you understand speech, even in challenging listening situations! Call to make an appointment today.

It’s becoming crystal clear that the future is sounding chatty for those suffering with hearing loss.


Miller Audiology and Hearing Aid Dispensing, PLLC 05/29/2018

Top five myths about hearing loss

Don't let these misconceptions hold you back. Call for an appointment today! Don't let misconceptions about hearing loss stand in the way of hearing your best. Learn the facts behind these common hearing loss myths. 05/01/2018

Don't let an easy fix lead to a long term problem, get your hearing tested!


Hearing Health Foundation

This study from the University of Michigan is the first to show an association between hearing aid use and how older adults use the health care system. 03/12/2018

Have Hearing Loss? Try These Six Steps To Communicate Better

Be your best advocate! Rule # 1: Don't be afraid to ask for the assistance you need. 02/28/2018

'JAMA' Researchers Find Link Between Age-Related Hearing Loss and Dementia - Hearing Review

Don't let a hearing loss impact your life in the long term! There was a small association between age-related hearing loss and increased risk for cognitive decline, cognitive impairment, and dementia. 01/31/2018

I Am Worried About My Ears

Noise induced hearing loss is preventable. Take care of your ears, they need to last you a lifetime! For the most part, everything around us is getting progressively less quiet. 01/16/2018

The Astonishing Side Effects of Hearing Loss

Don't let a hearing loss have control of your life, come get tested today and learn about the new technology that can improve your daily life! Hearing loss has a number of side effects, are you aware of how they can impact your life?


Healthy Hearing

A brand new year is a perfect time to stop putting things off, including getting help for hearing loss. Wishing all of you a happy, healthy 2018! 12/12/2017

Does Your Hearing Degrade Without a Hearing Aid?

Great article reviewing the benefits of not putting off having your hearing tested! Call today, rejoin the conversation! Is it a myth that your hearing degrades if you avoid getting a hearing aid for your hearing loss?


Healthy Hearing

Making your brain work harder than it has to is exhausting!

Americans are tired and energy is in short supply. While there are many possible causes for it, this one may be a surprise. 10/26/2017

How to tell your parents they need hearing aids If you need to tell your parents it's time to get hearing aids, there are right and wrong ways to approach this difficult conversation. Here are some tips for success. 10/11/2017

Ellen Meets a 10-Year-Old Raising Money for Hearing Impaired

The world needs more good people in it like this young man Braden Baker is hearing impaired, and was inspired by Ellen to start a GoFundMe campaign for those who can't afford hearing aids. Ellen chatted with the 10-year-old about his fundraiser and his mission to help people around the world. 09/28/2017

6 ways hearing loss can hurt your career

Don't let a hearing loss impede your progress in your career! Schedule a hearing test today A national study by the Better Hearing Institute found people with untreated hearing loss may forfeit as much as $30,000 of income annually, depending


Miller Audiology and Hearing Aid Dispensing, PLLC


Hearing Health Foundation

June is Alzheimer's & Brain Awareness Month and Hearing Health Foundation would like to shine light on the effects untreated hearing loss can have on our brains and memory.


Oticon Professionals

Even a mild hearing loss can reshape how your brain processes information and allocates energy.

A recent study found that people with mild sensorineural hearing loss must expend more brain effort to listen, resulting in a change in their cortical resource allocation within the brain. Surprisingly, this is happening much earlier than previously discovered. Read more: #SNHL


Living With Hearing Loss

New Post: I Stopped Hiding My Hearing Loss For My Kids #hearingloss #HOH #audiology #stigma


Healthy Hearing

Parents often give the best advice, but what happens when they're the ones who need some guidance regarding a difficult topic like hearing loss. Read this before you have that talk.




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