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Hello! Timmy here!

Coming into the pumpkin spiced season, I wanted to take a moment to highlight our lymphatic systems.  During the fall and winter, we tend to be less active.  Our lymphatic system is actually dependent on how much we physically move.  The consistency of our lymphatic fluid is determined by the acidity of what we put into our bodies.  This time of the year, that tends to be much higher.  

This combination can influence our energy levels, physical health, as well as our mental health.  

For the past decade I was been assuring clients to improve the health of their lymphatic system through use of the Lymph Star Pro.  It helps to thin out the fluid while also pulling it through the vessels.  

For further questions or information, feel free to to reach out to me personally at [email protected]


Your level of preparation in life either meets, or exceeds your experience of life. If not? You will experience a “symptom”.

How does one prepare? Well I don’t know, what do you plan to experience?

I personally love to perpetually push the envelope, watch it bend, to move laterally, away from midline, away from the “norm” or what I’m used to. Subsequently, from time to time I experience “symptoms”. Yet I welcome them. Why? Because I know what they really, truly are. They are the healing.

The infinite wisdom held within my body, within every cell, knows. It knows what to do. What to adapt. What to assimilate. It knows how to heal. I don’t have to tell it anything. I just have to listen, prepare it, and ultimately live and experience life to the fullest.

I am a firm believer that we ourselves are our own doctor. There are avenues to aid, support and hold space for one another to explore these things about ourselves. What we need. But when it’s all said and done, you heal you.

-Dr Riley ✌🏼❤️☯️


“I’ve spent nearly 13 years elbow deep in the ART of Chiropractic.. and there’s so much I don’t know. I wanted to continue learning/seeking/understanding the body - so, I opted for an 8 day intensive with (ART) to become Full Body Certified. This is the Gold Standard in soft tissue care and is a giant elephant to eat. I’m just really excited to implement this technique in my offerings as I continue my journey in Serving YOU! - Dr. Lindsay Browning”


4 years of serving this angel. We met for the first time on September 26, 2019 and his family has scheduled an appointment every year on our meeting date. There is no better time to start care than week 1 of life.


Stop by the office for an ACUPUNCTURE tune-up Wednesdays 12-5PM! Whether you are looking to release chronic or acute muscle tension, increase your resilience to stress, balance your hormones, or support your emotional well-being, Erika can help you out!


Friday POV ✌🏼🖤 our littlest hippie, Baker keeping the energy young + playful


Set aside some time this fall to tune in and deepen your connection. Marc will be leading a 6 week Mindful Meditation series beginning next Sunday morning. Come find or join your tribe for coffee and bliss ✌🏽❤️


The reason to grow is so that we have more fuel to advance The Cause. We want to see you Thrive ✌🏽♥️


“The world needs you to live for the things that matter to you because you’re at your most productive and influential self when you’re offering your unique contribution.” ✌🏽♥️


You get in practice, and you find your people ✌🏽♥️


Sunny ☀️ getting her first adjustment with Dr. Andie! Puppies are rowdy and experiencing so many new things, so just like humans, having their nervous systems checked and joints aligned is key to healthy living ✌🏽♥️


Dr. Courtney dropping Friday Nutrition for our soon-to-be Mommas ✌🏽♥️


“For top performers, it’s about the joy of being surrounded by people who are both talented and collaborative. People who can help you be better. When every member is excellent, Performance spirals upward as teammates learn from and motivate each other.” ✌🏽♥️


A new week and a new month! This week begins a 6 week workshop through the 12 stages of healing with Dr. Jarrett and Kristen Montoya. And Erika is back on Wednesday with only 2 spots left ✌🏽♥️


Join Dr. Jarrett & Kristen Montoya as they guide you through a 6 week workshop of the 12 Stages of Healing. Embrace life with Clarity, Alignment, & Appreciation - come curious and leave with a lifetime skill to use over and over ✌🏽♥️


Dr. Andie is in the office today adjusting pets from 3-6 and Erika is back on Wednesdays providing acupuncture and craniosacral therapy ✌🏽♥️


This is what we want 77.5 years to look like 🙌🏽 Graciela is such an inspiration - works when she wants to, travels when she wants to, took her first JuJitsu class this week, and prioritizes her body by getting checked weekly by Dr. Lindsay 💪🏽✌🏽♥️

Photos from Urban Hippie Oak Cliff's post 07/14/2022

Dr. Courtney has been serving at Urban Hippie since December of 2020! With an 11 month old and going through prenatal and postpartum care herself, Courtney feels most passionate in serving our pregnant clientele ✌🏽♥️

Photos from Urban Hippie Oak Cliff's post 07/11/2022

New swag.. These tanks are 💯 for top coverage and plenty of room for those shoulders to move! Guys, we didn’t forget y’all. V-necks back in stock ✌🏽♥️


Take advantage of our wellness collective offerings! We’ve partnered with 2 awesome practitioners to bring their services to Oak Cliff (so you don’t have to go north 😉). Dr. Andie is adjusting pets Monday 7/11 & 7/18 3-6pm and Erika is offering acupuncture and craniosacral therapy on Wednesdays. Oh, and if you’re feeling extra spicy, you can join Dr. Jake for run club at ✌🏽♥️


Yes, we’re your active recovery professionals, operating best in a proactive model - and we understand life happens! So to prevent and also help lower back issues, strength & resistance train 💪🏽✌🏽♥️


Celebrate today — with Liberty and Freedom for All 🇺🇸 ✌🏽♥️

Photos from Urban Hippie Oak Cliff's post 07/01/2022

Dr. Courtney is now selling her handmade Whipped Tallow! Reach out to and pick it up at the office!


First Friday of a new month 🙌🏽 Have you scheduled your self-care? We have many offerings at our wellness collective - what remedy resonates with you? ✌🏽♥️


Arthritis? High-Intensity strength training has been show to ease arthritic discomfort. Motion is Lotion ✌🏽♥️


We are so thrilled to Welcome Erika Page, LAc to the Urban Hippie team 🙌🏽 Erika owns Mama’s Acupuncture in Uptown and will be serving our Oak Cliff community on Wednesdays. She’s a fantastic acupuncturist, craniosacral therapist, herbalist and energy worker. Her offerings are now live on our scheduling page ✌🏽♥️


Memberships are back! Monthly membership retainers provide access to reduced rates for all services. These memberships benefit individuals using more than 2 services per month and households using more than 4 services! You may see Acupuncture in there and be curious - Big Announcement Coming Soon 🙌🏽✌🏽♥️


Hahaha and Happiest Birthday to Dr. Jake!!! Today especially, we hope your protein shake and midday swim are magical


Father’s Day is Sunday! Celebrate Dad with a Gift Card for an Adjustment or a Massage ✌🏽♥️


This is not a treatment. This is not a prevention. This IS Preparation. A well adjusted nervous system isn’t designed to avoid challenges — it’s designed to handle and overcome them ✌🏽♥️


Just as the humans get their alignments, Dr. Andie is here to tune up the fur babies 🐶 🐱 ♥️ Every other Monday afternoon 3-6pm. Link in Bio


Happy Thursday to whomever you call Faithful Companion ✌🏽♥️

Photos from Urban Hippie Oak Cliff's post 05/29/2022

Taking care of the youngest in our tribe! Working Baker’s sacrum, hips, feet and ankles allowing him to toe grip and crawl with ease - check out the last pic - if baby has a tongue tie, other parts of the body further down the chain could be impacted ✌🏽♥️


Welcome Timmy Mundell, Urban Hippie's newest teammate and practitioner!

Timmy has been practicing massage for 12 years in North Texas. After many years in private practice, he is ecstatic to find a home with the Urban Hippie family!

Timmy’s specialties include Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Lymphatic Decongestive Therapy, Cupping, Swedish Massage, Dynamic Stretching, and Craniosacral Therapy.

In his free time, Timmy is an avid cyclist, an artist, a welder, carpenter, and anything else you can possibly think of, he can do! An animal lover and advocate. He has 4 dogs and 3 cats.

He lives by the mantra of “May the best of today be the worst of tomorrow…” and brings that peace into his practice with each and every client. ✌🏽♥️


Join Marc for a 6 week series on establishing a mindfulness practice. Each Wednesday evening at 7pm, you will explore mindfulness of emotions and freedom with your thoughts, how to work with difficulty and uncertainty, creating meaningful relationships and how to bring more awareness into your daily life. Link in Bio ✌🏽♥️


Care : the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something ✌🏽♥️


Develop an environment where people feel safe to dream, speak up, and take risks. The safer the space, the more innovation you will have ✌🏽♥️


The EpiEnergetics Immersion takes what you accepted as extraordinary and stretches it beyond reason. Three NetworkSpinal Entrainment Sessions and 2 group SRI sessions help your nervous system establish a more sustainable coherence with the energetics that orchestrate your life. With upgraded spine and nervous system bandwidth, expect the unexpected in regards to how your body and the way you observe the environment around you shifts. This event is for anyone ready to liberate more life. ✌🏽♥️


How about adding Cupping to your massage or stretch session with Tiffany? Cupping is used to help with relaxation, blood flow, pain and inflammation - great when working with muscle and fascial tension patterns ✌🏽♥️


Happiest Mother’s Day from your Urban Hippies ✌🏽♥️


“Healing is a Process afforded you by your Creator and is above and beyond the control of man. Your Chiropractor does everything possible to help Innate heal - but they cannot heal nor can anyone else produce healing for you.” - BJ Palmer ✌🏽♥️


This Sunday y’all - Link in Bio to snag a Gift Card for Mom ✌🏽♥️


Back in stock! Just in time for summer, Hippie tanks to get some sun ☀️ on them guns 💪🏽

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