The Source Counseling

The Source offers a full range of counseling services for every member of the family. Services include: play therapy, individual, couples, and family.

There are many challenges in life and counseling can be a great way to help you get through those difficult times. I would like to work with you and help you with those challenges. The Source serves the Dallas metroplex and is located in the iconic South Side on Lamar building. I enjoy working with adults, teens, children, families, and couples. Some of my areas of expertise include:
anxiety, dep

Operating as usual

The Source Counseling updated their business hours. 08/05/2021

The Source Counseling updated their business hours.

The Source Counseling updated their business hours.


Hi everyone! Whether you have been to therapy before or just considered it, what is one question that you wish a therapist would ask you at your first meeting?


In response to the current situation, all my counseling sessions have moved online. I hope this makes therapy a little more accessible to those who need it! 03/23/2020

Learning Games For Your Preschooler - Maren Schmidt

Here are some good learning games that you can use with your preschooler at home. Don't know what to do to help keep your preschoolers engaged when they are not in school.? Here are five of my favorite games from the classroom.


Cadilac Law, PLLC

Tacos not exactly what you thought they'd be? We practice real estate law & help make sure you are getting the tacos you were promised. #tacothursday #lawyer #realestatelaw #realtors #tangledtitle #titledoctor #lawyerhumor #somebodytrycallingthatnumber


InFocus Dentistry

Hey Dallas!

It's 🚨 Friday 🚨last chance before the weekend.

If you:
✅ Need a dental checkup
✅ Want a dental cleaning
✅ Have a dental emergency

Check out the link below👇 to get started!

Or you can call 214-242-0960 and leave a message.

Either way, we'll be here for you!


InFocus Dentistry

Just wanted to thank our #friends, #neighbors and #patients for an awesome 10 years so far. We are eternally #grateful for your #love and #support. Excited for the #future!
#abundance #abundancemindset #dallas #uptown #uptowndallas #dallasuptown #thankful #future #postoftheday #picoftheday #workhard #workhardplayhard #recession #growth #cosmeticdentist #dentista #dentist #veneer


Karam Foundation

Despite the increase in violence in Northwestern Syria these past few weeks, our brave team on the ground is continuing with our #Ramadan distribution in #Idlib and #Aleppo. On the first day of Ramadan, they distributed food baskets to 400 families!

You can be a part of this campaign, too. Our goal this month is to feed 12,000 displaced Syrians - just $45 feeds an entire family for the month!

Donate here:

#Ramadhan #RamadanKareem #رمضان


InFocus Dentistry

It's always great to check-in on our sleep and breathing patients and for them to report they're doing much better.

Always great to see you Anne!

I don't even care you misspelled my name 😅😅😅🤷‍♂️

For new or potential clients -

If you have:

even ANXIETY or MOOD issues

Come check us out!

We have a dedicated team to help you find the right solution whether it's with us or find you the best doctor or health care provider in North Texas!

Call 214-242-0960
Text 214-842-5148
[email protected]

Dr. Aly Sergie


Vogel Alcove

We're seeking artists that want to showcase their work during our Arts Performance Event on April 13th. Click the button to learn more!


Hi Dallas friends! Looking for any gently used “dress up” clothes for my play therapy room that you don’t need anymore. PM me if you do. Much appreciated!


It's great to be able to stop when you've planned a thing that's wrong
and be able to do something else instead, and think this song:
"I can stop when I want to
Can stop when I wish
Can stop, stop, stop anytime
And what a good feeling, to feel like this
And know that the feeling is really mine
Know that there's something deep inside
That helps us become what we can
For a girl can be someday a lady
And a boy can be someday a man."

-Mr. Rogers 02/02/2018

United: Peacock Doesn't Meet Emotional Support Animal Guidelines

I'm pretty sure a peacock doesn't qualify as an emotional support animal😂
That's my professional opinion. A woman paid full price for two seats on a United Airlines flight out of Newark, N.J. One seat for her and one for her peacock. United told her the bird didn't meet the guidelines for many reasons.


Eerie view from the office today. 11/14/2017

Digital Pills That Talk to Your Doctor Are Here

Brave New World.
Do the benefits outweigh the potential risks? An antipsychotic pill signals smartphones when it reaches the gut so doctors can track whether patients are taking their medication. 10/09/2017

Giving Positive Directions: The Verb Game - Maren Schmidt

The importance of changing "don't" messages into "do" messages. A funny thing about the mind; it takes a while for our minds to figure out how to ”don’t.” ”Don’t hit your baby brother.” The young child doesn’t have the thinking skills or experience to consider what to do instead of hitting his baby brother, much less redirect the energy and anger to a positive …


Daily Bumps

Teamwork :)

CAUGHT ON CAMERA - Toddler helps baby brother out of crib! 04/24/2017

Here's What I Regret From My First Year of Motherhood

This is a good read. I think most mothers can relate. My baby is going to reach a big milestone this week – her first birthday. That means that she'll no longer be classified as an infant . . . and that I am 12/16/2016

5 Surprising Disguises That Can Mask Controlling Behavior

Five red flags of controlling behavior. These otherwise lovely things can cover warning signs in new relationships. 11/12/2016

40+ Fun Fall Crafts To Make With Your Kids

Next time you go on a walk or to a park, pick up some acorns, leaves, etc to make Fall themed crafts with your kids. Get them hooked on crafting with these fun seasonal projects. 08/26/2016

Captives of the Mind

"Capture" - When something takes hold of your attention and shifts your perception. Addiction, depression, self-harm, hypochondria—all share a common cause, says a new view of mental distress.



Functioning like a sit-down restaurant, this soup kitchen serves fresh food to people who are homeless, providing them with sustenance, job opportunities, and fellowship. (via NowThis)


My child thinks this is a good idea.


Brain-Dead Teen, Only Capable Of Rolling Eyes And Texting, To Be Euthanized

If you're thinking of euthanizing your "brain-dead" teen, try bringing them to see me first.

The parents of 13-year old Caitlin Teagart have decided to end her life, saying she can now do nothing but lay on the couch and whine about things being "gay... 07/24/2016

What You Need to Know If Your Child Snores, Grinds or Is a Mouth Breather Breathing through the mouth instead of the nose can impact your child's development. Here's what to look out for as a parent, by Mark Burhenne DDS. 06/24/2016

Police Department Offers Special 'Tip' For Parents With Kids In Crowds

Smart tips. "Taking your young child to a big event, theme park, or other busy location?" 05/23/2016

Woman in her 70s may be oldest ever to give birth Daljinder Kaur, who's believed to be at least 70 years old, gave birth to a healthy son


Selfies are causing a rise in MUTANT head lice

Hahaha. This might actually be a thing:

Wisconsin physician Sharon Rink has dubbed the phenomenon 'social media lice' and says it is being caused by group selfie snaps that cause friends to bump heads.


Your Authentic Self. By Lisa M. Schab, LCSW 04/27/2016

3 Kinds of Grief Nobody Talks About

"Grief is not always about death, but it is always about attachment and separation." The author of Grief Is a Journey explains how some of our most cutting losses can go unrecognized by friends and family—and even ourselves.


The Source Counseling

“There are three musts that hold us back: I must do well. You must treat me well. And the world must be easy.”
— Albert Ellis, Ph.D.




1409 Botham Jean Blvd. #416
Dallas, TX

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Monday 9am - 6pm
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The information, tools and material presented on this page are provided to you for informational purposes only and are not to be used or considered medical advice. Please call the office to discuss personal matters. Do not send personal information.

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